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Monday, July 23, 2012

Korea Trip: Seoul Part 1

So.. mari kita sambung...

We took the 2nd last flight from Jeju to Gimpo. I don't know why I bought the 2nd last one, though. Maybe if we miss it then we can buy the last flight.. Most probably that was what I was thinking at that time :P

We arrived around 22:10 and there was a Korean guy at the exit holding a signage with my wrongly spelled name written on it; NORHAZIAS. Plural di situ.. I already requested for transport from the airport to our guesthouse a week before we arrive so it was convenient. He didn't speak English but he tried to make a conversation and we were only guessing and simply answering his questions without even knowing the real meaning. And then the funny thing was HH talked about Running Man and the driver seem to be so pleased when he found out she knows many of the Korean celebrities.

When we arrived, I was surprise to find that our booking was different from the one that I made. O rase bersalah sebab we have to change to another guesthouse on the third night. I think the staff forgot to update my booking (-_-") But that night we had a feast!

In Jeju, we had macaroni and cheese, bread and instant noodles. We didn't eat rice for the whole 3 days so we've been missing our staple food very much. So on our first night in Seoul, we ate rice with Serunding and canned chicken curry and beef rendang. I didn't eat much though but I actually enjoyed it. 

The next morning we head to Itaewon first because we really need to eat something heavy. It was not hard to get there. The train system is extremely efficient. Even though all the announcements were in Korean but they have this screen that flash the name of the next station inside the train. And at the station they have this screen that shows where the train is and the time of arrival. And memang tepat!

When we got there, there was this shop selling Turkish ice cream just a few meters from the subway exit. My friends were excited so they bought 2 cones of ice cream and we shared them. I was more interested in the texture of the ice cream. It was so solid that he can take the ice cream chunk out of the container with a metal rod, spun and tossed it too!

When we were doing the studying, I was less excited about Seoul so I don't really know what is there in the town area. Being a big fan of World War II history, I was more focus about realizing my dream of going to DMZ hehe (kan confirm suda nerd..)
So these girls really know where we should eat and where the mosque is located. Impressed!
When they saw the signboard that reads Murree they exclaimed joyfully "Murree!!" It was like they've all seen it before. And I was.. "Err.. ok Murree.." :p

Camera whoring while they browse the menu :p

I also don't know anything about Korean food so I just eat what they picked and the food was excellent! Actually it is not a Korean restaurant but they serve Korean food. If I'm not mistaken the restaurant is run by a Pakistani. They ordered Bibimbap; a bowl of rice, sunny side up egg, some special sauce and vege. And two other chicken and beef sets. I don't remember the names *kan suda cakap tulis dalam buku, Haziah!*

Tempting kan?? I like the beef and chicken sets. Don't like the Bimbimbap much because I have issues with food that are mixed that way. You know, they stir everything in the bowl and it's all mixed up that the rice turned red. I have issues with food like that. I don't know why. Macam autistic jak nih

And then.. Voilla!!!

LICIN BHA!!!!!!!!! Haha we were obviously so deprived of food. Kebulur bha...

So next we head to the famous Itaewon mosque. The woman area was not that spacious but was comfortable enough. I don't remember seeing any Korean Muslims though. Most of the Muslims there were foreigners like us; most of them looks like people from the Middle East. 

Next, we went to Lotte World \(^^)/
Lotte World is located in Jamsil so we used the subway again. There were so many stations along the way and I'm very sure Itaewon to Jamsil is much further than Kelana Jaya to Terminal Putra. And the journey only took about 30 minutes. Laju gila!! And the train only stops for a very short duration in each station.

