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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A sky full of lighters~

A confiscated precious item :p

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You~

Ok... The tittle is just random.. I don't know what to put but, yes, this post is pertaining to my all-time-dreaded topic MARRIAGE...

It's hard being 25.. I don't know how many times had I wrote that same phrase this year.. But, yeah, it's just unbelievably hard especially when you're single. And it's even torturous when people know you're single and have yet any plans to settle down.. So, I'm in the later case, of course. Maybe it's my mistake for being too vocal about my devotion towards singledom. My lifestyle explicitly explain that being free is my cup of tea and there's just no room in my life for any homo sapien whose MyKad printed with LELAKI.. (Fabregas x da MyKad (^^)v)

Sometimes I think this Marriage topic has this ghostlike thing about it, you see. It spooks me by the fact that it always manage to find me where ever I am. And when the topic is raised by someone, no matter how I try to deviate the conversation, the topic could always find a U-turn to get back to me (-_-") SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!

One time, when one of my bro in Puchong came for a holiday in Sabah with his family, he slipped a RM 50 note under my car's perfume. I found it weeks later and was puzzled; had the note just appear out of nowhere during my impoverish days??? (I found it when I was all broke. So you can guess how excited I was). I didn't expect it to be from him but he text me 2 weeks later..

Bro: Gg, E ade letak duit tau bawah perfume kete gg..
Gg: heh? E punye ke?? Kenape bagi duit?? (padahal ko happy kan masa jumpa tu duit, Haziah.. :p)
Bro: Saje.. Nanti gg bole beli minyak.. Tak pon bole buat blanja kawen <- See!!!! This conversation was not at all related. But someone could always find things to say to me that relates to Marriage~

(-_-") So I replied,

Gg: Oooo.. Gg simpan untuk kawen la.. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya bole kawen awal sket.. Thanx E!<- Layan jugak tuh hahaha

Last week there was also something like this at my workplace. I went to do some intervention in the ward and found that the doctor who'd written the prescription graduated from my University. He was the one asking me "Ko budak UIA kn?" I didn't recognize him, though. Maybe his looks changed. I don't know. I was frowning when I enter the Satelite Pharmacy. My staff asked,

Staff: Kenapa G?
Gg: Hurm.. Saya tengah fikir.. Tu doktor dari universiti saya bha, tapi saya nda kenal. Saya cuba mau ingat ni sapa dia..
Staff: Dia kenal kau G?
Gg: Nda la bha kenal. Tapi dia tau la saya pon dari UIA.
Staff: Fuiyoo00o0!!! Maksudya dia notice Gg la di UIA. Mungkin Gg sedang memandang wajah jodoh Gg tadi.. <-- SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gg: Astaga kak! HAHAHAHA Ke situ pulak bha dia...

And then my staffs start imagining how the love story goes, which was in my opinion very fairytale-like and hilarious at the same time.. Sakit perut ketawa hahaha

I'm seeing myself like these women in 6 years to come.. :p 31 and single... haha

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bawal.. Lip Gloss.. & that GIRL~

It's flattering when people think you're younger than your actual age but.... when people think you're in secondary school when you're actually 25, I've one word for that DEMORALIZING!!!!!!!!! (-_-")

Yup.. Demoralizing.. I don't know whether it's my character or is it my dressing but this is just too often these days. TOO OFTEN!!!!!!! And I don't think this is good for my working image.. Yalah, who'll believe a 'school girl' who talks to you about drugs....

Even my mom think I should consider putting on some make up on my face in which I'll definitely oppose to. It's not that I don't like make up, it's just that I've sensitive skin that zit will easily pop out even if I just apply compact face powder (-_-") (cewah.. Mo cakap all this while ko natural beauty la kan Haziah hahaha)

But.. yeah.. I googled some of the new fashion that Muslimah are currently following.. They just don't suit my taste and I'm just not the type who'll wear something that I'm not comfortable with. Some are too body-hugging, too striking, too heavy like they wear so many layers of clothing.. Undeniably pretty and covers the aurah very well, but c'mon.. This is Malaysia, we're exactly at the equatorial line girl.. HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When I saw this 'heavy' fashion, I thought people would do anything to be stylish...

But I'm quite tempted to the currently so in hijab fashion.. I don't know what's the name of the style just it seems like every girl wear them these days. So I watched this tutorial in youtube and so happen that I've all the things needed for the style.. A scarf, shawl and 3 needles hehe So I tried it out before going to work

I'm not sure whether it's suppose to look like this or not...

