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Friday, January 17, 2014

Mont Blanc~ I'm in love


Hehe Ceria kan muka aku di pagi hari!!! This was a pic we took on our way to the cable car station. MR was already in her winter coat. She was the most prepared for the climate amongst us!

And this is the view from our room balcony.. Yes, mina san.. that is Mont Blanc! \(^^)/Aku excited betol sampai masuk selumbar dalam kaki masa berdiri di balcony (^^")

On our way to the train station, I went berserk with all the beauty that surrounds me. I started taking pictures from every corner of the town. We were very lucky to have clear sky that day. Back in Paris, it was almost always gloomy except during the last day when the sun was out. If it weren't for the blue sky, we wont be able to capture the nice snow cap there... What a bliss~

Bagai kan mimpi...

Okay enough~
So we bought a combo ticket for the cable car to Mont Blanc and  train ride where you can see the glacier.. tapi nda sempat pon pi naek train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T cry cry~

There is another cable car that connects Mont Blanc to another peak in Italy. I don't quite remember what the name is but yeah it was actually part of our plan. It was supposedly already opened for public. But I guess, summer came late this year and the weather was unpredictable, so the cable car was still closed at that time. Kecewa jugak la...

But still Mont Blanc memang mengancam!!!!

The queue at the station that morning. Most of the Europeans were there to ski or climb while the Asians were obviously the tourists who came for sight seeing atop the mountain. I was of course eyeing on their gears.. Their ropes, their carabiners, their bags, their windbreakers, their shoes.. Everything! Cantiknya~

Kamu tengok ni pakcik!!! I don't know whether I could even climb stairs if I'm at his age (^^") 

So that is the cable car. No chairs; everybody stand. It's very fast; about 20 minutes.. I think,  that's too fast to ascend to that elevation in such speed. My friends had AMS! But they tried to tolerate with it. It was very scary when the cable car jolt and swing every time it passes the posts. Everybody goes "o0o0o0o0" and "Aaaaaah" haha

The first thing that I did on top of Mont Blanc was.. bergambar dengan lelaki Perancis ini haha O mai~ gedik betol aku dalam pic nih!!!!!!!!!!!

He was actually looking down at the snow below us from the platform so I, meramahkan diri sana, asked

GG: It's a nice day to ski, isn't it?
French guy: No.. Not today..
GG: Why? Everybody is skiing..
French: You see, that smooth layer over there. That's not good for ski. You could fall.. And when you fall, you only fall once...
GG: O0o0o0.. I never know that. Never ski before..

When I asked "Can we take a picture with you?" Boleh boleh dia jawab "NO!" with a serious face.. And then he continued "I was joking," Fuh~ Sikit lagi kuyak!

I don't know how to correctly describe this place. There are lots of buildings at different heights. These buildings are either connected by bridges or by stairs or by lifts or by tunnels. And these buildings have terraces where you can conveniently view the panorama.

While my friends had to deal with nauseous feeling and dizziness, I suddenly became hypothermic. I turned blue and start to shiver uncontrollably. "Gg! Kenape gg biru!? Gg ok x nih?" "Ok je.. tapi sejuk.."

So we spent almost 10 minutes to heat me with MR's heating pads.. Astaga!!!! 

Selesai misi menyelamatkan GG

Dalam menggigil gigil tu sempat jugak aku snap pic dorang nih
So now lets look at some of the pics...

Group pic (^^)


This is one of the best spot to stand on. You can see the small town below, you can see the mountain range opposite Mont Blanc, and you can see the layers and layers of the snow-capped peaks that seems to have no end over the horizon.. Subhanallah...

Standing in such height is when I'll be reminded that I'm just a speck in this massive planet.. It reminds of Allah, the Most Exalted, the Most Knowledgeable.. How can all this be in such a beautiful fashion, in such a beautiful order if it's not for the Great Sustainer and the Magnificence.. .MashaAllah...

From the naked eyes, you could actually see the different shades of blue of the layers of mountains. It is so picturesque that it literally took my breath away..

If you look closely, you'll see there are actually workers on top of the roof. Sweeping off the snow.

We were above the clouds (^^) View from the cafeteria.. 

This is the tunnel that leads to the starting point for skiing. Those macho macho men are preparing their ski gears.. And we just watch them, inquisitive.. Living in the tropics, we don't get to see this at all!