We entered after 4pm so it was cheaper. We paid 19 000 won per person. It's the cheapest theme park that we ever been to. But to be honest, I think nothing much here. None of the thrill rides were new to us. So, I think next time I'll go to Everland instead. But, as usual, we still enjoy our time there. There was a parade at 6.50 pm (kalo x silap) and we saw the most handsome guy in Korea!! Ok exaggerating.. SJ, RA and I thought he was the most handsome because we are not into sepet and slim guys. His feature was like Pan Asian. More to Asia but you can see the European feature as well. Most probably Turkish or Kazakhstan. Sampai menggigil bha masa amik gambar. He actually posed for us but I was having severe palpitation haha

Lepas tu giggle giggle macam teenagers sebab excited he posed for us hahaha

And then at night they have a laser show. It was beautiful. I loved it. And after that they have this concert. The band was from the Philippines and they really can entertain. They chose the right songs, really know how to interact with the audience and even the Koreans love them very much. Tapi paling terkejut when suddenly the lead singer called "Hello Malaysian ladies!!!" and pointed at us. We froze and didn't know how to react

"Die panggil kite ke??"
"Ye la kot.."
Tengok kiri kanan. Ok sure suda panggil kami baru hands in the air \(^^)/

They also invited us to the stage but we were shy. Everybody turned at our direction when he called bha.. Malu~ (^^*) and we just make heart shape with our fingers and sway to the song n our seats. And when the concert was about to end, once again, "Good bye Malaysian ladies
! Good bye Korean!"

"Fuiyo! Sebot kte dulu!!!!" Excited and terasa glamour sekejap haha

And we pace towards our locker after that and MR found that she'd left her camera on the bench. When we went back to the bench it was no longer there. Went to the visitor's service office, and the staff there brought us to the info counter. And volla! Within less than 5 minutes, her camera was already at the info counter. If it was here, I think the chance for it to be stolen is 89%!!! MR's camera is one of the best compact camera lo!

Jujur kan dorang.. Macam mana la kami x fall in love~ More to come in my next post (^^)

Kemanisan ukhwah~ hee (^^)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Videos In Jeju

The Korea trip is currently the longest post ever and I haven't even started with our stories in Seoul *lepas tu ada melencong sket di post sebelum ni :p*

Here are some videos from the trip in Jeju. Some of you might have seen in FB (^^)

This is taken during breakfast before we head to Cheonjiyeon. "Kapal-kapal yang sedang berdagang..." okay sebenarnya mo sebut belayar but the word didn't come to me :p

Cheonjiyeon waterfall

This one is in Seongsan Ilchulbong. It was very windy that morning and you can hear that I was actually gasping for air as I climb. Not tough but I think the wind was too strong that I ran out of breath easily huhu

Another video in Seongsan Ilchulbong; when we just reached  the top

This one was taken in Seopjikoji. My voice is a bit too loud, kan.. The waves were very big and the sound was so loud and I can't hear my own voice but I forgot the mic is actually so close hehe

And finally this is the one taken in the mysterious vegetable farm. We can't even describe where we were when SJ wanted us to say something for the video hehe

Actually there are more videos but they are too short and with my rookie video editing skill I need some time to combine them hehe Next time I'm going to take video with my Nikon instead.. Kan suda x HD vdeo aku.. Or maybe, I'll consider buying a video cam hehe mo jimat bateri camera wo!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Korea day 3: Jeju is like a piece of heaven..

It was suppose to be a long drive but it didn't because my friends were making silly jokes along the way. Luckily there were lesser cars at night and the route was actually straight so it was easy for me. But we went silent as we enter Seongsan.

GG: Bukak tingkap weyh!!!

Why... Because Seongsan happen to be a small town that is separated from the main land, connected by a 4 lane coastal road that is superb even at night. We could hear the sound of waves, feel the breeze and smell the sea.. And we went "UUuuuuuUU..." and "Aaaaah" when we saw the silhouetted Seongsan Ilchulbong, the sole reason that took us there.

We checked in at Ilchulbong Tourist Hotel; the nearest that I can find. Well, there were very few reviews about the hotel in the website where I made the booking so I really really put low expectation and to my surprise the RM 193 room was extremely spacious and complete with a hair dryer, a fridge, a tv, it's air-conditioned and have all the other essentials! Plus the window faces the Ilchulbong!!! Worth it! and as usual I was the first to fall asleep.. zZzZzZ..

