Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I hope he reads this~

Girls.. Yes, girls only... I think almost all of us have guy friends who we confide things to.. Maybe not to reveal as much as when we confide to a girlfriend.. But.. Yeah.. We have guy friends whom we share stories with. For my part, if I confide anything to a guy, I just wanted to listen to an opinion that's most probably would be from a different perspective than that of girls'. So yeah.. I've good friends... But I'm currently quite upset with one...

Well, recently, he's just weird.. One day he called me by a name that he shouldn't have. And I'd replied

"Kau ni buang tebiat ka apa?"

Maybe he thought I was okay with his joke. But actually I was not. I'm not being prejudice with him. It's just that I don't think it's appropriate fo him to call me that way. Our friendship is based on a firm foundation built with trust after years of acquaintance. I guess it's okay if he wants to flirt with any other girl but please.. Not me...

I'm not that kind of girl.. I'm not flattered with such callings or sweet talks.. I get upset with those things.. Especially when it's from someone I think I know well, I'm constantly in contact with, someone I trust and someone I care...

To some extend, I also feel betrayed.. Because I think he knew I'm not that kind of girl who he could call with names. I so often told him that I feel like punching flirtatious guys, I hate guys who befriended me and purposely want to get close with me because they feel like they have a chance to be more than friends just because I'm single. He knows I hate the kind of guy who text with every girl in the world.. He knows... He knows me very well... I just have no idea why he did that...

I really want him to know that I'm upset with what he did.. I don't expect him to apologize, I just don' want him to do that again.. I don't know how to let him know how I feel about it.. That's why I hope he reads this...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

18-19 June: Berhala Island Climbing Trip

One year of employment; my nerves were approaching the breaking point. The environment and staffs are okay; it's just that I've been having some unpleasant experiences with patients. Got scolded for things that were not my fault and that is not COOL..

So when the guys in SICC announced the date for Berhala trip, I signed up right away. Never had second thought. I knew that this is the getaway that I've been waiting for. Yeah.. I'd holidays with my family but it was always me who drive and I usually get sore when we arrived somewhere so actually my body is silently craving for a pure relaxation holiday...

We took a flight on Saturday morning and then checked in at this very neat backpackers lodge. I shared my dorm with a very nice Scottish woman whom I chatted with the whole Saturday night. Had my Ipod and a book with me. So before the climb, I spent some time listening to music while reading my book. Occasionally looking out through the window.. It was a bliss... A BLISS (^^)

Though from the pictures it's like some tiring trip but actually it was not. The route are tough, yes, but then I'd enough rest and enjoyed my time with nature very much. Brings back memories with ARC..

So now.. I know I uploaded hundreds of photos in FB but I actually intend to elaborate them in here (^^)/ YOSH!!!!

This was my first climb, the chimney. This was where the guys in SICC was inspired to design the chimney in SICC. The feeling.. hurm.. it's suppose to be an easy but was not so easy for me.. A lot of thinking all the way up and really have to trust your legs and the friction of your footing to get going...

2nd climb: Eat Blues Lama.. A 10m climb.. A slab all the way.. But the hand holds are dreadful and the foot holds are just fine lines... But I love this route because you get to do a lot of moves that you've been training in the gym.

7a route: my project of the day.. An unfinished project to be exact. It took me around 5 minutes to figure out the starting.. Hand jams, undercling, arete... This route have it all. I just can't believe I manage to get pass more than half of it. Got stuck around 3m below the ending because there's just NO hand holds!!!!!! except for this very fine crack that could fit less than an inch of my index finger and the only foot hold is at the arete that won't provide you with good balance to pull youself up... But I'm just proud to have passed more than half of it hehe (^^)v

2nd day, we climbed in Turtle Beach. I climbed 3 routes. Easy, intermediate and super coooool!!!!!!!!! haha The tide was high so it was hard to snap the photos of the routes from good angles..

