Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sudikah kau menjadi suami ku (-_-")

First and foremeost, today is a public holiday.. Salam Mailidurrasul everyone *though I'm scehduling this post a little bit later*.. I've no plans today.. Was planning our coming trips just now, stopped for lunch and now I feel like rambling... Heee~

Tension no. 1

The beginning of the year is always challenging.. I feel like I need a getaway right away!!! This is the time to summarize everything that was done last year, do revision and improvise for this year. Sampai satu tahap, when I'm done with my work in the ward and finally have time to do the documentation stuffs, I'll just stare at my computer; as if my brain refuse to function~ (-_-")

Tension no. 2

And, for this week alone... I was asked "Bila mau kawen?" for more than 5 times by different people!!!  (-_-") Hurm.. I'm more or less immuned to that question these days. Laughed out loud when asked and gave the same answer each time. But one conversation with a school friend was quite elaborate.

AR: So korang bila mau kawen
GG & RR: Uhuk uhuk uhuk
AR: Seriously jangan lambat sangat.. Kite da 27 da weyh...
GG: AR,  masalahnya ktorang nak kawen dengan sapa skang ni? Cuba ko gtau aku..
AR: Haha.. Tak salah kalo pompuan initiate dulu..
GG: Ko mau aku wat macam mana? Approach potential husband atau orang yang aku suka then tanya "Sudikah kau jadi suami ku??"
AR: Remind me not to ask you this question anymore, Haziah hahaha

Naaa.. surrender terus c AR hehe

Tension no. 3

And this morning when I was studying hard for our next trip, everything written on the screen was indecipherable.. alien to me (-_-") That I've to fully utilize mr google translate  tapi akhirnya makin bingung.. Usually, I can do my travel research a whole day long; sampai muka jadi oily dan lupa makan. But today, I retired early..

Happy no. 1

But those were just trivial matters.. Not stressful enough to ruin my 2013 heee There were many happy things happening in my life too! Besides getting my diving licence, I got myself a pair of new futsal shoes! Mercurial Vapor Superfly ape tah (^^) Woho! Haziah kaya beli Mercurial!!! RM 300++!!! WRONG!! My feet are small so I got the junior size soo0o0o0o0 murah seja!! \(^^)/

Wore it during our futsal game last week.. Haha I aged... I don't play as well as I used to.. Was out of breath in less than 10 minutes after the game started.. Bikin malu~ Anyway, it was a fun game. I can do it every week but please.. no more tournament for the aging me~

 Then came my school mate's wedding. Manage to recruit some of the girls.. Had a great karaoke the night before and on Sunday, we drove all the way to Sipitang for our friend's wedding (^^)

Wedding tips: Jangan buat masa cuti skolah.. Nanti banyak clash.. dapat hadiah or duit pon sikit :p

 Then some of the guys are in town, so another reunion on Monday night. Makan seafood eventhough we've been warned about the red tide. Alhamdulillah, we were not poisoned hehe

 And last but not least, I want to share this pic that I got from FB

Sangat bagus.. Applicable.. Kalo bab kawen I'll take the #6, 2nd point, Amazing thingscan and do happen when you least expect them.. Sebab, saya malas nak fikir sebab saya rasa I can do nothing about it.. Kalo bab travel bab mengejar cita2, I'll take #1 to #10 (^^) InshaAllah~

Monday, January 21, 2013

Am a Scuba Diver (^^)/ Yaw!

Woho! Riuh sekampong! Hehe yah.. and I'm writing this to inspire you (^^)

I don't know why I put a lot of thinking before deciding to have it a go for this one. Initially I was afraid of being claustrophobic in the water like I did when I tried my discovery dive in Siamil island. Then I start thinking about addiction, about how expensive the hobby is and finally the body hugging wetsuit. And one night, when encik banyak lemak di perut; EBLDP (I seriously hope he doesn't follow my blog) showed me his PADI card, I held it in my hand and scrutinized it like it was a piece of jewelry that needs to be examined for originality.

EBLDP: Weyh, ko jangan amek lak kad aku tu..
Gg: X lah.. Nak tengok betol2 je..

Macam Gollum kan... Precioussssssssss.. Macam x mo kasi balik ni :p So actually that was when I realize that I actually wanted to have my scuba licence so much and those thinking was just a drag.. Text Mr. P for advice, in less then an hour Mr. P gave me the dates because there was a friend of his who was waiting for someone to take the licence with and Mr. P said I should get a few more people to get a good deal.

