Saturday, September 17, 2011

SICC 1st annivesary

So, SICC just celebrated its first birthday on the 10th and 11th of September. They had an open day on Saturday (10th) where you can climb for free and held a competition on Sunday (11th). I was all excited since Hari Raya actually. I came on Friday night for my training but end up doing route setting for the boulder. And most disappointing was that I had a food poisoning on Saturday and was having nausea and vomiting the whole day that I missed all the fun on Saturday

Wasn't getting better on Sunday morning either. I vomited at 11 am and at 11.30 am I decided that I MUST CLIMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was still dizzy as I get dressed; made my cousin iron my tudung for me (thanx beloved cousin!!!). And then I prayed hard as I start my car's engine. Prayed for safety as I drive and prayed for strength for my climbing.

Actually the competition starts at 9am and participants were divided into 2 groups. So what we have to do was climb as many routes as we can from 9am to 5 pm to collect points. So the group with the most point wins. There were also events for individuals; that's speed climb and hanging challenge where you hold hand holds for as long as you could.

I was not in my fittest form so I decided that I wont join individual event that day. I don't want to compete if I can't do my best because to me what's the point of competing if I know I'm about to lose. I don't mind losing if I'm fit enough, though hehe So I focused on collecting points for my group, THE GREY TEAM!!!!!!

I arrived at 1 pm and since I loss a lot of time already, I started right away. I started with the easiest grade because I haven't been climbing for 2 weeks and have been gaining weight during Hari Raya. Cleaned all Grade 5 routes as fast as I could. See those green and yellow stickers? Those are the Grade 5 routes that I completed. Cleaned 1 Grade 6A route; the blue sticker. And did up until bonus points for another 7 routes including 1 lead climb.

I did experienced some dizziness as I climb but still continue to do so. I drank 5 cans of 100 plus during the event to keep me hydrated. I wish that I could climb better but I guess with 20++ routes climbed, that's not bad for someone who's not in her fittest form :p

I used both my Saltic and Miura VS for the climb.. Saltic for easy ones and Miura VS for harder ones. I'm very satisfied with my Miura. My feet never slip, you know!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the picture of both teams. And yeay!! My team won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/ Go grey team!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SICC!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I really love the t-shirt. Have been longing for one with red Gecko!!

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