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Monday, August 5, 2013

Austria: Salzburg (Part 2)

Assalamualaikum :)

I'm actually on a night shift right now and lucky me, the mild storm that passed this evening seem to have caused lesser patients coming for treatment at this hour... I was doing some research for our coming trip when I suddenly feel like writing the sequel of my own solo adventure..

So.. There I was.. Basked in fleeting luxury in a 4 star hotel in Old Town Salzburg. It was the most comfortable night  throughout my 1 week stay in Central Europe. I woke up early for breakfast; in fact I was the first guest to appear in the breakfast hall. How I wish I could get my hands on those tasty looking meat. I made myself some toast with butter and even packed some croissant for lunch. I checked out early, left my backpack at the counter and paced towards fortress to catch the first funicular. It was a cold winter morning but the air was still so it was still bearable.

I was surprised to see the temperature was as low as 2 C that morning. And I was not the only one who came 10 minutes before the station was opened. There were groups of Asians; Koreans and Indians already forming a line in front of the automated gate. O ya, I forgot to mention that I purchased a Salzburg card at the tourist info centre at the train station. You can either buy a card that's valid 24, 48 or 72 hours and it includes free public transportation, free admissions and price reductions at selected outlets and activities. The card also includes the funicular ride to the fortress :)

The funicular ride was a short one; I say less than 10 minutes, perhaps. So, what does the fortress has to offer?

It has several lookouts where you can see panoramic view of Salzburg. The above is my favourite owing to its position as being the highest among all the lookouts. The wall is set at a convenient height for safe picture taking.

Breathtaking.. Luckily it was not windy that morning so I could enjoy the bird's eye view of the city for as long as I like.. (^^)

The interior of the fortress were divided into many sections. There are museums; I went into one that tells the long history of the fortress and the puppet museum. The history is like extremely long; dated back from somewhere in the 11th century.. So I don't remember most of it. Heee

A porcelain model of the fortress

The Puppet Museum

Old Town Salzburg

I went to eat at the Indian Restaurant again before leaving the Old Town. I ordered Chicken Briyani and the friendly waiter approached me again as I wait for my order..

"Why are you alone? Where are your parents, darling?"
"My parents?" *Puzzled*
"Yes.. Your Parents.."
"I'm traveling alone. My parents are back home in Malaysia" I chortled

I find this funny because he must have thought "What is this little being doing wandering about alone far away from her homeland"
I immediately resolved to change my winter coat to a more mature colour in my next trip! And I did!! 

I decided to go to the station by foot so that I could see how the modern side of Salzburg look like.. 

Although it was winter and nothing much too see in any gardens, I still feel the urge to have a look at the Mirabel gardens.  

The best part of my visit to Austria is actually the journey back to Czech Republic. The sun was setting and I was captivated by the landscape that spread before me when I saw a moving brown object among the bronze colour of dried grass. I thought I saw a deer or maybe it was just my imagination . And then not long after that I saw a herd of deer grazing and  rabbits scampering to safety frightened by the sound of the train.. And think I saw them for like 5 times along the journey. Tapi tula.. Bila sorang2 terpaksa contain excitement heeee :p

Midway, there was an announcement made through the train speaker which was in Czech. Then, a conductor entered the cabin and spoke to the girls seated in front of me.  "These girl will help you" said the conductor and he left. I was puzzled. 

GG: Excuse me. What did he say?? What happen??
Girls: There is some accident and we have to stop at another station and take a bus from there to another station to change train. 
GG: Oo I see. Oh my, how lucky I am to have you girls who speak English with me

Then come another girl through the door

"Hi.. hello.. Does any of you speak English"
"O my gosh!!! I'm like so lucky. The conductor was like saying something to me and I was like what??? and nobody in my coach speaks English..."

Dan bermula lah perkenalan kami... 2 Czech-an sisters, 1 Malaysian and 1 American.. They were surprised to know that I was more than 5 years older than they are. Paling nda bole blah respon dorang bila tau career aku... (^^")

Czech-an girls

"So, you still studying?"
"Nope. I'm working"
"So what do you do..?"
"I'm a Pharmacist"
"You must have done a lot of  schooling, didn't you?"
"Eheh.. Yeah.. I used to.."

American girl

"So what did you study in University"
"I studied Pharmacy"
"O my gosh!!! That must be hard.. You must have spent lotsa time studyin'"

Statement dorang wat aku rasa nerd sangat~ Padahal.. I'm an ordinary girl who plays volleyball and futsal and rock climb~ 

Sayang nya xda gambar bersama..

