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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korea trip Day 1: Seoul to Jeju (^^)

I just can't believe our trip is over and done (^^) Surprisingly, it felt longer than other previous trips. Perhaps because we'd covered many attractions this time. The long wait was worth while. We had ample time to study thoroughly and plan the whole journey and Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. So here's our story.. (^^)

As usual, our trip always started with some drama. HH's leave was not yet approved less than 2 weeks before the trip and she can't find her passport a few days before the trip. Knowing her, I know everything will be okay in the end so I didn't freak out much hehe

I was so happy to finally meet SJ and RA after our trip to Singapore in October. The last time I met MR was during one of our friend's engagement but we chat a lot in fb, planning our trips. And in the airport, we met our juniors whose flight were bound to Kerabi. We chat like we're never apart. We haven't met for almost 2 years.

It was already their time for boarding but they ran back to us to snap some pics together. Sangat terharu~
Our flight to Incheon was at 2.25 pm and was scheduled to land at 9.45 pm. Nothing much in Incheon airport at midnight. Most of the shops were closed when we arrived so we just sit on the bench to revise our itinerary. There are prayer rooms but they're actually inside the departure hall so we spent the night on the benches on 3rd floor. Very comfortable! The toilet was nearby and the floor is the laminated type so it's very clean to perform prayers on.

Our flight to Jeju from Gimpo airport was 6.25am that morning. We didn't go straight to Gimpo because the airport is closed from 1 am to 5 am. We'd wanted to take the late night bus at 3.50 am but we missed it and took a cab instead. But, to think of it, if we'd taken the bus, we might have arrive too early and have to wait outside the airport longer because when we arrived at Gimpo in our fancy cab, the airport was still so dark and locked. The cab was fancy! It was a family cab that has this van-like feature and the interior was like a karaoke room! Well, my first embarrassing moment was I went straight to the left side to open the door but there was no door!!!!!!! (-_-") The cab ride cost us 61800 won 

Waiting for the airport to open

Gimpo is a small airport but there are international flights to Japan. We board the Eastarjet to Jeju; paid RM 283 for a 2-way ticket. We were suppose to arrive around 7.40 am but due to thick clouds, the plane failed to land. It was sooooo thick!!!!! We were descending and descending and suddenly we can feel the flight ascend. The pilot did a second attempt to land but he couldn't make it and finally the seat belt sign was switched off and the pilot announced that we are going to land in Cheongju while waiting for the clouds to clear.

 It was a very terrifying moment, I would say. The flight was not bumpy, but the sudden thrust when the flight start to ascend was scary because I think we'd descended quite a distance already. Plus, there were so many announcements and only a few were translated!

GG: Ni mesti announcement yang x de dalam buku nih.. (-_-")

 The cloud was still thick when we left Cheongju but that time it seems that the pilot was determined to land the plane. Alhamdulillah.. we arrived safely on the beautiful island of Jeju

When we arrived, we shopped for some snacks. We have a list of halal food with us. Went to the car rental counter and the best deal was offered by Korean First. There was this 60% off promotion so we paid 175000 won for our spacious and luxurious looking sedan. I misunderstood some details though. I thought we got a full tank petrol with that price but actually they measured how much we'd used during return and charged us on the fuel usage. But if you fill it back to the amount when you first got the car, there will be no charge. I don't know whether paying the company is cheaper or not compare to if you fill the gas at the petrol station before returning the car.

I was the driver for the whole trip in Jeju. It was hard at first to get use to driving on the left side. I always forgot that we were suppose to be on the right side of the road and my friends would start screaming "GG!!! SEBELAH KANAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" every time I drove on the wrong side and there was a car in front. Sangat funny haha

I don't even remember what's the name of this place because this stop was soooo random! hee

One thing about Jeju, every inch of it is beautiful. This was our first encounter of its beauty. I was still adapting to driving on the left side on the right side of the road when my friends screamed "Cantiknye!!! GG parking!!!!" Luckily, I'm not the panic type. Make a quick signal to the right and steer the car into a parking. And luckily the cars are slow in jeju so they always have the time to brake when a car suddenly change course hehe

Our first destination was Hallim Park. Entrance fee 9000 won. Distance: About 60km from the airport

Mind you, the speed limit in jeju can be as slow as 60 km/hr and the GPS will be so annoyingly noisy when you exceed the speed limit. So what's in Hallim park, lots and lots and lots of plants, flowers and they even have lava tubes!

My favourite plant would be this giant cactus. I'm not a fan of flowers. I always said to my mom that her flower would die~ But in Hallim park, I was quite into flowers hehe Weird.. Maybe because they're more colourful than the ones we have in Malaysia hehe

Our next destination was the Glass Castle. We didn't expect it to be so beautiful but this place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Everything was made of glass and and the vibrant colour should be the plus point. Everything shone under the sun. We were awed by the creativity and how everything was shaped into details. We spent a good two hours taking pictures in every corner of the park

Our last destination that day was the Miniature Park. It looks exciting on the outside but so so in the inside. Most of the things there look seasoned and need new painting but we enjoyed it anyway

After an hour, we head to Seogwipo to check-in in our hotel, The Hiking Inn. The GPS in our car was very helpful. We were never lost and we easily found our hotel. The only challenge was there was this big T junction with no traffic light before the hotel. I don't know which side should go first!!!!! So confusing!!!

That night, we took a walk at the Cheonjiyeon waterfall. We were excited because we know the surrounding will be superb if there is daylight.  I was the most exhausted among us. I was physically and mentally exhausted. When we were in 7-E, when I wanted to buy a Starbucks coffee, I can't even recall whether our room has a fridge or not. I was so tired that I shove all of my stuff on the bed to the floor and lay down flat. Heard MR entered the room,

MR: Eyh, awalnye tidur..
HH: Gg dah x larat sangat..

Zzzzzzz~ That's all I remember :P

To be continued....