Wednesday, June 28, 2017

How stupid of me...


This is a story of me being so stupid...

MR arrived in Oslo 3 days later than me and that day she was already late for breakfast. Her bag was lost during the connecting flight and it was snowing heavily outside, so we just lie on our beds and chatted.

MR asked, "Ramai ke orang mase breakfast..?"
"Ramai jugak.. Tapi kan.. Ramai orang tue.. Sampai at one point tu Gg seriusly ingatkan Gg kat rumah orang tua.."

And MR found my statement was very true the next day. During dinner we found ourselves surrounded by elderly..

"Ya Allah Mar.. Pakcik depan Gg ni tangan bergegar sampai tak boleh koyak paket gule. Patot ke kite tolong die.."
"Ish selalu ramai jugak jumpe orang tue.. Tapi ni tue yang tak berdaye ok!"
"Tu la.. Ni bukan tahap mak ayah kite.. Ni tahap tok nenek kte yang dah takde kot.. Omaigod Gg rase pacik ni ade masalah paru-paru.. bunyi nafas die pun tau.."
"Eyh ramai sangat ni.."
"Ke ade rumah orang tue kat area ni and tompang makan sini.."

We never found our answer...

On our way to the airport to go to Svalbard, an elderly woman board the bus and sat next to me. She was so old that I think she should be around late 80s. Her face and hands were all wrinkled, she had a roundback and her hands were trembling vigorously that it was hard for her to zip open her purse. I watched her try to put money into her purse which also looked like she was putting a lot of effort.

"Do you need some help..??" I asked. She replied me in Norwegian with a smile and continued talking even though I think she knew I can't understand her.

And there were subsequent events in which we saw a down syndrome lady who travelled alone from Tromso to a small village before Narvik and a wheelchair bound woman who travelled alone from Narvik To Bødø.

From my story, it's clear that Norway is travel friendly for people with special needs. But how does all these encounter brings to the topic of me being stupid...??? I was stupid to have thought that 30 was where all the fun and adventure should cease, where I should contain my curiousity, be stationary  and learn to be content with slow pace and everything familiar. And there I was in Norway, watching all these people who had the strongest of reasons to stay put but didn't.

Perhaps I was somewhat affected by one particular 'voice' that kept on pressing me about being single for too long makes one unworthy. I allowed this 'voice' to shroud my clear conscience about life and thank God I snapped out of it!

20's was like dark chocolate, I said. The sweet taste were the memories made while the bitter were the mistakes. The good; the  lessons learned are the things that makes the rest of the years to come be better, InshaAllah. 30's is not the reason to slow down, I finally figured out. It's time to 'speed up' because we are actually running out of time..

It's time to spend more time with our parents because they will not be around forever. Perhaps, I haven't got the means to make them live in luxury, but I'm trying my best to make life easy and comfortable for both of them. Perhaps I haven't been  given the chance to 'complete half  of my deen'.  But as I once said to a bestfriend of mine, "Takkan lah pahala berbakti dengan orang yang lahirkan kita dan jaga kita dari kecil tu lebih sedikit dari pahala berbakti dekat suami...??"

It's time to chase our dreams even the forgotten ones. I've always dreamt of travelling. As a child, I love climbing the small hill near my house and would start thinking of going abroad for adventures. Thus, I studied English diligently because mommy said if I can speak well, I can talk to anybody in this world. Traveling is not a forgotten dream. The abandoned dream of mine is my wish to study foreign languages other than English. I wanted to pursue on language after school but studying in a Science stream school and performing well in the science subjects prevented me from that. I always felt stuck although I've learnt to love my job (perhaps because healthcare gives you daily opportunity for act of service). Ever since I realized that it will never be too late to chase my forgotten dreams, I've become even happier with my day job (^^)

30s is not the time to cut off enjoyment and stop gaining experience, but it's time to do so in a more sensible and responsible manner that despite of still having all the fun, we still remember to take care of oursleves and not be drifted away. Have more savings and more money to spend for loved ones rather than splurged for our own wants.

After I came back from Norway, I've realized that aging is not the reason to totally abandon life and just exist. It's not the reason to just wake up, earn for a living, eat and sleep. Instead, it's the reason why one should be more mentally and physically active. There is no such thing as "I'm too old for this...". While we might not be as strong or as fit as the youngsters, but WE STILL CAN!

For instance MR and I drove on ice at 31 while the pakcik2 aviation investigators does that with us in their 50s!

Really.. how stupid of me and I'm just happy to be enlightened in Norway...

Whatever it is, in 2017 I will only accept marriage proposal from G-Dragon or Song Joong-Ki. Period!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Midyear post~


So I haven't been updating my blog as frequently as I wanted to. I really really don't know why I'm so0o0o0o0 busy at 30! I seldom waste my time on social media nowadays, but I always always have other things to do. Perhaps, it's how we prioritize things at this age.

A mid year post is something unprecedented but it's going to be a summary of what I've ticked from my 2017 resolutions and all the other mundane things in life like...

I'VE LOST WEIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will not post a before and after comparison picture but I'm currently 2 kg away from my weight when I graduated yeay! What prompt me to lose weight is not particularly aesthetic but it was more to how having more weight affect my physical well being. Well, at first it was really disturbing when more and more of my outfits became tighter. But then I started getting praises that I look better with more weight which was not helping; where from there onward I was actually encouraged to gain more!

