Thursday, August 18, 2011

Kironggu Abseiling Trip

The skin of my hands are currently 6 tones darker than the rest of my body.. It's been 2 weeks since the trip, still I haven't regain my fair skin..

Yeah~ Recently I've been doing quite a lot of outdoor activities again. On 30th June, we set out for an abseiling trip in Kironggu. It's near the spot where we did rock climbing in December. Just a little bit higher and we've to hike a bit to get up there.

My last abseiling was back in UIA during I-Quest. I abseiled on the walls of my own Kuliyyah, that is. My last outdoor abseiling was years ago during the Mount Senyum expedition. So, though I don't favour abseiling that much, I thought I would just join since I've no plans that Saturday.

So, as usual, I'm all excited especially finally I got the chance to hike. It was satisfying though it was a short hike. The scenery at the top was splendid but it was scorching hot!!!!!!!! I got quite excited to see monkey cups up there and exclaimed "OMG! periuk api!!" which was embarassing~ (^^*)v then my friend said, "G, kalo ni periuk api, meletup suda kita di atas ni.."

And then I get to make use of my daisy chain too! Well, I bought it because everybody else was buying it. When we were in Berhala, we used it to keep us safe while standing on the rocks so I've no idea what it's used for for this trip since we were standing on flat ridge.

So, actually it's used for safety too. You attach carabiners at both ends; one crab attached to your harness and the other attached to this steel wire (I guess it's steel). So you're safe while walking about on the ridge hehe

Here's the picture of the abseil. It's about ~30m from the top to the bottom. I abseil slowly to scrutinize on the rock surface. Well, we're going to climb this wall in the future. So, I was actually walking down rather than abseiling like those cool abseil you see in movies.

I was actually excited about the hike that I decided to do my second abseil.. So, during the second abseil, this clever girl hooked her camera on her harness back loop and have forgotten that she'd slipped her handphone in her pocket. Roy was asking me to adjust something when I heard a thud. Then I saw my camera tumbling all the way down.. "AARGH!!!" Well, I wasn't that horrified since I knew the camera bag have thick padding. But then I feel something slipping from my pocket.. And there goes my handphone; shattered into pieces when it crash on the rocks~"AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!"

That was when I start to abseil down as quick as I could; konon2 mau safe my stuffs la... My camera was fine.. It took a few minutes to find my phone parts and miraculously, it survived the crash unscathed!

She who shouldn't be alive

I was actually already thinking of what phone to buy as I abseil down hahaha


Master J said...

tak shattered pun hp..tipuuu...saja mau ctr bikin panasss....hehehe..

Anonymous said...

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Haziah Salleh~ said...

Shatteredlaaa ni da kne assemble balik hahaha nampak cm x jd pape kt die kn.. Aritu tgk dri atas mmg dasat hehe