Thursday, June 28, 2012

Korea trip Day 1: Seoul to Jeju (^^)

I just can't believe our trip is over and done (^^) Surprisingly, it felt longer than other previous trips. Perhaps because we'd covered many attractions this time. The long wait was worth while. We had ample time to study thoroughly and plan the whole journey and Alhamdulillah, everything went well.. So here's our story.. (^^)

As usual, our trip always started with some drama. HH's leave was not yet approved less than 2 weeks before the trip and she can't find her passport a few days before the trip. Knowing her, I know everything will be okay in the end so I didn't freak out much hehe

I was so happy to finally meet SJ and RA after our trip to Singapore in October. The last time I met MR was during one of our friend's engagement but we chat a lot in fb, planning our trips. And in the airport, we met our juniors whose flight were bound to Kerabi. We chat like we're never apart. We haven't met for almost 2 years.

It was already their time for boarding but they ran back to us to snap some pics together. Sangat terharu~
Our flight to Incheon was at 2.25 pm and was scheduled to land at 9.45 pm. Nothing much in Incheon airport at midnight. Most of the shops were closed when we arrived so we just sit on the bench to revise our itinerary. There are prayer rooms but they're actually inside the departure hall so we spent the night on the benches on 3rd floor. Very comfortable! The toilet was nearby and the floor is the laminated type so it's very clean to perform prayers on.

Our flight to Jeju from Gimpo airport was 6.25am that morning. We didn't go straight to Gimpo because the airport is closed from 1 am to 5 am. We'd wanted to take the late night bus at 3.50 am but we missed it and took a cab instead. But, to think of it, if we'd taken the bus, we might have arrive too early and have to wait outside the airport longer because when we arrived at Gimpo in our fancy cab, the airport was still so dark and locked. The cab was fancy! It was a family cab that has this van-like feature and the interior was like a karaoke room! Well, my first embarrassing moment was I went straight to the left side to open the door but there was no door!!!!!!! (-_-") The cab ride cost us 61800 won 

Waiting for the airport to open

Gimpo is a small airport but there are international flights to Japan. We board the Eastarjet to Jeju; paid RM 283 for a 2-way ticket. We were suppose to arrive around 7.40 am but due to thick clouds, the plane failed to land. It was sooooo thick!!!!! We were descending and descending and suddenly we can feel the flight ascend. The pilot did a second attempt to land but he couldn't make it and finally the seat belt sign was switched off and the pilot announced that we are going to land in Cheongju while waiting for the clouds to clear.

 It was a very terrifying moment, I would say. The flight was not bumpy, but the sudden thrust when the flight start to ascend was scary because I think we'd descended quite a distance already. Plus, there were so many announcements and only a few were translated!

GG: Ni mesti announcement yang x de dalam buku nih.. (-_-")

 The cloud was still thick when we left Cheongju but that time it seems that the pilot was determined to land the plane. Alhamdulillah.. we arrived safely on the beautiful island of Jeju

When we arrived, we shopped for some snacks. We have a list of halal food with us. Went to the car rental counter and the best deal was offered by Korean First. There was this 60% off promotion so we paid 175000 won for our spacious and luxurious looking sedan. I misunderstood some details though. I thought we got a full tank petrol with that price but actually they measured how much we'd used during return and charged us on the fuel usage. But if you fill it back to the amount when you first got the car, there will be no charge. I don't know whether paying the company is cheaper or not compare to if you fill the gas at the petrol station before returning the car.

I was the driver for the whole trip in Jeju. It was hard at first to get use to driving on the left side. I always forgot that we were suppose to be on the right side of the road and my friends would start screaming "GG!!! SEBELAH KANAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" every time I drove on the wrong side and there was a car in front. Sangat funny haha

I don't even remember what's the name of this place because this stop was soooo random! hee

One thing about Jeju, every inch of it is beautiful. This was our first encounter of its beauty. I was still adapting to driving on the left side on the right side of the road when my friends screamed "Cantiknye!!! GG parking!!!!" Luckily, I'm not the panic type. Make a quick signal to the right and steer the car into a parking. And luckily the cars are slow in jeju so they always have the time to brake when a car suddenly change course hehe

Our first destination was Hallim Park. Entrance fee 9000 won. Distance: About 60km from the airport

Mind you, the speed limit in jeju can be as slow as 60 km/hr and the GPS will be so annoyingly noisy when you exceed the speed limit. So what's in Hallim park, lots and lots and lots of plants, flowers and they even have lava tubes!

