Friday, May 24, 2013

Day Trip to Kutna Hora (^^)

I had a very bad jet lag when I was in Prague. I woke up at 4 am every day! Luckily, Ricci and Fega was there to chat with me while I can't sleep sebab yang laen2 sedang berjimba di Bali... But, this also gave me the chance to plan for the next day.. Like the trip to Kutna Hora; woke up at 4am.. Google on places that I can go for a day trip, picked one that's easiest to go and I think I would enjoy most, go back to sleep at around 6 am.. Woke up at 8am and rush to the main train station to catch the train that leaves at 9 am~

That morning on my way to the central station. The door doesn't open automatically there. You have to press that yellow button.. I always forgot that and end up waiting in front of the door like a fool (-_-") 

This is the centrum where you can get the train schedule and purchase tickets. It's really convenient... Go to the info counter and they'll print out the schedule for you. I bought the 2-way ticket to Kutna Hora and I think the most convenient part is you can freely choose the train that suits your schedule. We don't have to worry about missing the train.. Well, if you missed it, at least you only have to worry about getting there later than you intend to and need not buy a new ticket. O ya, from what's written on the ticket, the ticket is valid for 2 days from the date printed on it. 

So.. While waiting for the train to arrive, I sat at a cafe enjoying a cup of mocha. There was an Arab lady with her son there. Her son was talking to a white man. She looked at me and I smiled :)

Arab lady: Muslim??
GG: Yes, I'm a Muslim

Tiba2 dia menadah tangan tinggi2 \\(".) 


I obviously didn't see that coming and was startled and don't know how to respond. Well, I haven't seen any Muslim tourist in Prague yet at that time and those two were the first ones. I guess she haven't met any Muslim tourist either; perhaps longer than me

GG: Alhamdulillah (^^") 

Hlavni nadrazi.. that means main station.. I think that's the only thing that I can pronounce in Czech, HLAVNI NADRAZI because I heard that like hundreds of times at the train station. I asked a cashier what's 'thank you' in Czech on my first day in Prague. It sounds like "Cakui". Because I wasn't sure about it, I decided to just say thank you in English.. Rupanya memang la lebey kurang "Cakui". Thank you is "Dekuji"
pronounced as "Jekui" (^^") 

And after 2 hours 12 mins train journey, voilla! I present to you the small town of Kutna Hora (^^)

It's extremely small.. Macam pekan Putatan ni la lebey kurang...  And you can finish the whole town area on foot for about.. 3 hours, I think... Why I choose Kutna Hora of all places?? Because it's in the UNESCO World Heritage list hehe

That's Church of St Barbara. It was designed by the same person who designed St. Vitus and that's why the spires look kind of similar.

The chapels inside

The yard in front of the church.

I was trying to get some good pictures of the church from the steps when a group of primary school students walked by. Some were throwing snow balls at each other and. I stopped taking pictures to watch them *comel sangat mata biru hidung mancung!!* 

 And to my surprise, all of them stopped, looked at me and suddenly

"Hello!! Hello! Hello!" sambil lambai2 tangan

Tergelak aku.. Ada rasa macam artis.. Ada rasa macam maskot juga.. Hehehe

Thank you tong sampah for this picture. 

The statues at the path to the church

One of the statue near the Italian court. I don't know who is this though.

I actually snap this to show it to my mom... (^^) she loves flowers but she can never admit that she doesn't  have the green fingers and ironically, her anti-dirt daughter have them haha seriously I have green fingers and I'm a lucky angler too haha but I hate having dirt stuck in my nails~ *bimbo di situ*

The Gothic Stone Fountain.. Nothing much.. Not functioning anymore.. Was just there because it's in the attraction list

This is the Gothic Stone House. It's very old and actually it is said to be a local museum but then it was closed when I was there. Slamat czech crown aku.. Curiousity can lead to bankruptcy~ But seriously, it's well preserved

And after I finished with all the attractions at the centre, I went back to the train station to take the train back to kutna hora mesto to go to this building; the one that I was actually excited about. Seldec Ossuary \(^^)/

There was this embarrassing moment when I was inside the train. I was actually confused on which station was closest to the ossuary because there was a small station called Seldec in the middle. So I actually stood and walked to the door to hop off the train when suddenly the huge non-English speaking conductor stood in front of me to block the door. 

GG: Seldec ossuary??
Conductor: *Geleng geleng*
GG: Seldec ossuary??
Conductor: *Masih geleng geleng*

So I just walk back to my seat and waited for the train to arrive at  the next station.. I was blushing because everybody was watching.. Sedapkan hati "Aku jumpa dorang ni sekali jak seumor hidop.."

I think it was actually nice of him to have stopped me from getting off at the wrong station.. But it was just awkward to be blocked like that.. I'm so small and he was so huge... And he gave me that fierce expression on his face haha

I don't know if anybody would find this place interesting. But I did!!! Okay actually the whole area used to be a cemetery then one day they want to build a chapel there and they have to excavate some of the graves (some?? macam many jak) and the remains were then used to decorate the interior.

