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Melbourne Trip: Queenscliff (^^)

Wo0o0p! My Aussie post got into a halt for a bit there.. Was on vacation with family in Bandung.. Had a shopping and food galore and badan seperti di pam pam skarang (-_-") anyway, lets continue with the Queenscliff post.. I can't believe it took me 3 weeks from my last post to actually get this started..

So.. From Sorrento, we took the Searoadferries to cross from the Mornington Peninsula to the Bellarine Peninsula. We took the 6 pm ferry; the last ferry. The fare was $59 for the car plus the driver and $10 for each of the passenger. It's kind of like the ferry we use for Menumbok-Labuan but this one was more cozy and luxurious-looking.

We enjoyed the cruise. SJ and I kept our eyes vigilant for we really wish to see dolphins but there were none hehe It was too cold when we got to Queenscliff, checked in at Queenscliff Inn and spent the night chatting. There was not much to do at small towns but we really enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at night since we could all recharge for the next day.

Suka kan ambil gambar begini?? Nanti kalo teda orang dalam gambar, 
orang bilang ambil dari Google image :p

The initial plan was to spend some time in Geelong before we head to Melbourne but then when we were at the tourist centre, I sort of overheard an old chap telling a worker there of how amazing the boat tour was so I thought maybe we should at least check it out at the port and later decide whether we should go for it or not.

I say, the port itself is a very scenic place. On the right side of this pic, there's actually a block of diving shops, boat tour companies and restaurants.You can go up the light house and get a  360 degree view of Queenscliff and the Mornigton Peninsula too!

Satu lagi gambar bajet~

This pic was taken as we were climbing the stairs to the top of the light house.

So after looking at what they are offering for the tour at the price of $65, we decided to have a go. I already watched dolphins last time in Bali but then an extra for this boat tour package was the seal watching.

So we suit up! My jacket was obviously too big for me. I was wondering, why do we have to wear such a thick jacket and not just a life jacket alone like we use to in Malaysia.. Na kau... Dalam boat, ombak dia.. OMG OMG OMG!! Besar betol!

At first, we just cruise along the coast to watch the lighthouses; black and white. We were told about their history and functions back during the gold rush era. The channel is narrow and the rapid and high water is a big challenge to the skill of ship navigators so these lighthouses assisted the navigation through. Even nowadays, there are still Pilot boats hovering around the coast, helping ships and boats to navigate into the channel.

So we went to the deeper side of the ocean when searching for the dolphins and seals. This was when my butt got lifted from the seat when the boat got hit by the waves. 

"Ni tak payah gi theme park ni!!!"
Then the boatman told us we were actually on top of an underwater canyon and that was why the wave is so huge though the land is still in sight. We were still close to the land but yup, the wave was treacherous!

I couldn't get any pic of the dolphins since they passed us too quickly, but to me this was a closer encounter compare to the one in Bali. They even jumped! And for the seals... when we were on the rough sea, we saw something floating. From a distant, it looked like a shark fin.. But it was actually a seal's flipper! It was lazing, staying afloat on the surface. Sangat santai!

Then we went to watch the Gannets' nesting place! I've never been a fan of birds, but since my Kinabatangan trip, I seem to be more fond of them. And in Australia, it seems that they have lots of different species and they are surprisingly tame.. So I was somewhat intrigued by the behaviour of the Gannets though I was only watching them for a few minutes. One thing that amazed me most was when they dive into the water to catch fish! 

And after that we crossed over to Mornington Peninsula to watch the Fort Napean and The Quarantine station

The Quarantine Station.. o0o0o0 seagull.. Mula2 aku cam excited nampak seagull but after a few days, I found them annoying because they like to disturb human and steal food!

The port view from the boat

And finally, on our way to Melbourne, I got to be the passenger and not the driver. Just lepas tu tension sangat drive dalam city because the traffic is soooo confusing!! It took MR and I more than an hour to get us into the right street to return the car!! 

Next will be Melbourne CBD post.. And that should be after my new year's resolutions post :p

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