Thursday, June 23, 2011

18-19 June: Berhala Island Climbing Trip

One year of employment; my nerves were approaching the breaking point. The environment and staffs are okay; it's just that I've been having some unpleasant experiences with patients. Got scolded for things that were not my fault and that is not COOL..

So when the guys in SICC announced the date for Berhala trip, I signed up right away. Never had second thought. I knew that this is the getaway that I've been waiting for. Yeah.. I'd holidays with my family but it was always me who drive and I usually get sore when we arrived somewhere so actually my body is silently craving for a pure relaxation holiday...

We took a flight on Saturday morning and then checked in at this very neat backpackers lodge. I shared my dorm with a very nice Scottish woman whom I chatted with the whole Saturday night. Had my Ipod and a book with me. So before the climb, I spent some time listening to music while reading my book. Occasionally looking out through the window.. It was a bliss... A BLISS (^^)

Though from the pictures it's like some tiring trip but actually it was not. The route are tough, yes, but then I'd enough rest and enjoyed my time with nature very much. Brings back memories with ARC..

So now.. I know I uploaded hundreds of photos in FB but I actually intend to elaborate them in here (^^)/ YOSH!!!!

This was my first climb, the chimney. This was where the guys in SICC was inspired to design the chimney in SICC. The feeling.. hurm.. it's suppose to be an easy but was not so easy for me.. A lot of thinking all the way up and really have to trust your legs and the friction of your footing to get going...

2nd climb: Eat Blues Lama.. A 10m climb.. A slab all the way.. But the hand holds are dreadful and the foot holds are just fine lines... But I love this route because you get to do a lot of moves that you've been training in the gym.

7a route: my project of the day.. An unfinished project to be exact. It took me around 5 minutes to figure out the starting.. Hand jams, undercling, arete... This route have it all. I just can't believe I manage to get pass more than half of it. Got stuck around 3m below the ending because there's just NO hand holds!!!!!! except for this very fine crack that could fit less than an inch of my index finger and the only foot hold is at the arete that won't provide you with good balance to pull youself up... But I'm just proud to have passed more than half of it hehe (^^)v

2nd day, we climbed in Turtle Beach. I climbed 3 routes. Easy, intermediate and super coooool!!!!!!!!! haha The tide was high so it was hard to snap the photos of the routes from good angles..

Putting on my climbing shoes.. Actually I was quite nervous.. hehe Nda mau kasi lepas batu langsung though I was actually already have this safety line atached to me

So these are the routes. The rock is actually sand stone so it tends to crumble. Had some falling rock incidents during the climb. I stepped on porous rocks during my last climb and they fell. Luckily they didn't fell on any of the guys. I should've said "Fall" to warn the guys. But I panicked and said "JATOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is the Super COOOOL route... 30m... The white dot over there is actually Vince at the ending hehe

This is a mono on the super cool route. Manage to snap a shot haha I did this very quickly of course. This was the only hand hold to pull myself up and my foot was actually inside an uncomfortable pocket that only fit the tip of my right shoe... No foot hold on the left.. Can you imagine how hard it was to pull!!!!!!!!

And here are some videos that I recorded during the second day.

The first video is actually taken after my first climb. I was actually standing on the rock with my harness attached to this rope which is tied to a bolt embeded into the rock (Adeh... Hard to explain) It's just so cool because below me was all water since the tide was high. I was just sooooo excited because I don't get to do this everyday as a Pharmacist :p hehe Berangan jadi Jimmy Chin in this video :P

This video was actually taken at the top. Not sure of the height. The booklet that I was provided with says it's 30m. I stopped about 2m below the actual endpoint because there was a bee hive there so probably this was around 28m. My hardest climb so far. The first part was a slab (angled at less than 90) but the surface wasn't that friendly. Very few hand holds and foot holds. I was standing on a surfce that was as thick as a coin and that really hurts you know... The hand holds.. All the time were crimps.. LuckilyI did some practice on locking crimps in the gym. Some overhang part right in the middle and got stuck there for a few minute. The most defying would be the last part. Exactly 90 degress with crimps hand holds again. I decided to speak English in the video for the sake of this blog haha I was soooo excited so I just ramble there and still gasping for air haha

And this is just an embarassing video of my first jumaring. I saw the guys doing it for so many times already but never had the chance to do it. I posted this anyway because this is something I don't get to do everyday too hehe I had some difficulty at first but when Vince stopped the recording, that was when I figured out how to do it.. Ces!!!!

See, I succeed!!! Hehe

Know what, at the end of the trip I think I'm just crazy to have done all that haha

So that's it.. The World Is Amazing!!!!


ann said...

looks like you have so much fun!
end of oct mo p semporna?

- said...

salam... kami dari kuala lumpur mahu jugak mendaki di berhala wall..
boleh bawak kami kesini?

kamu boleh sediakan tempat penginapan dan pengangkutan..

emailkan kepada sy :

from: azli (kuala lumpur)