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Korea day 3: Jeju is like a piece of heaven..

It was suppose to be a long drive but it didn't because my friends were making silly jokes along the way. Luckily there were lesser cars at night and the route was actually straight so it was easy for me. But we went silent as we enter Seongsan.

GG: Bukak tingkap weyh!!!

Why... Because Seongsan happen to be a small town that is separated from the main land, connected by a 4 lane coastal road that is superb even at night. We could hear the sound of waves, feel the breeze and smell the sea.. And we went "UUuuuuuUU..." and "Aaaaah" when we saw the silhouetted Seongsan Ilchulbong, the sole reason that took us there.

We checked in at Ilchulbong Tourist Hotel; the nearest that I can find. Well, there were very few reviews about the hotel in the website where I made the booking so I really really put low expectation and to my surprise the RM 193 room was extremely spacious and complete with a hair dryer, a fridge, a tv, it's air-conditioned and have all the other essentials! Plus the window faces the Ilchulbong!!! Worth it! and as usual I was the first to fall asleep.. zZzZzZ..

But I was not the first to wake up (^^)v we woke up very early that morning to catch the sunrise. We were suppose to go to the starting point at 4 something since the sunrise is around 5.30 am but as usual we were slightly behind schedule. And I was so confused by the signboards and the direction given by the GPS that I drove in circles. Adeh! And finally we started climbing around 4.30 am
It was flights of stairs all the way up. Not that tiring because it is only about 170-180 m climb. It took us about 15-20 minutes to reach the top and Subahanallah~ Another palpitation..

All this while when I was studying about Jeju, the pictures of Ilchulbong Seongsan were always the ones taken from air or from far away to portray it is a cliff formed by underwater volcanic eruption and it stood there on shallow water. But literally standing on it that morning gave me a different feeling altogether.
I was overwhelmed by the beauty; the pristine beauty of the meadow with the vast sea ahead that stretches beyond the horizon and the strong wind.. They made me feel so puny.. Yup.. Puny.. That was how I felt as I stood on the deck..

It was quite cloudy that morning so we only get to see some trace of the morning sun rays but still it was jaw-dropping beautiful!!! And then we spent about 3 hours on the top; having breakfast and enjoying the view.

Makan Ruski (^^)

The small town of Seongsan (^^)

Yah!! Sekali lagi artis :p

We head back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our next destination. We were in no hurry although we know we haven't got that much time on our last day. But it seem that we were really enjoying the atmosphere in Seongsan. From our room window we can see a throng of crowd climbing Ilchulbong. It was only around 9 am when we saw that. SJ breathed a sigh of relief as she prepare our food next to the window "Nasib baek kte gi awal weyh.."

The next destination was Seopjikoji which means "A sudden bump on the land" We don't know how far it is but estimated that it'll take us around 30 minutes to get there. It was not far but the random beauty put us behind schedule again. If we haven't stopped by the beach, it would've been only around 15 minutes drive from our hotel. But the beach was irresistible..

Farewell bid to Seongsan Ilchulbong

When we reached Seopjikoji it was already crowded with tourists. We walk our way towards the coastal line and found ourselves holding our breath as we look at the beautiful landscape that lies in front of Seopjikoji.. "Ape yang tak cantik kat Jeju ni weyh!!!" *dengan nada geram sebab dah nak balik*

There is actually a nice walking trail on the cliff but we chose to walk on the rocks instead. HH was very excited and wanted to touch the water, but that is so not a good idea. The waves were violent with different magnitude every time they touch the rocks so yup, dua orang pharmacists in patient yang garang actually scolded her haha "Pegila! Aku cakap awal2 aku x slamatkan ko kalo ape2 jadi.." But seriously, you need at least a fair swimming skill to get near the water; to safe you just in case you got washed away by the waves, that is.

At the end of Seopjikoji stood this lighthouse. My first time ever to get close to a lighthouse so I was excited :p Slama ni tengok dalam Enid Blyton series masa kicik2 jak kan :p

We spent around 2 hours in Seopjikoji and next we head to Trick Art Museum. Ohohoho Masa ni la memang x bole blah.. That morning on top of Ilchulbong we actually saw many windmills on about 3 different parts of Jeju. We wanted to see it closer and asked a Korean guy on Ilchulbong of the windmills whereabouts. He didn't speak English so hurm.. buat2 faham saja la kan.. And my friends went to ask the guy at the hotel reception counter as I heat up the car's engine but still they didn't manage to get useful information. So.. On the way to the Trick Art Museum, we caught the sight of the windmills again and just drive towards it without knowing where we were. And we end up in a vegetable farm :P

Can you see the windmills? 