My favourite plant would be this giant cactus. I'm not a fan of flowers. I always said to my mom that her flower would die~ But in Hallim park, I was quite into flowers hehe Weird.. Maybe because they're more colourful than the ones we have in Malaysia hehe

Our next destination was the Glass Castle. We didn't expect it to be so beautiful but this place is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Everything was made of glass and and the vibrant colour should be the plus point. Everything shone under the sun. We were awed by the creativity and how everything was shaped into details. We spent a good two hours taking pictures in every corner of the park

Our last destination that day was the Miniature Park. It looks exciting on the outside but so so in the inside. Most of the things there look seasoned and need new painting but we enjoyed it anyway

After an hour, we head to Seogwipo to check-in in our hotel, The Hiking Inn. The GPS in our car was very helpful. We were never lost and we easily found our hotel. The only challenge was there was this big T junction with no traffic light before the hotel. I don't know which side should go first!!!!! So confusing!!!

That night, we took a walk at the Cheonjiyeon waterfall. We were excited because we know the surrounding will be superb if there is daylight.  I was the most exhausted among us. I was physically and mentally exhausted. When we were in 7-E, when I wanted to buy a Starbucks coffee, I can't even recall whether our room has a fridge or not. I was so tired that I shove all of my stuff on the bed to the floor and lay down flat. Heard MR entered the room,

MR: Eyh, awalnye tidur..
HH: Gg dah x larat sangat..

Zzzzzzz~ That's all I remember :P

To be continued....

Monday, June 25, 2012

Jangan Pernah Ingkar...

First and foremost, let me describe to you how my mom is like...

She's a very lively, friendly and talkative person. She ages gracefully that no one ever guessed her age correctly. People always thought she's still in her forties whereas she's actually turning 58 this year

She was an athlete and still is very active for someone in her age. She beat me once in a marathon when I was 14 and still boast about it until today.

Looking at her outward appearance, nobody would have guessed that there were hard days, failed marriages and tragedies in her life. She is the strongest woman that I've ever known!

However... She can drive me crazy!!!

When I graduated, I told her that I want to settle down when I turn 25. She said, "Adik!! Kasi puas bujang dulu!!!" She told my dad what I said to her and my dad suggested that I should think about marriage when I turn 29. Okay, one fact about my parents; BOTH OF THEM GOT MARRIED AT YOUNG AGE. My mom's 1st marriage was when she was 16 and my dad married my mom when he was only 20.. My theory, "hurm.. mungkin dorang nda puas bujang..."

This goes on and on and on for a few weeks that I had to give them the definition of 'Puas Bujang'

"Puas Bujang itu sangat subjektif.."

So then, I had a change of mind and thought that I should take their advice as I was starting to enjoy the bliss of singledom and the joy of having  my own money to spend on things that I like :P I started travelling, quite excessively, I guess..

Then comes this season where lots of my cousins and her friends' children who are of the same age as me got married.. And she drove me crazy again..She asked me if I secretly have a boyfriend. And when I said, "No. I don't have a boyfriend. If I do have, why should I be secretive about it?? I'll tell you".. She responded, "Ka adik nda suka lelaki??" I was like "WHAT!!!?? HAHAHA"

Then comes the moment when she start bugging me with the marriage course topic. "Adik pigi la kursus kawen tu. Lepas ni kursus kawen seminggu ok!" I refuse to because I think it'll be embarrassing if I end up being a spinster for the rest of my life after I joined the marriage course. She said that I was talking nonsense. I came up with another excuse

GG: What if people ask me when  am I getting married during the course?? They'll expect me to marry soon. They might even thought that I was coming with my future husband

Mommy: Senang jak tu.. Adik cakap la, adik ni wanita bekerjaya.. Lepas ni nda ada masa suda mo ikot marriage course

(-_-") sabar jak la aku.. siap bagi skema jawapan...

