Friday, February 26, 2016

Gokyo Ri: Part II


Actually I'm quite pissed that I accidentally posted the incomplete part 1 but past is past so let me just continue with our story...

We arrived that morning in Lukla and met our porters at the airport. They were very young. Songer was 19 and Jolopuru was only 16. They were shy at first and our communication with them was quite limited due to language barrier. But after a few days, all of us got along very well and started to tease each other. They taught us some Sherpa words and in return we taught them some English and Malay words. Jolopuru wished to be a guide in the future and he was working hard to improve his English

On the first day we walked from Lukla to our first stop in Phakding. We went up and down some hills but they were not too steep and since we were only at about 2800m above sea level, the oxygen level was still okay and I was not that tired. We reached our teahouse in Phakding before sunset. It was off season and I remember there were only about 5 hikers spending the night there.

One thing that stuck in my mind about this place is the chef looked like Radhi OAG!!! So we were actually staring at him while he was cooking in the kitchen. There was an opening that they use to pass food from the kitchen to the waiter and we could see him clearly through that opening hahaha

Well, due to lack of research before the trip, we were not aware that heaters are not available inside the rooms. And what makes it even colder at night is that the walls are made of plywood. And yes, this applies to all lodging including the one in Gokyo. Luckily we were provided with a super thick sleeping bags by our tour operator so the sleeping bags were the only ones that had kept us warm. So, TIPS!!!!!!!!!!!! Make sure you have a sufficiently insulating long john for comfortable night sleep and also to keep you warm while indoor.

Since it was low season, to my despair at that time, there were no wifi and to MR's despair there were no bread too! They don't bring up bread at low season and they only have this home made roti which taste good anyway hehe

The second day, I would say is the toughest of all the days because we had to trek from ~2400m to ~3400m where there is a big village called Namche Baazar and it was all climbing up and up and up all the way. At this part of the journey, I couldn't afford to wait for my friends because I easily get tired if I don't keep up with my own pace and we were separated. I was walking with different people on my way up. You won't get lost because the footpath is very clear.

The first part of this leg had one of the most beautiful scenery. At ~2500m everything was still green and the trees were still tall. There was a rapidly flowing river on our left and we were walking on rocks as we head to the suspension bridge set on a hill. The suspension bridge was exactly the one featured in 2015 Everest movie. Everybody uses this suspension bridge; and when I said EVERYBODY that includes the yaks and the donkeys. There's a weight limit of course, so we queued with the other hikers as we wait for our turn to cross the bridge.

It started to drizzle in the afternoon and I quickened my pace in hope to find a small village or something to get some shelter if the rain gets harder. But there was no other village in between and finally I found the check point hut where I waited for my friends for about an hour or more. I chat with a hiker from Norway who was actually on his third trip to the Everest Base Camp. He showed me his climbing permit and said, "Look. Here it says 'Once is not enough'. You have to believe that."

And it was here where I met si kacak panas, Sudan, who was a guide and also the founder of his tour company. We talked about Go Pro and he recommended some other nice treks that I might try in the future. He gave me his card and it is safely kept in my drawer until this very day lalalala~

Monday, February 22, 2016

#1 February 2016


So I'd accidentally posted my unfinished Gokyo Ri post. There was some problem with the internet connection on the night I wrote that, so I just left the window opened as I waited for the last pictures to be uploaded because it seem to take ages. I don't know why blogger automatically published it... Hurm whatever~

I've been talking with a good friend about blogging. He used to blog actively like I do but stopped for years and currently he is trying to start writing again. We talked about 'writer's block'. He described his as a huge wall that prevented him from putting what's in his mind into words. Almost similar to mine. But he overcame it within a few days because he'd forced himself to write and write for the first few days and slept very few hours until he got his rhythm again. I was shocked at his determination that I asked, "Ko sure ka ko bukan depress sebenarnya??'

