Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Rock On 2: Bau, Sarawak

Remember me having dizziness for many days recently? Well, I was diagnosed as having GERD. Damn it! I always thought it's a very trivial disorder. But in fact, I can't function at all!

So I missed a lot of training for the climb in Sarawak but I guess I was too excited that my adrenaline sky-rocketed and I manage to climb routes that were beyond my grade. This is my first time to climb lime stone so I was quite blur at first. The stones were too bulky and sharp and there were lots of overhang..

Actually, I don't know what to write because we just climb and climb and climb throughout the trip. so I just tell you what the pictures are all about :)

So this is the wall we climbed. Actually there's more to the left. The routes range from 5c-7c here.

The climbers preparing for the climb. We brought along binoculars to help us observe the surface prior to our climb. But it didn't help me much. Because.. I don't know how to use it.. I can't recognize the surface that I'm looking at :p

This is what lies in front of the wall. A paddy field! Ok, I always love paddy field..

This is Fairy Cave; located about 120m from the wall. There's another wall to climb here. Grade 5-6 (below)

This is the 'Snake Charmer' route 6c. A nice one but the rock was too slippery. There were fine dust on its surface; some kind of kulat they said. I don't know :p

This is 20 year-old Syahmi doing 7c. He almost finish the route. slip on the last hand hold. He's The King of the Caves!!!

Me at the starting point of the hardest climb in my life. That route's called 'Bomba Chimney', 6b+. FYI, I only can climb 5c and sometimes can clean 6a (okla.. rarely.. not sometimes).. So this is waaaaaaay beyond my grade. I pushed myself to finish the climb and as a result, there were lots of cuts and bruises after that!

I guess, Sara is also climbing the hardest route in her life there. She also manage to reach the top and being the youngest plus the spirit, she definitely deserve The Most Potential Climber title!

Playing cards (^^) Those who lose have to eat this spicy rojak buah hehe

Us eating the not spicy rojak buah..Syahmi and me have very little choice of food during the event because they serve pork there. But we survived! It was Syahmi who was so determine to find food haha I just sit and wait to see what he got for us :p

I really like the trip because it was a whole new experience. Thanks to those who'd helped me train for the event. I feel guilty for not being able to give a good commitment to the trainings.

There'll be another competition on 8th & 9th October at this 15m wall in JBS Putatan. I'm not sure whether I can win that one because there are stronger climbers now. Plus, I've never finish the wall before. It's too high and I'm too afraid of swinging.. So I guess my real challenge is not the other competitors; it's going to be the wall itself.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ini Kisah Aku dan Seutas Jam Tangan

I've no particular interest on wrist watch. To me, it's something that essentially tells the time and nothing more so I don't really splurge into buying expensive ones. But in my life there's this wrist watch that is somehow dear to me in an unexplainable way.

It's one of the collection of this famous brand. An analog watch with white braided leather strap, round silver casing and zirconias next to each number. Elegant in every way but somehow look kind of reserve. It captured my attention on my first glimpse. It was too expensive for me to own but over time, I manage to collect just enough money to make it mine.

I become attached to it. Silently admiring its delicate architecture, appreciating its function that somehow manage to help me improve my bad time management. I took it off every time I need to perform ablution; don't want to ruin the leather and also want to preserve the pure white colour of the strap. I kept it safe inside a box.

But then come a day when my life was so hectic that I misplaced it. I can't find it for months and finally gave up my search. Finally, I decided to get a new one since I really need a watch to tell the time. Mournfully, I walked into the same shop again to find a replacement. I stood for so long in front of the glass display shelf. I just couldn't find one that suit my taste. But then I noticed a unique-looking metal bracelet wrist watch.

This one was far elegant than my previous watch. The silver metal bracelet glisten with pride as light cast on it. Cubic shaped zirconias were lined on the bracelet surface. The printed name of the brand was larger on this watch compared to the previous one. I made my decision.. In mere minutes from my first encounter of the new watch, it was mine...

I'd forgotten all about the old watch. I'd taken good care of the new watch; extra care to be exact. Being all metal, I was being extra careful not to cause any scratch on it. I was being careful not to drop it either or I might lose the beautiful zirconias. I was getting a lot of praises from friends too. It seems that the money spent was worthwhile after all.

But then come a day when I accidentally found my old watch inside this gift box on my bookshelf. Then it all came back to me. I placed it inside the gift box because I couldn't find the box in which I usually kept it in. I was rushing to perform my prayer that time because it was already late and later there were other subsequent events that made me forgot where I'd placed it. It was vivid in my mind that it was a very hectic day; the day I misplaced my old watch. But anyhow, I was glad to find it still looking all brand new inside the gift box that I decided just to keep it there and continue wearing my new watch.

I wore the new watch for years. I occasionally check the old watch just to make sure it is still ticking. But then my new watch was taking its toll on my skin. Suddenly my skin developed an allergic reaction from contact with the metal strap. My skin became all reddish and itchy and some parts were even peeled off. I still continued wearing it, though. Thought I could withstand it all.

