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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Prague: Day 1 (^^)

So I've told you how the crazy idea just popped out and how I finally got myself a two-way ticket from KL to Prague just 2 days before the trip hikhikhik.. Itu baru drama mukadimah.. I decided to work on the day of my flight and take an evening off.. and memang takdirNya.. I was busy to the max that I only got to the airport by 1.30 pm whereas the flight to KL was at 2.05pm.. People were already queuing for boarding hikhik seb baek sempat drop-off baggage...

My bro was already waiting in LCCT when I arrived and he sent me to KLIA. Got my euros from him and we had an early dinner together. He left early and therefore my loneliness starts.. Went to the bookshop and bought a Lonely Planet travel guide. Bumped into my best friend in primary school and she told me that my flight have been canceled due to bird strike, Ades.. Hearing this, I thought "There goes my short Euro trip.. It'll be shortened like it's not short enough.. duh!"

KLM was very efficient at resolving the matter. Passengers were boarded into other airlines and they even settled the connecting flights so that we'll arrive at the destination at the intended time

"Miss Salleh, do you mind taking the flight tomorrow at the same time"
"Yes I do mind.. I already made bookings for my accommodation and I would really appreciate it if you can get me a flight that arrives in Prague on the 20th please~"

So they arranged a new flight for me... the AWESOME EMIRATES.. It was 6 hours flight to Dubai then 6 hours from Dubai to Prague. The flight to Amsterdam was supposedly at 11.45 pm. The new flight was scheduled at 2 am. Penantian yang berbaloi.. when I entered the aircraft.. Jakun sekejap.. I start to realize what pleasure and luxury I've been missing from boarding low cost airline~ uiseh! 

But I was too sleepy to take the pics of the cabin.. So zZzzZzzZ.. Kroh kroh kroh.. 

The transit was about 3 hours so I performed my Fajr prayer at the airport.. Seb baek Islamic kan, prayer room memang merata-rata. But Dubai airport was extremely crowded with transit passengers. It is by far the most crowded airport that I've ever been in.. The bench were full.. The restaurants were full.. And everything looked so expensive and I felt poor~ (-_-")

Betapa adhoc nya la trip ni, I don't even know what currency UAE is using, I don't know what's the exchange rate is like.. Maen beli jak souvenir guna magic card.. Balik Malaysia baru aku fikir heeee

And emirate's in flight service and food deserve a compliment too.. Memang terbaek dan halal~

The movies were latest ones tapi aku pilih untuk tengok Hotel Transylvania, Taken 2 and The Raid: Redemption.. Kena kasi ketawa aku oleh orang sebelah sebab tengok sambil tutop muka dengan bantal.. Ganas btol!

Dalam banyak2 film Melayu, Hantu Kapcai jadi pilihan Emirates haha

The guy seated next to me was a Slovakian who lives in Czech. He was away for 3 months to escape the winter and was quite surprised to find it was still cold in Czech. 

"This time of the year, it shouldn't be this cold.. Ice should already melt.. Everything should already be green and flowers should be in blossom in a few days.. But not this year.." he said..

He was very concern about me being alone in Prague. Asked about my transport to the hotel from the airport.. And was shocked when I said I haven't got any plans yet..

"Dear, everything will be written in Czech.. You'll be confused.. You better get some friends with you"

And after that he helped me get my backpack on my back.. haha O0o0 mesti dia rasa aku sangat budak sebab kecil (-_-") 

I have always been an obsessive travel planner.. I would already know how the transport system works and how to get to a destination months before a trip. But this time I was definitely clueless.. Went straight to the money changer and then the info service.. The lady at the counter has fair English fluency and she didn't say much although I needed more info actually..

GG: Hello. I need help on how to get to the central.. (mau cakap lagi tapi telah di potong)
Lady: You buy this 90 minutes tickets for 32 Kc. Take a bus outside; cross the street then to your left. Go to the last station, Djevick and from there take metro.

Paid 32 Kc and did just what I was told. I wanted to ask more but the lady continued to do what she was doing so malas la.. And minutes after that, I found myself inside a bus filled with people whose appearance are much superior in terms of complexion and charm and they were talking in languages that are alien to me. Masa ni ada rasa mo nangis because I can't understand a word! Not even a word! Tapi nasib baek lah kacak so I just stole a glance at some of the best looking ones dan menikmati pemandangan indah haha 

The journey to the central took less than 90 minutes. When the bus stopped at Djevicke, I took a train to Mustek and from there to Karlovo namesti. The Metro system is easy to understand and the signage are clear. Sangat sistematik; susah lagi LRT di KL tu. RA & I almost took the wrong train in KL because the signage are confusing!

The above is the pic of my 23 beds dorm. Got top bunk and I only paid RM 115 for five nights! Murah bukan?? Hehe O ya the name of the hotel is Mosaic House. And the best thing about it is, there is a halal restaurant just across the street.. Like 1 minute walk from the entrance door.

What I don't like about it is the energy saving technology.. Not that I'm against environment conservation or what.. I just found it annoying when the lights were suddenly turned off while I was reading on my bed or in the shower.. and sometimes you can't even get your battery fully charged because of this energy saving thingy.. but the place was cozy and clean (^^) but the internet connections were sometimes poor but still I was able to upload pics every night hehe

I arrived at the hostel at around 3 pm.. Had a long shower because my last bath was the morning before I went to work.. Urgh filthy~ And then as to not waste any time, I decided to explore a bit of Prague before sunset. The bunks next to mine was shared by a girl from England and Greece. So I asked them whether I could go to Charles Bridge on foot

"It's very near. You just turn left from the hotel exit and walk until the end of the block where you'll see the river. And from there just follow the pathway along the riverbank and in few hundred meters, you'll find the bridge.." *mendengar sambil admire British accent itu*

So I did just that and voilla! Charles Bridge!!!!!!
And from there I just follow the crowd haha

Believe me, that evening, there were only 2 places of interest known to me in Prague; Charles Bridge and Prague castle. I bought the travel guide alright but I only read through it once before boarding in KL.. I only opened it again on the first night in Prague because I need to plan where I should go the next day. I don't want to miss the must sees! \(^^)/

It was not that crowded on the bridge that evening. May due to the cold weather. But I really like the statues..

The construction of the bridge started in the 13th century and finished around the 15th. The statues that are present now are however replicas.. But still you can enjoy the artistic value of the baroque style.. The sculptor must have been an OCD to have sculpt so delicately~

This is a view of church of St Nicholas (^^)

I've hundreds of pics on facebook.. So tengok sana la ah.. I can only share some of the pics in this blog..

That night I had a jet lag. Was wide awake at 4 am because it was already noon in Malaysia.. Forced myself to sleep because I need to recharge to explore the city! 

To be continued~