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Prague: St Vitus Cathedral

First and foremost.. I think my parents are weird heeee

During those weeks before the Boracay trip, I frequently asked them whether I could go or not.. It's very weird for both of them to persistently say NO.. Usually, either one of them will be on my side. One evening, I found a letter from Ketua Polis Negara on my table. Penangguhan Lawatan Ke Filipina. Yeah~ The title was something like that.. Said to my friends

"Pelik weyh parents aku x bagi pegi.. Aku jadi x sedap hati pulak.."

What's even more weird was their calm reaction when I said I'm going to Prague alone~

GG: Mommy.. Adik pergi Prague.. Dekat Czech Republic. That's somewhere next to and a little bit below Germany.. Adik pergi sorang tau..
Mommy: Bestnya! Take care! Musim apa tu ah sekaranf?

GG: Babah, aku x jadi pi Filipin.. Pi Czech. Sorang2...
Babah: Bekas Soviet bha tu kan.. Bha. Hati2 saja

Monolog dalaman... "Ok~ Ganjil~"

So Second day in Prague~ (^^)/

Prague castle is so0o0o0o0 huge that you definitely can't miss the sight of it. It looked so magnificent even from afar. You can see clearly the minarets of St. Vitus cathedral jutting among the roofs of the other buildings in the castle ground.. The weather was a lot better that morning. Still cold but the sky was clear, though the sun was hidden behind some clouds.

Crossed the Charles Bridge for the second time and followed the signage to the castle. Yes, it was written in Czech hee

Naaaa~ Hehe maen agak2 jak la kan which route to take. I have a map with me but it was not that helpful. The path towards the castle is slightly sloped for a few hundred meters so kita kena fit!!! But I was walking on cobblestone and between colourful buildings so I was quite overwhelmed by the surrounding that I didn't feel tired.. Tapi itula susah travel sorang2~ You have to contain your excitement. Kalo nda, mungkin aku suda  melompat lompat gembira... (^^") hee~

The gate alone was immensely stunning. But I found the baroque style statues were a bit disturbing because one was a man with a club in his hand and the other with a dagger; both in a position ready to assault. Two guards were standing still there at the entrance. Not moving at all; not even a twitch! But I actually caught one of them looking at me. No he didn't move a muscle. Only the eyes moved.. Mungkin sebab aku gagal menutup excitement atau penampilan aku yang ganjil dari tourist laen pada saat dan ketika itu..

So I went in.. Berjalan sambil memandang ke kiri ke kanan ke atas dan ke bawah seperti jakun.. Memang aku tengah jakun pon. I had palpitations and was in awe.. The uniqueness of the architecture and the opulence that surrounds me.. MashaAllah~ Hebat betol akal manusia anugerah Allah ini~ Serius aku jakun gila!

So, once you walk in, you'll find yourself in a square where there's a fountain, again designed in baroque style. Then you'll see this incredible building, St. Vitus Cathedral. Again I was in awe.. (0_o)

This was my first time seeing something Gothic so wow I was captivated . The design looked so complex  and it's massive and I just can't imagine how they could built such thing in the 13th century.. Hebat btol~ But yes the construction was in stages and it actually underwent some restorations.

Okay.. So how much does this place cost? If you're not the type who wants to look what's inside the buildings, it won't cost you anything.. But if you're a nerd, like me.. Who needs explanation on every single object; it's CZK 350 for long visit (means the ticket is valid for single admission to all buildings and exhibitions) and another CZK 350 for an audio guide (3 hours only)  and you have to put CZK 500 deposit for the device and will get the money back once you've returned the device in one piece to the counter... So my journey begins.. The area is huge and yes I spent 6 hours here alone that day

I immediately took this building to my liking.. I was taking pictures of every angle and was focusing my camera lens on the gargoyles.. Maklumlah, sebelom ni tengok di kartun jak kan.. Yang bole bercakap2 lagi kalo di The Hunchback of Notre Dame tu kan.. And from visiting this castle, I finally found out the real function of gargoyles.. I have always thought they are solely for the purpose of decor.. But actually they are for draining water from the roof, gutters and terraces. So let's see how the interior of this building looks like..

 This is the ceiling...

There are chapels like this and that thing on the right is a tomb of a saint. Each of the stained glass windows at the chapels tells a story.. 

This is the tomb of John of Nepomuk. He was a saint who was drowned in Vltava river by one of the Bohemian king because he refused to disclose what the queen confessed during the confessional. His tomb was made of silver and it was all shiny.. Actually this picture doesn't give the nicest view of the tomb. Too many tourists at the other side so dari tepi sini pon jadi laaaa~

Eyh ada bha pulak dari depan punya pic hehe berusaha nda kasi  masok group berbahasa Sepanyol di tepi itu~

Yah! Manage to get a Korean guy to help me take my picture in the cathedral.. So I was really inside! Bukan google image~ Sesungguhnya aku malas mo buat watermark..

The Great South Tower

And we can actually go up to the lookout gallery of the Great South Tower \(^^)/ another good reason to practice healthy lifestyle.. This tower has 287 steps; spiral steps and very narrow... Not for claustrophobic.. I was out of breath when I reached the top but the view of Prague from the lookout was to die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing~ And that's why I decided to skip  Petrin hill because it was winter and I already had a good view of Prague from this tower (^^) o0o0 this is not included in the long visit ticket so I paid another CZK 250 and got a golden metal coin as a souvenir.

Tiba2 rasa geram sebab.. my more expensive camera's image quality is not as good as my cheap camera and the price difference is around RM 600..Urgh.. Aku yang x pandai setting ni tau~

I wanted to stay longer but the cold winter breeze was not that friendly.. It was very windy and I can't feel my hands.. So I took as many pics as I could and went down.. Ada la feel sekejap2 tapi eyh sejok babe!

One of the gargoyle... Only few of them are original ones. Some are new ones installed in the early 19th century.

That red building is St. George's Basilica

The interior. It's smaller and there was this soft humming voice echoing in the hall.. Memang rasa macam dalam cerita The Da Vincci Code sekejap.

Eyh?? Panjang suda.. Nanti la aku sambung :P

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