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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eurotrip Switzerland: Geneva-Interlaken


And so I have to leave this beautiful place with a heavy heart. My tips for you who are planning to go to Chamonix, 1 day is not enough. It's a lovely place where you would just want to sit back and relax. No rush. I'm definitely coming back for the train journey at the glacier and and and get myself a new water bottle as souvenir because I left mine in Geneva airport T_T

Ok cam salah upload tapi malas suda mo reupload hahaha :p

O ya we got this certificate at the souvenir shop. I don't remember whether this is given to everybody or was it because we bought some souvenirs.. Hurm.. I think it's the later haha sorry geng.. Lama suda ni~ Ada lupa2 sikit haha

Anyway, we went back to Geneva that afternoon. Pengalaman dengan pacik driver bus pon lucu. As I mentioned in my previous post, we booked the transfer back to Geneva at the airport. So, that afternoon, the driver couldn't find our chalet and he actually called me. And voila! He speaks no English woooorrr!!!!! So again, ayam cakap sama itik la...

Pacik: Où êtes-vous
GG: We are in AWA hostel
Pacik: !@#$^%$&%^&
GG: It's near the Pharmacy.. Apotheek.. Eyh itu Dutch pulak...
Pacik: !@##$##$%$%^$

I think it took him about 30 minutes to find it because our hostels are hidden behind some buildings and the only road that is accessible to it is very narrow and we never see any vehicle pass since we arrived. I just left the room key at the kitchen and left a note saying that we were in a hurry and apologized to have done that haha

We got a huge coach to ourselves and the driver took a different route to Geneva which I think was even more scenic than the road from which we came because this one was closer to the mountains. The pacik was actually a Muslim so he was excited meeting us. We chatted though I think we replied him wrongly all the time because he was speaking French and we were only guessing what he was saying and just answered sesuka hati kami hahaha

We picked up our rental car at the airport and was lucky that we got an upgrade from a compact car to this four wheel drive without additional charges. We never know why we got the upgrade. But hoyeah! I love the car... Tapi lucu ok nda pandai adjust side mirror sampai panggil pembersih kereta tu ajar everything; from side mirror to the beam to the hand brake to the everything~

And the journey begin.... Well, it was too long since I last drove on the left hand side so it was quite hard to adapt at first. So, we head towards Interlaken that day. We did a quick stop at the Chateau De Canton that evening but it was closed for renovation..

And we did a quick stop in Oberhofen to take a look at this famous castle set on the bank of Lake Thun. Memang cantik! It was already late so, it was closed.

O ya, we actually passed this town called Fribourg which was the most classical-looking town of all the towns that we passed in Switzerland. I really like it! But we didn't stop for coffee or anything there since it was still such a long way to go.

I drove about 200 km ++ that day. And I was grateful that we got an upgrade. The roads are excellently paved, no potholes like in Malaysia. But when you go to the country side, the roads were much narrower and they have lots of tunnel that extend to 3 to 4 km and some of them are winding and uphill so that was quite challenging sebab aku fobia sket dengan tunnel2 ni.. And the roads on cliffs are quite scary sebab divider dia mak aih.. tiang tiang kicil saja ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! Macam picket fence jak aku tengok~

Where we stayed for the night.. Breakfast included so berabis menapau croissant..

But the most meaningful discovery in Interlaken was, drama Melayu yang famous itu (I don't know what's the title but MR was the one who followed it) was not filmed in Interlaken!!!!  Interlaken is a beautiful town but it is not the romantic kind of town. It's a full of activities kind of town. In the morning, you can see many colourful parachutes in the sky; those are paragliders.. And at the reception desk at our hostel, they displayed the caving, canyoning, water rafting, paragliding and even sky diving packages. Kalo banyak masa dan duit pasti aku suda try...

Gambar bukti bukan Google Image.. Okay nanti aku sambung lagi... Pendek saja cerita.. sekali lagi cerita perjalanan saja kan :p