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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rock On 3..BaCk FoR mOrE

I've been busy since I got back from Korea.. Well, there were extremely relaxed days prior to the moving process but I always got things to do after work sooooooooo I haven't been training and yes after that comes Ramadhan where of course my physical activities would lessen because I'm just weak when my body is not fed Oho!

So.. Rock on 3 was from 9-12 August this year.. When the date was announced in April, I was frustrated.. Extremely.. Because it falls in Ramadhan.. I was actually battling inside whether I should buy the tickets to Kuching or not since I usually you-know-what during these dates every month... And when the day comes.. Aha! I should've bought 'em tickets!!!!! (-_-")

So, a day before the others depart, I was bugging all of them with a myriad of text messages..
When is your flight?
Where are you guys staying?
What's the tentative? bla bla bla

And without considering my lack of training, my abdominal cramps, my anemic body.. I bought a 2-way ticket to Kuching (^^)/ I really don't care how my performance will be.. I just wanna be there.. It's like a calling~

Before the climb, we went to roy's school to get his SPM cert.. After 8 years bha!!!!!! haha

Batman Wall; just like how I remember it

Sampai2 terus pi my unfinished project...

Pastilah this remain as an unfinished project :p

Bev did the first ascent for this route. I can't even get to the second clip.. Yes.. That was how bad my performance was in Rock on 3 :p

This is the new section that they recently bolted; Tiger Wall. I like it here; the routes were easier but the rocks were sharp. Got most of my cuts here.

With Kuching climbers. Two of them are actually from Sabah.

With Andy from Singapore. Master sifu nih (^^)

SICC women \(^^)/

All in all.. My climbing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Well, I didn't finish most of the routes I attempted but I still had a great time there. I learn something too. I SHOULDN'T STOP TRAINING haha

Itulah.. Manusia mudah lupa.. Now I could relate to that. To be honest, I've been doing so well for years as a climber that I forgot that I was good because I was being steadfast with my training ehe So back to the climbing gym yaw!! (^^)/

Pic credit to Ron.. Bergaya btol gambar2 ku padahal... :p

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

29 April 2012 Batu Caves Rock Climbing Trip (^^)/

It took me a very looooooong (typical sabahan!) time to finally decide to have it a go for this trip or not. I have too many plans already that I was afraid I couldn't make it for this one. But outdoor climbing is just so tempting especially when you heard so many stories about the place that your friends are going.. So yeah.. went to and got me tickets as usual!

So.. This is the picture taken inside the bus from LCCT to One Utama. We went to Camp5 on our first day. I was there until 4.30pm and did some bouldering and lead climbs. The routes were awesome with many many types of handholds. But some handholds are just far off in some of the routes that I finally gave up. I'm quite a scaredy-catwhen it comes to lead climbing. I hate the swing when you fell off and it's just too tiring to restart the climb after you've fallen!

 We headed to Damai Cave as early as 8.30 am on the second day. It was cloudy that morning; just nice to early start the outdoor climb. I was so psyched when I saw the wall! It was huge and tall and and and wow! I guess I was so excited because my last outdoor was on September last year and I've been training for a month for this trip.. I was also excited to see the result of my crash training hehe

Me signature pose! \(^^)/

There are actually three sections for climbing in Batu Caves; the Damai wall (the site we were in), Nanyang and Nyamuk. The Damai part consist of easier routes and harder ones can be found in Nanyang and Nyamuk. The rest of the climbers went to Nanyang and Nyamuk on the 4th and last day of the trip. I went back earlier T_T


Actually, I only did an outdoor lead climb onc ewhich was my last climb in Kuching before we head back to KK. I don't know why I was so confident to do lead climb that morning. But that day it was slightly different from the one that I did in Kuching. See all those dangling metal thing on my waist? Those are called quickdraws. In Kuching, those things were already attached to the bolts but on that day I have to bring them up with me, attach them to the bolt and clip in the rope.  


Manage to clean the route \(^^)/ Yeehaw!!!!!! I did 5 more lead climbs after that and one top rope at a 6b+ route. I'm not going to upload too many pictures of me climbing. They are just rocks and my backside.. :P

The heat can be deadly in the afternoon. There's nothing to shade you as you climb under the sun. I can still hold the rocks but it was my feet that was hurting. The soles of climbing shoes are made of rubber and they absorb heat. I swear I felt my feet burnt! When I took my shoes off, my feet were so red! The pic above actually shows the cracks on the sole.

That night we spent a few hours bouldering in Madmonkeyz. I was too tired and only tried some routes. made some new friends too :)

This is our group photo. This is actually the right side of the Damai wall. I did 2 lead climbs at this part of the wall on my last day there. The routes were harder than the left side since there were more crimps at this side.

