Friday, September 28, 2012


As a child, I was never the type who dreamed of becoming a princess. Most of my time was spent alone and  I would only have friends if our tenants next door have children. I would spend my afternoons lying on our metal swing with my eyes fixed on the clear blue sky that hung above me. That's when I let my head be occupied by my childhood reveries of adventures and thrills. In the evening, with my hair tied in a bun, dressed in my cartoon printed t-shirt and shorts, I would climb the hill that stood beside my house and rest at the top. Those were the evenings when I said to myself that one day I will see the world.. No matter what it takes...

It took me decades to make my dreams come true.. And Alhamdulillah, currently I'm at the best position to realize my dreams.. Blessed with a job that I love so much and it offers good pay thus enough for traveling and most importantly I'm blessed with AWESOME friends to explore the globe with!!! \(^^)/

I have Z, who are closest to me here and she always made it easier for me because she usually does all the plannings. She's still studying, though, that's why most of our getaways are only around Sabah. And, yes, I have my backpacking girls too!

This is not one of those 'backpacking tips' post. This is just how we do it: our style..

First and foremost, we've got ourselves a MOTTO.. This motto actually evolved from "Kita kan FUN!" during our study to "Towards AWESOMENESS".. Don't really care if other people think we're not awesome as long as we feel awesome haha

Anyway, this got nothing to do with showing off lah.. The motto made us more objective; meaning we are more clear on what type of vacation we want, what are the must go, must see and must do things for us and yeah this somehow help us to estimate our budget. Basically, we aim for World Heritage sites and activities that are unique to that place. So, yeah, kami sanggup spend duit yang sangat banyak untuk a few minutes adrenaline rush and excitement! \(^^)/

GG: The Initiator/Founder

Have you heard of GGism..? Haha it is just something that my friends and I joked about because I always come out with absurd philosophical stuffs like "If the married post pictures of their babies, then the singles should post pictures of the world.." or "We should reduce our saving to priceless memories" heee~ I can really talk crap one, you know!

Anyway, I'm the freak who monitors cheap tickets in weekly basis and who read books and watch documentaries to get travel ideas. When I saw one interesting place on TV or elsewhere, I will go straight to my laptop, find out how to get there, when is the best time to travel there and start doing the maths to get the rough budget. FREAK!!!!!!!!!!! So, actually, I already know how to get to most of my dream destinations heee (^^)v Only time will take me there~ chewah...

Sometimes, I feel like I'm a 'dictator', you know..

"We are going to do Via Ferrata on April. Ini adalah satu arahan"

"13-23 Oct 2012, location, sape nak join text me your full name n ic number."

"Dah beli tiket gi this location on this date. Nak join, you girls beli later."

You know, I learnt something back then,.. You don't wait until people tell you when they're free or available. You set the date, execute something that'll confirm that you are going, and people will find time and the resource to join you! \(^^)/ Okay, that sounds like a tip :p

HH: The Drama Queen

HH is the 'Never say no to adventures' type of person. I always get the answer that I want to hear from her "JOM!!!!". But.. Her drama can really scare the hell out of me; like her leave are usually approved a week before the trip, her passport gone missing a week before the trip. Itu drama before trip, drama masa trip belom masok lagi hahaha But that what made our travel more memorable.

She is the best when it comes to bargaining so she also holds the accommodation and transport money. Tolak jak HH, then she can get us the best price ever. I usually looked at her and said "Like seriously, ko bole letak harge serendah tu??" (0_o) But... you won't be seeing her in some of our trips anymore.. I don't know until when can she join us again.. She's embarking on a different type of adventure, you know what I mean. I'll be missing one of my best travel mate ever.. O0o0 sungguh terlalu banyak yang kami kongsi untuk beberapa tahun ini (^^)

MR: The Profiler

Ahax! Bunyi macam enigmatic jak kan. A profiler is the person who goes to the MATTA fair, collect all the pamphlets, studied thoroughly and during the trip she talks like a local!!! haha "Belakang kedai ni ade forever 21.." "Drive gi situ lebih kurang 15-20 minit je." Seriously 99.6% info disahkan benar.. Yang silap sikit tu pon tiny tiny negligible stuffs.

I usually will come out with the basic itinerary and we will alter it depending on her findings and only after that will I proceed with the bookings. She also knows how to get discounts!!! \(^^)/

SJ: The Chief Cook

We usually search for the list of Halal food before our trip and during the trip she is the person responsible in planning menus and ordering food stuff. We usually will hand to her the 'food money' on the 1st day and will later top it up if it's not enough. This is very convenient; save time in terms of food preparation and can save cost too. We help her out when it comes to preparing the food la but it's just convenient that each of us will only have to focus on the task that we are responsible in during the travel.

RA: The Dealer

And another most important thing is the money for our activities. We hand the money over to RA on the 1st day too. It's important to put them aside first sebab nanti takut nda sedar duit habis T_T. So, she's the one responsible in buying entrance tickets and the other fees that need to be paid in situ. HH usually assist both SJ and RA since she is very good in Maths.. Kadang2 sampai nda tercapai akal aku kira2 dorang ni...

So that's it... That's how we make our way towards awesomeness hahaha Apa yang penting????


14 days to our next trip... dup dap dup dap dup dap....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


A tortoise...

A hare...

I don't know whether younger generation can relate these two. I don't know if they're even familiar with Aesop's Fables these days.. Anyway, today I beg to differ!!

In the original story, the tortoise is set as the exemplary being where his patience and perseverance had  won him the race and the hare lose because he was over-confident and decided to take a nap during the race...

But in some instances... We should favour the Hare for his speed, you see... Because

Bukan semua orang boleh tolerate sluggishness and you might be affecting other's work or even feelings from being too slow.. Sekian..

(^^) tapi mood saye sudah beransur pulih.. 

And I'm counting days! \(^^)/ Yeehaw!!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Aku Suka Dia

That awkward moment.. When you feel like the DJ on the radio is playing the song just for you..

Then a friend WhatsApp you..

Friend: Gg dah dengar lagu Ainan Tasneem, Aku suka dia? Lirik die macam cite Gg!!!

Gg: Gg pon rase!!!! <- Owh sangat perasan :p

But actually the lyrics that fit my story goes up until this part only

No nota or anything.. Haha

Yup berdiam diri saja.. Because I believe that...


But for now... I need to realize some dreams first...

11 days to my next short trip.. And 26 days left to our next adventure..

(>.<) Can't wait!!! 

O0o0 sungguh berani meluahkan rasa di blog dewasa ini :p hehehe