Friday, January 11, 2013

Melbourne CBD Part 2

Okay... Saya stress... I was uploading pictures for this post just now and I just noticed there were missing pics!!!! Argh! Jadi post ini akan kurang awesome! Kurang nerdy! (-_-") Anyway.. Bismillah~

So, the day before we went back to Malaysia, we chose to have a more leisure schedule.. Decided to go to Brighton beach to have a look at the colourful bath houses but we board the wrong tram and got to St Kilda instead. It was a nice day, so we just enjoyed our time strolling along the coast.

Bergambar di depan Luna Park yang entah bila bukak..

And below is the building next to it..

And then we went back to the CBD to catch the guided tour of the Parliament Building. It is such a magnificent building from the outside so we were intrigued to discover how is the inside. The Parliament Building is still in use and they do have weekly assemblies here but not during the touring day, of course.

I look so small standing in front of it...

So we were brought into the chambers and the library. Woho! Library dia sangat mengujakan sebab sebijik macam library dalam Beauty & the Beast!

This is the top view of the main chamber. Those shiny golden colour carvings are made from real gold ok!

Get a closer look of the angels.. Actually each of the angel symbolize the ministry of the parliament. I remember the Ministry of Education's angel was holding a book hehe Beautiful~

Then we took a tram to St Kilda Road to see the Shrine of Remembrance (^^) Okay, mungkin hari 2nd last ini sangat patriotik pulak heee

The Shrine of Remembrance was initially built to commemorate the men and women who served during World War I but now it seems that it is dedicated to all Australians that served the war. You can go inside and we actually did. I took very beautiful pictures of the interior but now I can't find them UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

On top of that roof, there's actually an aperture that lets the sunlight shines inside. There was this room at the basement, with a statue of a father and a son in the middle that has this very melancholy aura to it, you know. There were words carved on the walls and they were very touching ones..

I took the pictures of all that and now it's all gone!!! UWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Seriously, the room had this very solemn aura that I was so touched by those words.. Bergenang genang air mata ni bha membaca. Or.. maybe I'm simply just a world war-obsessed lady haha

There was this short video show about the Australian soldiers; the time when they were imprisoned by the Japanese in Singapore. Semangat bha tengok dari awal sampai habis haha

And you can also go up to the balcony. One side was facing this park and the outer CBD

And on the other side faces Melbourne City. Cantik sangat. A good place to stand on the last day, gaze upon the spectacular surrounding and keep it in memory.

Yah! Borneo \(^^)/ The others stood next to the word Malaya hehe

O ya, not only that the design is so classical, it is also made of quality granite.

Sooooo the next day kami pon balik lah... Hurm.. Yes I didn't go to QVM to shop tapi still, as always, aku akan balik dengan the most shopping stuffs jugak.. (-_-") I bought 2 sets of Corelle dinner set and 1 cookware set! Yosh!!! Gigih ok mengangkat....

Got myself a kangaroo and a koala!

And another souvenir... A tanned skin!

"Bos, Australia panas ka sampai itam?"
"Nda la.. Sejuk sangat sampai xsedar ada matahari.."

(^^)/ Yaw!

*In Sabah, everybody is bos :p

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