GG: EBLDP, kalo ade member nak amek lesen scuba, gtau tau.. 11, 12, 13 Jan..
EBLDP: eyh? cepat gile!
GG: Ko la ni.. Pi tunjok kad!

Dan bermulalah....

Actually, after I went back from Mabul in December 2011, I was so excited about it and told the climbers at the climbing center my experience  there. Most of the climbers are actually advance divers and some are even dive masters and instructors. One evening, when I came to climb, Lee handed to me a bag full of Scuba Divers magazine. He said, "For you to read a bit. :)" 

Sangat terkejut dan terharu! (^^) So, yeah, been keeping these for more than a year, and opened them again to get some inspiration before the course starts.

I actually changed the date to 12, 13, 14 Jan because I don't want to work on Monday haha 

So, the course start off with a video show which was divided into 5 sections. Basically, the videos tells about the basics. Almost the same as what you can find inside the manual except the manual is more detailed. I was also given the Recreational Dive Planner (RDP) which function as a reference to decide on how much time you have underwater and how  much time you need to stay on the surface before your next dive. After the video, we were told to answer some of the exercises inside the manual to test our understanding..

On the 2nd day, we went to Sapi island for our confined water dives where we were brought to shallow water, dive and kneel on the surface and did some safety drills. I suck at clearing my mask underwater. This was when you have to slightly open the  top your mask to allow some water to go in; half full. Then you need to clear it by tilting your head to the back, slightly open the bottom of the mask and blow your nose to let the water out. Urgh! I hate doing this.. The water goes into my nostril and the salt water stung me eyes!

Anyway, I was not mentally prepared for the 2nd day. I was only informed about the 200m swim the day before. So I text all my diver friends to make sure this is not a prank. EBLDP was the first to reply

GG: Betol ke kene swim 200m?
EBLDP: Yesza! And float 10 mins
GG: So, I'm gonna die soon. Tell Fabregas I love him
EBLDP: Senang je. Aku gemuk, aku gune lemak kat perut je. Tambah la lemak kat perut.
GG: Pastilah itu takkan berlaku!

I was perplexed and nervous. I know how to swim, but I can't float! And the last I swam, January 2012  at Gayana where I actually found out that I've lost my rhythm after all those years of inactivity~ (-_-")

Allah saja yang tahu betapa nervous nya aku! 
So on the second day, when the boat docked at the jetty, I stood, carried my bag and was getting ready to get off the boat when..

"Ko nak gi mane?"
GG: Letak barang la..
"Ko dudok diam2 dalam boat. Berenang dulu"
GG: O S***! Like seriously!?
"Serious laaaaaaaaa.."

I wasn't ready for it at all. Donned my wetsuit and was in the queue to jump off the boat.

"Bole pakai mask.."
GG: Betol ke wetsuit bole float?
"Jangan takot.. Bole float punya.."
GG: Kalo sy lemas kasi slamat tau..

Monolog dalaman.. Confirm lemas ka confirm kasi selamat ka confirm float..???

So I jumped off the boat and ploop! I did float. Wore the mask and after that swimming was easy peasy hehehe Kin cuak tol la!

So on the third day, we continued with the rest of the confined water dives and did 2 open water dives. O yeah, on the 2nd day we did 2 open water dives too!

I was more familiar with the equipments and the diving environment on the 3rd day. Was less nervous and start to gain buoyancy control too. On the second day I was going up and down as I dive because I don't know how to control my breathing. To ascend, you just breath more air to expand your lungs and your buoyancy will also increase. To descend you just have to exhale as much air as you could to reduce air in the lungs, then you'll sink a bit. We can also use the inflator to adjust the buoyancy.

Pasal aurah.. Yah, gambar mata sembam ini adalah pagi 3rd day...

Actually, the wetsuit is kind of like a must for this activity. It's to protect you from injury and to keep you warm while you dive in deep water. It was raining on both days, so can you imagine how cold the water was. I was shivering most of the time on the surface! It is tight but you can pick a slightly loose size and actually once you wear the BSD (that's the jacket that's attached to the tank), most of you body are covered so the body shape won't be that exposed.