Well... What I think about this style... It's nice.. Looks pretty on every girl that I saw wearing it... But I feel it's just SEMAK on me... (Most probably sebab salah pasang) With that part hanging infront of me.. The inner part that embrace my neck is kinda suffocating...

I think I just wave the idea to wear this style off.. Will just stick to my bawal and lip gloss

Don't have to worry about looking young.. You'll get old one day -ZEQ-

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me and Me Blog...

Was scheming through the list of links on my blog when I saw my archive actually dated from 2008. Which means, I've been blogging for almost four years now!!!! WOW!!! Can't believe I'm that persistent hehe

I don't really know where I stand as a blogger.. I don't have a chatbox and a visitor counter thus I don't have any idea of how often people actually access this blog. But I do have surprising experiences as a blogger. That's when total strangers said they knew me from my blog.

One was a friend of a friend. Me and my friend M joined our friend J with his friends for dinner (ok that's kind of confusing). So basically there were two guys that M and I never met before. So the more talkative guy started the conversation by asking M her name and what course she is studying. Then after M briefly introduced herself, the guy went silent.

So I was like "Why are you not asking me?" (X malu betol pi tanya begitu :p)

"O, kenal dah. Ade blog kan? Exceladorable"

I spontaneously blurt out, "O my God M, this means he knows half of my life already!!!" haha I was so freaked out. I never expect to meet someone who I didn't know who actually come across my blog. He might not be a follower, but he knew my blog!!! Malu pon ada masa tu hahaha

The second occasion was at a bus stop in Gombak. That time I haven't even put this blog in IIUM blogger thingy. I was waiting for the bus with a few other girls. Suddenly the one who sat beside me said, "Hey! I know you!! You have a blog right?? Exceladorable right??"

I seriously don't know what expression I wore on my face that time. I think my jaw-dropped. I only responded with "Yeah.. Yeah.. That's my blog.. Hehe" then the girl asked what I was doing in Gombak and stuff. Just normal conversation la.. Tiada pulak pi minta autograf haha If like that, I sure pengsan punya hahaha

But honestly, I enjoy writing as much I enjoy reading and that what keeps me writing eventhough I don't know whether it is read or not. I blog just simply because I love to write. I really really love to write and I love English too! hehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bila mau kawen

The "Bila mau kawen?" question is pouring on me like raindrops during the monsoon season.. I have no idea at all of how all the people around me are seem to be so united and unanimous in torturing me with such question...

My "InshaAllah tahun depan" scheme that I created last year could be the reason why the 'attack' is intensified this year.. D**N IT!!!! What a collateral damage!!!!!

So I created another scheme..

"Kawen??? Lambat lagi.. Susah la nak cari yang rajin, jarang ada dekat rumah and banyak duit.."

Hahaha! I always manage to make people's jaw drop with this answer. One of my friend spontaneously blurt, "O my God!!! You are so not ready to get married!!!!". And usually people would just shake their heads in disbelief and dismiss the topic.. Voilla!!!!!!!!!

But honestly, I don't really mean what I said of course. It's just a trick to get away from all the free of charge lecture entittle 'Marriage and its benefits' or 'List of the reasons why you should marry now!" which often last for at least 15 minutes. I just can't stand it...

Like I said before, I don't even have any specific attributes that I want in a guy. Over time, I will finally meet someone who is just perfect for me.

And you know what I really despise of all the things related to this pestering marriage topic?? It's when people urge me to FIND someone.. Cari CaRi CARI~ Oh common.. If I do found someone I'm fond of, could I actually ask him to marry me???? Ok, maybe I could.. But tell me, what's the percentage that I might succeed?? (the effect of reading too many journals.. obsessed with figures..)

Instead of CARI, I think when it comes to USAHA, DOA and improving oneself in many aspects of life is much much much more superior.

My friend is definitely right. I am NOT ready yet. Currently my body and mind are focused on my family and also on achieving something in my profession and climbing.. Let me deal and be good at these first and then I could focus on becoming a good wife (^^)

Sometimes I think it's either I haven't met him yet or I already had but still don't know it's him... It's ok for him to come by late.. Because I know he will come at the right time as Allah have willed

"Marriage is not the answer to eternal happiness. It is just another phase of life with totally different problems"

Cant agree more.. And that's why I don't want to enter that phase of life unprepared...

Monday, November 8, 2010

Schematic answer...

