Saturday, June 11, 2011

I WON!!!!!!! \(^^)/

Well, this is actually not new. This happened like about 4 weeks ago.. That's on 15th May. We have this Youth Day in KK and one of the event was speed climb competition. Honestly not my favourite because the previous speed climb competition gave me lots of bruises on both knees.. But.. I participated anyway because the prize was so tempting.. RM 100 for individual and RM 100 for group of 4.

Sooooo.. Long story short.. I WON!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/

3 routes... Perliminary route.. Semifinal and the final..

The guys in the final

The girls in the final

Actually my time was not that fast ponnnnn.. Around 11-14 seconds. My record for the final was 14 secs while the one who got second was around 18 secs. But there was this girl who just tried wall climbing the day before the competition and I was damn scared when I saw her climb so fast!!!! She got the talent, but never train, so she got stuck on some parts where you need some skills to get the balance. I say, if she'd trained, I can guarantee that she'll be better than me!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after the speed climb we have this difficulty climb which is MY FAVOURITE. I like it when you need to think the climb and then difficulty climb needs more power and endurance. Four routes. Manage to finish one. The other three only up until the 7th panel. I was already exhausted during the difficulty climb and since there were only 3 of us, so there was little time to rest. Like around 5 minutes in between each climb. All and all it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

These are the links to the videos on youtube. Don't want to embed them here or else this post will be sooooooo lengthy heeee Actually I've edited one vid that combine them all but I've trouble uploading it on youtube which actually caused the delay of this post..

... White... Yellow.. Blue...

O yeah~ the prize money worth RM125, I paid the whole sum to the dentist on Monday morning (-_-")


Hadi said...

wahh..makin hebat skrg...bagus2 ppn bertudung pun boleh jadi champion climbing

Haziah Salleh~ said...

(^^)v well.... :p