And there goes our macho macho skiers...

The valley below us... (^^)

Muka semakin happy dari yang pagi kan?? Heeee I lost one of my leather glove while on top (^^") and I felt the altitude sickness as I ran up the stairs when I was trying to find it. Pergh! It was uncomfortable. I stopped and took a few steps down the stairs and waited for the dizziness to wear off. Luckily, that worked..

O ya, if you're wondering about halal food; there is one halal Kebab restaurant and an Indian restaurant that serves scrumptious fish briyani!

So next, Switzerland yaw!!! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Chamonix.. My honeymoon destination~


So here we are back in France.. Well, we haven't bought any tickets to Chamonix until the last day we were in Paris. We were still deciding what is the cheapest way to go there. So, finally we decided to take the train from Paris to Geneva and then take a bus from Geneva to Chamonix since this is the most convenient but not the cheapest.

Konon2 tengah tulis notes of our journey~

Well, it took us about 3 hours from Paris to Geneva and then another 1.5 from Geneva to Chamonix. The train ride was scenic but I guess, again, it's the people that we met along the way was the most memorable. On the train I sat next to a very nice middle age lady. She went to Malaysia once so we talked about that and also her interest in gardening. And I, as usual, promoted Sabah. But the most touching part was when I told her that we are going to Chamonix and she started to ask around of where we should stop. She even went to see the conductor and then the conductor went to ask the manager and then later we found out that we have missed the station where it would be easier for us to go to Chamonix from.

The lady felt really bad and went to the tourist center with us at the train station. She queued and went to the counter with us to ask how to get to Chamonix from Geneva. Well, actually the info was not much difference from what we already knew that is we can take a bus from the airport. She then took us to the ticket machine and helped us to purchase train tickets to the airport..

GG: This is too kind of you. We appreciate this very much.
Lady: It's ok. This is normal..

Masa ni hati meronta-ronta.. NORMAL!!!!!!!!?????????? O my.. satu dalam 25 juta kalo di Malaysia...

You'll see a lot of these along the way... Yellow~ Conola

Then we rushed to the train and was surprised to find ourselves in an empty coach.. A guy was sitting near the door..

GG: Excuse me. Is this train going to the airport?
Guy: Yes it is. The airport is at the next station which happen to be the only one.
GG: Heeee.. Really? *malu* Is this the first class? It's kinda empty..
Guy: O0o I dunno if this a first class or not. The airport is about 3 minutes away and I see no conductor. I think you can sit in this coach.

We talked along the way. And again he's an Australian guy who migrated to Switzerland and been in Malaysia for a few years.. "Perhaps when you girls weren't born yet.." He said... And when we got off the train, surprisingly he offered to help us find the bus to Chamonix. Again, he went to the tourist info with us and asked the lady at the counter. We were told there might be some bus to Chamonix at the airport. And as we walk towards the airport..

GG: Is everybody in Switzerland are so kind? You're the second one to help us today..
Guy: No darling.. I'm an Australian, remember? So what are you girls? Students? Or some kind of professional traveler or something?
GG: Hahaha! Owh how we wish we are... Professional travelers... (^^)

And when we arrived at the junction where the path to the bus station and the airport meet...

"So here we are! I have to go that way because that's where the intercity bus is. And that way is the airport. And inshaAllah \\(",) you will find the bus to Chamonix there. Nice to meet you girls. Have a safe journey.."

Serius kami tergamam masa dia buat gesture menadah tangan sambil menyebut inshaAllah itu. So cute! Kami tergelak lepas tu. We never knew if he is a Muslim or not. But I guess, he does understand that concept of 'God willing' in Islam for he's used in a correct sentence. We will remember you Mr. Bruce Willis-look alike!

Nota ku~

Yup! We were right about the coach and the counter was quite easy to find. Our mistake was that, we didn't make online booking which could actually reduce the price quite significantly. So, we decided to book for our return transport as well to avoid further time drag in our trip. The journey to Chamonix was on a scenic highway. The highway was leveled so high from the ground that I actually freaked out a bit.."Ni kalau ada gempa bumi, MAMPOS!"