I've never imagined being 24 is as hard.. You know why, right?? It's that one question that keeps on bombarding you everywhere you go.. Even strangers tend to torture you with such question..

One time, a taxi driver promptly asked me the question though I was actually in his cab for less than 10 minutes..

"Orang yang da grad ni selalunye perkahwinan la yang akan menyusul.. Adik ni bile??"

It was like a pang on my face. Like a lightning striking my aorta. And my cousin's ominous laughter from the back seat was like a thunder to my delicate ear.. And it was this occasion that have led me to develop one schematic answer for any questions related to when I'm going to get married... The schematic answer...

"InshaAllah tahun depan~"

Haha.. Well, I experimented the 'schematic answer' for a few times and the most common following question would be "With who??" I'll think of another schematic answer for that one.. But for now, this is my schematic answer.. Everytime someone ask me that question I dread most...

"InshaAllah tahun depan~"

"InshaAllah tahun depan~"

"InshaAllah tahun depan~"

on and on and on until it finally comes :P

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Polygamous ME~

This post is not accompanied with the intention to show off. This is just something that spark in my mind while staring at the ceiling as I allow my comfortable mattress to absorb all the tiredness from work.

People say, you give everything to the one you love..
Hubby #1 MyVilla~

I sure invest a lot for this guy.. Fuel, monthly payment, weekly 'bath' & periodical service.. A lot!
But he sure brings a lot of convenience in return (^^)v

A lot of people asked me why ORANGE?? Well, it's because it makes me feel MACHO! hahaha :P

People say, the one you love makes your life easier..

Hubby #2 iPodolski

I spent a sleepless night thinking of how to tell my dad that I need his credit card to purchase this. And guess what, when I raised the matter during sahur, he immediately nod and said "Okay, let's do the transaction after this".. I was like... I spent a sleepless night okay!!!! Can't you make it a little bit harder to get... Urgh~ Knowing him, I really thought he would ask me a lot of questions before agreeing..

But iPodolski sure helps me alot especially when I need to find drug interactions or need a quick peek on some drugs or diseases that I'm not familiar with

People say, the one you love takes you higher

Hubby #3 Mesut Evolv
*Nama ini sangat lari.. Mesut Ozil.. Evolv??? Duh!

They literally takes me higher hehe higher above the ground.. Love them very much although not that comfortable.. This is a new hobby to substitute my hiking days that I miss soooooo much...

People say you would want to spend the rest of your life
with the one you love

Hubby #4

O0o0o0ps! Still not available.. haha want this one to be of flesh and bones.. :p

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Confession of A Single Lady

I don't know whether if it's just me or is it real.. But I think the word 'MARRIAGE' and 'SPOUSE' just seem to be lurking in every corner of my life right now. Even when I tried to put a thick wall to border myself from them, they just seem to find ways to seep through tiny cracks..

But I think I'm less pressured compared to my friends. I'm not sure whether it is a norm or what in Sabah, but I've been receiving advices from family and family friends to put off marriage in these 1 to 2 years. They got a point you know.. One close acquaintance said to me..

"Your parents have been providing you since birth. Now is the only chance to pay them back, though I know most parents won't actually ask. Trust me, when you have your own family, you can provide for them but not so much because you have to struggle to set up your own household.."

I've to admit that the statement did dwell in my head for quite some time.. In a way, I do think this piece of advise coincidentally meets my own apprehension.

One thing is, I don't want to get married for the wrong reasons; not because of my age, not because of the fear of if I reject this one proposal then I'll be a spinster forever... <-- NAUZUBILLAH MINZALIK!!!!!!!

This particular area of life is something I rather not rush about because I think if I do make the wrong decision about it, the aftermath would be utterly appalling. My life would be vastly affected and it could involve others' life as well.

Many said that I'm being too choosy, searching for the ideals and stuffs. But really, who would not want someone who's 'prefect for you'?? Mind that word 'perfect for you'; that's diferent from 'perfect'... In the past I used to put up certain specs in my 'Mr Right'. To tell you the truth, along the journey I do meet with guys who were actually within the specs but in the end, I discovered other attributes in them that become major turn off points! So since then, I think my expectations doesn't neccessarily help me with finding my 'Mr. Right'.

So how do I expect to find 'Mr Right' then??? haha tricky tricky~

These days, I just come to believe that I guess things will work out just fine naturally. I dont feel like bustling in the flirting department just to get a guy to hook up on me because I might as well flirt with 'Mr Wrong'. I think one day someone will ask for my hand just simply because he knows that I'm his 'Mrs Right', accepting me for my ingenuity and he simply knows that it's me he wants to spend his life with.