I really like this chandelier (^^)

Actually, the place it quite small.. Luckily there were not that many tourist that day

The signature of the carpenter who did all the creative works with the bones and skulls!

Actually there's another huge church just across the street. Okay this was the exhibit that attract me the most. That's not a corpse... But this is a tomb of someone important. Terkejot jugakla mula2.. Ingatkan corpse hehe

Anyway.. Actually, you will have to walk a few hundred meters from the train station to get to the ossuary.. Well, this was the day when my leg became stiff and I was literally dragging my left foot all the way to the hostel. I guess I overused it and it might have run out of those fluid in the joint (guna laymen term yeah)... Dan kisah selanjutnya adalah macam mana aku decide pi Austria...

Sempat lagi ambil pic ni masa sakit kaki tu kan (^^)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Prague: Old Town Square

People say.. 3rd year of marriage will be one of the most challenging year.. And I hereby declare this statement is also applicable for your career.. This is my 3rd year working and it is the toughest year so far

(-_-") tengok jak la kekerapan mengupdate blog yang semakin berkurang.. huhu I need more traveling!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.. I know this Czech Republic post is going slower than my Aussie trip posts so here goes huk huk!!!

So this was where I had my lunch and dinner combined. They had very delicious kebab, aromatic rice and pizza and the mocha was good too. The workers were friendly; we chatted a bit and during my 3rd visit, they already knew that for my order, I like lots of mayonnaise on top hehe

Saw this prostrating man on the bridge on my way back from the castle. There are quite a number of them actually and they can stay in that position for  hours! well.. I think so.. Because he was prostrating when I walked by the first time and was still in that position when I passed the second time. Or maybe he took a rest  somewhere in between when I was not around kan but still.. lama nya ko sujud begitu!

White swans on the river that evening (^^) Feel gila~ Rasa macam dalam video karaoke hehe

Actually, I was planning to go back straight to the hostel that evening. But when I was about to turn right in front of the Charles bridge entrance, to the direction of the hostel, I saw a huge crowd coming from across the street.. I wonder "What's in that direction??? There must be something there" Because I saw a huge crowd coming from that direction the day before too. So I crossed the street and followed the crowd that was going to that direction.. Gelap gelita jak rasa masa tu sebab semua nya tinggi2 and there I was, a small Asian woman, drawn by the crowd to the unknown~

dan mereka telah membawa ku ke...

Old Town Square!!!!!!!!!

I was actually planning to go here on the third day.. Ces! rupanya dekat saja! Dalam peta nampak jauh hehe

So that massive building is the Church of Our Lady Before Tyn. Well, after exploring St Vitus, I didn't feel like spending my scarce Czech crown to enter another church that day hihu so0o0o0 I just stroll around, be in the moment and snapped plenty of pictures.

The famous astronomical clock !! (^^)

Well, it's the oldest that is still working. I went to the square twice and was lucky to be there during the hourly chime. There was a huge crowd standing below it so I was quite far and being a shortsighted, I can't really see how the dial moved but I did see the moving figures; the apostles at the window and the skeleton and some other figures that dressed like Islamic scholars which they called the philosopher and the astronomer. 

What's so special about this clock??

1. It's OLD
2. It's an astronomical clock which tells the astronomical info; this one display the position of the sun and the moon

The one below the clock is actually a present-day calendar installed in the 19th century. Kagum okay~

So.. what else is there? There are stalls selling souvenirs and food. Eish bole tergoda jugak la mo rasa but I chose not to.. Just enjoy the wafting aroma..

This is the Jan Hus monument.. He was a protestant reformer somewhere in the 13th century. Was captured, imprisoned and burnt to death. And after that a war broke between the Hussites (the follower of Jan Hus) and the catholic crusaders in Prague... 

Another view of the square..

After strolling around on that cold winter evening (which  made it quite difficult to really be in the moment because it was too cold and I was walking at a quick pace to keep warm), I decide to follow the crowd again.. And.. it took me to...

The Powder Tower (^^)

It got it's name from being a gunpowder storage facility somewhere in the 17th or 18th century but originally, it used to be one of the main gate to the  old city

Next to it stood the Municipal House

I was actually awe-struck by the stunning architectural design; really suit it's function as a concert hall.. 

I actually wanted to explore more but the temperature got even colder as the sunset approached. So I went back to the square and saw this woman in white. She saw me watching her and struck a pose..

Walked towards her with my hands digging into my pockets to find some coins.. Stood in front of her and asked

"Kau nda sejuk ka??"

Finally I manage to spill some Malay words~ Well, Sabahan to be exact hehe

Waaah~ Seronok betol aku rasa on the way balik pi hostel.. This was something different from the rest of my travel.. I was alone and have just explored the buildings and monuments of the medieval and renaissance era... (^^) *NERD*