Thursday, February 27, 2014

Indochina aku datang (^^)/

Maka dengan ini.. Semakin banyak lah hutang kisah2 travel ku~

\(^^)/ Excited okay!

Kenapa kenapa kenapa????

Sebab dua negara yang aku pergi ni punya war history yang AWESOME!!!!!

Don't get me wrong.. Awesome means I salute their victories and their courage to fight for their country and freedom. uiseh..

baeklah... \\(",) semoga semuanya berjalan lancar...Ameen~

I am a little bit obsess of this new bag~ It's so neat! 
With the right number of slots and pockets at the right places and you can unzipped it this wide.. So convenient that I no longer have to dig my stuff out Heeee (^^)

Bought this in NZ. There was this Kathmandu Year End Sale and discount up to 70%~ Borong ar aku
6 outdoor items cost me RM 1100.. Ko bole dapat ka di Malaysia harga gini yang ori??? Jap mari aku share, sneak peek post NZ la kono...

Kalau d Malaysia, mungkin beg & hiking shoes saja suda RM 1100~


Printing all bookings 5 days before departure

Dan.. Hampir selesai (^^)

Dear Heart..

"Acceptance is the key to be..
To be truly free..
Will you do the same for me..??

Hatinya bukan milik kamu~ Jadi kamu kena teruskan berdegup
Teruskan berjalan~

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



I guess, after all the ordeals that trampled on me last year, I'm urged to regain control of my life. Enough with the sadness, enough with the confusions, enough with the heartbreaks.. Enough is enough.... I really need to get back on track and maneuver myself back to where I want to be...

So, I started off with a simple 2014 resolution; all I wanted for this year is PRODUCTIVITY. That's it. One word that I think is universal, objective and more achievable. And, Alhamdulillah, up until today (writing this on Valentine's day, a Friday night) it is still being executed.. I have nothing pending except for my travel posts. Bedroom is neat as how it is supposed to be (heeee me & my mild OCD.. ok la it's actually moderate OCD) and yup, so far I think it's achieved and harap2 la istiqomah... Hurm.. Makan glucosamine pon compliant sudeyh hehe Mo hiking punya pasal....

I am so free tonight that I added some new labels under 'Countries I Went'. So it's easier for you to trace old travel posts. I'm still thinking of whether I should put countries like Brunei, Thailand and Indonesia in because the posts for those countries are very few and none for Thailand because I went there when I was in high school. Tengok la nanti macam mana....

And then as I was adding labels to the old posts, I actually came across two posts about my bucket list!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/ And I got extremely ecstatic to find that I actually fulfilled most of them already without me even noticing!!!! 

Mari kita revise apa yang sudah di realized (^^)

From 2009.. Bungee Jumping!!!!

This is actually my recent jump in Sunway Lagoon during our school reunion.
Can't find the one in Seoul hehe lama suda itu!

High up in the air without an oval glass in front of my nose...

Yarra Valley, Melbourne.. Nampak nda aku peace peace tu (^^)v

Eurotrip!!!!!!!!!! Ok.. mau letak pic apa ha....

Saat bersenam dengan Encik Kacak haha
I'm in the process of writing the Eurotrip kan.. So x mau spoil la kono~

So from my 2012 list...

\(^^)/ Iceland lah!!!! Alhamdulillah.. Memang macam nda percaya I've been that far from my homeland.. Cewah!

Nah! Ice di Iceland!

New Zealand (^^) hurm finally aku rasa, NZ agak overrated la jugak.. Kalau mau cakap cantik, aku rasa Switzerland tu lebih cantik dan nda commercialized sangat hehe nanati kita cerita kenapa aku jadi begini~

Hurm.... One more will be fulfilled this year, inshaAllah...

(^^) Dare to dream.. And dare to make it come true...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Tentang Hidup.. Dan Juga Mati... Part I


Uiseh cam serious betol bha tu title.. Nah~ I actually paused for a moment before I came up with that title.. That is the hardest part of blog writing; deciding the title hehe Ini novel ya...

I've been thinking a lot of how differently Nuyui's passing have impacted my whole life as compared to my grandmother's passing many years ago. Both of them are dear to me in their own way. Nuyui is the little sister that I always yearn for during my childhood. While my Nenek, I took care of her during the last days of her life because my mom was away for an operation in KK...

