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Korea Trip: Seoul Part 3

So.. Our next stop after DMZ was a ginseng tea house located in Hongdae. Realizing that the Nanta Theatre is only a few blocks away, we decided to walk to the theatre after the tour ended. On the way, we stopped at the Hongdae Flea Market; located in a small park, opened only during weekends. This is where local amateur artists showcase and sell their art works. Very interesting indeed.

I think he's the most famous artist because people were queuing to get their faces drawn in cartoon. The line was too long that I don't even bother though I do find that intriguing.

So as we were walking among the Koreans, suddenly a handsome Caucasian guy in red shirt approached us

Handsome guy: Hi. Do you speak English?
Us: Yes . We do.
Handsome guy: Good! We have this project called insideoutproject where we take the facial portrait of people from 22 participating countries.... bla bla bla.. So, would you like to participate??
RA: We would love to! It'll be our pleasure

\(^^)/ Yes, we were excited!!!

They are actually doing this for a good cause whereby they capture facial portraits of people from all over the participating countries and each of them will come with a special message. The website says that this is an effort to tell the world of the untold stories around the world. After strolling around a bit, we head straight to the Nanta theater. It was quite hidden so it took us some time to find it; the large crowd of shoppers was giving us a hard time too *skali lagi sign of aging.. X suka crowd..*

So what is this all about?? Ini adalah among the most heart touching moment when we were in Korea.. The story goes like this.. The show starts at 5pm and we were about an hour early and wanted to perform our prayer first. There was this very convenient area for prayer on that floor but I noticed there was a cctv there. So, I actually asked the receptionists whether we could use that space for prayer

Receptionists: Prayer???
GG: Yes prayer. *sambil buat gaya takbiratul ihram*
Receptionists: Prayer??? *masih nda faham*
GG bermonolog dalaman: Ni mesti nda pernah tengok orang solat ni

So I did some actions that I think was more familiar to them and they exclaimed excitedly as if they've just solved a tough puzzle

Receptionist: 기도!!!! (KIDO!!!)

They told us to wait for moment and we did. We waited and waited and waited and I finally went to the counter again to ask her whether we could use the area again. And she typed something in her computer and later wrote on a piece of paper and yup, that was what written on the paper. And guess what, the manager actually provide us with a very cozy room for prayer T_T BAEK KAN!!!!!???

Ohoho terharu sangat.. We did our prayer and also had our lunch inside this room :) Alhamdulillah

 Nanta show is actually a musical comedic show about four cooks preparing a wedding banquet. The best thing about the show is that they turned kitchen utensils into percussion instruments. The beat was slower in the beginning and become faster and faster throughout the show. There was one part where the cooks sang in harmony by just pronouncing the names of vegetables.. "Cucumbaaaaa..." Cabbageeeee" "Tomatoooooo" "Onioooooon~" Surprisingly sedap dorang nyanyi!
And at the end of it, all the actors and the actress performed the traditional Korean percussion so we get to experience Korean culture as well.

So this is the ticket. You can buy it online; cost us around RM 135. See bottom left, there's my name there! There are 2 other theaters in Seoul; one in Myeongdong and the other one in Gangbuk Jeong Dong. We opted here because of the Hello Kitty Cafe and because there were no seats in Myeongdong theater for that date.. I mean the front seats were full.. X mau duduk blakang bha :p

That glass building is the Nanta theater. I'm actually holding a card holder that I bought in Lotte World. Each of us have that to make it easier to carry our T money around. Hung it around our neck and just place the card holder on top of the sensor and voila! the subway gate will open \(^^)/ mudah!

The Hello Kitty Cafe is also in Hongdae so after the show we went there to have coffee. Again, it was hard to locate the cafe because it is actually hidden in this very narrow alley so you have to be very watchful of the baby pink cafe

Hurm.. Other than the cute presentation of the food and drinks and the pinky surrounding; I actually find nothing interesting. Plus, this coffee house was not as clean as the other coffee houses that we went to. But it is still worth to go here. That waffle was tasty and so was my mocha. (^^)

Next we rushed back to our guesthouse because we have to check in into another guesthouse and at the  counter I was being soooo apologetic because I'd left the key inside the room. After my effort to explain what happened in my most apologetic tone ever the guy at the counter replied me with a straight face, as if nothing happened "It's ok. I already got the key."

GG "O man.. Kalo di Malaysia kena marah suda aku ni (-_-")"

And after that we rushed to the Namsan Tower because we know it'll deny visitors after 10 pm

And the queue was snaking long!!! Like extremely snaking long!!!! The cable car station is a 3 storey building and the length of the queue extended to the outside of the entrance! As we stood outside the building, we could see the line coiled at the stairs of each level through the glass window.. 

"OMG! Panjangnya.."

And guess what, we were already inside the cable car within less than an hour! Sangat efficient! \(^^)/

Bare in mind, the cable car ticket is NOT inclusive of the Namsan Tower entrance fee. And one more thing, you'll be given a number and people holding certain number can only accesss Namsan tower at a given time. Hurm.. For instance, number 1 to 10 can enter at 8 pm and 11 to 20 enter at 9 pm. Yup, something like that..

The panoramic view of the city from Namsan Tower... 

There is one corner where you can send postcards to your loved ones..

I was the only one who didn't send any. The rest bought cute postcards at the gift shop and wrote to their family. I actually wanted to write to my mom because I think she would give a more favourable respond than my dad. But then I don't know what's her mailing address since she retire because all letters used to be addressed to her office hehe So.. I just stroll around, bought some stuffs for my family at the gift shop and I got my favourite souvenir here too! which I will show in another post, that is (^^)

This is another section at the tower where they have wooden tiles pasted on the walls. The shop selling these was closed so we didn't paste any message on the wall T_T

And yes I did leave a lock there. I bought it that evening in Hongdae. We have no marker pen, so what I did was, I tore a small piece from a price tag sticker and stick it on the lock and wrote my name hehe That is more to desperate than creative kan :P HH wrote a very long note and attached it to her lock. I don't know what she wrote, though.. 

Maybe I am a woman with less words.. haha pasti ada yang mau bantah statement ini :p

GG have dreams...

And we were among the last to leave the tower. hehe .

This was the night when I did the massive picture upload on facebook because HH and I got the VIP room and the internet wireless router was in our room haha \(^^)/

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