Lepas tu random bush pon cantik..

Realizing that we have about 5 hours before our flight to Seoul, we just continue our journey towards the Trick Art Museum although each of us was still hoping to see the windmills closer than the one from the mysterious vegetable farm.. And thank you GPS, she (because it was a woman's voice) recalculated the route and took us to a route that pass next to the windmills \(^^)/

Masa ni berhenti tengah2 jalan amek gambar (^^) There were no cars though sebab tu berani :P

It was less than 5 minutes drive to Trick Art Museum from the point where we stopped to take the pictures of the windmills. When we arrived, there were soooo many people at the Trick Art Museum and sangat rimas.. We were there for about an hour because we can't stand the crowd. *Sign of aging kah ni??* Took some awesome pics and head straight to Manjanggul Cave

Manjanggul was not far either, around 15 minutes drive from Trick Art Museum. Manjanggul is one of the lava tubes in Jeju with a total length of about 13 km but only 1km was opened to public. I was surprised to see how big it was because the tunnels in caves that I ever went into was only about 5m high but in Manjanggul it could be as high as 8-10m *rough estimation*

It was so cold inside like less than 18 C and I didn't sweat at all as I walk towards the end of the tube. Along the way we saw lots of structures which were formed million years ago from the lava flow. I don't think everybody will appreciate the exhibits inside because it was merely rocks and rocks and rocks again. But it was how those rocks were formed which are special. They are the aftermath of a massive eruption and they are beautiful.We tried to understand and differentiate the rocks formation by using medical terminologies hehe "Aku rase raft ni macam embolus la, yang mural tu kre macam thrombus.." NERD!

The end of Manjanggul lava tube is that rock that protrudes to the ceiling. Actually it is formed from the lava that was flowing down from the ceiling and it cooled off as it was still dripping down. We went out and performed our solah under a tree near to where we parked our car and rush to Jeju Do to the famous Yongduam Rock after that

There were so many beautiful places along the way but we couldn't stop because there was only about 2 hours before our flight. We saw Halla san on our left and vowed to come again to conquer its peak. I say Jeju-do should be the most populated area in Jeju since it is the main city. It was hard for me driving inside the city and there were so many cars parked at the side of the road and sangat sakit hati sebab x dapat bajet space... But Yongduam Rock was surprsingly.. hurm..ordinary

It was another rock on a beach to me but the sunset was extraordinary (^^) One of the most beautiful sunset that I've ever seen. And the most memorable thing about Yongduam Rock is it was where we met the friendly Korean guy Mr JL and his Japanese wife and in-laws (^^)

There were only 4 of us on the deck and HH was at the shop buying some souvenirs when Mr JL came to us asking "Where are you from?"

Mr JL: Muslims??
"Yes we are Muslims"
Mr JL: Aha! Muslims can marry four wives! Are you single??
"Haha okay, four wives.. Yes we are singles.."
Mr JL: Good! I can introduce you to Korean guys!

Dan ntah apa lagi kami mengarut lepas tu. Sakit perut aku ketawa but they were very nice people. SJ asked them what her name means in Korea and we had another wave of laughter after knowing the meaning. We exchange contact numbers and we really hope to see them again in the future

We head towards the airport with a heavy heart. I was so sad to leave Jeju, I even felt like crying.. We didn't talk much in the airport. I was busy updating my status in facebook because I happen to have left a worrying status when we arrived and wasn't able to give any update throughout the trip. The rest were carried away looking at the pictures we took in Jeju and HH was charging her handphone in front of me. Suddenly a 13 year old boy came to HH with two other smaller kids asking her where she is from. After that he went back to his seat and a few minutes later he come again with 5 Jeju chocolates (^^)

Hurm... Seriously.. Rindu sangat dengan Jeju... I will come again and my main mission would be Hallasan.. :)

Serius ni... Rindu....

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