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Wedding Preparation; The Do's And the Don'ts


Wedding preparation in years to come, that is. Well, I got involved in lots of weddings before and currently am busied with the preparation of my cousin's wedding. So, finally I found some time to write down the DO's and DON'Ts that I've collected for years lol. I write it down here for the purpose of easy retrieval. Who reads my rambling in this blog anyway tchhhh


There might be things that we deemed as unnecessary in a wedding but is considered a must by our folks. From my observation, defying those things behind their backs will only give rise to new problems and often it will be mentioned over and over again (as a bad example) even after the wedding. So I think, communicating is the best solution and my bff told me "be prepared to lose, make sacrifices and let it be"


The  Jab. Agama put it that the forms can be submitted within 3 months to 2 weeks before the date of the nikah. However, all the documents can actually be prepared earlier on. I've seen the huge difference between those who prepared earlier on and those who just started preparing within the period given. Those who prepared earlier didn't have to hassle on incomplete applications or if there are kinks, they still had enough time to settle them. Whereas those who decided to do it at the last minute had to struggle to ensure things are done on time.


Actually this is my personal POV. I think food is the most important one because it's usually the thing that I remembered most when I attend a wedding. Like SJ's roasted lamb on her side and ikan keli on her husband's side, HH's ikan patin, the delicious nasi briyani during my friend Azie's wedding and how my cousin Mahani creatively served her desserts are among the things I remember. I will also remember the weddings at which I had to go to a restaurant right after because the food was not enough. I don't usually complain because there is no perfect wedding after all. I just have a good memory of them, that's all. Putting most of the budget on food is worth it!


The things you don't necessarily have to splurge on to me are...

- Barang hantaran
Perfume, al quran, cosmetics, kasut etc are the things that I already have! Lain la kalo mo bagi kereta ka, kunci rumah ka :p

- Photograph and video
Although these are in my 'must have'  list, but I think cheap packages still produce good works.

- Make up
It surprises me how people can splurge on something that you will wipe off after a few hours. Same with photograph and videos, there are still many skillful MUAs with reasonable price out there.

- Baju kahwin
I think this is only necessary when one is a non-standard size type. Or like a relative of mine who is good in designing clothes; her wedding dress is simple and elegant yet the type that can be worn in other occasion as well. The bridals often come with packages that includes pelamin and baju pengantin. If you can find good offers, they will even include cakes and dessert booth too!

-Door gift
I have a stack of unread yassin in my room and my Umie's book shelf have one petition that's dedicated for placing unused souvenirs from weddings. When my time comes, the door gift will either something different from these or something consumable like food.


I think this really helps to organize things, save budget and to avoid from things that you paid for turning out to be different from what you expected. Things can look great in pictures yet the real thing might not be as satisfactory.


There are a lot of posts on fb that read something like 'masih ada perempuan yang minta duit hantaran murah di luar sana' or 'Ku pinang dia dengan RM 500'. I don't really get it what's the fuss about that since there might be difference in culture between me and these people. But to us, the high dowry is not like the guy is 'buying' the daughter. It's to show that the guy is being respectful to the girl's parents by partially financially supporting the wedding on their side. And all the monetary gifts received during the wedding will be fully given to the married couple to start their life.

And what I meant by saying it's your parents' day as well is I've seen just how happy parents were while hosting their children's wedding even though it's exhausting. I think it's worth it to consider how they want it to be as long as you can afford it.


I can't say much about this since most of my friends had to make loans to afford their weddings. But I still have time to try to avoid this. I have always have a separate saving just for my wedding; which means it's aside from my other savings. Truth be told, my savings are divided into; saving for the future, emergency, travel aaannnddd wedding LOL I've started it ever since I started working thinking that it will be one of my biggest investment hahaha Tapi sebab aku NDA AKAN KAHWIN TAHUN 2017, I'm going to use the money for my coming big trips!

I purposely capitalize the "NDA AKAN KAHWIN TAHUN 2017" because whenever I said this, people will go like

"Selalu kalau cakap begini, tekahwin ni.."

I've said this sooooo many times years before and I'm still a carefree single and it will still be the same for the year 2017! \(^^)/

I'm soooooo looking forward to my next trip!!!!!!!!!!!!

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