And then she start asking my friends to tag along with me to join the marriage course. Surprisingly, quite a number of them responded positively and one afternoon my mom called me at work,

"Adik!! Mommy suda tanya si A, si R and si S. Dorang pon mau join! Okay! Petang ni jua mommy dapatkan date dari Jabatan Agama. And later I'll collect your IC numbers for registration!!"

I was speechless.. Suka hati laaa.. She was so determined so I just let her be.. Recently, she called me again during office hours

Mommy: So, jadi ka July ni
GG: Apa yang jadi??
Mommy: Kursus kawen la muahahaha *evil laugh*
GG: Apa2 jak la mommy *X larat suda mo layan (-_-")*

I don't know what induce her to pester me with this marriage topic. I always thought she is just too cool to even bother about her daughter getting married later than the usual marrying age. Maybe she wants a new member in the family. Or maybe she wants more grandchildren. Or maybe she is worried about me not being interested with guys.

It's not that I'm not interested in guys. It's just that for the past 3 years, I just don't want to think about relationship anymore. I'm just tired of the whole process in a relationship. I have a friend who has been in a relationship for more than 7 years and he said he is not ready for marriage yet. And I somehow can't accept that. I don't even text or chat with any guy because I don't think they show their true colors through those medium of communication :P I only respond to relevant topics.

To me, a guy won't think twice to marry the woman he really loves. So, I don't mind waiting years and years for someone like that to appear. And I'm predicting I'll be single for at least 4 years before I meet someone who wants a rock climber as a wife haha I don't think a woman who is so keen of outdoor activities is seen as wife material in this country and I don't really care as long as I do what I love to do because I'M HAPPIEST WHEN I'M ON A MOUNTAIN!

So, I guess, I'll be dragging my feet to marriage course this July as she wish.. Jangan pernah ingkar dengan keinginan seorang ibu. Marriage course is harmless anyway haha

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Packing the necessaries.. \(^^)/

South Korea is our 4th trip abroad so I just feel like writing what I usually pack when travelling overseas..

No. 1 is of course the international passport (^^)
Without this you can't even pass the check in counter. Make sure you have applied for visas when travelling to countries that require them and this is when research come in handy :) My Dad is travelling to Myanmar in July and just found out about the required visa 4 weeks before his visit because I just sort of randomly googled about it one afternoon. It was such a havoc because we don't know how fast it will be processed.

No. 2 is the International Driving Permit
I applied this in JPJ. Paid RM 150 for the annual fee and make sure that your licence won't expire very soon.   
It's merely a translation of the normal licence. Just a few pages of statement saying you are a competent driver in several languages heee

No 3 Gadgets that will capture and spread every moment of awesomeness..

Me smurf-lappy, me smurf-rugged digicam and me Sony cybershot

The two cameras have their own specialties so I use them in different conditions. The rugged one can withstand extreme temperature and is waterproof so I usually use it when the weather gets rough. The cybershot has sharper image especially for outdoor shots and it makes me look thinner haha

Me smurf-lappy is a very handy little object. The size and light weight enable me to bring it anywhere. I always make sure that our lodging has internet connection. I don't like delaying uploading pictures because I'll be too lazy to do so later and the excitement is lesser.. Plus I need memory space for more pictures!

No 4. The Universal Plug

I just bought this. I used my Dad's plug in previous trips but this is a very crucial little object. We also brought an extension so that we can charge more than one gadgets at one time. 

No 5. It's all about the money money MONEY

Take time to survey which money changer offers the best rate. Even 1 cent can give a significant difference. Bringing enough cash is very important especially if you are planning to shop cheap stuffs because there is a high chance that the stores don't accept credit cards.. Lesson learnt in Bali; Mida and I even bargained for the cheapest motorcycle ride in Ubud because we ran out of cash hehe (^^)>; Or to be safe, make sure you activate your ATM card for international withdrawal :)

Other stuffs..

