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Korea Trip: Seoul Part 4

I say, HH should be the most excited about going to Nami Island. She talked about wanting to wear skirt on that day and cycling around the island during our chat in FB. For my part, I wasn't too excited about this place which is famous for the shooting place for 'Winter Sonata'. The romantic aura that it is said to evoke has no effect on me plus it is quite far from Seoul; 2 hours journey. But, when I found out there's a Bungee Jump there and a 900++ m Zipwire,  Nami Island became one of the attraction that I was waiting for.

GG: HH, Jangan pakai skirt unless ko tak nak Bungee Jump
HH: Olo.. Nanti aku tukar la suar balik
GG: Heh! Sukati la!

So on that morning we set off early; around 8 am after breakfast. Took the ITX and head straight toward Gapyeong station. All seats were full so we bought the standing ticket.

Despite the journey being two hours (plus we were standing), the beautiful scenery somehow made it less daunting for me. I was staring out the window along the way and paid little attention to the others' conversation. SJ even accused me of thinking about he-who-doesn't-know but actually I was enjoying the scenic transition from the urban and highly populated view to the more country side view where there were hills and greenery everywhere. Ok, mungkin ada la terlintas di fikiran beberapa minit haha x mo menipu :p

When we reached Gapyeong, we were slightly confused by the bus schedule. Luckily there was an old lad who looks like a tour guide who was able to speak English and he explained to us how to go to Nami Island. The bus was full but not all were going to Nami. Actually Nami is located in a district that offers lots of recreational activities so some of them were going for a picnic somewhere and some were going for hiking in which you can clearly tell from their hiking suit.

The first thing that came into view was the Bungee Jump platform so we decided to do the jump first. We were not sure about the height. I estimated it to be around 30-40 m but actually the platform is 55 m.

Here's the video before the jump. Mate kenyit2 sebab sangat la silau. Not wearing my sunnies because we left all our belongings with MR who was not feeling well so she cancelled her jump.

So, firstly, we paid for the ticket. Cost us 40 000 won. Then we weigh ourselves on an electronic scale and the staff added 2 kg to our weight and scribbled the total weight on our hand with a marker pen. There are 3 different colour chords. Yellow is for 40 kg - 60 kg; I can't remember the other colours but yeah, different weight range uses different chord. I was surprised to see my weight. I lost 2 kg in Korea!!!!!!!!! We waited for about an hour for our turn since the queue was quite long. So we watched the others jump; most of them were silent..

GG: Ni diam ni sebab brani sangat ke takot ek? Aku rse takot ni...

So RA was called first, but then while she was waiting for her turn, SJ, HH and I was called to the lift. So finally, I was the first to jump. During the briefing, we were told to jump after the count of 5 and we must cover our face during the first bounce to avoid from the chord hitting the face. Tapi aku x ingat suda masa jump tu haha so, please cover your ears when playing this video :p

Actually, I wasn't scared at all. I didn't even feel any adrenaline rush as I stood at the edge of the platform. The moment I heard bungee, I jumped without hesitation and screamed on top of my lungs \(^^)/ I told my friends, "Aku nak jerit sekuat hati!" but I think my voice was actually amplified by the 3 ladies who were watching me on the platform. I'm very sure I heard them screamed

How does it feel?? AWESOME!!!! This is one of my life goal (chewah!) so now I can cross it hehe but still I'll do the 100 m jump in NZ if I have the chance to. Well, at first, it felt like flying especially as you spread you arms in the air. You can feel the gravity pulling you down and yes I did feel that sensation when you feel like as if your heart is left some where above you. I remember thinking, "Betul ke ade harness ni??" as I fall because it felt like nothing is attached to me. The scariest part was during the first bounce. It was as if the world spun upside down. Yup, I was slightly terrified by the bounce and I forgot to cover my face.

One more thing, if you're at the lower end of the weight range, the bounce will be higher and it is more unstable.. Like mine (Kurus (^^)v)

This one is HH's video

And she proved my theory right: DIAM ITU TAKOT

After the jump we went to the Zipwire ticket booth and was surprised to find that it only operates at certain hour. When we were there, the next ride was 1.40 pm and we have about an hour. So we bought the ticket which includes the ferry ticket from Nami to the wharf. So while waiting, we bought another return ferry ticket to Nami and explored Nami a bit.

Sebab gambar yang macam ini lah aku beli tripod. Lebih reliable :P

That's me and RA getting ready for our ZipRide.

It is quite pricey for a few minutes ride; cost 38 000 won. But the experience was worth it. We got a spectacular view from the ride. You can see the whole area clearly and you can see people doing water sports below you. O ya, when I googled about Nami, most blog only talked about the beauty and the famous trees. None mentioned about the variety water sports in nami. They have water ski, flying fish, parasailing and whatnot. Kalo sy tau, msti sy bawak baju lebih!

This is Nami Island's map. RA said, "Patot name pulau ni Pulau Karipap." yes, its shape does look like a karipap and actually it is big! Kalo jalan kaki memang penat la.. So we just stroll around, wading our way in the crowd. It was very crowded that day and to me Nami is just another park. Beautiful, yes, but it's just another park.. Can't beat all the nature wonders we've seen at other parts of Korea

So, I granted HH wish to cycle around the island by agreeing to cycle around with her while the others ride the tram. It wasn't as easy and as romantic that we thought it would be. There were too many people walking about so we had to be very careful not to hit any of them. And finally, we performed our prayer at the Musolla and head back towards Seoul. That night we were suppose to go for the Hangang River cruise but we cancelled it because we were too exhausted and some of us wanted to go shopping :)

We had Turkish food that night (^^) I was actually ok with the cancellation because my right ankle was hurting really bad that night. So MR and I went straight to our guesthouse after dinner. The other 3 went for shopping. I don't know what time they came back, but I remember they were already gone for more shopping by the time I woke up for Fajr prayer haha SEMANGAT!!!

To be continued....

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