Monday, June 9, 2014

Preparing For Africa!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/


When this post appears on my blog, I'll already be in Africa InshaAllah... I don't want to leave this blog dormant for too long.. (Padahal selalu suda kan..) So I thought I would write a little bit about how the idea popped out, what I'd to go through while waiting for the time to come and my rather nerve wrecking preparation...

I haven't mention about us not having any flight ticket by the end of our Tasmania and NZ trip, have I? Well, that was actually unprecedented. We always have tickets for the next trip after every trip... So, we were anxious.. We already got the destinations in mind but we haven't even got the dates although we know by the second month post-travel all of us will have withdrawal symptoms.. MEROYAN~

Ini contoh2 withdrawal symptoms.. Snatch travel quotes from FB and put it on my pic.. Obses dengan diri sendiri sunggoh...

How I end up choosing Africa... INTUITION~ A CALLING~

Really it was! Woke up one weekend and thought it would be cool to try visit a continent that we haven't been to. I quickly check on Zimbabwe then Kenya and finally Tanzania... Made the decision in that instant and searched for 2-way ticket to Tanzania.. And Voila! RM 3300 all-in via Qatar airline!

Send message in Whatsapp Group "Korang Tanzania, RM 3300 2-way.." And got an immediate reply from RA and voila! Bought 2 tickets within 2 hours after the idea popped...  We're actually not that well-off that we could just decide like that.. We've learn from the past that we will eventually get the money needed for our trip when we are more objective. Already having the ticket gives the motivation.

I know most travelers will do the budgeting first before buying the ticket. But doing it the other way around works for us.. And of course lah within the interval we have to work hard and fast on the itinerary to try reduce cost as low as we could.

For this Safari trip, I spent much time searching for ground travel agents in Tanzania. I emailed at least 15 companies and read perhaps thousands of reviews and even contacted the clients to make sure the reliability of the service.. So I finally opted for Lindo Tanzania Travel since the manager gave a very good impression from his helpful and quick response to my emails and the price is quite low compared to other companies but not too cheap though... hehe

And one thing you should prepare yourself with is the immunization with yellow fever vaccine. Well, it is actually not a compulsory requirement by the customs however  to be on the safe side, we took it anyway. Because it is recommendable to those who board transit flight. If the health officer ask you to produce the vaccination book and  you don't have it, you might need to take it then and there. From the forum that I read, it might cost around $50. Mine was RM 90 since I did it at a government facility. But they'd asked for my passport, the ticket and my work pass. RA had it for RM 350 because she got it at the GP.

The vaccination was rather taxing because I'd to come 4 times just for that single injectio (^^") seb baek semangat aku berkobar2! And then there was some problem with the Foreign Telegraph Transfer. Luckily, the tour manager was okay when I asked for his ID and Alhamdulillah it's finally all settled~

One of the most useful Safari tips that I got form the internet...

Don't wear anything blue!!! It'll attract the Tse Tse fly and mosquitoes!

Hurm. doakan keselamatan kami.. Dua gadis di Benua Afrika!

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