Thursday, July 19, 2012

Videos In Jeju

The Korea trip is currently the longest post ever and I haven't even started with our stories in Seoul *lepas tu ada melencong sket di post sebelum ni :p*

Here are some videos from the trip in Jeju. Some of you might have seen in FB (^^)

This is taken during breakfast before we head to Cheonjiyeon. "Kapal-kapal yang sedang berdagang..." okay sebenarnya mo sebut belayar but the word didn't come to me :p

Cheonjiyeon waterfall

This one is in Seongsan Ilchulbong. It was very windy that morning and you can hear that I was actually gasping for air as I climb. Not tough but I think the wind was too strong that I ran out of breath easily huhu

Another video in Seongsan Ilchulbong; when we just reached  the top

This one was taken in Seopjikoji. My voice is a bit too loud, kan.. The waves were very big and the sound was so loud and I can't hear my own voice but I forgot the mic is actually so close hehe

And finally this is the one taken in the mysterious vegetable farm. We can't even describe where we were when SJ wanted us to say something for the video hehe

Actually there are more videos but they are too short and with my rookie video editing skill I need some time to combine them hehe Next time I'm going to take video with my Nikon instead.. Kan suda x HD vdeo aku.. Or maybe, I'll consider buying a video cam hehe mo jimat bateri camera wo!

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