I was that 9 year-old who skipped sekolah agama to sit by Nenek side in the ward. She went in and out of the ward very frequently for severe asthma. I remember enjoying handling the nebulizer machine at home and dreading the moment when she passed motion because I have to clean it up and help change her diapers. I remember the rage that I had in me when she asked for my brother whenever her condition worsened. She would just ignore me and start wailing his name loudly. My brother was too busy with his teenage life and rarely can be seen. I felt unappreciated and sometimes I would hid in the toilet and cried.

Those were the occasional bad days, though. When she was well, we would chat all day long. Sometimes she would ask me of the latest books that I'd read. Sometimes she let me lie down with her on the hospital bed. And sometimes she would braid my hair. My last moment with her is still very clear in my mind. That evening she look perfectly well that I even thought that she was going to go home soon. It was already Maghrib when ucu and aunty came to fetch me and aunty was staying with nenek for the night. I leaned closer to Nenek and kissed her cheek. As I was about to leave, Nenek called me and pulled my hand to draw me closer. She touched my forehead and laboriously got up to kiss my forehead. Her last words were "You are a good beautiful girl.."*Don't get me wrong. I'm not being a narcissist here. Nenek always said I'm beautiful haha*

That night, I just couldn't sleep. I was tossing and turning and rashes started to appear on my skin. I felt anxious. I felt as if something bad is going to happen. I finally fell asleep after I forced myself to since I have to go to school in the morning. When I woke up, there was only me, Nuyui and the maid at home. Ucu was no where to be seen. As I was getting ready to don my school uniform, the maid told me that I don't have to go to school that day. I said, but I have choral speaking practice today. Then she said, "Nenek sudah tiada..." I froze. I didn't know how to respond. I only cried when I sat in front of her body at my house. Her body was covered with her own kain batik; the one she wear almost everyday. But there she was in front of me, motionless, lifeless. I asked myself, "Is this a dream?" "Nenek, why are you not waking up?"

And I still remember how annoyed I was when some mak cik approached me and told me to stop crying. How could I? I was sad... She was buried  after the Jumaah prayer but I didn't follow them to the graveyard because I had to take care of Nuyui since all the adults were busy....

And then similar to what I felt when Nurul passed away, at that time, I felt sad and then came acceptance and later came longing... This longing process is inexplicably long.. No no no.. It's forever.. When a family member is lost, the void that we feel inside the heart can never be filled.. Because that space belong to them and none other.. But how I'd moved on in these two occasions are very very much different...

I was a kid when Nenek left us.. I felt her absence because I was the one who tend to her daily needs when mom was busy at work and when mom was hospitalized herself. But I didn't think much of death itself as much as I think about it when Nuyui passed away. After all, I was a carefree kid.. Who has her own endevours, who later got carried away with growing up... And that's all I felt, ABSENCE...

When Nuyui passed away, I didn't get the time to immediately do some self-reflecting moment. I was busied coping with new responsibilities which somehow distracted me from sadness. But it got me nowhere; I didn't progress. I stayed back to finish my work. All things done. Poof.. I got no satisfaction. No gratification... All depressed, my room was a mess and my laundry piling up. From June until December, I was desperate to find a point at which I could totally start anew with a new spirit, with new goals, everything new...

So on my way back from Twins of Faith at the end of December, after listening to all those inspirational speakers, I said to myself. "Haziah, if you don't start anew now and keep delaying this start anew thingy, you might just die as a loser.." Because I was thinking, I might not be aware that I'm running out of time. That my time on earth is up.. I already wasted 6 months; crying inside my car as I drive to work and back from work, worked like a zombie, and then cry myself to sleep again. It was a melancholic 6 months that it amazed me that I have that much water in my body to have cried those liters and liters of tears..

To be continued...

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Switzerland: Dari hujung ke hujung... (Part I)


So we were in Interlaken for the night. Had a quick dinner because it was quite late when we arrived. That's the good thing about traveling in summer; we had longer daylight. The sun sets at around 9 pm when we were there so it was really convenient for long drive.

We actually aimed for Trummelbach that morning. It's a famous glacier waterfall inside the mountain. When I said INSIDE, it is literally INSIDE (^^) Actually, we can also go there by train but after kira-kira budget, we finally opted to rent a car; because it is way cheaper to share one vehicle and we don't have to rush to meet the train schedule heeeeee We love to be super flexible and stay for as long as we like at an attraction that we favour upon arrival~ So yeah, we usually don't stick to our itinerary because we can be carried away by nature's beauty...

