Friday, January 20, 2012

Gayana Getaway (^^)

I know it's too early to be stressed out, but yes I'm all stressed out!! I had low blood pressure on the second week of January and had a good 2 days off from work. The full diagnosis was 'low blood pressure due to severe dehydration'. And upon hearing this, I was like "o that explains why my lips are dry for the pass few days~"

I've been busy with personal projects actually and those are the source of pressure in my life right now. Too many thinking, decision making and logistics. So, on Saturday afteroon, when things were not in my way, I opened the website and search what kind of getaway that I can find nearby. I want a pure relaxation getaway; one where I can sit and let the time pass like nothing matters in this world... O yeah and I got in Gayana. And that cost me A LOT! Like A LOT. but I don't really mind :P

2pm: The idea popped out and made a quick search in the internet
2.30pm: Text bff Z, asked her whether she's free to join me
2.35pm: Make my booking in and called the reception counter to confirm our departure from JP's jetty
4.30pm: Off to Gayana Eco Resort \(^^)/ Yeehaw!!!!!!!!!

This is Gayana Jetty. See how dense the jungle at the back. I just can't believe my eyes when I saw that; a dense jungle in just 15 minutes boat ride from KK! Wow!

This is Rimba Valley where our room is located. Our room was facing the jungle but it doesn't really matter because we were only there at night. That evening we spent our time strolling around the resort and drinking at the sunset bar.

In the morning, we went fish feeding after breakfast. The pic below is the king fish. They look like sharks but they're not at all related. We were very surprised to see how aggresive the fish were here. Not only the king fish that is; the Jack fish, the Grouper. There were all aggresive. This reminds us of this sign board that we actually laughed about in Sipadan that says something like 'Do not feed the fish. Fish feeding will upset the biological balance on the reef'

This is actually funny if it's directly translated into Malay. But then in Gayana we were like "Oooo.. This is what it means by 'biological balance upset'.."

They have this Marine Eco Research Center there where they do projects to conserve marine life like corals,clams and fish. I kind of enjoy seeing all the marine life inside the aquarium since I don't have to think about air tanks, depth and drowning. We saw this slim version of Patrick star in the touch pool!!

And the rest of the day was spent with snorkeling, canoeing and swimming in the infinty pool that I bragged about in FB

Semuanya ada d KK!! (^^)/

Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 in a glance & 2012 resolutions

Here goes some flashback...


Family & Friends...

I'm very much thankful that I'm posted in Sabah instead of KL now that I'm closer to my family and school friends. I guess I've been away for too long to remember what a wonderful place Sabah is. In addition to the less traffic and crowd, I've my family and friends that are always there to support me through ups and downs. I no longer have to only listen to my mom stories about their picnics and get together because I actually have the chance to be there to join them. I was thinking maybe if I am in KL, I won't get to see my UIA friends as much as I can hang out with my school friends here. I love the 'classic' SMSLian hang outs; we just sit in a restaurant, chat, reminisce SMSL memories, observe and appreciate our surroundings, have a hearty laughs, karaoke and movies. In 2011, I had many of those hangouts that I lost count. Sweet!!!!


On the 1st half of 2011, I was still on training. I was shifting to a new department in monthly basis and I found it hard to cope with that especially when I started my clinical pharmacy training. But then when the training ends and I was officially a fully registered pharmacy, things started to get into my way :) Alhamdulillah. I was given the post of my preference which is inpatient pharmacy. So, for the 2nd half of 2011, I found joy in my work. One good thing about working in a setting with lack of facilities is that you get to be more independent and that also means that you get to learn more. Yes, I have to deal with more work loads, have to keep up with manual recordings and have to browse through references every now and then because there's no compilation of things that I'm searching for. But that's just one of the 'places' from which the joy radiates; the opportunity to learn something new in daily basis. Doing something in an endless routine without gaining anything new is boring and I don't like that. I was really depressed during the 1st half that I actually read these books to be motivated again :p


I'd put a lot of commitent into climbing. Like A LOT! I trained 3 to 4 times a week to improve on skills and techniques and also to build strength. But still, other climbers actually climb more than I do so I actually really really optimize my training though sometimes I do get distracted and only spend about an hour on the wall and the rest was chit chat.. I achieved quite a lot for climbing too last year. I won titles for 2 events and 1st runner up in one event. I went to 3 outdoor climbs last year; Kironggu, Berhala and Bat cave in Kuching. I think I'm more into the outdoor climb than the gym. I found it easier to finish outdoor routes than the gym because sometimes the route in the gym is meant for men so being short is a setback and I needed more energy and more power to execute a move to reach a higher hold (ok bahasa climber..).. But then in one point, after I end up second that is, I found that I'm not improving. I stayed at the same grade for many months so I thought it was time to rest and start anew after that. So I stopped climbing from October to December...


I travelled a lot last year but most of it are short trips since I can't take long leaves during training. The more you are absent, the lesser your marks babe! So, where did I go???

Brunei-->> Sandakan-->> Kuching-->> Singapore -->> Bali -->> Tawau and the islands in Seporna

The Brunei trip was with my family and I drove all the way from Sabah to Brunei. Tired babe!! I won't do that again until that annoying ferry service that connects Limbang and Brunei is replaced by a bridge!

Sandakan and Kuching were climbing trips. They are very short, you know. 3-days trip. They felt like a dream but I really love them! Love the experience and love the new friends I made there :)

Singapore and Bali were my first looooooong vacation since working. Took 5 days leave and since it was Deepavali, that accumulated to 10 days holiday! I applied for the leave like 2 months earlier hehe That was the best long holiday ever because it made me feel young again with all the thrill rides (not that I'm old~ just that it felt like student years). Bali was an adventure since there were only two of us. We were like a real explorer!! \(^^)/

And islands in Semporna is a dream came true!!! A whole new experience with those school fish and scuba diving!! (^^) It's a pure relaxation too especially the night we sat on the deck gazing upon stars. I said to zeq as I look at the starry sky, "I just can't understand how some people don't believe in God.."

All in all, 2011 is full with sweet memories.. Now let's go to my 2012 resolutions!!!!!!

Family & Friends...

I hope to maintain the good ties and closeness.. Hope to spend more quality time with them (^^)


There are many areas to improve in my career. Need to expand my clinical knowledge because it really helps a lot in being the last person to check on the medication errors. Like if you know more, you have this gut feeling that there's something wrong in the prescription and you just naturally go and double check with the case notes. This happened a lot lately; the power of gut feeling~ (^^) I already manage to lessen procrastination on 2011 so my target this 2012 is to be committed to PUNCTUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!


Since there were no improvements towards the end of 2011, so I'm hoping for one at the beginning of 2012. I'm going to do a lot of work out to increase strength. I won't get bulky, okay.. Climbers have lean muscles (^^) So in these first few weeks, I'm going to do 30 minutes traverse!!! I won't climb the walls if I have to. I need to rupture the muscles to make them renewed and strengthened hehe


I already have at least four travel plans for this year. I won't mention it here though because I want it to be a surprise hehe. Actually, to me travelling is to explore and not merely for relaxation. I can relax during public holidays and just lie flat on my cozy mattress. Travelling is when I get out of my confinement, out of my coccoon to explore what is there outside of my comfort zone of work, home, family and friends. It's the time to see places, experience the culture and meet people. Although tired after all the trips made, I will always have new energy to start again with my usual routines after that. Can't wait!! \(^^)/


Love?? Keep it for another year.. I need to see my options in other continents before I decide to have one from here hahaha