I wore this syria hijab for diving; which is more comfortable than bawal. Wore a bawal the day before and when I took off the mask, the bawal got pulled together and I sort of strangled myself hehe :p

And when I'm not wearing the wetsuit, I was actually wearing a rash guard. That's like a shirt that's made of nylon or spandex or polyester. It helps you to slip into the wetsuit and also protects you from the sun. My rash guard is super tight to make it comfortable underneath the wetsuit. So when I'm not in my wetsuit, I wore a jacket to cover it. Am planning to buy a windbreaker since it is waterproof. And I was also wearing a dri fit pants which was quite loose.

Actually, when I told about my concern about the aurah thingy to Z, she actually showed me all the options for diving attire. But at that time, I can't really imagine of what to wear and how to wear them. Now that I already know, well, actually, we still can cover the aurah while doing the things we love (^^)

After lunch, we head back to the office to do our written exam. Challenging jugak la.. Macam Sains PMR because we have to really understand how the Archimedes principle works and a little bit about how the depth could actually be fatal and what are the signs and symptoms of the  nitrogen narcosis and decompression sickness. Tapi I passed with 92% marks! To pass you cannot have more than 12 wrong answers.

and then we were given this yellow logbook to record our dives

Yah! And for the 3 days course, we did 4 dives and my total time is 2 hours and 15 minutes! \(^^)/

And that's my temporary card there. Aduh.. burok gila gambar. I didn't know that they'll snap our pictures after the exam for the card.. I thought we were going to hand in our passport pics because EBLDP's pic on his card was quite urm.. good-lookng or maybe he's just photogenic (I seriously hope he doesn't even know about the existence of my blog). Btw, EBLDP milik orang (to avoid speculations :p)

Anyway.. now that I'm a diver, so I can go dive during my island trips! Hoyeah! \(^^)/

I still love the mountains and climbing more.. hik!

And my blistered toes~

Sunday, January 20, 2013

I'm worry...

To be honest, I don't like to get myself involved with political issues.. It's not that I don't care about what's happening to the country or the nation. It's because I don't know which one is true... I kept myself updated.. Kadang-kadang sakit hati sendiri bila dengar itu dan ini.. Kept myself quiet and stand with my independent thoughts without taking sides...

Recently, the 'Listen listen listen' issue was very much talked about in FB. I watched the video and by the end of it I just rolled my eyes and thought "What's da big deal???" I've seen things like that in quite a number of dialogue sessions. It's quite normal for a question and answer to become so heat up like that especially when it's between parties from different school of thoughts. But this one became viral and people start to rant and mock.. And start to critic and urge one side to apologize to the other and bla bla bla.. I don't see why this should become a highlight. To me this goes back to the art of argument.. To me, the student was too emotional when she presented her arguments.. And the emcee was too emotional when answering that she gave out an analogy that is just absurd... (-_-") It could've been an informative discussion..

And about the issue that was presented by the student.. Free education.. 

I was a scholarship holder since my matriculation; was awarded to me from scoring my SPM with flying colours. The scholarship was enough to cover up my tuition fees, my books that worth almost a thousand ringgit per semester, other study materials and also my expanses. I got free tickets every semester too. Honestly, the scholarship alone is not enough. My dad still gave me monthly allowances to add up for other expanses like for my curricular activities and necessities.. So.. For the whole 6 years, I guess, my education was actually free because everything was paid by my scholarship...

I don't know what the situation is like for PTPTN holders. But what I do know is that students are rewarded exemption of payment if they manage to get first honour degree and that means it's free for excellent performers. 

Free education is somewhat ideal, isn't it? And it just seems unfair not to have it here while other countries who are not as developed as us are implementing it instead. I took some time to read up on that. I don't like to listen and used the points of what have been said by others as an argument. I found that, tuition fees are free in those countries. However, there is no scholarship nor loan systems, thus the students have to cover all the other expanses such as for books, transports and hostels by themselves. Students from poor family have to juggle between their study and odd jobs to make ends meet.. Some who couldn't cope decided to dropout... In some countries, they have to pay high tax.. 

I just can't understand why the youngsters are so obsessed fighting for this free education thingy.. It's already free, as long as you perform.. Is it possible for free tuition fees and scholarship for all students regardless of their performance? Will that be a drive to the economy or will that compromise it? I don't know the answer. But I think those are among the questions that are worth for us to think about.

To me knowledge is sacred.. Our forefathers used to walk thousands of miles, crossed the sea and spent sleepless nights to quench their thirst for knowledge.. And again, ideally, with more knowledgeable people in a society will make it stronger. Free education can contribute to more knowledgeable people but from my point of view, on top of that, the thirst and love for knowledge should comes first or else the free education will be a waste. We may produce more degree holders but that doesn't make them all of high quality. Get what I mean?