Hurm.. Damai wall is exciting but in terms of difficulty, I think Batman cave's  routes were tougher because it is an overhang. I love this trip (^^) I'll come back to Damai again to finish up the routes and will also try Nanyang and Nyamuk some day :)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock On 2: Bau, Sarawak

Remember me having dizziness for many days recently? Well, I was diagnosed as having GERD. Damn it! I always thought it's a very trivial disorder. But in fact, I can't function at all!

So I missed a lot of training for the climb in Sarawak but I guess I was too excited that my adrenaline sky-rocketed and I manage to climb routes that were beyond my grade. This is my first time to climb lime stone so I was quite blur at first. The stones were too bulky and sharp and there were lots of overhang..

Actually, I don't know what to write because we just climb and climb and climb throughout the trip. so I just tell you what the pictures are all about :)

So this is the wall we climbed. Actually there's more to the left. The routes range from 5c-7c here.

The climbers preparing for the climb. We brought along binoculars to help us observe the surface prior to our climb. But it didn't help me much. Because.. I don't know how to use it.. I can't recognize the surface that I'm looking at :p

This is what lies in front of the wall. A paddy field! Ok, I always love paddy field..

This is Fairy Cave; located about 120m from the wall. There's another wall to climb here. Grade 5-6 (below)

This is the 'Snake Charmer' route 6c. A nice one but the rock was too slippery. There were fine dust on its surface; some kind of kulat they said. I don't know :p

This is 20 year-old Syahmi doing 7c. He almost finish the route. slip on the last hand hold. He's The King of the Caves!!!

Me at the starting point of the hardest climb in my life. That route's called 'Bomba Chimney', 6b+. FYI, I only can climb 5c and sometimes can clean 6a (okla.. rarely.. not sometimes).. So this is waaaaaaay beyond my grade. I pushed myself to finish the climb and as a result, there were lots of cuts and bruises after that!

I guess, Sara is also climbing the hardest route in her life there. She also manage to reach the top and being the youngest plus the spirit, she definitely deserve The Most Potential Climber title!

Playing cards (^^) Those who lose have to eat this spicy rojak buah hehe

Us eating the not spicy rojak buah..Syahmi and me have very little choice of food during the event because they serve pork there. But we survived! It was Syahmi who was so determine to find food haha I just sit and wait to see what he got for us :p

I really like the trip because it was a whole new experience. Thanks to those who'd helped me train for the event. I feel guilty for not being able to give a good commitment to the trainings.

There'll be another competition on 8th & 9th October at this 15m wall in JBS Putatan. I'm not sure whether I can win that one because there are stronger climbers now. Plus, I've never finish the wall before. It's too high and I'm too afraid of swinging.. So I guess my real challenge is not the other competitors; it's going to be the wall itself.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SICC 1st annivesary

So, SICC just celebrated its first birthday on the 10th and 11th of September. They had an open day on Saturday (10th) where you can climb for free and held a competition on Sunday (11th). I was all excited since Hari Raya actually. I came on Friday night for my training but end up doing route setting for the boulder. And most disappointing was that I had a food poisoning on Saturday and was having nausea and vomiting the whole day that I missed all the fun on Saturday

Wasn't getting better on Sunday morning either. I vomited at 11 am and at 11.30 am I decided that I MUST CLIMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was still dizzy as I get dressed; made my cousin iron my tudung for me (thanx beloved cousin!!!). And then I prayed hard as I start my car's engine. Prayed for safety as I drive and prayed for strength for my climbing.

Actually the competition starts at 9am and participants were divided into 2 groups. So what we have to do was climb as many routes as we can from 9am to 5 pm to collect points. So the group with the most point wins. There were also events for individuals; that's speed climb and hanging challenge where you hold hand holds for as long as you could.

I was not in my fittest form so I decided that I wont join individual event that day. I don't want to compete if I can't do my best because to me what's the point of competing if I know I'm about to lose. I don't mind losing if I'm fit enough, though hehe So I focused on collecting points for my group, THE GREY TEAM!!!!!!

I arrived at 1 pm and since I loss a lot of time already, I started right away. I started with the easiest grade because I haven't been climbing for 2 weeks and have been gaining weight during Hari Raya. Cleaned all Grade 5 routes as fast as I could. See those green and yellow stickers? Those are the Grade 5 routes that I completed. Cleaned 1 Grade 6A route; the blue sticker. And did up until bonus points for another 7 routes including 1 lead climb.

