Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bajet Trip Bali~ Bajet Bule~

This is gonna be a long post because I'm just SUPER EXCITED!\(^^)/

Okay first of all, let me start on how this whole thing came about.. Initially, the trip in Singapore was suppose to be a reunion; a huge one. I messaged all singles left in our class in fb about the trip. Quite a number responded in excitement, giving me high hopes that it'll be a huge one. But then when the date finally arrived, only 4 of us could make it. Mida and I manage to get our leave but Shifaa & Ray's leave were not approved, so the two of them could only join us in Singapore..

So, Mida and I got stuck.. Dialog semase itu..

Mida: Ape kite nak wat wei lepas dari Singapore..??
Gg: Aku tengok kau.. Kau tengok aku..
Mida: Gi Korea jom!!!!!!!!!
Gg: Ko gile ke!!!???
Mida: Abis tu kite nak watpe??
Gg: Kalo la kat Malaysia ni ade tempat macam Bali...
Mida: Bali jom!!!!!!
Gg: Ko serius???
Mida: Aku okay je :)

In less than 30 minutes we purchased two-way tickets to Bali (^^)v

So this is Bali map. I took this from Yasa Bali Tour website. I was the one who did the studying and plotted the whole journey because Mida was busied with the accreditation thingy. It took me 3 weeks to plan the whole thing. I say, planning a trip is HARD and you'll have to expect the unexpected. I think I did my study rather meticulously for this trip, but still there were quite a lot of changes made. Many of my friends went there before so I got a lot of help and recommendations from them.

But the tragic part should be the earthquake that happened 11 days before our trip. It freaked the hell out of me!!! When I heard the news that Thursday afternoon, I was so disturbed that I can't proceed with my work hahaha Alhamdulillah, everything was fine after the 2nd earthquake and the trip need not be cancelled :)

The first route that I plotted was

Kuta-> Uluwatu-> Kintamani-> Amed->Lovina->Bedugul-> Tanah Lot->Ubud

For this route I'd considered the distance between places and the roads that connect them. I was hoping to cover most of Bali's major attractions. However, when we arrive in Bali, we were surprised to find that Bali is actually a very HUGE island and transport is quite costly; especially when there were only the two of us to split the cost. (-_-") One more thing, no driver wanted to take us to Amed because it is quite remote. So we'd changed our route to...

Kuta-> Uluwatu -> Kintamani -> Lovina-> Bedugul ->Tanah Lot-> Ubud

When deciding for this route, we have to choose between the corals and shipwrecks in Amed and the mountains in Kintamani.. As you can guess, the two of us can never ever ever resist mountains. Afterall, we can still snorkel in Lovina :)


So our first destination was Kuta. We booked a hotel in central Kuta so it was very convenient to go to Legian. Actually Legian was only in walking distance from our hotel but we didn't know until our last day in Bali!!!!!!!!!

To me, there was nothing much in Kuta and Legian. Heavy traffic, too many tourists, humid and the beaches were typical.. But since Mida don't get to see beautiful beaches in Pahang as much as I do in Sabah, so kasi can la Mida excited sorang2 :p Even the outlets there are the ones that you can find in Malaysia.


I've never seen anything like Uluwatu before; one of the most scenic place I've ever been to. Me standing on a cliff that rises from the ocean, watching the slow motion waves beneath me, the gentle breeze.. Pergh! Feel habes~

Actually, the main attraction in Uluwatu is Uluwatu temple which is one of the main temple in Bali. The pictures of Uluwatu that you see in my facebook are actually taken within the compound of the temple. According to the local's belief, Uluwatu temple is the home of the guardian of the south gate which evades any evil forces that tries to intrude from the South. There are nine key directional temples in Bali that protect Bali from every corner of the island.

I hate the monkeys, though. There were sooooooo many of them here and they like to grab things. We have to remove our sunglasses, leaving us no shades against the deadly Bali sun and we had to squint our eyes. I also have to hide the beads of my shawl while strolling there. I was so afraid of the monkeys that I said to Mida, "Mida, aku cakap awal2 ni. Kalo monyet tu kaco ko, aku takkan tolong ko.." hahaha


It was almost 4 to 5 hours drive from Uluwatu to Kintamani. Along the way you get to see other major attractions of Bali but we didn't stop since it was getting dark. We reached Kintamani at around 8pm and we haven't book any hotel yet there. The one where we stayed for the night was a 3 star hotel which cost us around RM220 per night but it was worth it since our room balcony is so strategic; alluring us to climb Mount Batur that is..