Sometimes I think more and more trivial issues are being highlighted in this country. The real issues; the poor, the sick, the abandoned, the elderly, the oppressed, the socially problematic has lesser room in the news. Every media, regardless of which side they are from, are cramped with propaganda, with people pointing fingers at each other accusing this and that and almost every discussion are concerning money... Bosan~

Penatla.. Penat risau.. Hurm.. Teringat this short story that I posted years ago...

As the old man walked the beach at dawn, he noticed a young man ahead of him picking up starfish and flinging them into the sea. Finally catching up with the youth, he asked him why he was doing this. The answer was that the stranded starfish would die if left until the morning sun.
"But the beach goes on for miles and there are millions of starfish," countered the other. "How can your effort make any difference?"
The young man looked at the starfish in his hand and then threw it to safety in the waves. "It makes a difference to this one," he said.

Let the rest think about the problems of the world.. Let them talk and mock.. While you sit on a chair.. Making a difference to that person sitting across you.. In daily basis... InshaAllah...

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bandung Jakarta: Revisited~

I can't remember exactly when was the last time I went to Bandung. The first time was with my dad and the second was a UIA educational visit; our entourage was like more than 40 at that time. It was years ago that I can't clearly recall how Bandung was like but one thing that I remember about my first visit was Bandung has a temperate climate and at night people were wearing thick clothes..

I found that many things has changed there. The stuffs are more expensive and I can no longer bargain as low as I did back then. But still I enjoyed the trip very much because it was my first trip abroad with dear mommy and I was in Bandung as a working lady with her own moneyh! Yeah! I think it was fair enough to unleash the shopaholic in me hahaha I also thought that I'll shop till I drop in Bandung, and starting from January will focus on saving for 2013 trips (^^)/ O0o0 that might just be another excuse kan..

So since this is a very common destination, I'll just post the pics lah..

So paling best of course lah budak yang baru habis SPM... After SPM, I actually worked as a maid for almost a month and yes no oversea trip for me haha

I wanted to save some leave for this year's trips so I worked from 8 am-5 pm on the day of departure to Jakarta. I packed lightly, brought extra bags and when I arrived at the airport, the guy at the counter was yelling "Jakarta last call!! Jakarta last call!!" I was late!!!!

Spent a night in Jakarta and went to Bandung by train (^^) And our first stop in Bandung was Trans Studio!!! 

Well, my mom watched too much of the Indonesian TV shows.. She saw a program that featured Trans Studio once and made that her ultimate destination in Bandung and even promised to pay for our tickets and she did!! I love thrill rides very much but I don't know whether my cousins are on for it. They were excited and looking at the snaking long queue, I thought VIP passes would be a good idea.. Maka terbanglah uang ku seperti seagull2 di Australia

Trans Studio is not that big and only one of the ride was new to me. But i enjoyed every single time spent there (^^) my cousins were such a sport! Lagi best sebab VIP pass kan.. No need to queue (^^)/

Another part of Bandung that I haven't been to is Kawah Putih. The above is the paddy terrace that can be seen before reaching Kawah Putih. Actually, my uncle wanted to go to Tangkuban Perahu, but then the driver thought we wanted to go to Kawah Putih that morning since my uncle said he wants to go back to Cibaduyut to buy some leather stuffs afterwards. Silently happy ni the driver misunderstood hikhik because I went to Tangkuban Perahu twice already! 

It was raining when we arrived at the ticket booth. The worker there told us, it might not be raining up there so we paid for the tickets and used the Avanza to go up. At first we'd wanted to use the angkot. It would've been fun on the bumpy and winding road but since it was raining, it was not such a good idea.

Luckily, it was not raining on top and there were few tourist too!!! I like it very much. Looks very different from the other craters that I've been to. The lake was a vibrant turquoise coloured lake with thick mist all around. I was okay with the smell of sulfur but our little Sara coughed all the way back to Bandung after that.. Kesian...

Did a lot of shopping.. Sampai kena heret bag sebab berat.. 