Putting on my climbing shoes.. Actually I was quite nervous.. hehe Nda mau kasi lepas batu langsung though I was actually already have this safety line atached to me

So these are the routes. The rock is actually sand stone so it tends to crumble. Had some falling rock incidents during the climb. I stepped on porous rocks during my last climb and they fell. Luckily they didn't fell on any of the guys. I should've said "Fall" to warn the guys. But I panicked and said "JATOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This is the Super COOOOL route... 30m... The white dot over there is actually Vince at the ending hehe

This is a mono on the super cool route. Manage to snap a shot haha I did this very quickly of course. This was the only hand hold to pull myself up and my foot was actually inside an uncomfortable pocket that only fit the tip of my right shoe... No foot hold on the left.. Can you imagine how hard it was to pull!!!!!!!!

And here are some videos that I recorded during the second day.

The first video is actually taken after my first climb. I was actually standing on the rock with my harness attached to this rope which is tied to a bolt embeded into the rock (Adeh... Hard to explain) It's just so cool because below me was all water since the tide was high. I was just sooooo excited because I don't get to do this everyday as a Pharmacist :p hehe Berangan jadi Jimmy Chin in this video :P

This video was actually taken at the top. Not sure of the height. The booklet that I was provided with says it's 30m. I stopped about 2m below the actual endpoint because there was a bee hive there so probably this was around 28m. My hardest climb so far. The first part was a slab (angled at less than 90) but the surface wasn't that friendly. Very few hand holds and foot holds. I was standing on a surfce that was as thick as a coin and that really hurts you know... The hand holds.. All the time were crimps.. LuckilyI did some practice on locking crimps in the gym. Some overhang part right in the middle and got stuck there for a few minute. The most defying would be the last part. Exactly 90 degress with crimps hand holds again. I decided to speak English in the video for the sake of this blog haha I was soooo excited so I just ramble there and still gasping for air haha

And this is just an embarassing video of my first jumaring. I saw the guys doing it for so many times already but never had the chance to do it. I posted this anyway because this is something I don't get to do everyday too hehe I had some difficulty at first but when Vince stopped the recording, that was when I figured out how to do it.. Ces!!!!

See, I succeed!!! Hehe

Know what, at the end of the trip I think I'm just crazy to have done all that haha

So that's it.. The World Is Amazing!!!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Me and Me Blog...

Was scheming through the list of links on my blog when I saw my archive actually dated from 2008. Which means, I've been blogging for almost four years now!!!! WOW!!! Can't believe I'm that persistent hehe

I don't really know where I stand as a blogger.. I don't have a chatbox and a visitor counter thus I don't have any idea of how often people actually access this blog. But I do have surprising experiences as a blogger. That's when total strangers said they knew me from my blog.

One was a friend of a friend. Me and my friend M joined our friend J with his friends for dinner (ok that's kind of confusing). So basically there were two guys that M and I never met before. So the more talkative guy started the conversation by asking M her name and what course she is studying. Then after M briefly introduced herself, the guy went silent.

So I was like "Why are you not asking me?" (X malu betol pi tanya begitu :p)

"O, kenal dah. Ade blog kan? Exceladorable"

I spontaneously blurt out, "O my God M, this means he knows half of my life already!!!" haha I was so freaked out. I never expect to meet someone who I didn't know who actually come across my blog. He might not be a follower, but he knew my blog!!! Malu pon ada masa tu hahaha

The second occasion was at a bus stop in Gombak. That time I haven't even put this blog in IIUM blogger thingy. I was waiting for the bus with a few other girls. Suddenly the one who sat beside me said, "Hey! I know you!! You have a blog right?? Exceladorable right??"