Climbing Mount Batur was not in our plan at all. At first we only wanted to enjoy the view. But since our room is overlooking the remarkable landscape of Mount Batur and the lake, we just can't resist the temptation. What more if our hotel offered affordable packages!!! Mida was scrutinizing the piece of paper where they printed the packages while I was at the counter settling some bills. We went off to our room with the paper in Mida's hand after that. About 30 minutes later Mida blurt out "Jom hiking esok.." and I said, "Oh, aku sbenarnye menunggu ko cakap macam ni.." hahaha

So the next morning, we woke up at 3 am, had our breakfast at the restaurant and head off to the starting point with a van. The route of Mt Batur is quite deceiving you know. Very flat ground in the beginning and slowly it becomes steeper and steeper with lots of loose rocks. The rocks here reminds me of Mt Merapi in Padang :)

Mida and I were gasping for air as we climb. After more than a year of no hiking, we've lost most of our stamina (we haven't lost it all, though :P) So when we reached the top after 3 hours of hiking, there was this very cozy hut (the one behind me in the pic) which is actually where you can have coffee and have some egg and cheese sandwich and also roasted banana. They also have this tiny room where you can warm yourself with fire. O ya, we were the only Asian tourist up there heeee

I think I've climbed around 10 mountains in my 25 years of life and I say Mt Batur has the most beautiful scenery of all!!!! Firstly, when the sun rises everything just shine like gold. I've never seen anything like that. Mida manage to capture a picture of that. Then when the clouds cleared off, the scenery was just so amazing. The lake was shimmering in its full glory. Mount Abang and and Mount Agung stood in front of us in conspicuous majesty. And as you walk around you'll see different sceneries..

Like this black soil wasteland which is actually an aftermath of an eruption. According to our guide, Mt Batur is one of the most active volcano in Indonesia. Usually a volcano stays dormant for decades or maybe even centuries. But Mt. Batur erupted for a few times in the last century and the last one dated in the 1990's. To be honest, I wasn't listening that much when he told us about the mountain. Hehe too busy with my camera :P

So this is the picture of us sliding down the volcano. I've never experience anything like this in other mountains before. It was volcanic sands all around and you just slide down as you descend. This goes for a few hundred meters. Don't forget to bring your sunglasses to protect your eyes. I didn't bring mind so I'd to cover my face with my shawl all the way down. Ahax! saye rase gambar ini sangat co0l sbenarnye hehe


After the mountain, we head for the beach in Lovina. We departed at 1pm fom Kintamani and reached Lovina at around 4.30pm. Lovina is not as congested as the beaches in the south. You can just peacefully stroll around the shops and enjoy your drinks at any cafe by the beach. Most of the restaurants here have live band at night so you can enjoy the music as you pass by.

It was quite hard to find halal food in this area though. It seems like almost all of the restaurants have Babi Guling in their menu. We manage to find one seafood restaurant that doesnt serve that.

Lovina is famous for its Dolphins so that was actually what I was aiming to see here. I actually thought the dolphin-watching spot is near to shore but actually it was waaaaaaay in the middle of the sea. The boat we were in was very small and no life-jacket was provided. Luckily the weather was good that day so the boat ride was not bumpy or else I would be thrown off the boat :P

We did see their fins as they swim on the water surface but only from afar. We should've waited for them to jump but the Americans who were on our boat just can't wait to snorkel. And then came the funny moment where Mida had seasickness while snorkeling!!!!!!! hahaha ok jahat :P

Git Git Waterfall

So after Lovina, we spent a night in Ubud and on the way there we manage to stop at some tourist spots too like this very tall waterfall. Well, don't trust the travel guide that much because from what I read, this waterfall should be far and hard to reach. I told Mida about it but then when we negotiated with the car rental owner, he just agree to take us there and later we found out that this waterfall is very near to the road. There was a very convenient parking space nearby and it was less than 15 minutes walk to the waterfall

Since it is very tall and with boulders below it, this waterfall give out a very immense cloud of mist. As you can see in this pic, I'm all wet! I was actually standing around 10-15m from the waterfall. I also had to constantly wipe the lens of my camera to take pictures.


Then we stopped at Bedugul and visited Ulun Danu temple which is set at the lakeside of Lake Beratan; another main temple in Bali. This temple is the one printed on one of the Indonesian note. The compound is so well taken care of and the climate here is quite cold.

When we were there, there was this ceremony known as Ngaben. This is actually a ceremony for the dead whereby the family members of the dead will pay respects in all main temples in Bali before the creamation of the corpse. It's very unique. All of the Hindus were wearing white and they release ducks into the the lake at the end of the ceremony. We were lucky to have the chance to witness the ritual :)

Tanah Lot

And our last stop before spending the night in Ubud was Tanah Lot. I say, this should be the must-go tourism spot of Bali. If you google about Bali, the image of Tanah Lot should be among the first to appear on your screen. We reach here just before sunset. It was the low tide that time so we could walk towards this unique temple set on a rock. It wont be accessible during the high tide. We didn't dare to enter the temple because the monks seem to be giving blessings to those who enter.