But as days passed, I started feeling sluggish and sleepy during the day and even more tired at night. I started by doing regular tabata and man! tabata works miracle on my weight and stamina! And then I start going for regular runs (at least twice a week), I started joining sports tournaments again despite my deep-seated lack of confidence and I started rock climbing again! It was a struggle at first because I was not used to doing all these with my 'new' weight and it was actually slightly demotivating because the things that were supposed to be easy peasy became hard. But I told myself to be patient and not to expect instant results.

One of the videos I prefer when doing Tabata..
My friends said, "Ko suka dorang sebab hensem2 kan?" Hurm.. perhaps that's one of the reason why hahaha

I started this earlier this year in January and nowadays it's already a habit to must have some physical activities at least 5 times a week. Even during Ramadhan, I will go for evening walks and make sure to be home by the time for breakfast. Before this, I never realize how being physically active makes a lot of difference to my body because I've always been active. Nowadays, I can feel how my metabolism is being boosted and I feel terrific when I wake up in the morning. I guess, you have to lose what you had to appreciate it. I WILL NEVER ABANDON YOU EXERCISE! 


I just got my parcel from on Wednesday but not all of them are mine. But MOST of them are. I'm not an aspiring beauty blogger or vlogger; I'm not comfortable with having my face all over social media. But yes, currently I am super obsess with skincare routine and I noticed the difference and loving it!

I've been adherent to the basics since 3 years ago; that's the cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Sunblock has always been my best friend because my skin is so prickly when it burns and it will turn GREY when it gets darker.  I can see the difference then because I have regular acne outbreaks since I was a teen maybe because I was very active with sports and didn't straight away wash my face after I finished with training or tournaments but it improved with adhering to the 3 steps. Then, last year I started to add up my routines with the oil cleansing, regular exfoliation and masks. And this year I added up serum and eye cream as well hahaha

Thus, I have to start preparing for work 30 minutes earlier than before because I needed some time for the products to be absorbed before I apply the next one. O ya I shifted from Body Shop to Korean products because at one time there was stock problem all over KK when they wanted to change the packaging of the line that I was using. My friends recommended Korean products and I must say they are more suitable for Asian skin.


It's slightly harder to get leaves in my current department thus I've changed my holiday-taking pattern from taking a week off every 3 months to taking long leaves every 5-6 months my bosses seem more pleased with the current pattern.

So recently, I went to Norway with MR. RA can't make it because her little sister got married on the same weekend (but she already got her tickets when the  date was announced to her). Our main destination in Norway was Svalbard but we were in Oslo for a few days and were in Tromso and Bodo to get back to Oslo. The red pin is where Svalbard is located. It is the most populated nothernmost city in the world; that's less than 3000 people.

Norway is too well-known for the Aurora that everybody thought we were there for that. Unfortunately at this time, it was already 24-hours daylight in Svalbard which made it impossible to see Aurora at all. I'm in no hurry to watch Aurora because to me Aurora is not threatened by anything (not that I know~) which means 10 years from now it will still be there and I can always opt whether to watch the Aurora Borealis or Aurora Australis in the Southern hemisphere. But, the polar bear is threatened by the global warming and also hunting so I need to see them first!

We were lucky to find a mother polar bear with her cubs! I'll write the full story later (ayat cliche untuk semua post trip aku yang masih non-existent sampai sekarang)

And we also did ice caving there! We were suppose to do it in Iceland 4 years ago but then we came in summer at that time and the ice cave was no longer accessible. Likewise, the ice cave in Svalbard is also not accessible in summer but it's not because the ice melted. The ice doesn't melt there because the wall of ice is actually part of the glacier. But there will be water flowing inside the cave during summer.

After Norway I was in Spain and I got to go to TWO REAL MADRID MATCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Real Madrid VS Atletico Madrid (Champions League Semifinal)
Real Madrid VS Granada (La Liga) 

The semifinal was something unplanned. I was in Madrid to watch one of the biggest bullfight event in the world (and later sworn that as my first and last bullfight ever) and found out that the semifinal will be held on the day I was there. I was actually checking out whether the ticket for the  match with Granada was already on sale or not but end up buying the semifinal in Santiago Barnabeau.

I splurged for this seat and I regret it NOT!!!!!!! The ticket was selling fast on the 1st day of sale and how I wish I got the seats at row 1 or 2 instead. But Row 16 was okay because the view was clearer for both side of the goal. I heard that for EPL, ticket is sold only for season pass holder.

It's easier to watch match in Spain I guess because the ticket is open for everybody; only some seats are reserved for season pass holder. When I checked the Real Madrid site a few days before the match, there were empty seats in some of the best seats in the stadium. Those were the seats of the season pass holders who let go of their seats for the match. The price was comparable with mine too! But this is really based on luck. Better buy the ticket earlier than feel sorry for not doing so earlier.

Well, since I've watched the match in Madrid, I was thinking, "Maybe I could skip the one in Granada." But, bila kau suda di situ and have nothing to do at night, memang tak tertahankan suda perasaan. I end up buying the ticket while I was on the train from Seville to Granada and I regret it not too!

The price for the first row was waaaayyyyy cheaper here. And although CR7 was not here, I got to see James Rodriguez and Morata in action! And Isco, Karim Benzema and Marcello did their warm ups in front of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And sepanjang dorang warm up la aku x tengok match lol~ The four goals happened on the side where I was sitting.

When I was about to turn 30, I thought of slowing down a bit; perhaps consider having my own family, travel less and take life more seriously. But this first trip as a 30 year old changed it all. Throughout my recent journey, I met a lot of people who didn't let age limit their actions and they continue to excel. I've decided I don't want to be affected by the societal ideals! I will just let this life flow as it should be and make the best of my time to live happily and in content YOSH!