Friday, July 6, 2012

Korea day 2: "If Jeju is a man...

"..I would marry him," a statement made by RA :p

You know,  most of the people in Jeju  were really curious about us. I think it's the head scarf. People will ask where are we from and even peek at what we were making during lunch and they even peek at my camera screen  as we pose for our pic. That would've been rude but then they didn't give us the weird look thingy. They always seem so excited, speak something we can't fathom and smile and sometimes they gave us thumbs up. Tapi satu ayat la yang memang dalam silibus sekolah because all of them will say it although they don't speak English "Nice to meet you!! See you later!!!" (^^)/

So, we continue our second day in Jeju. After the breathtaking Jusangjeolli, we head for the Cheonjeyeon fall. The name is almost similar with the one in Seogwipo, just the 'i' is replaced by an 'e'. The GPS directed us to the one in Seogwipo so it took us some time to locate this nature marvel. Sekali lagi palpitation~

Pic credit to MR. Nampaknya MR menang contest embak GG :P
We can't see the Cheonjeyeon fall from the entrance because we had to go down a few hundred meters. As we walk down the steps, suddenly the striking blue water view emerge in front of us. I saw it in Google once but the real colour is even bluer than the one I saw! Palpitation.. Our pace became faster and faster and finally voilla!

Another outstanding sight in Jeju and can you imagine the water actually springs out from the cracks on those rocks. Subhanallah. I don't know why it is so blue though but the  pond in this picture is deep and they don't allow people to swim here. Looking at this pic, I remember clearly how cold the water was as I dip my hands in. There was also a special species of trees which can only be found here where all the leaves are pointing upward and the leaves were greener. The rocks where we stood on were very slippery. Some Korean tourists fell into the pond while walking on the rocks! 

HH: Weyh! die jatuh dari batu yang kite pijak tadi kot.. 

Don't wanna get wet although we have all our clothes inside the car huuu

See those water coming out out from those rocks? Isn't it amazing how the water coming out from there can give out so much amount to form 2 other waterfalls; the 2nd waterfall is about 200m away and the 3rd waterfall is about 500m. We only went to the 2nd waterfall

We can't go near the pond at the second waterfall. We just stood on this wooden deck and took some pictures. It is beautiful and I think the special thing about it is the plants thriving at the walls behind the waterfall. Although it look small, we still can feel the water spray. Refreshing~

Next we went to Seonimgyo bridge which was about 50m from the 2nd waterfall
We were running out of time and were considering to cancel visiting the Teddy Bear Museum because we have to drive to the East for an overnight there. But we were also curious of what are there across the bridge because we saw this cute blue train from afar. So we went across, went out of the park and saw a signboard that reads Yeomiji which is actually a botanical garden that was in our list but we cancelled it since we already went to Hallim Park. We know that the Teddy Bear Museum is suppose to be near to Yeomiji. Went to the map board and hooorrraaayy The Teddy Bear Museum was only 2 blocks away. That's 5 minutes walk! Lucky!!!

The museum is a 3 storey building with lots of Teddy Bear exhibits; ranging from histories about the teddy bear itself, prominent world events like the fall of Berlin wall and World War II and also teddy bears that resemble famous people like Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon, Queen Elizabeth etc. They were really cute! You can just guess what is the event or who the person is by one look!

The Fall of Berlin Wall.. Ok.. German Obsessed Haziah :P

Muka penat~

And right in front of the Teddy Bear Museum is actually Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Went inside out of curiosity and we loved it \(^^)/ So many tricky stuffs and some were gruesome. There was this one mirror where they ask you to roll your tongue in so many ways and we were excited to try it out. And actually the people at the other side were looking at us making funny faces. Ces! 

O kawan2 ku yang pandai buat expression muka~ 

Yup... Ripley's Believe It or Not was our closing of the day. Then we head to the east to Seongsan for an overnight. It was about 1.5 hours drive from Jungmun and it actually didn't feel like it because my friends were making lots of jokes along the way sampai driver abdominal muscle cramp sebab kena tahan gelak (^^) Tiring, yes, but worth every sweat!

The only car left in the parking lot :p
Celebrate birthday sape??

Can you guess which one is who?? :)

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