On another hectic day in m life, I accidentally dropped my new watch. To my surprise, the impact was so great that half of the zirconias had fallen off. It was a horrific scene and I felt so devastated since I've put a lot of effort to take a good care of it, to make it last for as long as I could. But I guess nothing last forever. I finally decided that it's time for me to let go of the new watch. My skin condition was getting worse, so it was the best time to let go.

I was too devastated to even remember about the old watch. But then one day, my cousin was scavenging over my things to find her missing earring. Then she opened the gift box on my bookshelf. I was startled when she exclaimed "Cantiknya ni jam!!!!!!!!!". I was so happy to see the watch as it rest on my cousin's palm. I was about to sit for an important exam that day, so the sudden appearance of the watch was like a savior because I'm usually seated at the back since my name starts with N and usually I can't tell the time because the exam hall watch is always in front.

Now, it's out of the gift box and I wear it everyday. Looking at it today made me realize the unconditional fondness that I always have for it. Have I misinterpret my own feelings towards it over these years? I'm back to the routine of taking care of it like I used to years ago but more attention this time. The leather strap soften over the years as it dwell inside the gift box making it less durable than before. I don't want to ever put it back inside that gift box as much as I don't want to wear the new watch again. But if I have to put it back, I definitely will put it back.. Maybe it belongs there.. Maybe the gift box is its rightful place...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Hector And The Search For Happiness

I've been doing a lot of reading as usual but haven't got the time to post it here. Have been trying different authors just to look at their style of writing but for this one, I was simply attracted by the cartoon on the front cover. It was a standout from the rest of the books whose covers are a cliche of an adult novel..

So, when I saw this book, I quickly grab it to have a read of some sentences. You know, just to get the hint whether I'm going to like or not. I immediately liked it!!!!!!! I like the naivety of the writing style. The story start off with

"Once upon a time there was a young psychiatrist called Hector who was not very satisfied with himself."

And then goes Hector's journey all over the world in search of what makes people happy. Hector make a conclusion at the end of each encounter or an event and my favourite was when he was in China. He was walking towards this monastery on top a mountain and he felt serenity throughout his walk. Then he pulled out his little notebook and jot Happiness is a long walk in beautiful, unfamiliar mountains.

Hector actually went to many countries and met a lot of people. I like it that the author made me guess the countries that Hector went. The author wrote something like 'it's a country that speaks Hector's language' or 'a country where people always want more'. I just made a wild guess, though. Not very sure myself hehe

I also think it's good that Hector's character is not all perfect. He slept with women, had to deal with uncertainties and discontent. I think this book is nice for leisure read; witty!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

SICC 1st annivesary

So, SICC just celebrated its first birthday on the 10th and 11th of September. They had an open day on Saturday (10th) where you can climb for free and held a competition on Sunday (11th). I was all excited since Hari Raya actually. I came on Friday night for my training but end up doing route setting for the boulder. And most disappointing was that I had a food poisoning on Saturday and was having nausea and vomiting the whole day that I missed all the fun on Saturday

Wasn't getting better on Sunday morning either. I vomited at 11 am and at 11.30 am I decided that I MUST CLIMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was still dizzy as I get dressed; made my cousin iron my tudung for me (thanx beloved cousin!!!). And then I prayed hard as I start my car's engine. Prayed for safety as I drive and prayed for strength for my climbing.

Actually the competition starts at 9am and participants were divided into 2 groups. So what we have to do was climb as many routes as we can from 9am to 5 pm to collect points. So the group with the most point wins. There were also events for individuals; that's speed climb and hanging challenge where you hold hand holds for as long as you could.

I was not in my fittest form so I decided that I wont join individual event that day. I don't want to compete if I can't do my best because to me what's the point of competing if I know I'm about to lose. I don't mind losing if I'm fit enough, though hehe So I focused on collecting points for my group, THE GREY TEAM!!!!!!

I arrived at 1 pm and since I loss a lot of time already, I started right away. I started with the easiest grade because I haven't been climbing for 2 weeks and have been gaining weight during Hari Raya. Cleaned all Grade 5 routes as fast as I could. See those green and yellow stickers? Those are the Grade 5 routes that I completed. Cleaned 1 Grade 6A route; the blue sticker. And did up until bonus points for another 7 routes including 1 lead climb.

I did experienced some dizziness as I climb but still continue to do so. I drank 5 cans of 100 plus during the event to keep me hydrated. I wish that I could climb better but I guess with 20++ routes climbed, that's not bad for someone who's not in her fittest form :p

I used both my Saltic and Miura VS for the climb.. Saltic for easy ones and Miura VS for harder ones. I'm very satisfied with my Miura. My feet never slip, you know!!!!!!!!!!

So this is the picture of both teams. And yeay!! My team won!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/ Go grey team!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SICC!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I really love the t-shirt. Have been longing for one with red Gecko!!

