Monday, July 2, 2012

Korea Trip Day 2: We fell for Jeju

We woke up later than we'd agreed to. SJ, RA and MR were already preparing breakfast as I pack all the mess that I made the night before. The special thing about Hiking Inn is that it has a beautiful roof top which was  equipped with a communal kitchen and tables and chairs so we had our breakfast there. The scenery was excellent; we have the Seogwipo harbor in front of us

and on another side you can see an island and the rest of Seogwipo (^^)

I can be picky when it comes to food when travelling but it's all due to my unpredictable bowel activity so I eat very little throughout the trip. I just didn't want to be a drag. Halal food is so difficult to find in Jeju so we actually brought a lot of canned and prepacked food and instant noodles from Malaysia. But the breakfast we had on the roof top was the best! We had Macaroni and cheese (^^) and Mi Ruski yang dirindui

Kesian kan.. Bekas pon recycle Maggi Cup (^^)

So the itinerary that day was all about wonders of nature on Jeju starting from the closest attraction, Cheonjiyeon waterfall. The night before, we walked there but that morning we drove there. We also met a group of Singaporean who are leaving for Seoul at the lobby before we start our island exploration \(^^)/

Motif gambar sbenarnya mo tunjuk betapa spacious nya boot.. 2nd motif: Saya kurus (^^)v
So we drove down about 400m and parked our car. There were so many buses already and so many tourists of course. So we walked our way to the waterfall on the beautiful landscaped trail. There was this bridge...

And below it was a flowing stream with those tiny rocks forming beautiful small rapids

Pic credit to MR

Then comes this shady walkway.. It was calming walking under those shady trees. It's good that this place have different path for those entering and leaving

Credit to MR again :)

And finally the mesmerizing Cheonjiyeon Waterfall (^^)

 Cheonjiyeon meaning: a waterfall connecting the sky (Ch'eon) and land (ji)

As I stood there, I could relate the name to its presentation. The cascade of water falling down the cliff really looks as if it is water falling from the sky. As if there is nothing up there though the source of water is actually from a spring. I've never seen a spring that can discharge this much volume of water so I was amazed! MashaAllah~

The night before, we saw a duck and 3 ducklings swimming towards the waterfall and that morning we saw some ducks again. They seem to complement the whole scene; the lushes greenery plus ducks! PERFECTO!

And then as we were about to leave, suddenly a Korean guy came to us saying that his students want to take picture with us. We were, of course, EXCITED! Dan selepas itu bermulalah sesi ayam bercakap dengan itik.. From what we manage to understand, they are not from Seoul and the province that they mentioned, I think, should be in the Southern part of South Korea. They were very friendly and they tried really hard to make a conversation :)

Then after Cheonjiyeon waterfall we head westward to Jusangjeolli cliff in Jungmun. And as usual, on the way, we met with random island beauty, parked our car and took lots of pictures

Random #1: Seriously tatau ape name tempat ni

Random #2: This is already near to Jusangjeolli

This should be my favorite random place. To our left was a jetty for a speed boat service that enables you to go near the Jusangjeolli cliff but it is quite pricey for a 15 minutes boat ride

Random #3: Very beautiful background.. Tapi apakan daya tripod pon macam tuannya jugak.. Sedang2 rendah.. :p

Then finally we reach Jusangjeolli cliff.. The signboards were quite confusing and Jungmun is actually a huge area containing various attractions. Honestly, I've never seen anything like it and I literally had palpitation as Jusangjeolli come into view..

GG: Ya Rabbi.. Tempat ni.. Masha Allah lawa nye~ Nak pengsan~

Jeosangjeolli cliffs are actually rock pillars that were formed million years ago when the lava from Halla san eruption flow towards Jungmun. What makes it unique to me is the precise hexagonal shape and actually the height of the cliffs tells the speed of the lava flow and the duration taken for the rocks to cool off. This is magnificent.. The beauty is more than a picture could describe. You need to be there, look at how beautiful the rocks are, the water was a brilliant electric blue and the sounds of wave in the breeze makes it so perfect.. Sampai palpitation~

See those hexagonal shape rocks :)

And again, an old Korean fella asked to take a picture with me and MR (dah mule rase macam artis pulak). And we had our lunch in Jusangjeolli. Maccaroni and cheese again (^^)

I still have a lot to tell but then this post is too long already.. To be continued

Tidur dulu.. Mengantok~

Macam mana la nda gelap balik dari Korea.. Pi sunbathing bha pulak :P

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