But I was not the first to wake up (^^)v we woke up very early that morning to catch the sunrise. We were suppose to go to the starting point at 4 something since the sunrise is around 5.30 am but as usual we were slightly behind schedule. And I was so confused by the signboards and the direction given by the GPS that I drove in circles. Adeh! And finally we started climbing around 4.30 am
It was flights of stairs all the way up. Not that tiring because it is only about 170-180 m climb. It took us about 15-20 minutes to reach the top and Subahanallah~ Another palpitation..

All this while when I was studying about Jeju, the pictures of Ilchulbong Seongsan were always the ones taken from air or from far away to portray it is a cliff formed by underwater volcanic eruption and it stood there on shallow water. But literally standing on it that morning gave me a different feeling altogether.
I was overwhelmed by the beauty; the pristine beauty of the meadow with the vast sea ahead that stretches beyond the horizon and the strong wind.. They made me feel so puny.. Yup.. Puny.. That was how I felt as I stood on the deck..

It was quite cloudy that morning so we only get to see some trace of the morning sun rays but still it was jaw-dropping beautiful!!! And then we spent about 3 hours on the top; having breakfast and enjoying the view.

Makan Ruski (^^)

The small town of Seongsan (^^)

Yah!! Sekali lagi artis :p

We head back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our next destination. We were in no hurry although we know we haven't got that much time on our last day. But it seem that we were really enjoying the atmosphere in Seongsan. From our room window we can see a throng of crowd climbing Ilchulbong. It was only around 9 am when we saw that. SJ breathed a sigh of relief as she prepare our food next to the window "Nasib baek kte gi awal weyh.."

The next destination was Seopjikoji which means "A sudden bump on the land" We don't know how far it is but estimated that it'll take us around 30 minutes to get there. It was not far but the random beauty put us behind schedule again. If we haven't stopped by the beach, it would've been only around 15 minutes drive from our hotel. But the beach was irresistible..

Farewell bid to Seongsan Ilchulbong

When we reached Seopjikoji it was already crowded with tourists. We walk our way towards the coastal line and found ourselves holding our breath as we look at the beautiful landscape that lies in front of Seopjikoji.. "Ape yang tak cantik kat Jeju ni weyh!!!" *dengan nada geram sebab dah nak balik*

There is actually a nice walking trail on the cliff but we chose to walk on the rocks instead. HH was very excited and wanted to touch the water, but that is so not a good idea. The waves were violent with different magnitude every time they touch the rocks so yup, dua orang pharmacists in patient yang garang actually scolded her haha "Pegila! Aku cakap awal2 aku x slamatkan ko kalo ape2 jadi.." But seriously, you need at least a fair swimming skill to get near the water; to safe you just in case you got washed away by the waves, that is.

At the end of Seopjikoji stood this lighthouse. My first time ever to get close to a lighthouse so I was excited :p Slama ni tengok dalam Enid Blyton series masa kicik2 jak kan :p

We spent around 2 hours in Seopjikoji and next we head to Trick Art Museum. Ohohoho Masa ni la memang x bole blah.. That morning on top of Ilchulbong we actually saw many windmills on about 3 different parts of Jeju. We wanted to see it closer and asked a Korean guy on Ilchulbong of the windmills whereabouts. He didn't speak English so hurm.. buat2 faham saja la kan.. And my friends went to ask the guy at the hotel reception counter as I heat up the car's engine but still they didn't manage to get useful information. So.. On the way to the Trick Art Museum, we caught the sight of the windmills again and just drive towards it without knowing where we were. And we end up in a vegetable farm :P

Can you see the windmills? 

Lepas tu random bush pon cantik..

