Monday, August 25, 2014

Iceland: Part 2


Waaaa... It took me so long to finally continue with part II.. Penuh kisah jiwa jiwa seja... It has been quite confusing in my position, you know hahaha

Nway... Aku hutang Tasmania-NZ-Indochina-Africa...

Kalo mau tanya apa2 feel free to email ye... kalo tunggu blog ku ni memang nda membantu la hahaha

So.... on our first day, the journey was like this

Reykjavik - Skogafoss - Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon - Overnight in Vagnsstadir

Not much, right? These are the main attractions that we aimed for but actually you can make a lot of random stops. The ethereal beauty of the diversity of this piace of land will never cease to amaze you. We were driving for hours surrounded by nothing but the yellowish tundra that looks ironically solemn yet the bright colour mosses captivated me throughout the journey...

And there were countless numbers of waterfalls that didn't make it to the attraction list but left us dazed anyway. They made us ran out of the car and resign to the frigid temperature just for some nice shots of the surreal landscape.

And we were also allured to stop at this waterfall on the roadside. And after we got back to Malaysia, we got really excited to find lots of pictures of this waterfall taken by professional travelers and photographers. We had this, "OMG! I saw that with my own eyes.. And stood right in front of it!" feeling haha

Dan akhirnya sampai juga kami di Skogafoss..

You can actually climb up the hill to see the stream on top..  And stop in the middle to take a picture like below hahaha. There's actually a path that leads closer to the waterfall mid-climb. So close that you can actually feel the water spray and that's why the background there looks so misty.

Or a picture like this

We had our lunch here because the car park was very convenient and they have a public toilet nearby. And after that we head to Glacier Lagoon which I think about 1-2 hours drive from here..

Ok sekali lagi gambar aku sedang buat Milo...

On our way, we stopped at this place out of curiosity. It's just weird to see those formations on the ground. Well, actually, long long time ago there was a farm in this area which was destroyed by which was believed to be the first eruption of the volcano Katla. So this is what's left of the farm to this day. 

Speaking about volcanic eruption.. Below are the pictures of some part of  Route 1, the highway we are using.

Okay, nothing much to see hahaha Well actually, back in 2010, there was still a long bridge as part of this route. In fact, it was the longest in Iceland. However, there was a glacial outburst flood that year. In layman term, as I understand it, there was a volcanic eruption beneath the icy glacier that cause the glacier to break and melt and caused a huge flood that destroyed the bridge. There are still small bridges around but I don't know whether they are part of the former or a newly built ones. And you can also see some crooked steels along the road which are the remains of the old bridge.

I was very intrigued by that fact, you know. I watched the video shown in Skeftafell twice just to see how huge the flood was.

Dan kami pon sampai di Jokulsarlon~

 Ngantok ok.. promise.. Aku post pasal attractions in Part 3 (^^)

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