Friday, May 23, 2014

Switzerland Towns/Cities


It's been a while since I last post about our travel.. Hutang post semakin banyak~ 

So as promised, this time I am going to post about some of the towns/cities that we passed by in Switzerland. Well, I'm not that into cities before I went to Europe. Living in Asia, I used to have the impression that all cities are crowded and always on the rush. But then, European towns offered an absolutely different atmosphere than that of Asian's.

On the first day, we drove all the way from Geneva to Interlaken and had a quick stop at Oberhofen and passed the most medieval-looking town that I've ever seen, Fribourg. And on the second day we drove from Interlaken to Lucerne in which we had stopped in Lauterbrunnen, Trumelbach  and Grindelwald.

I think, if we had more time, I would've spent more days in Lucerne. It is such a beautiful town with lots of things to do. You can either go up on one of the mountains or take the cruise along Lake Luzern or just simply stroll at the old town vicinity which I find very interesting as well. 

We were on a budget trip and with at least three countries to go, we have to opt on the budget things to do which as you've probably guessed, strolling! (^^)

We spent a night at the Lucerne Youth Hostel which is located in walking distance to the lake. We shared our room with a middle age lady from South Africa. Didn't chat much that night because we were hushed to sleep by our dorm mate because she needed to catch an early train the next morning (^^") 
But I think she was a nice lady, anyway...

The Chapel Bridge is one of the free attraction around. We spent some time strolling there; walking pass cafes and a street market. I got quite carried away watching the white swans swimming on the lake and they would occasionally dive to the bottom.. I still don't know why they do that, though. There was no fish inside their beaks when they surfaced

Then we set off to the Nine Towers, which in reality, only four of them are opened to public. This was where we met a lady who works with the tourist center who had spent much time explaining to us every detail about Lucerne. She was really patient answering all of our questions.. Eyh aku bha pulak yang paling banyak tanya (^^"). She then gave us some pamphlets and some chocolates. There are quite a number of them around; it's easy to tell from their uniform and red bags. We got some more chocolates from another lady as we enter into the clock tower.

The towers gave beautiful view of Lucerne and as we walked further, the towers get even taller and at the last tower, we could see the whole town without any tree branches blocking our view like this one on top..

This is actually the innards of the clock tower which is made to chime a minute earlier than other clocks in the city. They also displayed the many types of mechanism used in clocks in this tower. Ranging from those that uses mechanical pendulum to laser beams. I'm actually easily impressed by these kind of stuffs.
Hebatnya otak manusia!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the view from the last tower.

We were heading towards Laussane on the same day so why not stop at the capital, Bern. 

To our surprise, the town is rather too quite for a Capital.. Talking about Malaysia's capital.. Pheeeeeewwwww....
Melting pot... Dreadful traffic... Everybody always in a hurry...
But Bern is one extremely peaceful capital

We visited one of the Church and the sound of the organ was echoing as we walk around surveying the statues and carvings on the walls. I've never seen an organ in real life before; always in those Vampire or Dracula movies. I was pretty impressed by the size. It was colossal. I mean those silvery rod thingy above the main entrance. I even took a video of the guy playing the organ. Teruja sunggoh!

And then voilla! The astronomical clock. Ok this is my 2nd encounter. It's actually simpler than the one in Prague.. BUT! I only knew an interesting fact about this clock a few months ago..

This is the very clock that Einstein stared at as he was sitting on a tram on his way home from work. And he'd thought about traveling at the speed of light which eventually led to his theory of relativity.

Haaa... aku tengok History channel ok baru aku tau! *NERD!*

And to end this post... If you're craving for something spicy after all the long journey and self-cooked meal in the hostel, there's an Indian Restaurant in Bern who serves the world's best fish Briyani eva! 
Ka kami terlampau lapar??? But really, it was quite costly but since it was like the best eva, we ordered another one and paid hurm.. 50 euros (mind you, we always share to cut cost)

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