Did my first paragliding in Puncak. It was about to rain when I started, it was very windy so it was a good weather  for Paragliding. Lucky!! (^^)/ The pilot and I glide on top of the platform for a few times and as we descend towards the landing point, he did some extreme maneuvers. He said I was too light that he can't do the more extreme ones.. I was like, "Me? Light????" o_0

And after that, we got stuck in jam for more than 5 hours because the road was closed. Only vehicles going up was allowed to move. Urgh! sistem yang menyusahkn!

And last but not least, nasi ayam penyet paling sedap di Pasar Baru. There was another restaurant in Ciwidey that served scrumptious food~ They have the most delicious sweet and sour fish and sizzled kangkong!!!!! (^^)

It's 2.20 a.m now~ And off to eat some cakes.. Lapar pulak...

Friday, January 11, 2013

Melbourne CBD Part 2

Okay... Saya stress... I was uploading pictures for this post just now and I just noticed there were missing pics!!!! Argh! Jadi post ini akan kurang awesome! Kurang nerdy! (-_-") Anyway.. Bismillah~

So, the day before we went back to Malaysia, we chose to have a more leisure schedule.. Decided to go to Brighton beach to have a look at the colourful bath houses but we board the wrong tram and got to St Kilda instead. It was a nice day, so we just enjoyed our time strolling along the coast.

Bergambar di depan Luna Park yang entah bila bukak..

And below is the building next to it..

And then we went back to the CBD to catch the guided tour of the Parliament Building. It is such a magnificent building from the outside so we were intrigued to discover how is the inside. The Parliament Building is still in use and they do have weekly assemblies here but not during the touring day, of course.

I look so small standing in front of it...

So we were brought into the chambers and the library. Woho! Library dia sangat mengujakan sebab sebijik macam library dalam Beauty & the Beast!

This is the top view of the main chamber. Those shiny golden colour carvings are made from real gold ok!

Get a closer look of the angels.. Actually each of the angel symbolize the ministry of the parliament. I remember the Ministry of Education's angel was holding a book hehe Beautiful~

Then we took a tram to St Kilda Road to see the Shrine of Remembrance (^^) Okay, mungkin hari 2nd last ini sangat patriotik pulak heee

The Shrine of Remembrance was initially built to commemorate the men and women who served during World War I but now it seems that it is dedicated to all Australians that served the war. You can go inside and we actually did. I took very beautiful pictures of the interior but now I can't find them UWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

On top of that roof, there's actually an aperture that lets the sunlight shines inside. There was this room at the basement, with a statue of a father and a son in the middle that has this very melancholy aura to it, you know. There were words carved on the walls and they were very touching ones..

I took the pictures of all that and now it's all gone!!! UWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Seriously, the room had this very solemn aura that I was so touched by those words.. Bergenang genang air mata ni bha membaca. Or.. maybe I'm simply just a world war-obsessed lady haha

There was this short video show about the Australian soldiers; the time when they were imprisoned by the Japanese in Singapore. Semangat bha tengok dari awal sampai habis haha

And you can also go up to the balcony. One side was facing this park and the outer CBD

And on the other side faces Melbourne City. Cantik sangat. A good place to stand on the last day, gaze upon the spectacular surrounding and keep it in memory.

Yah! Borneo \(^^)/ The others stood next to the word Malaya hehe

O ya, not only that the design is so classical, it is also made of quality granite.

Sooooo the next day kami pon balik lah... Hurm.. Yes I didn't go to QVM to shop tapi still, as always, aku akan balik dengan the most shopping stuffs jugak.. (-_-") I bought 2 sets of Corelle dinner set and 1 cookware set! Yosh!!! Gigih ok mengangkat....

Got myself a kangaroo and a koala!

And another souvenir... A tanned skin!

"Bos, Australia panas ka sampai itam?"
"Nda la.. Sejuk sangat sampai xsedar ada matahari.."

(^^)/ Yaw!

*In Sabah, everybody is bos :p

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Melbourne CBD (^^) Part 1

So we did our Great Ocean Road and the Grampians tour, went hot air ballooning in Yarra Valley, drove all the way from Melbourne to Philip Island then to Sorrento, crossed the channel to Queenscliff and finally drove back to Melbourne CBD...That left us with three days to explore the CBD.

After so  much trouble from finding our way to return the car (where I almost hit an old lady because I don't understand how the traffic light works) MR and I decided that we should just walk back to our hostel..