Realizing that we have about 5 hours before our flight to Seoul, we just continue our journey towards the Trick Art Museum although each of us was still hoping to see the windmills closer than the one from the mysterious vegetable farm.. And thank you GPS, she (because it was a woman's voice) recalculated the route and took us to a route that pass next to the windmills \(^^)/

Masa ni berhenti tengah2 jalan amek gambar (^^) There were no cars though sebab tu berani :P

It was less than 5 minutes drive to Trick Art Museum from the point where we stopped to take the pictures of the windmills. When we arrived, there were soooo many people at the Trick Art Museum and sangat rimas.. We were there for about an hour because we can't stand the crowd. *Sign of aging kah ni??* Took some awesome pics and head straight to Manjanggul Cave

Manjanggul was not far either, around 15 minutes drive from Trick Art Museum. Manjanggul is one of the lava tubes in Jeju with a total length of about 13 km but only 1km was opened to public. I was surprised to see how big it was because the tunnels in caves that I ever went into was only about 5m high but in Manjanggul it could be as high as 8-10m *rough estimation*

It was so cold inside like less than 18 C and I didn't sweat at all as I walk towards the end of the tube. Along the way we saw lots of structures which were formed million years ago from the lava flow. I don't think everybody will appreciate the exhibits inside because it was merely rocks and rocks and rocks again. But it was how those rocks were formed which are special. They are the aftermath of a massive eruption and they are beautiful.We tried to understand and differentiate the rocks formation by using medical terminologies hehe "Aku rase raft ni macam embolus la, yang mural tu kre macam thrombus.." NERD!

The end of Manjanggul lava tube is that rock that protrudes to the ceiling. Actually it is formed from the lava that was flowing down from the ceiling and it cooled off as it was still dripping down. We went out and performed our solah under a tree near to where we parked our car and rush to Jeju Do to the famous Yongduam Rock after that

There were so many beautiful places along the way but we couldn't stop because there was only about 2 hours before our flight. We saw Halla san on our left and vowed to come again to conquer its peak. I say Jeju-do should be the most populated area in Jeju since it is the main city. It was hard for me driving inside the city and there were so many cars parked at the side of the road and sangat sakit hati sebab x dapat bajet space... But Yongduam Rock was surprsingly.. hurm..ordinary

It was another rock on a beach to me but the sunset was extraordinary (^^) One of the most beautiful sunset that I've ever seen. And the most memorable thing about Yongduam Rock is it was where we met the friendly Korean guy Mr JL and his Japanese wife and in-laws (^^)

There were only 4 of us on the deck and HH was at the shop buying some souvenirs when Mr JL came to us asking "Where are you from?"

Mr JL: Muslims??
"Yes we are Muslims"
Mr JL: Aha! Muslims can marry four wives! Are you single??
"Haha okay, four wives.. Yes we are singles.."
Mr JL: Good! I can introduce you to Korean guys!

Dan ntah apa lagi kami mengarut lepas tu. Sakit perut aku ketawa but they were very nice people. SJ asked them what her name means in Korea and we had another wave of laughter after knowing the meaning. We exchange contact numbers and we really hope to see them again in the future

We head towards the airport with a heavy heart. I was so sad to leave Jeju, I even felt like crying.. We didn't talk much in the airport. I was busy updating my status in facebook because I happen to have left a worrying status when we arrived and wasn't able to give any update throughout the trip. The rest were carried away looking at the pictures we took in Jeju and HH was charging her handphone in front of me. Suddenly a 13 year old boy came to HH with two other smaller kids asking her where she is from. After that he went back to his seat and a few minutes later he come again with 5 Jeju chocolates (^^)

Hurm... Seriously.. Rindu sangat dengan Jeju... I will come again and my main mission would be Hallasan.. :)

Serius ni... Rindu....

Friday, July 6, 2012

Korea day 2: "If Jeju is a man...