Till I find this mysterious 'Mr Right', I'll just focus with contributing to my beloved family.. And of course focus on constructing effective habits too hehe He'll come about in his own magical way~

*"It takes time, effort, and energy . And most importantly, it takes WISDOM . You have to know WHAT TO DO to make your marriage work."

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Natural Conspiracy~ Traffic...

Do you ever notice that whenever you're late, everything around you seem to conspire to make you even later than you already are???

There is always something in your way that prevents you from arriving at the intended destination just in time.. That happened to me YESTERDAY~

I was late for something and was speeding at 100 km/h on the right lane of the road.. Here, the average speed is usually between 60-70 km so for someone driving in that speed, she's probably considered as a reckless moron. But I really have to speed up due to a solid acceptable reason.

Remember this guy??? hehe

As I was focusing on my driving, suddenly I saw a white kancil upfront travelling at about 60 km so I slowly press the brake and tail the kancil. I really wanted to overtake the kancil but there was a red saga just next to it and they seem to be cruising gleefully at the same speed leaving me no room to overtake... Luckily the kancil took a different exit at a roundabout~

Then, there I was determined to make it in time. I start focusing on the road again with my right leg steadily pressing against the pedal. Suddenly upfront a slow moving motorcycle was about to overtake a car (seriously SLOW, like 40 km/h or maybe even 20 km/h). If I hit the brake a second late, I would've knocked the motorist. I hit the brake with all my might (exaggerating~) and manage to slow down and not hit the motor but I had to bear the distasteful inertia. I hear a loud thud from the back seat. Great now my books fell off~ I did steal a glance at the motorist when I finally overtook it to turn to the right. I saw a young confident face. Confident as if he was riding a stallion~

I turn to the right and evaded the motorist. I started to speed again at the right lane. And then come another white kancil who was moving quite slowly in front of me. I have no choice but to overtake it using the left lane and as I did, the driver seem to press on the pedal harder and they we were on a pointless race~ It was really annoying...

Well.. I manage to arrive just in time. Alhamdulillah~ It's just so weird how things could get in your way when you're in need of the whole universe to be on your side~

Moral of the story... If some one is speeding up, he or she might not just be a reckless moron. He or she might be in some kind of emergency or urgency...

Another moral of the story... Depart early to arrive early.. Ouch! that hurts~ hehe

Friday, July 16, 2010

MIssing you~ World Cup

It's 10 pm right now.. And my eyes are watery, stinging and I'm pretty sure they are bloodshot right now.. I'm SO0O0O0 SLEEPY~ Well, I'm in the course of resetting my biological clock back to normal.. Like any football fan who've been faithful with the matches, I'm also suffering from POST-WORLD CUP SLEEPING DISORDER~ It's only tonight that I'm able to fight the desire to sleep until 10 pm.. Usually I would fall asleep at around 9 pm and was all wide awake and fresh at 2 am. With no match to watch, I would just blink in the dark while lying on my cozy bed (Not so spacious though. Currently sharing it with my cousin~)

It's only 4 days since the FIFA 2010 ended and I already miss it so very much. 4 years will be a long wait and by then some of my favourite players won't be in the team anymore; I'm very sure this is Klose's final world cup~
blogger-emoticon.blogspot.comI'll miss you Klose!!!!!!!!!!!

There's no more walking towards the TV first thing in the morning in the zombie-like motion~

No more pressing the red button on the astro remote control~

No more adrenaline rush- usually experienced a day before Germany's match hehe

And most importantly, no more watching handsome guys in jerseys~ unless I choose to follow the clubs leagues of course...

Hurm.. I was not that dissapointed when Germany lose to Spain and only make it to third place. I've predicted Spain to be the champion from the very beginning. Well, the team is well known to have many skillful players like David Villa, Fernando Torres, Cesc Fabregas and a very reliable keeper, Iker Cassilas, who manage to thwart most goal shots. This team have caught my attention since EUFA 2008 but still... my love belongs to GERMANY~

But I think my BELOVED GERMANY did just great during this World Cup.. With new young players majority in the team, it's okay for them to learn what it felt like to lose so they'll try harder in the coming world cup in Brazil.. The match with Spain was rather boring but the match with Argentina and Uruguay really got me jumping off the sofa for so many times.. Umie told me of what noise I've made during both match hehe Sorry~ It was my first time to see Messi steer the ball and successfully pass all defenders. I was astounded at how he manage to keep the ball at such speed and with that many obstacles in front of him.. Nice nice~

Though a friend of mine repeatedly emphasize that Germany's victory was owed to the fact that they've trained by using Jabulani since January, I really don't think that's the case.. Being used to the ball is NOT the only factor that contribute to the 4 winning goals in almost every match they've won. There are lots of other aspects too like good team work, a very nice counter attack strategy and I think they did good passes as well...