I seriously don't know what expression I wore on my face that time. I think my jaw-dropped. I only responded with "Yeah.. Yeah.. That's my blog.. Hehe" then the girl asked what I was doing in Gombak and stuff. Just normal conversation la.. Tiada pulak pi minta autograf haha If like that, I sure pengsan punya hahaha

But honestly, I enjoy writing as much I enjoy reading and that what keeps me writing eventhough I don't know whether it is read or not. I blog just simply because I love to write. I really really love to write and I love English too! hehe

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

To Allah we belong and to Him shall we return~

I was dumbfounded as I read the first part of the SMS that just came in. Someone had passed away but who..??? Without reading the rest of the lengthy front part, I scroll down quickly to get the name.. Adhamerudin..


I replied a short SMS "ni Adha dak ARC tu ke?" and yes it is him.. I was stunned.. A little bit confused whether this is real or not... Then Mida called, all teary on the other side of the line.. Only by then I could digest all the information and accept that this is really happening.

He was a new member in ARC when I was in my final year. I remembered him very well. He was friendly, very enthusiastic when it comes to adventure and that smile on his face just never fade..

And just now I saw the news and saw the two black plastic bags in which one of it contain his body. The scene gave me shivers.. It have never crossed my mind that one day the news will flash about someone I know and have some memories with.

He was a very nice person, one you're very comfortable with. I remember when Mida and I went to help to clean the tents after their expedition to Tahan, he was so excited because it was his first mountain with ARC. He and the other juniors playfully said "Bile nak naek gunung dengan Kak Mida ngan Kak Jiji lak ni.."

And yeah not long after that we were in the same group in the Nuang expedition.

His passing is a tragic loss to us all. May he be blessed and placed among the believers.
Al Fatihah...

He was kind till the very end... He jumped to safe a friend's life without having thought of his own put into risk...

Sipitang->LImbang->Brunei: 28 May 2011

To me the Keamatan holiday is a blessing, what more if it fell on Monday and Tuesday. We had a looooong weekend and my cousin had his wedding on the bride's side in Limbang that weekend. It was actually my idea to extend our travelling to Brunei because the last time I went there was when I was in Primary 3. So, since the idea originated from me so I was the official driver for the whole journey (-_-")V

We departed from KK on Friday night. Fetched my mom and my aunt in Beaufort and went
straight to Sipitang. It was raining like cats and dogs that night and it was quite hard for us to locate my cousin's house. The next morning, we departed from Sipitang to Limbang at 9 am. But we only manage to reach Limbang at around 3pm because there was this annoying, snaking long traffic jam in Temburong, where we have to ride this ferry to cross this river that's less than 50m wide!!!!!!!!!!! It was soooo troublesome..

The ferry ride was less than a minute that we can't get a very nice view to show you how NARROW the river is~

My dad described the river's width as "Ko bole humban orang di sebelah tu"
My uncle saw it in a different perspective "Kalo kentut kuat, orang kat seberang bole dengar.."

In Limbang, my cousin already booked a hotel room for us. RM 80 for a room as big as this

Surprisingly, I met two schoolmates in Limbang and man they were very surprised to see me haha

So we departed to Brunei after my cousin's wedding. Brunei wasn't that far at all. Took us around two hours to reach our relative's house there. That night our Bruneian relatives took us sight seeing and granted our wish to have a taste on the famous Nasi Katok which is actually rice, spiced chicken and sambal that taste good!

To be honest, there was not much to do in the affluent country. It's not a tourism spot; as if they don't even bother about the sector. But I was really fond of how they arrange the buildings there; they look so neat and yes Brunei is soooo clean too.

We went sight seeing by foot. Went to this field in the middle of the Bandar Seri Begawan

Went to pray at Masjid Umar Ali

The funny thing is, whereever we go in Brunei we'll meet people who have relatives in Labuan who happen to be acquainted to us too. The story has it that some of the Labuanites are actually Bruneian refugees during the World War II who wanted to escape from the Japanese.

