Saturday, March 31, 2012

All the Good Things In My Life~

Life has been good for me lately. Not up to perfect,though. Just things seem to be under control right now.. So.. What have I been up to lately.. Here goes (^^)

1. I fell in love twice :p

Well, I'm never the lovey dovey type. But, recently I fell in love with two hot guys!!!!!!! Agent Tuck from This Means War and Leo from The Vow!!!!!!! I really like these two characters. They'd kept me smiling throughout the movie (^^) It would be great to have a hot guy who adores you, protects you and most importantly makes all your wishes come true. Recently, I identified what I feared most about marriage. It's the fact that I have to put off some dreams and will only be able to do the things that I want with permission from the hubby.. SO NOT READY!!!!!!!!!!! :p

2. Induction

Okay.. This part is no fun but I'm relieved that it didn't fall on the date of my travel haha It was a mental & physical torture~ I have to bear with all the monotonous talks and then have to stuff all those delicious food into my body and voilla! additional 2 kg after only 5 days! Great!!!!! I didn't see the sun for 5 days too!!!! But I enjoy meeting my PRP friends who are now posted to other districts (^^)

3. On Belay!!!!!

I'm back to climbing.. 4 times a week but it's an uphill climb to regain my strength back. Thanks to my additional 7 kg after the 4 months hiatus, now I've to focus more on losing weight!!!!! But I'm trying to see the bright side of this.. If I train with this weight, I'll become very strong once I lose them annoying fats!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/ These are some pics from my intensive training. I did traverse with all the quick draws for almost half an hour.. I finally gave up because it was extremely heavy!!!!

And the other one is my bag hanged at the discovery wall.. I have to lead climb a route that go side way and I actually didn't reach the top. Just until the 6th panel. My friend rescued my bag for me hehe

4. New friends (^^)

I've heard this saying that sort of say it doesn't matter how many friends you make, what matters are the true ones. Okay, I agree with the last part that true friend matters, but having lots of friends from various walks of life also matters actually. I've been making friends with a lot of people since I left UIA. Some are from my work place, some are from climbing, some are during my travel. Though mostly are just brief conversations, but I think I gain a lot of info that I've never heard of about other professions, about countries around the world, activities they did, things they saw etc etc.. And I think that's why I'm so inspired to travel these days \(^^)/

That's all! Yosh!!!!

The things to look forward to is in 3 weeks (^^) can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2012

We are different...

It's really hard to not be depressed after watching the news these days. The world seem to be brimming with tensions everywhere; social and racial crisis, crimes and whatnot. I'm trying quite hard not to be affected but I didn't totally avoid the news though for I don't want to be ill-informed either.

What disturbs me the most should be the racial tension in my own country that seem to be rising these days. I don't know whether it's true or not and who's at fault.. But I'm happy enough that here in Sabah we live happily together despite difference in belief and race.

This reminds me of this story my assistant once told me. I don't know how it started, but she just start telling me this story of why the ethnics in Sabah never brawl with each other.

"It's because we believe that all ethnic in Borneo originate from this very huge tree. And our forefathers have made a pact that we shall not fight with each other for we are of the same origin.."

I know it sounds mythical there and I'm not sure whether this is known to others or not. But then I think this is a good folklore. You know, somewhat like Aesop's fable; the kind of tale that have moral in it. It reminds us that we are from the same origin, sharing the same ancestor~

This also reminds me of Roald Dahl's, The BFG.. A story about a boy meeting this giant.. The giant said something like "Human is the only creature who kills its kind.." We can ponder on that too :)

To think of it, it is not justifiable to be divided just because we have different language, belief and practices.. We are made different for a purpose and to fight with each other is just not it. Differences can be positive if we can utilize them to complete each other. And there are many other things that can connect us despite our difference; knowledge, interest, hobbies or simply just because we are of the same species.. homo sapiens.. Fighting does not make the world a better place to live in anyway..

Okay, I don't want to get too serious here. Here's a scene from Happy Feet 2. My favourite scene to be exact. My eyes filled with tears every time I watch this. I think it's the unity that touched me most and also the soul of the song itself. Tengok la the penguins from Adelie land came to help, the elephant seals helped even the krill helped although they're oblivious of that hehe (^^) and i think I cried because Erik is just too adorable too!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Best Little Book Club in Town..