I guess that's it about FIFA 2010~ My heart will go on for GERMANY!!!

Cogratulations to Thomas Muller who won two awards;

The Best Young Player and The Golden Boot...

Ich liebe dich Deutschland!!! \(^^)/

and oh yeah~ Someone new made it into my 'The Guys Who Stole My Heart" list.. It's Cesc Fabregas of Spain.. His agility, spirit and sparkling spanish eyes just make him sooooo irresistable to me~ And I only notice how good-looking he is after he shaved his beard :P

Te quiero Fabregas~

And yeah~ Lets put this hot celebrity of FIFA 2010 picture to0 hehe

PAUL the Octopus (^^)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ular Nightmare: The Suspected Culprit (>_<)

hurm~ I had the Ular nightmare again last night and this time I'm sort of pissed off.. I'm wondering why am I pestered by such reptile in my dream~? X puas hati btol..

Yup~ The Ular nightmare is somewhat occasionally but it's relatively too often if compared to others (tiba2 rasa cam ayat jawab exam..) Last night, I witnessed two huge snakes fighting.. A python and a cobra.. Both were huge but both had nice motives tattoed on their skin~ I was mesmerized by the art and just watch them fight.. Then the fire department came and caught both snakes.. They were taken for a while and then I receive a huge metal drum and found that the cobra was inside it... The fire department wanted me
to keep the cobra~

The dreams came in so many forms.. Once I saw snakes on my mom's head and asked me to choose.. How can I choose snakes!!?? I don't want them!!! And once I was chased by a cobra who wore spectacles.. They were all WEIRD...

I posted about one of the dream here once and that time I decided to search for its meaning.. Well, I was flattered with my discovery that says:

If you dream about snakes, means someone likes
you.. If you were bitten by the snake then someone will come and propose you... <--Lies.. all

But then last semester a friend told me he heard from a talk by Ustaz Ismail Kamus that dreaming about snakes might mean that someone wants to cast spells on you.. I saw the article written by the same ustaz a few days latter.. And I, of course, FREAKED OUT!

It's really really unacceptable because I think I did all the things that we shoul
d do before sleeping as Muslims.. And I don't think I was thinking snakes before sleeping just some silly things crossed my mind.. But then when I rose from bed today~ I saw the HAMMER at my right side.. the HAMMER that I've been sleeping with for the past two years~ the HAMMER is the SUSPECTED CULPRIT!!!!!!!!!

See.. I put it at my right side...

Here's a picure when I first got the hammer.. See.. There are pictures of snakes on it....

So what I'm going to do next is... I'm going to remove the HAMMER from my bed.. I'll put it further at the edge of my bed.. If I still dream about snakes.. I think I'm going to draw the air out and keep it inside my bag~ Yes.. That's what I'm going to do...
I hope this will give me the peaceful slumber

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I wanna~

1. Bungee Jumping!!!!!

2. I want to be high up in the sky without having an oval glass in front of my nose.. I think skydiving or a ride on a hot air balloon will do~ heee (^^)v

3. I want to go fishing in the deep sea and catch a fish that's as big as ME!!!!!!! and of course take pictures with my catch~

4. I want to be a pro in paintball hehe

5. Conquer all G7!!! When I'm old and weak~ I can brag to my grandchildren that I conquered all G7 (haha niat x betol neh~)

6. I want to go for a Europe Tour!!! \(^^)/ I have two plans; with shifaa and Awe and another one with Zeq.. Zeq and I already discussed the matter quite seriously. We picked which countries to go, our means of transportation and I even promised to learn spanish haha I'm not sure which one is going to come true but I'll make sure this one will become a reality!!!! YOSH!!!!!

