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Monday, July 23, 2012

Korea Trip: Seoul Part 1

So.. mari kita sambung...

We took the 2nd last flight from Jeju to Gimpo. I don't know why I bought the 2nd last one, though. Maybe if we miss it then we can buy the last flight.. Most probably that was what I was thinking at that time :P

We arrived around 22:10 and there was a Korean guy at the exit holding a signage with my wrongly spelled name written on it; NORHAZIAS. Plural di situ.. I already requested for transport from the airport to our guesthouse a week before we arrive so it was convenient. He didn't speak English but he tried to make a conversation and we were only guessing and simply answering his questions without even knowing the real meaning. And then the funny thing was HH talked about Running Man and the driver seem to be so pleased when he found out she knows many of the Korean celebrities.

When we arrived, I was surprise to find that our booking was different from the one that I made. O rase bersalah sebab we have to change to another guesthouse on the third night. I think the staff forgot to update my booking (-_-") But that night we had a feast!

In Jeju, we had macaroni and cheese, bread and instant noodles. We didn't eat rice for the whole 3 days so we've been missing our staple food very much. So on our first night in Seoul, we ate rice with Serunding and canned chicken curry and beef rendang. I didn't eat much though but I actually enjoyed it. 

The next morning we head to Itaewon first because we really need to eat something heavy. It was not hard to get there. The train system is extremely efficient. Even though all the announcements were in Korean but they have this screen that flash the name of the next station inside the train. And at the station they have this screen that shows where the train is and the time of arrival. And memang tepat!

When we got there, there was this shop selling Turkish ice cream just a few meters from the subway exit. My friends were excited so they bought 2 cones of ice cream and we shared them. I was more interested in the texture of the ice cream. It was so solid that he can take the ice cream chunk out of the container with a metal rod, spun and tossed it too!

When we were doing the studying, I was less excited about Seoul so I don't really know what is there in the town area. Being a big fan of World War II history, I was more focus about realizing my dream of going to DMZ hehe (kan confirm suda nerd..)
So these girls really know where we should eat and where the mosque is located. Impressed!
When they saw the signboard that reads Murree they exclaimed joyfully "Murree!!" It was like they've all seen it before. And I was.. "Err.. ok Murree.." :p

Camera whoring while they browse the menu :p

I also don't know anything about Korean food so I just eat what they picked and the food was excellent! Actually it is not a Korean restaurant but they serve Korean food. If I'm not mistaken the restaurant is run by a Pakistani. They ordered Bibimbap; a bowl of rice, sunny side up egg, some special sauce and vege. And two other chicken and beef sets. I don't remember the names *kan suda cakap tulis dalam buku, Haziah!*

Tempting kan?? I like the beef and chicken sets. Don't like the Bimbimbap much because I have issues with food that are mixed that way. You know, they stir everything in the bowl and it's all mixed up that the rice turned red. I have issues with food like that. I don't know why. Macam autistic jak nih

And then.. Voilla!!!

LICIN BHA!!!!!!!!! Haha we were obviously so deprived of food. Kebulur bha...

So next we head to the famous Itaewon mosque. The woman area was not that spacious but was comfortable enough. I don't remember seeing any Korean Muslims though. Most of the Muslims there were foreigners like us; most of them looks like people from the Middle East. 

Next, we went to Lotte World \(^^)/
Lotte World is located in Jamsil so we used the subway again. There were so many stations along the way and I'm very sure Itaewon to Jamsil is much further than Kelana Jaya to Terminal Putra. And the journey only took about 30 minutes. Laju gila!! And the train only stops for a very short duration in each station.

We entered after 4pm so it was cheaper. We paid 19 000 won per person. It's the cheapest theme park that we ever been to. But to be honest, I think nothing much here. None of the thrill rides were new to us. So, I think next time I'll go to Everland instead. But, as usual, we still enjoy our time there. There was a parade at 6.50 pm (kalo x silap) and we saw the most handsome guy in Korea!! Ok exaggerating.. SJ, RA and I thought he was the most handsome because we are not into sepet and slim guys. His feature was like Pan Asian. More to Asia but you can see the European feature as well. Most probably Turkish or Kazakhstan. Sampai menggigil bha masa amik gambar. He actually posed for us but I was having severe palpitation haha

Lepas tu giggle giggle macam teenagers sebab excited he posed for us hahaha

And then at night they have a laser show. It was beautiful. I loved it. And after that they have this concert. The band was from the Philippines and they really can entertain. They chose the right songs, really know how to interact with the audience and even the Koreans love them very much. Tapi paling terkejut when suddenly the lead singer called "Hello Malaysian ladies!!!" and pointed at us. We froze and didn't know how to react

"Die panggil kite ke??"
"Ye la kot.."
Tengok kiri kanan. Ok sure suda panggil kami baru hands in the air \(^^)/

They also invited us to the stage but we were shy. Everybody turned at our direction when he called bha.. Malu~ (^^*) and we just make heart shape with our fingers and sway to the song n our seats. And when the concert was about to end, once again, "Good bye Malaysian ladies
! Good bye Korean!"

"Fuiyo! Sebot kte dulu!!!!" Excited and terasa glamour sekejap haha

And we pace towards our locker after that and MR found that she'd left her camera on the bench. When we went back to the bench it was no longer there. Went to the visitor's service office, and the staff there brought us to the info counter. And volla! Within less than 5 minutes, her camera was already at the info counter. If it was here, I think the chance for it to be stolen is 89%!!! MR's camera is one of the best compact camera lo!

Jujur kan dorang.. Macam mana la kami x fall in love~ More to come in my next post (^^)

Kemanisan ukhwah~ hee (^^)