MR and I were so hungry so we had Indonesian food that evening and strolled a bit to get the feel of how Melbourne City was like on a Saturday

There was this guy who used water to make a very nice painting on Swanston street that evening. He calls himself Splash Baron and he even has his own facebook page. Quite famous (^^)

There were some youths breakdancing at the same street; a few blocks from the Splash Baron. And at that time there was this kid who was actually passing by with his parents. They were standing there, like MR and I, watching the dancers and suddenly the kid just dance his way towards one of  the dancer hehe sangat confident dan comel ok!

It was a cold evening so I thought some calories would give me some heat. So I tried the African sauce! PUNYA SADAP!

Then on our way to the hostel, we passed this park. Not sure of the name but we walked pass it almost everyday. Cantik ok benda itu. I'm not sure whether this is considered as fountain ka bukan haha macam shower jak kn :p

This is one of the cathedral there. I think this one is St Patrick and the one in front of Federation Square is St Paul.. And.. I was right when I said St Paul was built in early 1900.. Ok actually it started earlier la but the construction finished around that heee  (^^)/ I looked it up in Wiki. Thanks Wiki heee

So then, the next morning, the rest decided to go shopping at the Queen Victoria Market while I decided to start off a bit late and head straight to the Museum. So on top is the Royal Exhibition Building.. It is a UNESCO world heritage since it is one of the great exhibition building built in the 18th century. Actually there's a scheduled tour that cost around $5 but the timing was not right for me because I want to go somewhere else.. So I didn't see how it was inside

Right in front of the Royal Exhibition Hall is the museum. So I bought the entrance ticket and also a ticket to watch a short film in the IMAX hehe I just wanted to experience the world's 3rd largest screen :p

Sadly, the section about the aborigines was closed until 2013. I was there for that actually.. So I just stroll at the 'The Melbourne Story' section. There, it tells the story of how Melbourne was  opened by John Batman and there was the chronology of how Melbortne become of what it is today. There were quite a number of signage that has Batman on it in the city, so we were actually wondering who is this Batman.. Ingatkan ada kaitan dengan Gotham city or what haha rupanya the founder.. 

While waiting for the IMAX movie to start, I trudge to Swanston street with my growling stomach. Swanston street has a number of halal food restaurants but I like to eat the Briyani at this small shop just next to the Lord of the Fries. So, I sort of helped to clear up the table because I want to eat on it la kan.. Then I ate la kan, and took that bottled orange juice with pulp which cost $3 from the fridge. The worker said something to me when I took it from the fridge, but I can't hear him clearly. Maybe I was too hungry.. Then when I paid with 2 pieces of $10 note he returned one of it to me..

GG: I thought the change should be $7
Worker: No no.. It's only $10
GG: What about the drink?
Worker: That's free for you

T_T woho berjaya jimat $3 weyh! that's 3 x 3.2 =RM 9.60 \\(".) syukor!

Woho! Nampak pakcik itu?? Okay this is actually the Old Melbourne Gaol.. Sebotan Gaol itu Jail yah hehe The entrance fee is quite pricey but I think it's worth to visit. Not much of a picture-taking place. But I think the history, events and the stories of the criminals are interesting.. 

I was actually scared walking in there alone. There were only few visitors so I was in the cellars alone all the time. The cellars were small and each cellar used to house one convict at a time. They will be given a bible and placed in solitary to allow them to repent. The place has this eerie attribute to it that sometimes I had goosebumps and decided not to finish my reading haha One of such occasion was when I was reading this letter that a convict wrote to his parents before he was executed

These are the death mask of some of the convicts.. Sangat takot ok kalo tengok benda ni sorang2 di dalam bilik yang kecil and dimly lit! (-_-") dan sy bukan seorang yang penakot sebenarnya..

This is how it looks like outside the cellar.. Kena letak orang kan sy cakap baru bukan dari google image

This man, he was accused to have raped and murdered a girl. He was given death penalty and to his death he constantly said he was innocent and one day it'll be proven. And it was proven that he was innocent quite recently by modern forensic.. Kesian...

But the reasons why some of the convicts were prisoned kadang2 x bole blah ok.. curi kasot di England  pon kena penjara di Tasmania ok! And then baru di transfer pi Melbourne..

But there's one thing that I missed when visiting this place. It's the Watch House Experience. MR, SJ and RA went for it while I hurried for the IMAX show. It's a short visit into the watch house and you'll experience how it feels like to be arrested and locked up. They told me the guards were really strict and they really feel like they were real prisoners. 

Next will be the last part about Melbourne CBD (^^)