This is how the road looks like though this don't really show how narrow it is compared to the ones in our country. Tapi betol! luas lagi jalan KK pi Menumbok bha. So I was driving anxiously all the way and became more anxious when we approach the villages because the road is even narrower in those area. But still, I did enjoy the scenery especially the colourful meadows along the way. You can also see people cycling or just trekking on the side of the road. We were in awe, of course, because you don't get to see that in Malaysia, do you? haha Not even in remote areas.. Gaya hidup sehat betol!

And then I drove and drove and drove and suddenly we found ourselves in Rivendell~
Traveling ni memang bikin kuat berangan~

O ya.. Kami menjerit girang!!! "Ya Allah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TEMPAT APA NI!!!!!!??????????? Huargh!!!!!!!!!"

This Rivendell of ours is actually Lauterbrunnen hehe

Staubbach Fall

Lauterburnnen is a small town set in a valley surrounded by overhanging rocky cliffs. And you can see waterfalls of various height and size cascading down these cliffs. It is said there are 72 waterfalls but I didn't count because they were too many haha The pic above is Staubbach Fall; one of the highest waterfall in Europe. The cascade is so high that you can see the water blown by the wind to form mist. The overhanging rock stood to its glory and the free-falling water is what I call PERFECTION... I just stare at it.. sampai sakit tundun.. (that's the back of the neck in Kedayan)

We stroll in the town and took pictures and later continue our journey to the intended place

Actually there is a cable car station there that goes atop the cliff where the stream of the Staubach waterfall is. But we were aiming for another place so we just went straight to Trummelbach...

Along the way to Trummelbach were meadows and meadows and meadows again. And then suddenly you will find paragliders landing on these meadows and that look so cool man! "Cool nye hobby dorang ni.." 
Because these  paragliders are real paragliders who are spending their summer to just paraglide. They are not tourists who wanted to TRY paragliding. I think they just jumped off from some random cliffs above us hahaha

Kalau ikotkan hati, mau jak aku stop and tanya "Dari mana kau terjun??" But masa nda mencukupi... hehe

Selekeh betol! Ini parking lot.. Hehe

Kalo Babah ada ni, mesti kena suro berdiri sebelah signboard haha :p

From the parking lot, we walked to the entrance and there we have to pay CHF 11 to get through the gate; cash only ya. And then we board this very ancient looking funicular which was built before World War I. There was a couple who I presumed have traveled quite a lot and commented that the lift look a lot like the one they rode somewhere else which was also built at about the same time. And the lift operator responded, "But this is Swiss made.. Swiss made is always better.." haha tergelak aku.. It took us to the 6th level and then we have to further climb up to the top waterfall which is literally inside the mountain from there.

The view of Lauterbrunnen Valley

So this is how it looks like from inside the canyon. The walkway is quite slippery from the spray of the powerful waterfall and it is quite noisy because of the echoing sound of the waterfall. But, I love the experience anyway. Just make sure you wear suitable shoes and a jacket since it is quite cold inside and you can get slightly wet.

We are standing on the platform where you can see the 6th chute

The 6th chute. Camera nda canggih thus I can't show you the powerful swirl that formed just below this fall

I don't remember at which level this was.. o_0

I love looking at those shiny shiny granite~ (^^)

This is how the walkway looks like inside. Basah ok and that was why I had my hood on.. Aku rasa claustrophobics patut fikir jugakla masa masok ni hehe

Adoi, ini suda lama, I did read about how this tunnel was made. But I went to too many places that I can't recall clearly which one is which already. But what I'm sure of is the beautiful curves of the canyon are naturally carved by the flow of the waterfall and this tunnel was man-made sebab aku ingat perbualan kami masa tu...

"MashaAllah berusaha nya dorang buat tunnel ni.."
"Memang bukan untuk keuntungan kot.. CHF 11 je weyh..."
"Mungkin dorang just nak share and nak kite appreciate semue ini!"

To me, this is a very precious experience. And I kept saying "Terima kasih pacik2 yang buat tunnel ini!!!"
This is a memorable chance to actually see what is hidden.. From the outside, the view of the falling water is breathtaking~ But to have the chance to see how the glacial water cut its way through hard rocks to form the canyon slots and caves is AWESOME!