Enough clothes and make sure they suit the weather..
Comfortable shoes so you won't hurt your legs at the end of the day..
A printed itinerary so it'll be easier to refer to..
Copies of airline tickets..
List of Halal Food..
Toiletries, cosmetics and baby wipes..
Medications.. All of us are Pharmacist so we have our own meds :P

Paracetamol in case you have headache or fever.. Metoclopramide in case you have stomach upset and feeling nauseous and dizzy.. Antihistamine (non-drowsy is preferred if you don't want to fall asleep and miss the surroundings) I usually have my Tiger balm along because my bowel activity is very unpredictable when the weather change. Lomotil, Charcoal, ORS & Hyoscine for diarrhea...

and most importantly


Monday, June 18, 2012

Currently... 18 June 2012

Random.. Clad in my German jersey inside my tiny bedroom

I was only testing this fella. Bought it because I thought it'll be handy in upcoming trips; when you have nobody around to help you snap a group pic

Broke sebelum waktunya...


Thursday, June 14, 2012

Haziah says "Lets save some moneyh!"

For someone who knows me in person and not through this blog, this is definitely like a BIG JOKE!!!

I'm never the thrifty type; a compulsive shopper with monstrous appetite and never say never to having fun.. I can't even let a 2 days holiday passed without me going somewhere! Okay.. RED ALERT!! I just realize that my saving is below my self-ordained buffer level! Mati la ni... (-_-")

At the end of my previous post I said I was going to make a strategic money saving plan.. Well, I went to check the balance of my accounts and they were deadly! I didn't notice that I've withdrawn too much of 'em moneyh! T_T  So, I went to search for money saving tips and here are my  conclusions \(^^)/

1. Have multiple saving accounts (Did that :))

Usually people would have like 2 or 3 saving accounts. One for the salary, the other one for monthly saving and the other one is for investment like ASB. But I found one married couple blog who endeavor to save $60k so that they can quit their jobs and travel around the world. They have their own way of naming the bank accounts which I think amusing :P

  • Travel account - This is solely for the travel. Have to be extremely disciplined and withdrawal is not allowed at all! (Got one already!)
  • Oh SH** account- I like this one. Got one already but have never thought of naming it like that haha. This account is for an Oh SH** moments where you suddenly need to use some money such as need to replace a punctured tire or something like that :P Withdrawal is STRICTLY for the Oh SH** moment.
But there's one thing about having multiple saving accounts. If you're the kind who can't pile up lots of money in any of them, then you'll get a very insignificant amount of dividend at the end of each year. For this, I would suggest the ASB loans like the one in Maybank. You might get the money in 5-20 years time, but this helps increase the dividend and it's a secured saving where you know in 5-20 yrs you have 10's of thousands in hand.

2. Be consistent! (Still trying..)

This is quite hard but I'm still trying. Some of my salary are automatically credited into one of my accounts and I've two secured savings where I've to pay a certain amount of money monthly. The later are untouchable until the next 5-20 years. These are the only way that I can be consistent. Bonuses usually goes to Oh SH** and travelling to make me reach my goal faster (^^) YOSH!

3. Make it hard to withdraw money! (Trying...)

No ATM cards for travelling account please... Only passbook. Definitely will think 2-3 times before you go for a withdraw.. Think about the hot scorching equatorial sun, no parking space, the long queue and the doomed saving! 

I did something hurm which is quite out of the norm in Malaysia. In the west you see people literally freeze their credit cards in a block of ice. I don't do that because my credit card is my precioussss *Gollum hissing sound* but.. I slid my Oh SH** ATM inside the space in between the wall  and the heaviest furniture in the house haha (^^) I know that's a little bit crazy but I tried to put it inside a locked drawer but at the end of the month I usually retrieve it to withdraw some money. So, this strategy should work because I don't feel like removing all the stuff to get the card in monthly basis. O ya, I also disabled any online transaction for that account muahahaha abis la ko Haziah!

4. Drive safely...

I just identified what could be the biggest investment of my youth~ ME CAR! When I badly punctured my tire in April, I'd to pay RM 200 for a new one and then I paid RM 35 for a pair of new wiper. Expensive! Plus the mortgage and I'm paying for my mom's car mortgage as well. Plus the annual insurance and road tax.. Yes this is the biggest investment so I want to drive safe so that I won't invest more than I should...