I did experienced some dizziness as I climb but still continue to do so. I drank 5 cans of 100 plus during the event to keep me hydrated. I wish that I could climb better but I guess with 20++ routes climbed, that's not bad for someone who's not in her fittest form :p

I used both my Saltic and Miura VS for the climb.. Saltic for easy ones and Miura VS for harder ones. I'm very satisfied with my Miura. My feet never slip, you know!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the picture of both teams. And yeay!! My team won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/ Go grey team!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SICC!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I really love the t-shirt. Have been longing for one with red Gecko!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kironggu Abseiling Trip

The skin of my hands are currently 6 tones darker than the rest of my body.. It's been 2 weeks since the trip, still I haven't regain my fair skin..

Yeah~ Recently I've been doing quite a lot of outdoor activities again. On 30th June, we set out for an abseiling trip in Kironggu. It's near the spot where we did rock climbing in December. Just a little bit higher and we've to hike a bit to get up there.

My last abseiling was back in UIA during I-Quest. I abseiled on the walls of my own Kuliyyah, that is. My last outdoor abseiling was years ago during the Mount Senyum expedition. So, though I don't favour abseiling that much, I thought I would just join since I've no plans that Saturday.

So, as usual, I'm all excited especially finally I got the chance to hike. It was satisfying though it was a short hike. The scenery at the top was splendid but it was scorching hot!!!!!!!! I got quite excited to see monkey cups up there and exclaimed "OMG! periuk api!!" which was embarassing~ (^^*)v then my friend said, "G, kalo ni periuk api, meletup suda kita di atas ni.."

And then I get to make use of my daisy chain too! Well, I bought it because everybody else was buying it. When we were in Berhala, we used it to keep us safe while standing on the rocks so I've no idea what it's used for for this trip since we were standing on flat ridge.

So, actually it's used for safety too. You attach carabiners at both ends; one crab attached to your harness and the other attached to this steel wire (I guess it's steel). So you're safe while walking about on the ridge hehe

Here's the picture of the abseil. It's about ~30m from the top to the bottom. I abseil slowly to scrutinize on the rock surface. Well, we're going to climb this wall in the future. So, I was actually walking down rather than abseiling like those cool abseil you see in movies.

I was actually excited about the hike that I decided to do my second abseil.. So, during the second abseil, this clever girl hooked her camera on her harness back loop and have forgotten that she'd slipped her handphone in her pocket. Roy was asking me to adjust something when I heard a thud. Then I saw my camera tumbling all the way down.. "AARGH!!!" Well, I wasn't that horrified since I knew the camera bag have thick padding. But then I feel something slipping from my pocket.. And there goes my handphone; shattered into pieces when it crash on the rocks~"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!"

That was when I start to abseil down as quick as I could; konon2 mau safe my stuffs la... My camera was fine.. It took a few minutes to find my phone parts and miraculously, it survived the crash unscathed!

She who shouldn't be alive

I was actually already thinking of what phone to buy as I abseil down hahaha

Thursday, June 23, 2011

18-19 June: Berhala Island Climbing Trip

One year of employment; my nerves were approaching the breaking point. The environment and staffs are okay; it's just that I've been having some unpleasant experiences with patients. Got scolded for things that were not my fault and that is not COOL..

So when the guys in SICC announced the date for Berhala trip, I signed up right away. Never had second thought. I knew that this is the getaway that I've been waiting for. Yeah.. I'd holidays with my family but it was always me who drive and I usually get sore when we arrived somewhere so actually my body is silently craving for a pure relaxation holiday...

We took a flight on Saturday morning and then checked in at this very neat backpackers lodge. I shared my dorm with a very nice Scottish woman whom I chatted with the whole Saturday night. Had my Ipod and a book with me. So before the climb, I spent some time listening to music while reading my book. Occasionally looking out through the window.. It was a bliss... A BLISS (^^)

Though from the pictures it's like some tiring trip but actually it was not. The route are tough, yes, but then I'd enough rest and enjoyed my time with nature very much. Brings back memories with ARC..

So now.. I know I uploaded hundreds of photos in FB but I actually intend to elaborate them in here (^^)/ YOSH!!!!

This was my first climb, the chimney. This was where the guys in SICC was inspired to design the chimney in SICC. The feeling.. hurm.. it's suppose to be an easy but was not so easy for me.. A lot of thinking all the way up and really have to trust your legs and the friction of your footing to get going...

2nd climb: Eat Blues Lama.. A 10m climb.. A slab all the way.. But the hand holds are dreadful and the foot holds are just fine lines... But I love this route because you get to do a lot of moves that you've been training in the gym.