That's why I'm doing this numbered monthly post now. Just to get myself to write whatever crap that is on my mind so I can get my rhythm again and hopefully  I can start with fiction again~

I think, turning 30 is a big deal. I mean, yeah it's just a number. I refuse to feel old. But I think it's a good starting point to really think seriously about life. It doesn't mean that I'm saying no to having fun or anything but, when I discussed this matter among friends, we all agree that we are now looking forward to simple things that gives happiness rather than meandering on fruitless activities that falsely translate into fun.

I'm starting to think about, if I'm not yet meant to have my own family, then why not give my very best to the family that I always have. I'm currently looking for a nice design for my room at mom's house. I'm looking forward to move there by next year that I'm actively preparing to hand over my jobs to my other colleagues. Yeah.. Labuan is a small island with not so much entertainment... But seriously, turning 30, fun can be found in simple activities with the people that matters~

I'm starting to list down the things that I always wish to do and used to love doing too. When thinking about my 20s, it was all about trying new things and challenging myself. I'm not saying that I'm being less competitive or anything. It's just that, I just want to focus on the things that I really love and polish the talents that I always have. For instance, the love for writing and I'm going to get my book published! Yes I will!

And at 30s, taking care of one's health and beauty feels like a responsibility. I can't deny that this body feels a little bit different than when I was younger. But the key point is, DO NOT ENCOURAGE IT TO ROT!!!! I've been doing regular exercise without fail for this first two months, I'm drinking more water, I'm strictly adhering to my beauty regime and toning regime and I'm trying my best to eat healthy with some cheat days on special occasions of course. And yeah, I'm a serious netball player now~

So I'm going to take a sewing class.. Continue practicing my writing.. Continue with my globe-trotting.. Keep my wonderful OCD life as organized as I can.. And am looking forward to many other mysteries in life to be unraveled~

You see, with all these wonderful things in life to cherish, I just have no time to waste on someone who dawdles and dillydallying about marriage.. I want someone who wants to be part of this wonderful life. Someone who is certain of what he wants; like Minato kun~
 "Awak... tolong tepi sikit~"


Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Gokyo Ri: Part I


I've been looking back at all my travel posts only to realize that I'm like 3 years behind.. When we started traveling in 2012, I was determined to write all about our travels in this blog.. You see, I used to have a diary back in high school. The thing about my diary, I only wrote the things that I want to remember so mostly are pleasant things that make me laugh. So on our last days in high school, I read what I wrote to my friends during prep; the meaningful events that we had since form 2 until form 5. Some of the events had totally slipped my mind and the diary helped me and my friends remember those beautiful moments that meant so much to our friendship. Same goes to the posts in this blog, it's for me to read in the future and to remember~

Today I'm going to write a little bit about our trip to Nepal in September 2014. Well, I'm the one who is obsessed with mountains in the group and I've always been obsessed about the 7 peaks. I would like to conquer them all but for now my wish is only to get a glimpse of the peaks with my naked eyes..

So, initially, I thought about going to the Everest Base Camp because I thought that would be the best place to view the peak. But we changed our mind after hearing about Gokyo Ri from SJ's uncle during her wedding. The Uncle and his wife told us about the base camp being  crowded and not so clean and recommended Gokyo Ri instead where there are 3 lakes there and it offers a very nice view of many 8000m peaks. We did our study and decided "Gokyo Ri it is!!!!!!!"

At that time, I just got transferred to a new setting for the umpth time. As usual, I was busied with managing and adapting to the new setting and I had to somewhat juggle between 2 roles so I didn't have time to train. The only training that I did was climb up from level 4 to 7 as much as I could and use the stairs to go down from level 7 to ground floor every day haha But actually, after we've finished doing it, I think jogging would be adequate. The trek is not that steep. The real challenge is actually the thin air so what you really need is a very good pair of lungs.. Cewah!