And we were also rushing to catch the Kecak Dance which was held at the other end of Tanah Lot. We went there running you see because it was soooo far from the temple. Kecak Dance is a trance-like dance where the music was from the humming voices of men that form a circle and the dancers or should I say the actors performed their acts inside the circle. The dance tells the story of Ramayana and Sitadewi and Laksamana. Very interesting indeed especially the harmony they produce from the humming.


It was already dark when we reach Ubud so we only had little time to spend here since we have to catch our flight. The airport is about 1 1/2 hour drive from Ubud so we have to leave early. O we were also running out of cash when we were in Ubud. Super broke man! Sampai kena hire Ojek instead of a taxi hahaha

Ubud is another peaceful place which is rich with culture. This is where the cultural centre is located and according to a friend we could actually watch many types of dance here. Mida and I were too busy searching for a spa so we didn't get to enjoy the culture that much huhu. With our scarce cash, we shopped for souvenirs at the market.

Ubud is definitely a place I want to visit again because I think I missed to many exciting things here.

And finally this is our picture in Kuta in front of the Hard Rock Cafe. See the guitar at the back.

We did another crazy thing before leaving. We stopped by at one of Bali's famous spa and treat ourselves with a 1.5 hours massage. The massage started at 6.30pm and our flight was 9.20pm. Do your own math. Kira berapa jak masa kami ada untuk rush pi airport hahaha GILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And the queue for check in was damn long. I thought we were going to miss our flight. Luckily we didn't!!!

I would love to go to Bali again. It's a beautiful island with a lot of beautiful things to see and enjoyable activities to do.

O another thing that I would like to mention here is I'm so impressed by the Hindus' devotion towards their religion. They sure spend a lot of time and a lot of money on their rituals and ceremonies. They perform prayers for almost every single object in their life. And they truly believe in life after death that they are so afraid to do bad things because they believe when they are reincarnated later, they'll be punished for all their wrong-doings.

In Ubud, I dropped a 100 000Rp note and only realize it after a few minutes that the note is no longer in my grip. I later found the note at a nearby street that I just passed. There were quite a number of people passing by there but none of them took the note!!!

Okay that's all about my Bali trip. Currently I'm planning for our next next trip hehe get what I mean? :P

O ya.. Kenapa bajet bule..?? Bule is Mat salleh.. Kami bajet bule sebab every single place and every single activity pon kami jak asian and the rest are bule haha except for in Tanah Lot and Uluwatu la :P


Anonymous said...

Kekecewaan dengan manusia, boleh dianggap tiada jodoh, namun setiap kekecewaan, kegagalan, kehancuran, kesakitan mahupun apa jua yang berlaku, mempunyai hikmah dari Allah S.W.T. Kita mungkin menganggap sesuatu perkara itu musibah, namun bagi Allah S.W.T ia adalah perkara yang Allah turunkan bagi memberikan rahmatNya.

Ini jelas tertulis dalam Al Quran, Surah Al Hadid Ayat 22-23.
Firman Allah, "Tidak ada sesuatu kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang ditimpakan di bumi, dan tidak juga yang menimpa diri kamu, melainkan telah sedia ada di dalam Kitab (pengetahuan Kami) sebelum Kami menjadikannya; sesungguhnya mengadakan yang demikian itu adalah mudah bagi Allah. " ayat 22

FirmanNya lagi, "(Kamu diberitahu tentang itu) supaya kamu tidak bersedih hati akan apa yang telah luput daripada kamu, dan tidak pula bergembira (secara sombong dan bangga) dengan apa yang diberikan kepada kamu. Dan (ingatlah), Allah tidak suka kepada tiap-tiap orang yang sombong takbur, lagi membanggakan diri." ayat 23

Senantiasalah mengingati Allah dan tidak lupa diri dalam apa jua yang berlaku dalam kehidupan seharian ini. Azab sengsara, keperitan atau kesusahan yang kita rasakan ini mungkin salah satu azab kecil yang Allah turunkan untuk menguji kita sebelum azab besar yang telah nyata Allah akan turunkan kelak.

Ini juga jelas dinyatakan dalam Surah As-Sajdah ayat 21.
Firman Allah, "Dan demi sesungguhnya, Kami akan merasakan mereka sedikit dari azab dunia sebelum azab yang besar (di akhirat kelak), supaya mereka rujuk kembali bertaubat.

Saya berdoa agar saudari akan mendapat rahmat Allah serta dilimpahkan kurnia, rezeki dan jodoh yang baik kelak.

Anonymous said...

salah post ni..patutnya kt artikel 11.11.11..

Haziah Salleh~ said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! Da longest comment ever! anyway thanx for the reminder and the verses. Appreciate it very much :)

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