U.K.. Ireland.. France.. Spain.. Greece.. Germany.. Sweden.. Switzerland~ Italy is reserved for another trip :P

Monday, November 23, 2009

My 2 wishes~

I was strolling happily between the book shelves in a shop in LCCT when I saw these two books. Both look appealing from the outside; obviously judging the books by their covers~ And when I turned the books to look at their price~ RM 70~ huhu normal for new release huhu Anyway here are the synopsis

This book tells a story about a rich girl who only thinks about today and now and never worries about the future. Suddenly her fate twisted and everything in her life fall apart. Then she discovers this mysterious book in a travelling library and the book shakes her world to its core~ something like that~

Actually, I first saw the book during my class visit in Penang. Mitch Albom is one of my favorite author and I have all his books!!! This one is more interesting.. Well, Albom is renown as an author who touches about the things that matters in life and in this piece he tells the story about two different people of different faith in their journey in finding life's purpose. What's unique about the book is the appearance itself. It look just like an old abandoned diary; really makes me feel like opening every page to unravel all the secrets that's kept in it~

Huhu my birthday is coming~ 22nd December 2009 and I really hope to get these books as presents haha So to friends who can't think of any gift to give me, I want these books~ I'll try to ask my parents if they can give me these as presents haha desperate sangat!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Him and Her: Love and Hate



That's the blissful sound that marks my freedom from the translucent spherical dwelling.. Alhamdulillah~ Now I can stretch my body and no longer be in the suffocating curled posture~

Hurm~ How silent it is out here.. Where's mom?? Where's dad?? Aren't they here to see the birth of their beloved son?? Never mind~ Maybe they we
nt out to search for food or maybe resting somewhere on the ceiling~

Wagging my tail~ Wiggling my tiny limbs~ I think I'm already fit for an adventure.. I can't wait to see the world! \(^^)/ When I was inside my spherical dwelling, I always heard lovely music coming from the outside.. And sometimes I even heard laughters.. It must be exciting out there. YES!! I'm going to see the world!!!

At this tender age, ascending is quite hard.. I still have the fear of heights.. But I ignore that fear since my excitement surpass my fear.. UP! UP! UP!
Fo0o0o0h~ I finally arrive at the top~

Hurm~ I didn't expect the world to be a mixture of blue, green and pink... I think I need to enjoy the lovely surrounding in a horizontal position~ I'm getting a little bit d
izzy~ I think the gravity is pulling my blood to my tail~

Plo0o0o0p~ I land on a pinkish ground.. Wow! So Sweet~ The world is SERIOUSLY amazing!!! I could see shiny goldish things, a pink flower in a pink vase with a blue butterfly on one of the flower petal, a stack of rectangular thingies that is so tall that it look like a mountain~ Wow! I'm going to climb that when I'm older~

HUrm~ I think I heard a voice~ A familiar voice. I turn around to look~ Ah~ A human girl~ she must be my neighbour.. No wonder her voice sounds familiar.. Her voice must have penetrated the shell too.. I think I'm going to say hi~

saying hi in the most friendliest tone and with the warmest smile ever
But then~

The high pitch sound hurts my ear. I must run and hide!

I can see her from my hiding place. She is muttering something under her breath.. There's an uneasy expression.. I think she hates me~ Must I go away and never return????



People say "jangan benci sangat nanti jadi cinta" but in this case I don't think so~


Masa kecil2 dulu~ suka sangat tengok Henry the lizard~ Could it be "cinta jadi benci" instead???

This post is dedicated to the newborn lizard who is always on my desk since last week~ urgh!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A letter for you~

Dear you,

I've been keeping this to myself and I think now it's time for you to know how I really feel about your habit that has been disturbing us all..

I'm trying my very best to understand that you are homeless and strayed. Living without an owner makes you less trained and even ruthless at times.. But in my eyes, you are one of His creation for us to see His Magnificence~ And I also think that you are created to give us some room to do good to0 ~ by feeding you, by providing you shelter and many more..

But~ recently~ I can't help but abhor your habit~ You littered in the washbasin where we wash our clothes.. I no longer know how to back you up since I also think that is somewhat too much.. I really appreciate it if you could litter in the toilet instead so then some of us could wash and flush it for you~ because if you do so in the shower, the solid mass could clog the drain..

I'm also disturbed when you guys fight among yourselves.. I know that's your nature to fight for territories.. But it would be really really nice if we could all be friends~Then no one will be bothered by the sounds of cat fights anymore...

Now two showers' drains are clogged~ Huhu~ And nothing has been done to fix it~ Hurm~ I wish Bob the builder could help us with that~

Take care..



haha~ terpengaruh dengan PS I LOVE U so i decided to write to the cats~ :P meow meow meow~ not so romantic especially that flushing part hehe :P