As usual, I was the one who searched for the tour company. I always love to use TripAdvisor as my guide and emailed all the companies with good reviews for quotation. And eventually, the one who gives the cheapest price will be selected. And Alhamdulillah~ setakat ini choice aku belom pernah lagi mengecewakan~

The total of our trip was 16 days. We didn't do much on the first day since we arrived late afternoon. At Kathmandu airport, we were welcomed with flower necklace by Puru, the tour manager. That afternoon, we just walk around to look at what stuffs we want to buy before flying to Lukla. I think it's best to buy the hiking stuffs there since you can find everything you need there and the price is very cheap and the quality is good too. I got myself two pairs of wind stoppers, a wind breaker, a hiking pole that I didn't use at all, a water bag and some other useful stuffs for only USD 80. To this day, I still talk about my amazing wind stoppers~ They are so comfortable and they kept me warm~ I might have not made it if it weren't for them~ sob sob~

We spared the second day for shopping and eating and depart to Lukla on the third day. We prayed hard for our flight not to be canceled because there were no flights going to Lukla for 5 days prior to our departure due to bad weather. Alhamdulillah, the weather was good that day and we flew to Lukla on the first flight that morning.

I knew that we were going to go on a small plane but the plane was smaller than what I'd imagined. I'm 1.54m tall and I have to stoop when moving about inside that plane, There was a stewardess inside. She came to me and hand a tray full of sweets and cotton balls. I wondered why the stewardess 'serve' cotton balls. And then during take off, I saw the locals who took the cotton balls snugged the cotton balls into their ears as ear plugs! Eureka! So that's what they are for!!!!

I read about hikers' terrifying experience boarding the flight. But our flight was fine, no turbulence at all so I was enjoying the view peacefully from my seat. But when we landed at the Lukla airport, I actually freaked out looking at how short the runway is and the fact that the runway is not flat but leveled to a few degrees~ So when we landed, the plane was actually climbing a slope.. Bole bayangkan ka??

There, we met with our potters, Jolopuru and Songer who are sherpas! Lukla is one of the big village since that's where the airport is located. We only stopped here to get our climbing permits and buy some water before we start off. There are a lot of stores selling equipments but this is not the last spot where you can get them. But bear in mind, the higher you go, the higher the price of each item. We set off to Phakding after all things were ready.. Tapi memang sakai2 la kan di Lukla tu

Saturday, February 6, 2016

#2 January 2016


Today I am 29 years, 1 month and 5 days old. I don't know whether I'm actually affected by these numbers  or what but I think some things in my life had tremendously changed... In a good way that is...

My cousin and I talked about Syukur during the weekend; noting how the feeling of not having enough can lead to insanity. Leads to losing important things that we failed to appreciate. Perhaps, being ungrateful and craving for something more is human nature since nafs is implanted inside each and every one of us. Thus,  we concluded that it's important to constantly ask Allah to make us grateful servants besides trying to be positive with whatever we are provided in this world; gains and loss...

And then I found a nice quote in one of the article that I was reading after dinner..

“Patience in resisting desires is easier than patience in dealing with the consequences that result from going along with desires, because it either leads to pain and punishment

or it prevents a more complete pleasure, . . .

or it deprives one of a blessing, having which is more pleasurable and better than fulfilling desires, . . .

or it cuts off an oncoming blessing,

or it has a negative impact on one’s character that will remain, because deeds have a great impact on one’s character and behavior.” Ibn Qayyim [Al-Fawaa’id (p. 139)]

I read it at least 5 times to actually grasp the message.. To think of it,  it's very true that the point when we are deciding to do a wrongdoing is actually easier than facing the consequences of the misdeed. At that point,  our choice was to do or not to do. But in dealing with consequences, only the lucky ones get chances~

In all honesty,  I got bored with the other social media. Too many negativity and I don't know why people spend most of their time getting mad at somebody they don't even know in person and be overwhelmed with trivial issues that doesn't concern them. I remember there was a hadith about this but I can't really recall the exact words. But the message is that we're not suppose to stick our nose into things that doesn't concern us and just leave it to the experts of that particular issue. Perhaps, acknowledging the existence of the issue is fine but to be overwhelmed and be absorbed in futile discussions could lead to waste of time...

And, indeed, one of the greatest act of love is doa for our loved ones. It reaches them whereever they are,  even when they are long gone. I hope mine reaches you, stalker... (^^)