Babye Salzburg (^^)/

And don't be confused~ 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Austria: Salzburg


How am I doing..?? Hurm.. Today is exactly 40 days since Nuyui passed away.. I miss her so bad.. Even the songs that we used to talk about can still bring me to tears, like Imagine Dragons' 'Radioacitve'.. But I'm doing fine.. Moving on like I'm supposed to.. 'Life must go on' we say... So I decided to continue sharing my solo travel experience.. Because I'm actually also excited to share about my Eurotrip so I guess I better finish  writing about this trip quickly.. So here goes~

Well.. as I said in my Kutna Hora post, I was LITERALLY dragging my left foot as I walk to the hostel. I could feel the friction in my joint and there was a clicking sound every time my leg bent. At the hostel, I couldn't even afford to walk to the washroom. The pain was debilitating; for a moment I thought my vacation is going to be ruined.... I took two Paracetamol that night; the only pain killer that I got. Bijak Pharmacist satu nih! (^^")

I spent the whole night, immobilized, on my bed with my left foot straightened. I have no plans for the next day and I was not even sure whether I can go for more sightseeing with the stiffened left foot of mine.Then I recalled my conversation with Z when she said that I could go to Austria from Czech by train. So.. Voila!!!! Googled the train details and schedule; 6 hours journey. I thought, "Ahax! Just enough time for you to recover, kaki!" So it was decided that I shall go to Austria!!!!!!!! With my limited amount of Euros,to be precise~ Heeeee...

Outwardly, Czech doesn't look that affluent to me but I really think they are an efficient country as compared to 3 other Europe countries that shall not be named here that I went to recently. The train was punctual, and I need  not be confused by the system or anything because everything was also available in English at the station. So there I was, the limp traveler heading for Austria....

Czech Republic's train

I know very little of Austria. It wasn't even in the list of Europe countries that I want to visit so my knowledge about the country is almost near zero.. As the train move south, the scenery from the city turns into small towns and then remote villages in hilly areas. The houses were smaller in the remote area and there were lesser snow too. Then suddenly we arrived in an area where the design of the houses were obviously different from the ones in Czech. The houses were huge, some were made of varnished wood, some were almost entirely glass and the car parked on the pavement were luxurious cars. Bingung sekejap.. "Astaga! Sangat kaya ka pula Austria ni??" (^^")

Austria's train

I had to change train in Linz. The transit time was short, only for 8 minutes. Dan mau bilang betapa punctualnya la kereta api dorang, aku bole terkepit di pintu dengan super dahsyatnya. There were still a number of people queuing behind me as I stepped into the train when suddenly the train door snapped shut. I was stuck!!!! I can't neither go into the train nor get off the train. But I think the funny thing was I didn't even panic and I didn't even cry for help hahaha Actually that is quite normal to those who know me well. I am well known for not having any sense of emergency. Then... I was rescued by two charming men!!!!!!! Hehehe I guess that's the best part of this incident. I blushed, thanked them and rushed to find an empty seat.

I went straight to the loo when I arrived in Salzburg. To my surprise, it cost me 50 Euro cent! (-_-") Mahal betul untuk tandas yang kecil itu! Then I went to the Tourist Info centre which is conveniently located near the entrance that you won't miss it. I was quite disappointed to find that the hostel that I booked online was located  far from the old town area. So I, again, instinctively decided that it's better to stay in a hotel in the old town area itself since I'll be leaving at 12 pm the next day.

Actually the old town is just a walking distance from the station but you can also take a bus especially if you're limp like me! So my first mission was TO FIND A BUDGET HOTEL IN OLD TOWN SALZBURG!!! And this proved to be IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!! It was a weekend so all middle price accommodations were full and the (not so)cheap rooms in most of the hotels were also full.. Ada ni satu..

"The only room that is available now is a suite. It is 205 Euros per night"
GG: O my God! That is too expensive for me
"But I can assure you that it is worth it. It's very big and you'll be satisfied with our service"
GG: Okay.. let me try my luck at the other hotels first. If I can't get a room to spend a night, I'll be back for the suite.. Heeeee

And lucky me!!! I manage to find a room that cost me lesser than that; 105 Euros per night and voilla!! Bermewah2 aku!!

To be honest, the room was bigger than the room that the 5 of us shared in Ilchulbong!!! There are some other parts of the room that are not shown here. On top is just the shower. There is a toilet just next to the front door.

Katil pon besar.. Wi Fi pon laju gila.. Sempat lagi beguling guling atas sofa so that it is not wasted since I'll be spending the night on the bed not the sofa

Naaaa.. You see that wide opened white door.. That will lead you to another room where there is a toilet and a closet to hang your coat and also the front door... Hehe mewaaah! I didn't think much about the price.. I was a bit worried, though. But I was saying to myself.. "Nda apa la... 3 malam suda d 23 beds dorm.." statement sedapkan hati...

That evening I just walked around the old town area and had dinner in a Halal Indian restaurant which is about 1-2 minutes walk from my hotel..

The waiter approached me..

Waiter: Where are you from dear??
GG: I'm from Malaysia.
Waiter: I see you love Briyani very much. You have lots of Indian Restaurant in Malaysia??
GG: Yes, we do and I always order Briyani.. But yours is excellent!

Kenapa pacik ni bole cakap begini..?? Mestila nasi briyani yang banyak tu licin!! Hahaha 8 jam okay x makan!!!!

Elefant Hotel.. Sebab tu la kali bilik dia besar.. Elefant.. Pacik receptionist punya accent sebijik Arnie!

That fortress that allured me to Salzburg~

Salzburg kampong Mozart ye tuan puan~

Motivasi bagi orang muda yang buncit~ 6 pax bha c pacik!

To be continued...