Monday, September 12, 2011


I was on my way to another section of my department for medication identification. My mind was occupied by the images of the tablets inside my grip; round, oval, pink, yellow, dented, scored.. Then my eyes laid on the cars parked on the side of the road; most of them have dents. That promptly reminded me of this scene in Cars 2..

The scene where Mater, McQuinn's bestfriend, had refused to mend the dents on his body because those are the dents he'd gotten from the adventures with his bestfriend..

I like that part; awed by the message.. If that's to be applied on human; those dents are scars.. Scars on the delicate skin, invisible scars on your heart.. Like dents, scars are from hurtful events.. These days, like dents, scars can also be 'mend' with those magic creams that fade scars that makes as if it was never there... For that invisible scar, we could just forget about it. Pretend like it was never there...

To think of it, I too have scars that I don't want to erase.. The ones that I want to always be there.. The ones that remind me of my mischievous childhood.. The ones that remind me what bad decisions can do to me. The ones that remind me of months and months of waiting to be physically normal again. The ones that remind me no matter how hurtful a good decision is, it will always be a good decision in the end. The ones that remind me of achievements..

Don't get me wrong.. Like others, I don't enjoy reminiscing bad memories and experiences. But, sometimes I need to look back at those scars. It's as if they tell me

"Haziah, there were times when you were stronger"
"Haziah, there were times when you were more patient"

"Haziah, do you want to do the same mistake again?"

"Haziah, good times will come"

Sometimes, we are only concern of the depth of a wound, the length of the healing process, the ugliness of the scar and often we relent the flaw of the once normal skin or heart.. .. We disregard the lesson of the event from which the scar was obtained and most importantly we often neglect the fact that the scar marks the healing process. A scar simply means you're healed...

I remember back during my study years.. It was during physiology if I'm not mistaken.. We were taught that scars are not as strong as the original skin.. They break loose more easily.. But, I guess, in the case of those invisible scars from surviving adversities and heartbreak; they just make our heart stronger...

Monday, September 5, 2011

I Think I Wanna Marry You~

Ok... The tittle is just random.. I don't know what to put but, yes, this post is pertaining to my all-time-dreaded topic MARRIAGE...

It's hard being 25.. I don't know how many times had I wrote that same phrase this year.. But, yeah, it's just unbelievably hard especially when you're single. And it's even torturous when people know you're single and have yet any plans to settle down.. So, I'm in the later case, of course. Maybe it's my mistake for being too vocal about my devotion towards singledom. My lifestyle explicitly explain that being free is my cup of tea and there's just no room in my life for any homo sapien whose MyKad printed with LELAKI.. (Fabregas x da MyKad (^^)v)

Sometimes I think this Marriage topic has this ghostlike thing about it, you see. It spooks me by the fact that it always manage to find me where ever I am. And when the topic is raised by someone, no matter how I try to deviate the conversation, the topic could always find a U-turn to get back to me (-_-") SPOOKY!!!!!!!!!!!

One time, when one of my bro in Puchong came for a holiday in Sabah with his family, he slipped a RM 50 note under my car's perfume. I found it weeks later and was puzzled; had the note just appear out of nowhere during my impoverish days??? (I found it when I was all broke. So you can guess how excited I was). I didn't expect it to be from him but he text me 2 weeks later..

Bro: Gg, E ade letak duit tau bawah perfume kete gg..
Gg: heh? E punye ke?? Kenape bagi duit?? (padahal ko happy kan masa jumpa tu duit, Haziah.. :p)
Bro: Saje.. Nanti gg bole beli minyak.. Tak pon bole buat blanja kawen <- See!!!! This conversation was not at all related. But someone could always find things to say to me that relates to Marriage~

(-_-") So I replied,

Gg: Oooo.. Gg simpan untuk kawen la.. Alhamdulillah, akhirnya bole kawen awal sket.. Thanx E!<- Layan jugak tuh hahaha

Last week there was also something like this at my workplace. I went to do some intervention in the ward and found that the doctor who'd written the prescription graduated from my University. He was the one asking me "Ko budak UIA kn?" I didn't recognize him, though. Maybe his looks changed. I don't know. I was frowning when I enter the Satelite Pharmacy. My staff asked,

Staff: Kenapa G?
Gg: Hurm.. Saya tengah fikir.. Tu doktor dari universiti saya bha, tapi saya nda kenal. Saya cuba mau ingat ni sapa dia..
Staff: Dia kenal kau G?
Gg: Nda la bha kenal. Tapi dia tau la saya pon dari UIA.
Staff: Fuiyoo00o0!!! Maksudya dia notice Gg la di UIA. Mungkin Gg sedang memandang wajah jodoh Gg tadi.. <-- SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gg: Astaga kak! HAHAHAHA Ke situ pulak bha dia...

And then my staffs start imagining how the love story goes, which was in my opinion very fairytale-like and hilarious at the same time.. Sakit perut ketawa hahaha

I'm seeing myself like these women in 6 years to come.. :p 31 and single... haha