Monday, February 27, 2012

Beijing Trip.. So~ SO~ laaaa

13-17 February 2012

Don't you just hate it when you waited for months for something to come by and when it's finally there, the time just fly so fast and all you can say when someone asked you about your trip is "So.. so.. la"

This is actually my first trip with a travel agent and I swear this is my LAST one too. Yes, I swear.. Unless my family insist, then I'll be trapped in another one.. But if it's me, I won't opt for a travelling agent. Before I go to the good side of the trip, let me tell you what I don't like about it first..

1. I have to travel with senior citizens...

2. We had a full list of tourism places but when the time comes, we actually spent too little time in those places and stuck in those boring factories half of the day or we just see the place from the bus window from faraway~ DEM! hate that the most!

3. We were lodged in a hotel too far away from the town area

4. We had a better supply for food than in Bali but ironically this sort of spoil my mood because it was the same food throughout the 5 days!!! In Bali, though it was hard to find food, that doesn't really spoil your vacation...

5. You don't get to meet other travelers because you're stuck in your group.. Hate that a lot too..

I don't want to talk about the factories that we visited because it just annoys me to remember that. Here are some pictures from the 5 days trip

The famous Forbidden City. Guess what, we didn't get to explore this amazing place and just walk in straight line in 30 minutes. That's from the entrance to the exit.. Damn! Sakit hati~

We did took some pictures inside but very few. I know there's more to this place than this dried garden (-_-")

The Great Wall of China
The best part of this trip.. Was so excited to finally witness and step on this man-made marvel.

The mountains that surrounds the Great Wall. All are brownish because of winter

The Summer Palace

We were only here for 30 minutes so just pictures by the lake. It was so cold when the wind pass.. I thought I was going to have frost bite!

All in all, I only enjoy this trip because I went with wonderful people like Mida, Ray and Syazana.. The rest of it.. Huh! dislike..

Sunday, February 19, 2012

What comes around goes around..

The first time I saw this video was on FB's news feed; posted by a close frieind. I don't know what made me want to watch the video because I usually don't bother to. But when I watched it till the end, I just love the message that it conveys. Firstly, the act of kindness can be contagious and secondly, this is what we call 'what comes around goes around'. If you impart kindness, kindness will come back to you.. And I have a story that I can relate to this...

One day a father came to the counter with a prescription for his infant child. His child was infested by a severe skin infection that was eating her flesh away. The medications were only available in tablets and it must be made in syrup form for them to be palatable to the young infant. Fate has it that the medications prescribed was never done in syrup form before and the person who was in charge was not around that day... The father was asked to leave the prescription there and come again in the evening after the medications have been compounded into syrup form...

Here comes the sad part of the story... Since the person in charge was not around, nobody volunteered to make the syrup despite the promise made to the father that the medications will be ready in the evening. Nobody was willing to make it just because it's not their job thus it's not their responsibility.. Now my question is.. ARE WE SURE IT'S NOT OUR RESPONSIBILITY??

From my point of view, it was the responsibility of everybody who are working in that area to fill the prescription. It was a matter of our willingness to lift our *ss from our comfortable cushioned seat, eagerly search for the required information and then start crushing those tabs and mix it with whatever diluents and excipients needed. I understand that we would always try our best to fulfill the obligations shouldered on us and some just can't be completed perfectly due to inevitable causes. But when it comes to this case; what I can see is lack of empathy..

One more question to relate to this matter "WHO ARE WE WORKING FOR?"

Is it solely for the salary so that we can feed our family...

Is it solely for the government itself...

Is it for the people because we care for each other as human being...

Or finally is it for Allah so that we can reap all those intangible rewards later in the Hereafter??

Sometimes we don't realize that it is because of those small act of kindness that ease our day to day activity.. kan kan kan..

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hello Normal Life (^^)

Wow.. Only two posts in January?? That's just weird~Hee

Well, I've been busy setting up my new business and Alhamdulillah I think right now everything seem to be under control. Who says being your own boss is easy??? Nope!! Not at all.. I spent sleepless nights making plans, searching for potential suppliers, calculating, estimating and finally taking the risk by executing it all.

For the past few weeks my routine has been changing but I guess now that everything is under control, I'm looking forward to regain the normalcy. For the past few weeks, it was all about adapting to the business; like receiving the stocks, logistics, making records, deleting the records because it was just not efficient enough and more and more of the boring adult stuff.. even the book I read changed... hahaha

I'm not perticularly aiming to be rich.. I just need some extra cash for my travelling hehe (^^)v This book is just to get motivation. It's really hard you know to put all your money on something that doesn't guarantee return. There's a huge possibility not to get any return or revenue if you plan wrongly or don't work hard enough. Negative thoughts did rung in my ears for many days but then I just shooed them away and start makin payments to suppliers and voilla!!!!!!! The whole thing begin!!!!!!!!!

So here I reveal to you my business blog... (^^) We are going to register with SSM soon, inshaAllah..

I didn't promote this earlier because my face was everywhere in the blog before I got the manequin hehe malu bhaaa~ Hilang macho I~

So.. that's it for now.. Just some update about what's happening in my life that I'd abandon this beloved blog of mine. So I can cross one of my 2012 resolution..

#5 Start a business