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Monday, April 5, 2010

Some insights about "Green zone"

I just revealed that I easily wake up at 3 am in my previous post~ And now I'm literally writing this post at 3.30 am... I slept around 11.30 pm just now, but something is bothering my mind.. So I guess writing is the best way to dissipate the unruly thoughts away~

Like always.. Right now my window is wide opened.. The air is still.. Did a quick peek to find where's the moon..

"Where's the moon?? Where's the moon??
Aaah... there it is~"
It's right on top of me w
ith moving thin clouds covering it.. A brilliant creation indeed~

I guess I'll talk about "Greenzone", a movie that I watched yesterday starring Matt Damon.. Well, the setting of the movie was back during the Iraq war when
the US sent their troops to unravel the Weapon for Massive Destruction (WMD) and in this movie Matt Damon (Miller) is one of the team leader. He was suspicious about his futile findings and questioned his chiefs about the reliabilty of the information source. It turned out that everytime he raise question, they became irritated.. So he began his own investigation to find out the truth.. I remember 1 dialogue where Matt Damon said...

"What are we doing here chief?? I'm here to safe lives.. Safe the country" Matt Damon was a soldier who really wanted to help.. He was rather naive~

Matt Damon seriously did a marvellous come back.. But my favouite cast would be Freddy, an Iraqi civillain who wanted to contribute to his country.. He bravely went to Matt Damon's team to give information regarding this secret meeting of Saddam's subordinates and one time when Matt Damon offered Freddy a reward if he agrees to become Matt Damon's translator, he said...

"Do you think I'm doing this for a reward?? Don't you think I'm doing this for myself?? For my family?? For my country??"

Well, this part was where I burst into tears haha (fyi, I cried in almost all movie including "How to Train Your Dragon"~) But seriously.. It was really touching~ The movie meticulously illustrate the condition at that time.. Even the scene where the Iraqi went looting were shown.. But I know that the condition there were even worst in reality but what the director did for this movie was enough to make me say

"Ya Allah~ I don't want to be in that condition~"

There were lots of dialogues that express what was playing inside every concern mind in this world during the US invasion in Iraq. I won't write everything here because it'll be not exciting later to yous who haven't wathced the movie...

Anyway, this is a very good movie. There's very little bias in the movie and it is one of those that evoke the long forgotten spirit to fight against
insolent leadership to pursue justice. It also portray patriotism and unity in some way... No religious element were inserted. I guess that was too sensitive, isn't it?

5 stars for "Greenzone"... As always, after watching this type of movie, I walked out feeling a little dizzy. Though there were not so many splattered blood on the screen, I just couldn't handle the tension from all the horrific scenes where civillains were captured and shot without mercy

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movie List~

Hye!!!! I'm actually very excited about this~ I've been searching the 2010 movie list all over the internet and even watched some of the trailers in youtube~ So here goes the movie list!!!!

1. Alice in Wonderland starring Johnny Depp (My Boipren huahua).. I'm really looking forward to see his character in this movie because he did a brilliant one in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

2. Iron Man 2. I have no idea what's this movie is about but since the previous iron man was a blast, I hope this one is just the same or even better!

3. Season of the Witch starring Nicholas Cage (Nicholas Cage kan slalu besh~) "To save mankind these warriors must pass through hell" The trailer was not that intriguing but I think I'll give this movie a try just because I'm a fan of Nicholas Cage

4. Twilight Saga: Eclipse~ I haven't read the book but I'll make sure I finish it before the movie~ Owh Edward ku~~~

5. Shrek Forever and After~ I'm also not sure how this one goes but it's like Shrek is trapped in a different world where ogre is hunted and oppressed instead being the one being feared~ This one is going to be GREAT just like the other Shrek movies!!!

6.Toy Story 3~ I think it has been like 8, 9 or ten years since the release of Toy story 2 and in this one andy is already a young adult who is going for college~ Hurm in the 2nd Toy story Woody was afraid that he'll be thrown away when andy grow up and was about to be sent to a museum in Japan~ But then he decided to just stay and watch Andy grow~ think this one is going to be sad~ wuwuwu T_T

7. Avatar the last airbender.. This is from an animated series in Nickelodeon.. Kartun dia mmg best sgt~ So I have high expectation for this one

8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow: Part I~ Kalo ikot buku~ this final book is the BEST!! But the previous movie Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince was crap.. Keluar air mata ku sebab mengantok~ But since they're making two parts out of this last book, maybe there'll be more scenes yang best2~

9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn~ I don't know how the story line is but I think Narnia is always co0l so yeah~ this one is a must-see for me!

O ya~ I actually did not arrange this according to their month of release but I'm pretty sure that the last two movies will be at the end of the year.. To keep track with their release.. Do bookmark the cinemaonline in your internet browser~ hehe that's how my friends and I got so0o0o0 updated~

Hehe akhirnya blog ini berinformasi juga~ hehe :P berinformasi hiburan haha :P