I haven't been writing about the good books that I read recently. So here's one, The Best little book club in town.

This is a book that picked rather hastily because we were doing our shopping for Beijing and I thought I would need one good book in Beijing because the flight to Beijing is 6 hours and no plans during the night.

But then I only start reading it on the flight back to Malaysia. Anyway.. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! It is one of the best then.. Why??

This book is pretty much for adult. I think teens who are expecting for lovey dovey fantasy won't like this much. It's actually filled with short stories from various authors; some that I've known of but some are just new to me. So I love the variety of writing styles, the unexpected endings, the mysteries, the 'moving on' stories...

Most of the stories are about characters that are in their 40's who are facing that midlife crisis. Who are at the stage where they started to realize there are forgotten dreams, who suddenly realize they've been living with the wrong person, who are trying to move on because being left by that person who realize he'd been living with the wrong person.. Stories about one who regret past mistakes.. Stories about apology and forgiveness..Stories about everlasting love.. And a pinch of mystery too!

My favourite would be this story about this old man who was invited for a television interview and he insisted to have his wife beside him because it'll make the memory clearer; he was to tell about this spy he'd written in his book named Tony Jackson. He told the story of how Tony Jackson went to Russia for a mission to find his 'shadow'. Then suddenly Tony Jackson met a girl, Magda and spent days with her and was distracted from his mission. On the fifth day, he was arrested and imprisoned. Suddenly, the door to his cell was opened and it was the girl he'd spent time with. Magda was his 'shadow'... He escaped with Magda's help.. At the end of it, the interviewer asked, "Are you Tony Jackson?" He said yes. And the interviewer turned to his wife of 30 years and asked "And you're Magda, isn't it" and she nodded with a smile :)

I know the way I wrote it is not that interesting. But the way it was written by the author is interesting because he mixed it with some thrilling action stuff. And there's something that's very sweet about this story too! okay I wanna marry a spy too! Like Tuck Henson in 'This means war' haha

(^^) Love this book.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

This is for you WEIRD commentor..

Yes.. This is for you weird commentor who indirectly forced me to close the comment in this beloved blog of mine from the public.

First of all, I have serious problem with pessimist and I think you are one of it. You know why I have serious problem with pessimist? Because pessimist have this serious issue of not seeing the good side of everything!

I think nothing is wrong with my previous post because it was a story-sharing post where I just want to share that terrifying moment that my friend and I had experienced. If you are an optimist, you might just learn lessons from that, dude instead of saying that I'm menyindir, emosi tak tenang and all that weird stuff you write that's too weird to even understand.. Maybe I should list down the moral of the story..

1. Bring your friends along to the public toilet if it's in the middle of the night..
2. Bring your cellphone where ever you go just in case you need help
3. Drive safely
4. Life is short, the clock is ticking and it's beyond our power to control, so live life like you should.

My advise to you,

2. I don't need weird advice from you anonymous
3. I hate anonymous.. If you have so many things to say to me and if you are a good thinker and blogger than I am, reveal yourself to me la.. Batumbuk bha kita!

Okay.. Sekian..

Thursday, March 1, 2012

The 'RASA DILINDUNGI' moments~

I really can't understand why some people just don't believe in God.. Don't they ever feel like '*Someone' is watching over them.. I have 2 stories to share; 1 of mine and the other is of my friend.

*Someone here does not refer to a person, that's why that comes with apostrophe


My parents are actually quite strict when I was a child but are much more lenient these days that I don't even have to ask for permission if I want to go somewhere (just inform) and I also don't have any curfew. So, that night was one of my regular night out. There was actually a grand dinner that ended at around 11pm and we decided to go for karaoke after that. We spent almost three hours singing on top of our lungs.

It was almost 1am when I suddenly feel like going to the washroom. I went alone since there were still quite a lot of people in that area because there is also a cinema there. When I stepped into the toilet, nobody was at the sink area. I noticed that the door of the first toilet was closed, the sign showed that it was occupied and I could hear the gurgling sound of water from inside. I stepped into the second toilet but then I sort of feel this weird hunch in my stomach; that kind of nudge that you usually have when riding thrill ride.. I don't know what made me moved to the last toilet instead.

