Thursday, January 19, 2017

Just some of those things I did...


Recently, I went to try two hiking trails in Tambunan. I've never been to Tambunan all my life so I was really looking forward to the first trail we did in Mount Wakid.

I didn't took the pictures of the trail but to me it was easy enough for a beginner. It was about 7 km hike from the starting point to the peak and back. At the first part we were walking through a village and then passed some paddy fields and vegetation. The trail to me is a slow incline but was very steep towards the peak; I say it was close to 90 degrees that we were almost like rock climbing there. It was a bit muddy due to rainy season so we have to grab the stems and roots for support as we climb. If you're not comfortable with getting dirty, it's best to have a pair of gloves ready. And what I didn't expect was the number of river crossing. It was only around ankle to knee-high deep but some rocks were loose and I did trip and dipped my legs into the river.

You can see there, it's just 1372 meters so since it was only a month away from my hiking in Markha Valley, I found it was quite okay that I didn't have to struggle to bring air into my lungs. We paid RM 80 for the trip which included guides and late lunch which was served when we completed the trail. 

It was actually a well-organized trip. The guides were professional since they were officially from Taman-taman Sabah. There were enough rest for all but a bit too much rest for me because I can be easily tired if I have to slow down my pace. 

The next trip was Minduk Sirung which I'd underestimated and decided to not wear my knee guard for the climb! What on earth was I thinking!!!!!!????

I did take a look at the trail and the elevation given in the group, the trail was a long stretch with slow inclination but I didn't notice that the descend was tough and long; which is actually a known disadvantage to me. The total distance is 12 km and we completed it in 8 hours.

The footpath was not in its best condition because there was a trail run the week before and it was raining for the past few days before we arrived. So can you imagine how muddy and uneven the trail was with hundreds of people using it the week before.

My left knee was in severe pain when I reached the peak. I took Hakim's muscle spray and literally finished it by the time I completed the trail. Although the spray was for muscle pain, it did work for my aching joint. When the pain was no longer bearable, I'd to spray it to go on. It rained when I reached 2/3 of the trail and it was already getting dark when I reached the Mahua Waterfall. 

The trail actually reminded me of Mount Irau's. The climate was cool since the very beginning and the tree barks are mostly covered with moss. If I ever to do this again, I'll make sure I wear my knee guards and from now onward I will never ever leave them behind even if the trail is easy. Promise!

And last year I got to go to UMS Bon Odori. Luckily we were already back from Jakarta. And my proudest moment is that I donned this Yukata on my own!!!!! \(^^)/

To be honest, I practiced for 2 days! A full day on the day of the event; my Yukata was the first thing I reach the moment I woke up that morning. I was afraid if the Obi (the ribbon) is not tight enough that it loosen as I walk around. I was planning, if that was to happen, I better prepare myself some safety pins. Alhamdulillah it didn't! 

The event was great. There were Japanese involved too. There were martial arts performance, a tea ceremony demonstration and the Bon Odori dance.

Can't wait for my Japan trip!! I'm so looking forward to go to the places that I didn't get to go last time.. The Samurai museum, the sumo tournament, the zen gardens, the war memorials... #Japaneseatheart

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