5. Cutting expanses on hobbies..

Well, I made new schedule for my hobbies. I'm reducing the number of times for climbing.. 3 times per week on weekdays so that I can save on fuel as well since I can go straight from work. 3 times per week for running to replace climbing because running in the park is free (^^) Twice a month dining out*eating is my hobby* Movie night during dining out, if possible.. Finish all the books before buying a new one.. Everything mentioned is effective starting from June \(^^)/

6. Save on coins

Some may think coins are insignificant. Actually it is!! I've a tall cylinder shape coin box that I daily put coins into. Well, banyak penipuan berlaku because I definitely will say no if the cashier ask, "Ada duit pecah?" even though I actually have around RM 3 worth of coins inside my purse. Why is it significant?? Lets see, every time my coin box is full, I usually get more than RM 150. And It is usually full every 3 months, so that's 4 times a year. So, roughly 4 x RM 150 = RM 600. See! the coins alone can give me RM 600 per year. It is significant \(^^)/ The most that I've saved in the coin box in 3 months was RM 210

7. Shop during sales and in outlets that offer you rewards!

Need not to tell this because every girl does this. I love branded shoes for their comfy but I won't buy them unless it is 70% off. Sometimes people say something like, "Kaya nya gg pakai kasot Sembonia!' Dengan bangga nya jawab "O, saya beli RM 50 jak masa sale!" (^^)v

And another thing about credit cards..some banks offer really good rewards! I once saved RM500 when I bought my preciousssss *another Gollum hissing* washing machine because I accumulated lots of points when I shopped in stores that offers reward points! I'm the kind who love to shop with credit cards when buying expensive stuffs because I don't feel safe having lots of cash in my hand heee tapi lepas tu cepat2 la bayar because credit card's interest is daunting!

So that's it for my money saving aspirations and strategies.. Semoga istiqomah \\(^^)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Bucket list!!!!!! \(^^)/

My 'old' wish list

I made that three years ago. None has yet to be realized but... mostly will be realized hurm.. by next year \(^^)/ except for number 4 & 5 since I only played paintball once since I graduated and I don't know who I can go with to climb the rest of G7 whose peaks I haven't conquered. So.. I've made a mental list of things that I wanna do and places I wanna go and now I wanna put it here  :)

1. ICELAND!!!!!!!!!

Most of the things that I wanna do basically can be done here. I did my research and estimated the whole budget. The package rate for the activities are alright but the flight tickets are pricey! I've routed the trip; most probably gonna spend around 3-4 days there. And now it's the watchful waiting time; waiting for the best deals from MAS and easyjet (^^) yosh!

What I wanna do there? Surprisingly, they have almost everything. From glacier, to wild rapids and even whale watching!

Image Credit:

2. New Zealand

I bet this should be almost everybody's dream destination. It's the beauty of nature, I guess. Lets say even if I did most of the activities that can be done here already, I will do it again :)

3. Kilimanjaro (^^)

 I remember being offered to join an expedition to Kilimanjaro a few years back. Cost around RM 3k - RM 5k but I'm not so sure what was included with that price. But I was only a student back then who has no saving by the end of every semester and my parents definitely won't approve it especially if it involves their money haha Now, I have more freedom to make my own decision. Here, I just wanna enjoy the scenic landscape and watch the animals run free in the safari. The chances to see them wild animals are higher in Africa since they don't hide behind thick bushes. Z repeatedly said this during our trip in Kinabatangan hahaha

4. Fujiyama, Japan

I've always fond of this snow-capped yama . It wasn't in my list until Z mentioned it was one of Karl P's destination in 'An Idiot Abroad'. There was also an offer to climb Mt Fuji during my study but similarly, it was financial matter that hindered me from going. So, yeah, now that money is no longer an issue, I'll definitely going to Fujiyama if I've the time to. Did my quick research. You can't climb it all year round so the trip should be best between June and July *June and July should be longer. It seems to be the best time everywhere!*