We arrived slightly off schedule and the chalet office was already closed. Nobody answered the phone when we dialed the number on our booking confirmation so we were stuck for almost an hour, not knowing what to do. Then we thought, maybe we should try find the chalet. There could be another office there. so, aku, si pegawai perhubungn awam, pigi la bertanya dengan this old guy who looks like a local.. Sebab nda nampak macam dalam percutian

Tengah jaga beg.. Dorang pi cek ofis chalet...
GG: Excuse me. I'm looking for this address..
Old man: Vous ĂȘtes si belle *Ini aku reka2*
GG: Oh tidak! Ko nda cakap english ka pacik? This address, do you know??

*Old man reads the address*

Old man: Oui oui! *sambil tangan dia lambai2.. mari2*

And then I made my friends worried because I went missing for almost 20 minutes. We went in and out of alleys.. Went behind houses and through bushes and voilla we found the chalet!
"Astaga pacik.. Kalau di Malaysia mati kena bunuh sudah aku ni ikot strangers begini.."

Well, actually the chalet was not far from the office where my friends were waiting. There was no need to go through all the bushes but I guess the old man was confused of where the address is haha aku pon "merci beaucoup! merci beaucoup!" la hehe

And this is our room! With ensuite toilet and bathroom. It's very cozy and warm.. And we have a balcony outside. And the internet is very fast. Did a video call with my junior who aspire to travel but he's getting married soon haha So that evening, we went out for a stroll around the town..

Setup tripod jauh2....

Itu gunung opposite Mont Blanc. It was too foggy, we didn't get to see Mont Blanc that evening

Air bersih.. Biru~ Tapi nda nampak dalam pic

Gunung belah lain~ Bahagia aku dikelilingi gunung~

Aku nda ingat ini Hyatt ka Sheraton ka LeMeridien ka apa.. But it's a famous hotel line la.

Sunset approaching~

This place is home to a climbing community so aku agak bahagia tengok banyak banyak barang climbing disini.. But, we still have lots of places to go so I decided not to buy any.. It will be troublesome to travel with these gears while traveling from one country to another and it will add up kilos to my baggage and we have lotsa flights ahead.

Aaaawwww... Comel bukan...???

I'm so in love with this place... Ok la.. nanti ai sambung pasal Mont Blanc yea~ Patot tukar title.. "The nice  people we met on our way to Chamonix...." (^^)

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Euro Trip: Paris & Provins


2013.. I definitely can't say this year as my 'Sorrowful Year'. Well, it might contain one of the biggest test of my entire life from losing Nuyui but 2013 is a year full of new experiences and great adventures as well. I did my first solo travel early this year. And our Eurotrip is a very memorable experience that we just can't wait to do another one! (^^) Fuh fuh fuh! Kumpol duit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here goes...

Well, RA and I departed first on the 29th May. We were seated separately. I happened to sit next to a nice Malay couple who seem to be well traveled, very warm and affable. I even did some medication counseling during flight (walaupon suda vow before flight "Aku x mau cakap pasal kerja langsung!")..

We arrived in Paris very early in the morning. Our first encounter of  super good looking human being was the extremely-charming-sparkling-smile-piercing-blue-eyes immigration officer. He pretended to be very serious at first because I didn't respond when he called me to the counter where RA already stood. He wanted to check both our passports since we came together. I was slightly nervous because his voice tone was as if I just did something against some French Law. Then when he said, "No worries ladies. Enjoy your stay." and smiled, I  spontaneously blurted "Kacak gileeeeeeee~" urgh caer~

We first head for our hostel in Republique. Well, there were two things that surprised me most when we left the airport that I didn't expect of Paris. Number one, is the number of graffiti. They were everywhere! On the walls, on the road divider, on the buses and trains.. EVERYWHERE!

Number two, is the number of people who greeted us with Salam.. The guy at the subway ticket counter asked us, 
"Are you Muslim?" 
"Yes, we are..."

RA and I looked at each other, impressed... "Ikhlas sungguh salam itu.. Kalau kat Malaysia.. Salu 'Assalamualaikum kak loooong~'"

The guy that was wiping the automated gate warned us of pick pockets. He had poor English that we misunderstood at first.

"I watch you sister pick pocket.. Assalamualaikum"

We think, what he was trying to say was actually "Watch out for pick pocket" 

And there was this guy that look somewhat like Dean Cain greeted as we exited the subway station

"No, Malaysian..