I still have the weird feeling when I closed the door. My heart beat was faster. Suddenly the gurgling sound of water just stop. I heard the sound of a door being opened but I didn't hear the sound of the front door being closed because when I went in, the front door just slam shut by itself and give out a very loud noise.

I can feel something was not right. I looked at the small opening below the door and saw a shadow on the floor. I tried to remain calm and said to myself maybe I was just being paranoid.. And not long after that, I saw a pair of eyes peeking through that small opening! It was a guy!!!!!!!!

I just froze there; shocked! I inhaled a deep breath and tried not to panic. I didn't have my handphone with me and there was nobody else in the toilet and I was in the last toilet which means screaming won't help much because the toilet's location itself is already isolated. I thought that if I scream it would scare the guy and he might just break the toilet door open and kill me.. So I remain silent inside, grabbed the pail as my only weapon. I waited and prayed..

He prod the toilet door a few times and waited silently too. 15 minutes past.. I was still praying inside and hoping for my friends to notice that I've been gone for too long. Suddenly I heard the loud sound of the front door slam shut followed by female voices.

"Alhamdulillah.." I thought. Somebody finally came

I heard them exclaiming something; most probably surprised to see a man inside a ladies toilet. When I think it was safe, I quickly rush out without saying a word, trembling with fear at the same time relieved and grateful that I was safe.. I glanced a the first toilet on my way out and saw a pair of boots! He actually took off his boots so that I can't hear his footsteps!!!!!!

The incident hovered on my mind for many days. I wonder why had I had that hunch.. How come I can sense the danger when actually nothing was unusual when I stepped into the toilet.. I thought, if I hadn't had that hunch, I won't be alert of that shadow on the floor, that someone was waiting for his prey outside. I could have walked out nonchalantly and grabbed by him.. Allah protected me that night...


I was sitting alone in a food court, enjoying a very creamy lasagna when I suddenly remember the phone vibration that I felt from inside my bag when I was on the LRT. I dug inside my bag, took my phone out and saw 3 missed calls from M displayed on the phone screen. I dialed M's number; rather curious why she called me so many times.

GG: Hello, M. Knp ko call?
M: GG!!!! *happy voice* ko katne??
GG: Makan kat klcc..
M: Dengan sape??
GG: Sorang.. Kenape ko call?
M: Cube ko teke ape jadi kat aku??
GG: Heh?? Ape jadi kat ko??
M: Cube teke
GG: Mane la aku tau ape jadi kat ko!!
M: Aku accident!!! *sounding so jolly*
GG: Astaghfirullahalazim! What da...?? OIT!!!!!!!! Ko happy ni apesal??

Then she start telling me the whole story. Actually, she just finish crying so that was why she sound so happy; just to relieve herself that is. She told me she was driving quite slow (for her standard (-_-")) because it was raining. She was on the right lane; the fast lane ((-_-") FAST lane.. but SLOW?? Sukar dipercayai :P). She was at a corner when she suddenly lost control of her car and the car start to spin and swerve to the left lane and finally hit a LONG trailer. Specifically, it was the driver's side that hit the trailer!!!! Luckily, she was alright. Not a single scratch on her body but her car was not unscathed. She said her car 'suffered' some dents but when I saw the picture there were large dents ok! And her back bumper was damaged quite badly!

She told me "Aku rase dilindugi weyh~" I think so too. Not many survive in a collision with a trailer..

Actually I have another 'Rasa dilindungi' moment during the accident in 2006. The time when the attendant in the ambulance said to me, "Awak tau tak, kamu berdua ni la yang pertama saya bawa hidup2 dari terowong ni," but that's a long story so I just take the recent ones hehe

Have you ever had your 'rasa dilindungi' moments? I guess, most of us might have at least one.. It's that moment when you feel you are protected. That moment when you feel you're given another chance. That moment when you feel you're given more time to fulfill your obligations here on earth.. That moment when you feel there's more to life than just that boring routine you use to have.. and there are more that you haven't seen at other parts of the world...

(ok ayat last x bole blah kn :p)