5. Hawaii, Bora bora & Galapagos Island

This should be my ultimate dream destination since it is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and is far off from being a budget destination.. I don't mind if this comes to reality in my forties or even fifties because this is pure relaxation destination especially Bora bora. Hawaii seems to offer lots of adventure so maybe in my forties I should be able to go there Em.. Sabahan and Sarawakian seem to be stronger in their forties. I remember my mom beat me in a marathon when she was 45 *malu tu sampai sekarang* and I once saw one Sarawakian lady did >10 push ups and she should be in her late forties as well.. so I hope I'm that strong by the time I'm in Hawaii :P There are direct flights from Japan to Hawaii and Hawaii to Bora bora :)

6. South America (^^)

I'm planning to go during the World  Cup 2014. Gonna watch one game and then off I go for my ultimate South America exploration \(^^)/ I still have no idea how I'm going to save for this but I will do it! YOSH! The flight ticket alone cost RM 8K! Mati la ni.... But lets say I can't make it in 2014, I'm okay to postpone it to another year

I actually have a long list! But I'll stop up until here. I didn't include Jordan & Israel because I need to join a tour package for that and that's a big turn off.

You know, I really hate it when people say, "Ko ni melancong je. Pi Mekah x mau.." It's really annoying.. To me going to Mecca is entirely spiritual and it is something that I want to do with the whole family and not with friends. Plus, I don't think the intention to go to Mekah is something to brag about because it is ENTIRELY spiritual and generally speaking, every Muslim wants to go there! So, scram you who said that to me!

Hurm.. Now... thinking of strategies to maximize my saving... Adios!

*okay, semua gambar kawasan pergunungan*

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Exploring Sandakan: Sepilok and Kinabatangan

I just can't let the precious 2 days Keamatan holiday passed without a real plan. Movies? Karaoke? Urgh.. Cliche'~ So.. I text Z about a month ago whether she has a plan or not. And fortunately she doesn't! I text her at lunch and voila bought a 2-way tickets to Sandakan before dinner (^^)

So, what were we up to in Sandakan??

Visit this fella!!!!!

Okay, the details. On the first night we spent a night in a budget hotel, watched The Amazing Race latest season finale and slept very late! Woke up late.. Had pancakes a.k.a tumpi for breakfast and it was 9.30 a.m. when we were already set for Sepilok. Z asked the receptionist how to get a taxi to Sepilok. We got a very demotivating answer instead. Not helping! 

"Feeding start pukul 10 pagi. Xsempat ni nak pegi sana"
"Xpa.. Kami try jak la.."
"Tapi taxi die RM  40 tau.. Mahal~"
*Urgh! we are okay with that because we really wanna go & the driver from the lodging where we're staying tonight will fetch us there* (-_-") dalam hati~

So, malas mo dengar kenegatifan itu, we just went straight to the taxi station and went straight to Sepilok. Taxi driver tu lagi postif! "Sempat ni.." Dengan muka selamba :p

We arrived in Sepilok at about 10.15 am. Paid RM 50 for taxi. And the entrance ticket is RM 5 for adults and RM 10 for cameras *masih x bole accept kenapa camera selalu lebih mahal dari orang!*. They provide a free spacious locker for bags.

We were late. The feeding already started. We walked slowly towards the feeding area at first. But then one of the ranger passed and said the Orang Utan is almost done eating, so I literally sprint! haha Luckily he was still there.

We were surprised to see only one Orang Utan. We thought they were all extinct. Later, we found out that Orang Utan are solitary creatures. They like to be alone rather in group. In Sepilok, there's about 150 Orang Utans left.

GG: Patut la dorang di ancam extinction.. Nda bekerjasama..

The pic on the left is a tree on which another Orang Utan is resting inside a temporary nest. We can't see him at all from the bottom. But he's there. I saw his hands haha

On the left is a female Macaque with her baby. The Macaque came to eat after the Orang Utan left. They came in a huge group. There was one huge Macaque who I think is the leader of the group. Very intimidating looking. You can see his pride as he strut on the deck towards the feeding area. 
Seriously minta puji!

