Sunday, August 26, 2012

Rock On 3..BaCk FoR mOrE

I've been busy since I got back from Korea.. Well, there were extremely relaxed days prior to the moving process but I always got things to do after work sooooooooo I haven't been training and yes after that comes Ramadhan where of course my physical activities would lessen because I'm just weak when my body is not fed Oho!

So.. Rock on 3 was from 9-12 August this year.. When the date was announced in April, I was frustrated.. Extremely.. Because it falls in Ramadhan.. I was actually battling inside whether I should buy the tickets to Kuching or not since I usually you-know-what during these dates every month... And when the day comes.. Aha! I should've bought 'em tickets!!!!! (-_-")

So, a day before the others depart, I was bugging all of them with a myriad of text messages..
When is your flight?
Where are you guys staying?
What's the tentative? bla bla bla

And without considering my lack of training, my abdominal cramps, my anemic body.. I bought a 2-way ticket to Kuching (^^)/ I really don't care how my performance will be.. I just wanna be there.. It's like a calling~

Before the climb, we went to roy's school to get his SPM cert.. After 8 years bha!!!!!! haha

Batman Wall; just like how I remember it

Sampai2 terus pi my unfinished project...

Pastilah this remain as an unfinished project :p

Bev did the first ascent for this route. I can't even get to the second clip.. Yes.. That was how bad my performance was in Rock on 3 :p

This is the new section that they recently bolted; Tiger Wall. I like it here; the routes were easier but the rocks were sharp. Got most of my cuts here.

With Kuching climbers. Two of them are actually from Sabah.

With Andy from Singapore. Master sifu nih (^^)

SICC women \(^^)/

All in all.. My climbing sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha
Well, I didn't finish most of the routes I attempted but I still had a great time there. I learn something too. I SHOULDN'T STOP TRAINING haha

Itulah.. Manusia mudah lupa.. Now I could relate to that. To be honest, I've been doing so well for years as a climber that I forgot that I was good because I was being steadfast with my training ehe So back to the climbing gym yaw!! (^^)/

Pic credit to Ron.. Bergaya btol gambar2 ku padahal... :p

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