Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock On 2: Bau, Sarawak

Remember me having dizziness for many days recently? Well, I was diagnosed as having GERD. Damn it! I always thought it's a very trivial disorder. But in fact, I can't function at all!

So I missed a lot of training for the climb in Sarawak but I guess I was too excited that my adrenaline sky-rocketed and I manage to climb routes that were beyond my grade. This is my first time to climb lime stone so I was quite blur at first. The stones were too bulky and sharp and there were lots of overhang..

Actually, I don't know what to write because we just climb and climb and climb throughout the trip. so I just tell you what the pictures are all about :)

So this is the wall we climbed. Actually there's more to the left. The routes range from 5c-7c here.

The climbers preparing for the climb. We brought along binoculars to help us observe the surface prior to our climb. But it didn't help me much. Because.. I don't know how to use it.. I can't recognize the surface that I'm looking at :p

This is what lies in front of the wall. A paddy field! Ok, I always love paddy field..

This is Fairy Cave; located about 120m from the wall. There's another wall to climb here. Grade 5-6 (below)

This is the 'Snake Charmer' route 6c. A nice one but the rock was too slippery. There were fine dust on its surface; some kind of kulat they said. I don't know :p

This is 20 year-old Syahmi doing 7c. He almost finish the route. slip on the last hand hold. He's The King of the Caves!!!

Me at the starting point of the hardest climb in my life. That route's called 'Bomba Chimney', 6b+. FYI, I only can climb 5c and sometimes can clean 6a (okla.. rarely.. not sometimes).. So this is waaaaaaay beyond my grade. I pushed myself to finish the climb and as a result, there were lots of cuts and bruises after that!

I guess, Sara is also climbing the hardest route in her life there. She also manage to reach the top and being the youngest plus the spirit, she definitely deserve The Most Potential Climber title!

Playing cards (^^) Those who lose have to eat this spicy rojak buah hehe

Us eating the not spicy rojak buah..Syahmi and me have very little choice of food during the event because they serve pork there. But we survived! It was Syahmi who was so determine to find food haha I just sit and wait to see what he got for us :p

I really like the trip because it was a whole new experience. Thanks to those who'd helped me train for the event. I feel guilty for not being able to give a good commitment to the trainings.

There'll be another competition on 8th & 9th October at this 15m wall in JBS Putatan. I'm not sure whether I can win that one because there are stronger climbers now. Plus, I've never finish the wall before. It's too high and I'm too afraid of swinging.. So I guess my real challenge is not the other competitors; it's going to be the wall itself.

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