So after that, we went straight to Kinabatangan which was about 1.5 hours drive from Sepilok. The scenery along the way was boring. Palm plantation all the way.. There were some gravel roads and we have to use a boat to go to our lodging because the road was blocked by a truck. The above is the small jetty to our lodging

Me, in front of our twin sharing room

We were surprised to find out that we were the only guest that day. In the middle of nowhere and we only have each other. Z, "Haziah, kalau kita ni sbenarnya mangsa penculikan pon kita xtau ni.. suda la lose connection~" 

This is the pic of our room. I was so impressed with the toilet that I can't resist taking the picture :P

But, I say, the toilet in Sepilok is the cleanest and the most fragrant toilet that I've ever been into in my entire life. Siap air-conditioned! when I entered, I was confused "eyh?? toilet ka ni??" (@_@)???

After putting our bags and prayers, we went for the evening river cruise \(^^)/

We saw this small shack floating on the river with a narrow wooden bridge connecting it to the river bank.
Z: eyh?? tandas ka tu??

The question left unanswered~ Mystery~

There were other resorts along the river. According to one of my staff, we got a very good price for a one-night package. Hers was a 2-night package that worth almost a thousand ringgit

There were some wires like this one for the primates to cross the  river. A friend of mine once saw the Orang Utan hanging on it. During our time, it was the Macaque. 

Before I came, I was expecting to see something like I saw in Pangi. Untouched.. But Kinabatangan forest actually suffered too much deforestation before that they have to do reforestation program a few years back. They call the project something like "The corridor of life" Sangat kesian. The jungle is only a few metres thick; definitely less than 200m thick because you can always see the palm leaves among the trees!

It rained heavily that evening but we insist to continue the cruise. Terpaksa jadi tele tubbies. We even stopped once to pile out water from the boat.

Tips: Continue your cruise even if it rains because the animals will come out after the rain stops! 
The above pic is actually a tree with lots of hornbills on the branches. Sorry camera x canggeh :p

The Proboscis monkey love the rain! We saw lots of family sitting on tree branches like this :)

That night, during dinner, we were still hesitant about going for the night trekking. I was just lazy and want to rest and Z don't want to wear this ugly looking leech socks that was given by her sister

Z said to me on the first night when she showed me the socks "Aku rasa ni bukan stokin bha.. Xda rupa pon. Mungkin aku kena prank ni.."
Then when we were in Sepilok, we burst into laughter when we saw it was displayed and worth RM 30 per pair. It really exist!

Macam kasut Son Goku kan?? Just it's white instead of black :P

So, what did we see? We saw sleeping birds!

This was my first time seeing the birds asleep so I have no idea they put their heads under their wing when sleeping. Siap tanya soalan bimbo lagi..

"Kenapa dorang x balik sarang untuk tidur??"

Okay, sarang hanya untuk bertelur (-_-")

This is a dove

Ayam hutan

And I don't remember what species this is :P

Bergaya dengan leech socks and boots!

The next morning, we went for another river cruise. Nothing much except that we went into this narrower part of the river and found a family of Proboscis monkey searching for food. They panicked when they saw us and ran off, jumping from one tree to another. One was too panic that he fell! Kesian sangat.. Tapi x mati la. We saw him jump onto a tree after that.

Z, "Mungkin dalam mind setting dorang, kita pon tengah cari makanan ni.."

And we found this beautiful plant (^^)

We left Kinabatangan at 8.30 am and went straight to Sandakan English Tea House which is set on top of a hill overlooking the deep  blue sea. I like the garden (^^)
And after after that we went to Agnes Keith House which is in the same compound. Paid RM 2 for the ticket. It's free for students

We spent two hours inside the house. Very spacious and beautiful inside. We read through the histories and watched a video about Sandakan. Back in the 30's, Sandakan was the major town in Sabah. It was destroyed badly by the Japanese in 1945 and was fully restored in 1948. :) Sangat cantik la pulak zaman colonial British :P

At the end of our trip, we made some conclusions..

Lelaki yang x suka komitmen = Orang Utan

Orang Utan is a solitary being. They like to be lonely and only calls the female to eat fruits on a tree when they feel like mating. 

Lelaki yang family guy = Proboscis Monkey

They always move about together as a family and the biggest one is usually the leader of the family.

All in all, I think if Kinabatangan is not looked after, it'll become a mere legacy. I salute those who fight for its protection; that's a very noble cause. After all, protecting all creatures on earth is the duty of the khalifah :)

PS: We saw an Orang Utan making his nest during the river cruise too! (^^)v