Friday, December 7, 2012

Melbourne Trip: Sorrento (^^)

So from Phillip Island, we drove straight to Sorrento. It was almost dark when we got there and most of the shops were closing. We head straight to the YHA hostel that we've just booked that afternoon, Sorrento Beach House. The check in process was, I say, unique where I have to call a number for check in. A woman with a friendly voice answered the call from the other end. Then comes the myriad of instructions..

"The security code of the front door is xxxx.. Now enter the house... Your key is at the counter where there's heaps of green bags. Your room is the first one on your right with number one on the door... Now go to the toilet... The switch is on your left... The sheets and blankets are inside the lockers.. There is kitchen and the common area on the left side of the counter... bla bla bla"

So I walked around, holding the phone to my ear, following each and every instruction.. 

"Aku rase macam dalam citer Saw weyh..."

Our room was a 6-bed dorm with washroom and a heater. It was very cozy and we agreed that it was our favourite room among all. We didn't do much that night. I retired early and skipped dinner. The rest spent the night chatting in the kitchen with the other guests; 2 Italians, one Asian guy who lives in Canada and an Australian who came to Sorrento for scuba diving. 

Early shopping at Coles. 

Definisi BAHAGIA. Chocolates!!!!!!!!!

It was difficult to decide where to go because the Mornington Peninsula area is so big and the attractions are quite far from each other. So that morning we finally agree to go to the Aschombe maze and lavender garden. It was about 45 minutes drive from our lodging and we have to drive back northward. I love the landscape along the way and the GPS actually directed us to a gravel road surrounded by tall pine trees..  So masa tu perasan brada di hutan Twilight sekejap :p

The garden is quite big. I don't think we covered everything. I got lost inside the maze.. It was a scary experience. I just can't find my way out! I almost scream for help actually. But I'm such a big ego that I tried to find my way out anyway hahaha

This garden is a pure sight seeing and picture taking place. So, yup, my camera battery was severely depleted by the time we left for Point Napean. 

Lepas tu bole ambil gambar bajet begini kan.. :p

So after strolling around, captured loads of pictures, we head to Portsea, the most southern part of the peninsular to visit the Point Napean National Park. The park is actually a  mixture of nature and history. The coastal area gives a very scenic view with giant waves crashing on the cliffs. While for the historical part, there are cemeteries, war memorials, forts, gun emplacement and a Quarantine Station where immigrants from Europe will be quarantined after their long voyage on the sea. 

This is the view at the ending of one of the walkways. SJ, RA and I decided to check out the Fort Napean which is about 30 minutes walk from this point of the park.. It was quite tiring to walk under the blazing afternoon sun.. So actually you can take a scheduled tour bus that cost $7 at the park's info centre to send you there. 

Paling bikin panas, masa ni la all my cameras batteries run out! Luckily I had my videocam inside my bag so it was our savior yaw! We were walking on graveled path surrounded by shrubs at first then exited the path to an asphalt road that leads to Fort Napean. 

We were hoping to see some animals and saw a lizard whose scales looked exactly like that of a crocodile! It's like a tiny crocodile living on land. haha sukahati!

The coast

This was where one of Australia's Prime Minister went missing when he went for a swim. Seriously, the waves were extremely huge that I wont even dare to go down to the beach apa lagi mau swim!

As we walk towards the fort, there were fenced areas with warning signs like this. So kami terasa awesome sekejap sebab berada berdekatan area unexploded bombs :p hahaha

Scenic background. Sila abaikan posing yang burok itu (-_-") I don't have the pic of the scenery alone so please bare with this huhu masa ni shawl ditiup angin dengan dahsyatnya...

Well, actually we didn't make it to the fort because we were running out of time. Need to catch the ferry to Queenscliff.. So, we actually hopped on the tour bus and went back to the info centre to pay and then returned to our car hehe tapi ada hikmah juga kami hopped on the bus. We encountered an Echidna!


After that we head towards Sorrento. Actually, we tried to find the artist trail in Sorrento but we couldn't find it so we just stroll along the Sorrento Historic Precinct. Sangat cantik ok!!!

Searoad Ferry (^^)

A wooden playground!!

we didn't explore the town area much but the town is quiet yet the beauty of the buildings' architecure was stunning. It was a mixture of modern and historical designs. This place is obviously a getaway place for the affluent since there were also lots of holiday mansions along the beach. 

Kalo aku diberi peluang untuk memilih, pasti Sorrento tempat aku mo settle down. I'll be back!

Next.. Queenscliff!

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