Friday, January 17, 2014

Mont Blanc~ I'm in love


Hehe Ceria kan muka aku di pagi hari!!! This was a pic we took on our way to the cable car station. MR was already in her winter coat. She was the most prepared for the climate amongst us!

And this is the view from our room balcony.. Yes, mina san.. that is Mont Blanc! \(^^)/Aku excited betol sampai masuk selumbar dalam kaki masa berdiri di balcony (^^")

On our way to the train station, I went berserk with all the beauty that surrounds me. I started taking pictures from every corner of the town. We were very lucky to have clear sky that day. Back in Paris, it was almost always gloomy except during the last day when the sun was out. If it weren't for the blue sky, we wont be able to capture the nice snow cap there... What a bliss~

Bagai kan mimpi...

Okay enough~
So we bought a combo ticket for the cable car to Mont Blanc and  train ride where you can see the glacier.. tapi nda sempat pon pi naek train!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T cry cry~

There is another cable car that connects Mont Blanc to another peak in Italy. I don't quite remember what the name is but yeah it was actually part of our plan. It was supposedly already opened for public. But I guess, summer came late this year and the weather was unpredictable, so the cable car was still closed at that time. Kecewa jugak la...

But still Mont Blanc memang mengancam!!!!

The queue at the station that morning. Most of the Europeans were there to ski or climb while the Asians were obviously the tourists who came for sight seeing atop the mountain. I was of course eyeing on their gears.. Their ropes, their carabiners, their bags, their windbreakers, their shoes.. Everything! Cantiknya~

Kamu tengok ni pakcik!!! I don't know whether I could even climb stairs if I'm at his age (^^") 

So that is the cable car. No chairs; everybody stand. It's very fast; about 20 minutes.. I think,  that's too fast to ascend to that elevation in such speed. My friends had AMS! But they tried to tolerate with it. It was very scary when the cable car jolt and swing every time it passes the posts. Everybody goes "o0o0o0o0" and "Aaaaaah" haha

The first thing that I did on top of Mont Blanc was.. bergambar dengan lelaki Perancis ini haha O mai~ gedik betol aku dalam pic nih!!!!!!!!!!!

He was actually looking down at the snow below us from the platform so I, meramahkan diri sana, asked

GG: It's a nice day to ski, isn't it?
French guy: No.. Not today..
GG: Why? Everybody is skiing..
French: You see, that smooth layer over there. That's not good for ski. You could fall.. And when you fall, you only fall once...
GG: O0o0o0.. I never know that. Never ski before..

When I asked "Can we take a picture with you?" Boleh boleh dia jawab "NO!" with a serious face.. And then he continued "I was joking," Fuh~ Sikit lagi kuyak!

I don't know how to correctly describe this place. There are lots of buildings at different heights. These buildings are either connected by bridges or by stairs or by lifts or by tunnels. And these buildings have terraces where you can conveniently view the panorama.

While my friends had to deal with nauseous feeling and dizziness, I suddenly became hypothermic. I turned blue and start to shiver uncontrollably. "Gg! Kenape gg biru!? Gg ok x nih?" "Ok je.. tapi sejuk.."

So we spent almost 10 minutes to heat me with MR's heating pads.. Astaga!!!! 

Selesai misi menyelamatkan GG

Dalam menggigil gigil tu sempat jugak aku snap pic dorang nih
So now lets look at some of the pics...

Group pic (^^)


This is one of the best spot to stand on. You can see the small town below, you can see the mountain range opposite Mont Blanc, and you can see the layers and layers of the snow-capped peaks that seems to have no end over the horizon.. Subhanallah...

Standing in such height is when I'll be reminded that I'm just a speck in this massive planet.. It reminds of Allah, the Most Exalted, the Most Knowledgeable.. How can all this be in such a beautiful fashion, in such a beautiful order if it's not for the Great Sustainer and the Magnificence.. .MashaAllah...

From the naked eyes, you could actually see the different shades of blue of the layers of mountains. It is so picturesque that it literally took my breath away..

If you look closely, you'll see there are actually workers on top of the roof. Sweeping off the snow.

We were above the clouds (^^) View from the cafeteria.. 

This is the tunnel that leads to the starting point for skiing. Those macho macho men are preparing their ski gears.. And we just watch them, inquisitive.. Living in the tropics, we don't get to see this at all!

And there goes our macho macho skiers...

The valley below us... (^^)

Muka semakin happy dari yang pagi kan?? Heeee I lost one of my leather glove while on top (^^") and I felt the altitude sickness as I ran up the stairs when I was trying to find it. Pergh! It was uncomfortable. I stopped and took a few steps down the stairs and waited for the dizziness to wear off. Luckily, that worked..

O ya, if you're wondering about halal food; there is one halal Kebab restaurant and an Indian restaurant that serves scrumptious fish briyani!

So next, Switzerland yaw!!! 

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