"..I would marry him," a statement made by RA :p

You know,  most of the people in Jeju  were really curious about us. I think it's the head scarf. People will ask where are we from and even peek at what we were making during lunch and they even peek at my camera screen  as we pose for our pic. That would've been rude but then they didn't give us the weird look thingy. They always seem so excited, speak something we can't fathom and smile and sometimes they gave us thumbs up. Tapi satu ayat la yang memang dalam silibus sekolah because all of them will say it although they don't speak English "Nice to meet you!! See you later!!!" (^^)/

So, we continue our second day in Jeju. After the breathtaking Jusangjeolli, we head for the Cheonjeyeon fall. The name is almost similar with the one in Seogwipo, just the 'i' is replaced by an 'e'. The GPS directed us to the one in Seogwipo so it took us some time to locate this nature marvel. Sekali lagi palpitation~

Pic credit to MR. Nampaknya MR menang contest embak GG :P
We can't see the Cheonjeyeon fall from the entrance because we had to go down a few hundred meters. As we walk down the steps, suddenly the striking blue water view emerge in front of us. I saw it in Google once but the real colour is even bluer than the one I saw! Palpitation.. Our pace became faster and faster and finally voilla!

Another outstanding sight in Jeju and can you imagine the water actually springs out from the cracks on those rocks. Subhanallah. I don't know why it is so blue though but the  pond in this picture is deep and they don't allow people to swim here. Looking at this pic, I remember clearly how cold the water was as I dip my hands in. There was also a special species of trees which can only be found here where all the leaves are pointing upward and the leaves were greener. The rocks where we stood on were very slippery. Some Korean tourists fell into the pond while walking on the rocks! 

HH: Weyh! die jatuh dari batu yang kite pijak tadi kot.. 

Don't wanna get wet although we have all our clothes inside the car huuu

See those water coming out out from those rocks? Isn't it amazing how the water coming out from there can give out so much amount to form 2 other waterfalls; the 2nd waterfall is about 200m away and the 3rd waterfall is about 500m. We only went to the 2nd waterfall

We can't go near the pond at the second waterfall. We just stood on this wooden deck and took some pictures. It is beautiful and I think the special thing about it is the plants thriving at the walls behind the waterfall. Although it look small, we still can feel the water spray. Refreshing~

Next we went to Seonimgyo bridge which was about 50m from the 2nd waterfall
We were running out of time and were considering to cancel visiting the Teddy Bear Museum because we have to drive to the East for an overnight there. But we were also curious of what are there across the bridge because we saw this cute blue train from afar. So we went across, went out of the park and saw a signboard that reads Yeomiji which is actually a botanical garden that was in our list but we cancelled it since we already went to Hallim Park. We know that the Teddy Bear Museum is suppose to be near to Yeomiji. Went to the map board and hooorrraaayy The Teddy Bear Museum was only 2 blocks away. That's 5 minutes walk! Lucky!!!

The museum is a 3 storey building with lots of Teddy Bear exhibits; ranging from histories about the teddy bear itself, prominent world events like the fall of Berlin wall and World War II and also teddy bears that resemble famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth etc. They were really cute! You can just guess what is the event or who the person is by one look!

The Fall of Berlin Wall.. Ok.. German Obsessed Haziah :P

Muka penat~

And right in front of the Teddy Bear Museum is actually Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Went inside out of curiosity and we loved it \(^^)/ So many tricky stuffs and some were gruesome. There was this one mirror where they ask you to roll your tongue in so many ways and we were excited to try it out. And actually the people at the other side were looking at us making funny faces. Ces! 

O kawan2 ku yang pandai buat expression muka~ 

Yup... Ripley's Believe It or Not was our closing of the day. Then we head to the east to Seongsan for an overnight. It was about 1.5 hours drive from Jungmun and it actually didn't feel like it because my friends were making lots of jokes along the way sampai driver abdominal muscle cramp sebab kena tahan gelak (^^) Tiring, yes, but worth every sweat!

The only car left in the parking lot :p
Celebrate birthday sape??

