Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Melbourne CBD (^^) Part 1

So we did our Great Ocean Road and the Grampians tour, went hot air ballooning in Yarra Valley, drove all the way from Melbourne to Philip Island then to Sorrento, crossed the channel to Queenscliff and finally drove back to Melbourne CBD...That left us with three days to explore the CBD.

After so  much trouble from finding our way to return the car (where I almost hit an old lady because I don't understand how the traffic light works) MR and I decided that we should just walk back to our hostel..

MR and I were so hungry so we had Indonesian food that evening and strolled a bit to get the feel of how Melbourne City was like on a Saturday

There was this guy who used water to make a very nice painting on Swanston street that evening. He calls himself Splash Baron and he even has his own facebook page. Quite famous (^^)

There were some youths breakdancing at the same street; a few blocks from the Splash Baron. And at that time there was this kid who was actually passing by with his parents. They were standing there, like MR and I, watching the dancers and suddenly the kid just dance his way towards one of  the dancer hehe sangat confident dan comel ok!

It was a cold evening so I thought some calories would give me some heat. So I tried the African sauce! PUNYA SADAP!

Then on our way to the hostel, we passed this park. Not sure of the name but we walked pass it almost everyday. Cantik ok benda itu. I'm not sure whether this is considered as fountain ka bukan haha macam shower jak kn :p

This is one of the cathedral there. I think this one is St Patrick and the one in front of Federation Square is St Paul.. And.. I was right when I said St Paul was built in early 1900.. Ok actually it started earlier la but the construction finished around that heee  (^^)/ I looked it up in Wiki. Thanks Wiki heee

So then, the next morning, the rest decided to go shopping at the Queen Victoria Market while I decided to start off a bit late and head straight to the Museum. So on top is the Royal Exhibition Building.. It is a UNESCO world heritage since it is one of the great exhibition building built in the 18th century. Actually there's a scheduled tour that cost around $5 but the timing was not right for me because I want to go somewhere else.. So I didn't see how it was inside

Right in front of the Royal Exhibition Hall is the museum. So I bought the entrance ticket and also a ticket to watch a short film in the IMAX hehe I just wanted to experience the world's 3rd largest screen :p

Sadly, the section about the aborigines was closed until 2013. I was there for that actually.. So I just stroll at the 'The Melbourne Story' section. There, it tells the story of how Melbourne was  opened by John Batman and there was the chronology of how Melbortne become of what it is today. There were quite a number of signage that has Batman on it in the city, so we were actually wondering who is this Batman.. Ingatkan ada kaitan dengan Gotham city or what haha rupanya the founder.. 

While waiting for the IMAX movie to start, I trudge to Swanston street with my growling stomach. Swanston street has a number of halal food restaurants but I like to eat the Briyani at this small shop just next to the Lord of the Fries. So, I sort of helped to clear up the table because I want to eat on it la kan.. Then I ate la kan, and took that bottled orange juice with pulp which cost $3 from the fridge. The worker said something to me when I took it from the fridge, but I can't hear him clearly. Maybe I was too hungry.. Then when I paid with 2 pieces of $10 note he returned one of it to me..

GG: I thought the change should be $7
Worker: No no.. It's only $10
GG: What about the drink?
Worker: That's free for you

T_T woho berjaya jimat $3 weyh! that's 3 x 3.2 =RM 9.60 \\(".) syukor!

Woho! Nampak pakcik itu?? Okay this is actually the Old Melbourne Gaol.. Sebotan Gaol itu Jail yah hehe The entrance fee is quite pricey but I think it's worth to visit. Not much of a picture-taking place. But I think the history, events and the stories of the criminals are interesting.. 

I was actually scared walking in there alone. There were only few visitors so I was in the cellars alone all the time. The cellars were small and each cellar used to house one convict at a time. They will be given a bible and placed in solitary to allow them to repent. The place has this eerie attribute to it that sometimes I had goosebumps and decided not to finish my reading haha One of such occasion was when I was reading this letter that a convict wrote to his parents before he was executed

These are the death mask of some of the convicts.. Sangat takot ok kalo tengok benda ni sorang2 di dalam bilik yang kecil and dimly lit! (-_-") dan sy bukan seorang yang penakot sebenarnya..

This is how it looks like outside the cellar.. Kena letak orang kan sy cakap baru bukan dari google image

This man, he was accused to have raped and murdered a girl. He was given death penalty and to his death he constantly said he was innocent and one day it'll be proven. And it was proven that he was innocent quite recently by modern forensic.. Kesian...

But the reasons why some of the convicts were prisoned kadang2 x bole blah ok.. curi kasot di England  pon kena penjara di Tasmania ok! And then baru di transfer pi Melbourne..

But there's one thing that I missed when visiting this place. It's the Watch House Experience. MR, SJ and RA went for it while I hurried for the IMAX show. It's a short visit into the watch house and you'll experience how it feels like to be arrested and locked up. They told me the guards were really strict and they really feel like they were real prisoners. 

Next will be the last part about Melbourne CBD (^^)

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