Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Prague: Prague Castle (^^)

So we are still in Prague Castle.. *Virtual tour kono*

So after St George's Basilica, I went to the permanent exhitbition; "The Story of Prague Castle". Picture taking was not allowed so everything is well kept in my memory hehe Well, there were huge chambers inside. I remember one chamber has the crown with colourful jewels on it, enclosed in a glass cube. There were portraits of the Bohemian kings, the ornaments and costumes they used to wear and some china.

Then I went to search for the Golden Lane but I ended up at the castles' gardens. There's nothing much to see in winter but I bet they are very lovely in spring. Everything was leafless, dry and brown in winter.. there is a lookout there where you can get a nice view of the town.

Nampak putih2 di tangga itu? Itu snow ok! (^^)

That's one of the garden there. Nothing much in winter (-_-")

When I took this picture, I was standing right next to a vineyard. Went down those steps and it led me to a street. And on my last day there, I found out there is one train station a few minutes walk from that street. So x perlu la kamu bersusah payah menyeberang Charles Bridge kalau malas. But still, I think for a Malaysian, that is quite a distance to go on foot.. Kita kan x berapa biasa berjalan :P

So after taking pictures over this side of the castle, I walked back to the direction of St. Vitus Cathedral to find the Golden Lane.. O0o0 I actually missed the sign.. It was hidden behind other buildings and the access to it was only a narrow alley that's easily ignored sebab macam tiada apa2 di situ okies!

So this is the Golden Lane.. I really hate my camera right now because the colour of the buildings are actually more vibrant than this (-_-")

So what is this place? Well, it's a line of ancient houses; used to be dwelt by goldsmiths in the 17th century where they've attempted some alchemy to turn metal into gold *Terus terbayang Full Metal Alchemist*

There were ancient weapons displayed there but I took this one to my liking..
 Crown in the castle + this = Jack the Giant Slayer!!!!!!!

Imagination runs wild when you are traveling alone~

I went inside of course. This is the picture of the steps that led to the upper floor where there's a medieval  armoury display. I've never been to Europe before so this was my first time seeing them so agak kagum! Reminds me of Fantaghiro, Tarabas and Ramualdo~

Hurm.. Minta tolong stranger amek gambar, mesti berdiri tegak jak (-_-")

Anyway.. I was actually thinking at that time.. "Wow.. mesti orang dulu2 tough bole muat dalam armour begini"

and a few seconds after that, I caught the sight of this!

Yah! armour untuk mereka mereka yang buncit! Heeee They didn't make the pants.. Takot nda muat kali hehe :p

Kagum dengan ini jugak!!!! (0_o)

Some of the interior of these houses were made to look like the medieval times. There were bedrooms, kitchen and bars.. And some turned into souvenir shops. The above is a window of a shop selling wooden puppets and toys. Teringin jugak mo beli satu.. Tapi.. X pa la nanti kumpol habuk jak.. *Padahal mahal!!* 

The last building to visit was the Rosenberg Palace. I don't have the picture of the building.. and they don't allow taking pictures in it BUT!!!! My greatest discovery in this building was the PORTABLE LAVATORY!

Rosenberg Palace was once resided by unmarried noblewomen with the of age 24 and above (Pergh! Aku layak!) during the 18th century. They were those pious ones I guess because the room has the kneeling prayer bench and a bible there. And at one side of the room stood the PORTABLE LAVATORY

I'm not a good artist.. Well, I have no talent at all when it comes to drawing but I want to make this as clear as possible to you. I know there are portable toilet for camping; the one that you can carry around that looks like a a stool with a hole in the middle. This is almost like that but it's made of high quality wood with glossy finishing.. And the seat is cushioned. There's a white porcelain bowl inside.. And the lid cover is also cushioned so if it's not in use and with the cover on top, it will look just like a an expensive-looking comfortable stool..

Well, after that it started to snow outside. Melompat gembira sebab xpernah rasa snow \(^^)/

Went to look what the dungeon looked like and saw the ogreish looking torture tools.. Then I decided to leave the castle ground and explore the other parts of Hradcany.. I just follow where the crowd goes and voilla, they brought me to Loreta!

I don't know much about Loreta because it was closing when I got there. All I know is it's a pilgrimage destination. 

So to close my visit to this part of the city.. I treat myself with a huge plate of Arab food and mocha!

Percayalah... Portion yang besar ini berjaya ku habiskan! Yaw!

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