The hostel was very hard to locate at first because there was a construction work that blocked the view of the hostel. We went around and around with our haversack for almost one hour. And actually the hostel was only 3 minutes walk from the station. One thing that we don't understand was there was always a huge crowd standing by the construction work every time we passed. The people just stood there, with some snacks and polystyrene cups, watching the workers do their work. "Ape yang dorang tengok ni sebenarnye..??"

Well, on the first day, we decided to go for Disneyland! \(^^)/ Okay~ Cliche ya.. But I was excited anyway. It's like impian riang ria Disney zaman 90an dulu... The roller coasters were super fun and my favourite would be that tower of terror thingy. It's an elevator that drops once it reaches the top floor.. Memang sangat fun lah.. It was rainy at first but was sunny in the evening so the parade was on!

Yeah! Simba!!! \(^^)/ We were not the only adults who were excited.. Most of the adults were more excited than the kids, actually. I guess because most of the Disney movies were released long time ago so I guess everybody just can't believe how all the characters came to live like that hahaha

MR arrived on the 31st and we head straight to Provins that morning. Provins is actually a small town that has gained the UNESCO World Heritage status.

Ahax! siapakah  mereka ini? Pacik tu siap senyum lagi pandang camera haha The pacik is the conductor and the rest are the macho macho police!! Well, we sat opposite to a sleeping woman who I presumed is a homeless. I think she was high that she didn't respond when one of the police nudge her to wake her up. Then came a huge police who then slapped her face hard! It was such a scene.

We felt awkward sitting there and one of the police even asked us if the woman was with us. But we just watch them interrogate the woman in French and they got her off the train after that because she didn't have a ticket. I think we stopped for about 20 minutes because of that woman haha but it was an experience to see how strict the police in a foreign country can be.. Tapi dorang serius kacak!

A small river runs through the small town.. such a peaceful place...

If you ever watch Disney Beauty and the Beast, I think this building looks a lot like the ones in that cartoon :p

KEDAI BURGER TERSEDAP DI DUNIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Seriously burger dia sangat sedap~ sangat sangat sangat sangat sedap.. *Enough Haziah!*

O ya, we had a very funny experience at this restaurant. The owner didn't speak a word of English and hand signals was not enough to make him understand. Memang kami sampai melentok-lentok dan melenggok lenggok kan badan untuk buat dia faham apa yang kami mau. There was an old man who could speak both English and French who was having a meal on a table near the counter. He was laughing so hard watching us trying to communicate with the owner that he couldn't help us out.Naseb baek la burger kau sedap! 

One of the main attraction in Provins but it was already closed when we got there haha Looks very creepy from the outside with lots of crows gliding above the tower. 

And for the rest of the trip, of course, we went to all the attractions that everybody else went in Paris like...

The Lourve; I was really surprised to see how big the place is. Everybody always focus on that Pyramid in the middle of the plaza. But we were more attracted to the delicate sculpts and statues.. They were so detailed and each of them were different..

"Aish.. Orang dulu2 ni memang banyak  mase eyh nak wat sume nih..."

This place is incredibly huge I just can't imagine how many displays they have inside.. Definitely going there again to see the exhibitions.. InshaAllah

I was also surprised at how colossal the Notre Dame really is.. I have to really tilt my head up to get the best view of the top. Memang cantik!

I prefer the night  view of Eiffel. I think, it looks pretty plain during the day. And guess what, a teenage girl tried to pick pocket me in Eiffel! Ces! Mentang-mentangla aku kicik!
She was asking me to sign on some papers saying it was some kind of survey that she is doing. My friends who were walking behind me saw her dug her hand into my pockets.. POCKETSSSSS.. She did it very fast. MR said the girl dug into the pocket on my jacket and pants.

MR: Gg, budak tu selok poket Gg

Ton MR sangat relax sebab she knew there was nothing in those pockets. She asked "dalam poket gg ade ape?" when we arrived in Eiffel.. Well, I actually got 10 Euros inside my pants pocket but I'd pushed it really deep into the pocket. The girl failed to pull it out. Tapi suda di luar2 ah~ Adidih! And she actually smacked my back hard when she didn't  get anything...

Percubaan copet RA haha

Ok la.. sudah lah.. Paris ni macam semua orang pernah pergi jak~ 

Next! Chamonix.... To be continued~

Sedang curi dengar English cycling tour di belakang :p 
Tudung x beriron spanjang Eurotrip~