This reminds me of how puny my knowledge about the world is.. The world is so amazing~ Sejak travel ni minat aku tentang history, geology and anthropology semakin menjadi-jadi.. Yeah~ Allah's knowledge is Great that we can't grasp it all.. But as we walk on earth, look around; observe, listen and read, we might slowly grab them bit by bit... To grasp all is impossible, but we could try to gain as much as we could.

Before I went to New Zealand my mom said, "Adik! Nanti ambil gambar baring-baring atas bunga lagi!" 

And yeay~ Don't forget to look back~


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Eurotrip Switzerland: Geneva-Interlaken


And so I have to leave this beautiful place with a heavy heart. My tips for you who are planning to go to Chamonix, 1 day is not enough. It's a lovely place where you would just want to sit back and relax. No rush. I'm definitely coming back for the train journey at the glacier and and and get myself a new water bottle as souvenir because I left mine in Geneva airport T_T

Ok cam salah upload tapi malas suda mo reupload hahaha :p

O ya we got this certificate at the souvenir shop. I don't remember whether this is given to everybody or was it because we bought some souvenirs.. Hurm.. I think it's the later haha sorry geng.. Lama suda ni~ Ada lupa2 sikit haha

Anyway, we went back to Geneva that afternoon. Pengalaman dengan pacik driver bus pon lucu. As I mentioned in my previous post, we booked the transfer back to Geneva at the airport. So, that afternoon, the driver couldn't find our chalet and he actually called me. And voila! He speaks no English woooorrr!!!!! So again, ayam cakap sama itik la...

Pacik: Où êtes-vous
GG: We are in AWA hostel
Pacik: !@#$^%$&%^&
GG: It's near the Pharmacy.. Apotheek.. Eyh itu Dutch pulak...
Pacik: !@##$##$%$%^$

I think it took him about 30 minutes to find it because our hostels are hidden behind some buildings and the only road that is accessible to it is very narrow and we never see any vehicle pass since we arrived. I just left the room key at the kitchen and left a note saying that we were in a hurry and apologized to have done that haha

We got a huge coach to ourselves and the driver took a different route to Geneva which I think was even more scenic than the road from which we came because this one was closer to the mountains. The pacik was actually a Muslim so he was excited meeting us. We chatted though I think we replied him wrongly all the time because he was speaking French and we were only guessing what he was saying and just answered sesuka hati kami hahaha

We picked up our rental car at the airport and was lucky that we got an upgrade from a compact car to this four wheel drive without additional charges. We never know why we got the upgrade. But hoyeah! I love the car... Tapi lucu ok nda pandai adjust side mirror sampai panggil pembersih kereta tu ajar everything; from side mirror to the beam to the hand brake to the everything~

And the journey begin.... Well, it was too long since I last drove on the left hand side so it was quite hard to adapt at first. So, we head towards Interlaken that day. We did a quick stop at the Chateau De Canton that evening but it was closed for renovation..

And we did a quick stop in Oberhofen to take a look at this famous castle set on the bank of Lake Thun. Memang cantik! It was already late so, it was closed.

O ya, we actually passed this town called Fribourg which was the most classical-looking town of all the towns that we passed in Switzerland. I really like it! But we didn't stop for coffee or anything there since it was still such a long way to go.

I drove about 200 km ++ that day. And I was grateful that we got an upgrade. The roads are excellently paved, no potholes like in Malaysia. But when you go to the country side, the roads were much narrower and they have lots of tunnel that extend to 3 to 4 km and some of them are winding and uphill so that was quite challenging sebab aku fobia sket dengan tunnel2 ni.. And the roads on cliffs are quite scary sebab divider dia mak aih.. tiang tiang kicil saja ok!!!!!!!!!!!!! Macam picket fence jak aku tengok~

Where we stayed for the night.. Breakfast included so berabis menapau croissant..

But the most meaningful discovery in Interlaken was, drama Melayu yang famous itu (I don't know what's the title but MR was the one who followed it) was not filmed in Interlaken!!!!  Interlaken is a beautiful town but it is not the romantic kind of town. It's a full of activities kind of town. In the morning, you can see many colourful parachutes in the sky; those are paragliders.. And at the reception desk at our hostel, they displayed the caving, canyoning, water rafting, paragliding and even sky diving packages. Kalo banyak masa dan duit pasti aku suda try...

Gambar bukti bukan Google Image.. Okay nanti aku sambung lagi... Pendek saja cerita.. sekali lagi cerita perjalanan saja kan :p