7a route: my project of the day.. An unfinished project to be exact. It took me around 5 minutes to figure out the starting.. Hand jams, undercling, arete... This route have it all. I just can't believe I manage to get pass more than half of it. Got stuck around 3m below the ending because there's just NO hand holds!!!!!! except for this very fine crack that could fit less than an inch of my index finger and the only foot hold is at the arete that won't provide you with good balance to pull youself up... But I'm just proud to have passed more than half of it hehe (^^)v

2nd day, we climbed in Turtle Beach. I climbed 3 routes. Easy, intermediate and super coooool!!!!!!!!! haha The tide was high so it was hard to snap the photos of the routes from good angles..

Putting on my climbing shoes.. Actually I was quite nervous.. hehe Nda mau kasi lepas batu langsung though I was actually already have this safety line atached to me

So these are the routes. The rock is actually sand stone so it tends to crumble. Had some falling rock incidents during the climb. I stepped on porous rocks during my last climb and they fell. Luckily they didn't fell on any of the guys. I should've said "Fall" to warn the guys. But I panicked and said "JATOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is the Super COOOOL route... 30m... The white dot over there is actually Vince at the ending hehe

This is a mono on the super cool route. Manage to snap a shot haha I did this very quickly of course. This was the only hand hold to pull myself up and my foot was actually inside an uncomfortable pocket that only fit the tip of my right shoe... No foot hold on the left.. Can you imagine how hard it was to pull!!!!!!!!

And here are some videos that I recorded during the second day.

The first video is actually taken after my first climb. I was actually standing on the rock with my harness attached to this rope which is tied to a bolt embeded into the rock (Adeh... Hard to explain) It's just so cool because below me was all water since the tide was high. I was just sooooo excited because I don't get to do this everyday as a Pharmacist :p hehe Berangan jadi Jimmy Chin in this video :P

This video was actually taken at the top. Not sure of the height. The booklet that I was provided with says it's 30m. I stopped about 2m below the actual endpoint because there was a bee hive there so probably this was around 28m. My hardest climb so far. The first part was a slab (angled at less than 90) but the surface wasn't that friendly. Very few hand holds and foot holds. I was standing on a surfce that was as thick as a coin and that really hurts you know... The hand holds.. All the time were crimps.. LuckilyI did some practice on locking crimps in the gym. Some overhang part right in the middle and got stuck there for a few minute. The most defying would be the last part. Exactly 90 degress with crimps hand holds again. I decided to speak English in the video for the sake of this blog haha I was soooo excited so I just ramble there and still gasping for air haha

And this is just an embarassing video of my first jumaring. I saw the guys doing it for so many times already but never had the chance to do it. I posted this anyway because this is something I don't get to do everyday too hehe I had some difficulty at first but when Vince stopped the recording, that was when I figured out how to do it.. Ces!!!!

See, I succeed!!! Hehe

Know what, at the end of the trip I think I'm just crazy to have done all that haha

So that's it.. The World Is Amazing!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I WON!!!!!!! \(^^)/

Well, this is actually not new. This happened like about 4 weeks ago.. That's on 15th May. We have this Youth Day in KK and one of the event was speed climb competition. Honestly not my favourite because the previous speed climb competition gave me lots of bruises on both knees.. But.. I participated anyway because the prize was so tempting.. RM 100 for individual and RM 100 for group of 4.

Sooooo.. Long story short.. I WON!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/

3 routes... Perliminary route.. Semifinal and the final..

The guys in the final

The girls in the final

Actually my time was not that fast ponnnnn.. Around 11-14 seconds. My record for the final was 14 secs while the one who got second was around 18 secs. But there was this girl who just tried wall climbing the day before the competition and I was damn scared when I saw her climb so fast!!!! She got the talent, but never train, so she got stuck on some parts where you need some skills to get the balance. I say, if she'd trained, I can guarantee that she'll be better than me!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after the speed climb we have this difficulty climb which is MY FAVOURITE. I like it when you need to think the climb and then difficulty climb needs more power and endurance. Four routes. Manage to finish one. The other three only up until the 7th panel. I was already exhausted during the difficulty climb and since there were only 3 of us, so there was little time to rest. Like around 5 minutes in between each climb. All and all it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

These are the links to the videos on youtube. Don't want to embed them here or else this post will be sooooooo lengthy heeee Actually I've edited one vid that combine them all but I've trouble uploading it on youtube which actually caused the delay of this post..

... White... Yellow.. Blue...

O yeah~ the prize money worth RM125, I paid the whole sum to the dentist on Monday morning (-_-")