Can you guess which one is who?? :)

Monday, July 2, 2012

Korea Trip Day 2: We fell for Jeju

We woke up later than we'd agreed to. SJ, RA and MR were already preparing breakfast as I pack all the mess that I made the night before. The special thing about Hiking Inn is that it has a beautiful roof top which was  equipped with a communal kitchen and tables and chairs so we had our breakfast there. The scenery was excellent; we have the Seogwipo harbor in front of us

and on another side you can see an island and the rest of Seogwipo (^^)

I can be picky when it comes to food when travelling but it's all due to my unpredictable bowel activity so I eat very little throughout the trip. I just didn't want to be a drag. Halal food is so difficult to find in Jeju so we actually brought a lot of canned and prepacked food and instant noodles from Malaysia. But the breakfast we had on the roof top was the best! We had Macaroni and cheese (^^) and Mi Ruski yang dirindui

Kesian kan.. Bekas pon recycle Maggi Cup (^^)

So the itinerary that day was all about wonders of nature on Jeju starting from the closest attraction, Cheonjiyeon waterfall. The night before, we walked there but that morning we drove there. We also met a group of Singaporean who are leaving for Seoul at the lobby before we start our island exploration \(^^)/

Motif gambar sbenarnya mo tunjuk betapa spacious nya boot.. 2nd motif: Saya kurus (^^)v
So we drove down about 400m and parked our car. There were so many buses already and so many tourists of course. So we walked our way to the waterfall on the beautiful landscaped trail. There was this bridge...

And below it was a flowing stream with those tiny rocks forming beautiful small rapids

Pic credit to MR

Then comes this shady walkway.. It was calming walking under those shady trees. It's good that this place have different path for those entering and leaving

Credit to MR again :)

And finally the mesmerizing Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (^^)

 Cheonjiyeon meaning: a waterfall connecting the sky (Ch'eon) and land (ji)

As I stood there, I could relate the name to its presentation. The cascade of water falling down the cliff really looks as if it is water falling from the sky. As if there is nothing up there though the source of water is actually from a spring. I've never seen a spring that can discharge this much volume of water so I was amazed! MashaAllah~

The night before, we saw a duck and 3 ducklings swimming towards the waterfall and that morning we saw some ducks again. They seem to complement the whole scene; the lushes greenery plus ducks! PERFECTO!

And then as we were about to leave, suddenly a Korean guy came to us saying that his students want to take picture with us. We were, of course, EXCITED! Dan selepas itu bermulalah sesi ayam bercakap dengan itik.. From what we manage to understand, they are not from Seoul and the province that they mentioned, I think, should be in the Southern part of South Korea. They were very friendly and they tried really hard to make a conversation :)

Then after Cheonjiyeon waterfall we head westward to Jusangjeolli cliff in Jungmun. And as usual, on the way, we met with random island beauty, parked our car and took lots of pictures

Random #1: Seriously tatau ape name tempat ni

Random #2: This is already near to Jusangjeolli

This should be my favorite random place. To our left was a jetty for a speed boat service that enables you to go near the Jusangjeolli cliff but it is quite pricey for a 15 minutes boat ride

Random #3: Very beautiful background.. Tapi apakan daya tripod pon macam tuannya jugak.. Sedang2 rendah.. :p

Then finally we reach Jusangjeolli cliff.. The signboards were quite confusing and Jungmun is actually a huge area containing various attractions. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it and I literally had palpitation as Jusangjeolli come into view..

GG: Ya Rabbi.. Tempat ni.. Masha Allah lawa nye~ Nak pengsan~

Jeosangjeolli cliffs are actually rock pillars that were formed million years ago when the lava from Halla san eruption flow towards Jungmun. What makes it unique to me is the precise hexagonal shape and actually the height of the cliffs tells the speed of the lava flow and the duration taken for the rocks to cool off. This is magnificent.. The beauty is more than a picture could describe. You need to be there, look at how beautiful the rocks are, the water was a brilliant electric blue and the sounds of wave in the breeze makes it so perfect.. Sampai palpitation~

See those hexagonal shape rocks :)

And again, an old Korean fella asked to take a picture with me and MR (dah mule rase macam artis pulak). And we had our lunch in Jusangjeolli. Maccaroni and cheese again (^^)

I still have a lot to tell but then this post is too long already.. To be continued

Tidur dulu.. Mengantok~

Macam mana la nda gelap balik dari Korea.. Pi sunbathing bha pulak :P