"Dang, kanal ko si Polan??"
"Ooo, cikgu ku di sekolah rendah.." or "Anaknya kawan ku tusyen.." hehe

And you can see that Brunei is rich because their roads are so nice; no holes, no bumps... Rata betol!!! And there are lights along the road.. Tidak putus putus lampu jalan..

So that's it about the journey..

And I think my parents are already in the mood to have a son-in-law. My mom was fantasizing about my wedding..

"Nanti kalo adik kawen, mau buat bunga api and concert la.."
"Mami ingat adik artis???" (-_-")

My dad just got back from Indonesia and helped to buy some wedding souvenirs for my stepmom's nephew.. Then he suddenly said,

"Eyh, nanti kena pi Indon la kalo begini murah"
And I was like, buat2 nda dengar, grabbed all the stuffs they bought for me in Indonesia and scurried to my room "O my God!! Lambat suda mo pi kerja!!!!"

hehe (^^)v

Saturday, June 11, 2011

I WON!!!!!!! \(^^)/

Well, this is actually not new. This happened like about 4 weeks ago.. That's on 15th May. We have this Youth Day in KK and one of the event was speed climb competition. Honestly not my favourite because the previous speed climb competition gave me lots of bruises on both knees.. But.. I participated anyway because the prize was so tempting.. RM 100 for individual and RM 100 for group of 4.

Sooooo.. Long story short.. I WON!!!!!!!!!! \(^^)/

3 routes... Perliminary route.. Semifinal and the final..

The guys in the final

The girls in the final

Actually my time was not that fast ponnnnn.. Around 11-14 seconds. My record for the final was 14 secs while the one who got second was around 18 secs. But there was this girl who just tried wall climbing the day before the competition and I was damn scared when I saw her climb so fast!!!! She got the talent, but never train, so she got stuck on some parts where you need some skills to get the balance. I say, if she'd trained, I can guarantee that she'll be better than me!!!!!!!!

Anyway, after the speed climb we have this difficulty climb which is MY FAVOURITE. I like it when you need to think the climb and then difficulty climb needs more power and endurance. Four routes. Manage to finish one. The other three only up until the 7th panel. I was already exhausted during the difficulty climb and since there were only 3 of us, so there was little time to rest. Like around 5 minutes in between each climb. All and all it was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

These are the links to the videos on youtube. Don't want to embed them here or else this post will be sooooooo lengthy heeee Actually I've edited one vid that combine them all but I've trouble uploading it on youtube which actually caused the delay of this post..

... White... Yellow.. Blue...

O yeah~ the prize money worth RM125, I paid the whole sum to the dentist on Monday morning (-_-")

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No pills please~ (-_-")

I was resting on my mom's bed when I heard a woman's voice giving salam from outside. I rose, grab a hijjab and fought my way to the door with the throbbing pain in my head. Two ladies in the middle of 50's were standing outside. They wanted to see mom, but she was out. They wanted to talk about some direct selling health and skin products so I asked them to come in to wait for mom.

I looked at some of the products and was so surprised to see the price were up to thousands of ringgit. Then I came to this page of the catalogue that displayed pictures of fruits and vegetables that are known to us as beneficial for our health and well-being. But at the corner of that page were statements saying how many toxins and pesticides were found in them.
When I turn to the next page, there it was. The promotion of this supplement pill that contains all the nutrients in those fruits and vegetables which is claimed to be PURIFIED and FREE OF TOXINS.. I was like

"WHAT DA...!!!!?????"
inside my heart la. Not in front of the mak cik hehe

I don't know how many people fall for that, but I didn't. All the nutrients inside a compacted pill that taste nothing but bitter. I definitely won't trade that with the crunchy and juicy apple, the squishing sound of the orange as your finger pierce into the skin, the taste of the half-cooked carrot that I love so much. (yes I love the squishing sound of the orange) And and and.. I really love the time spent strolling in the market with my family buying fruits and vegetables.. All those are irreplaceable okay.. What more with 30 BITTER pills worth hundreds of ringgit..

Okay.. No offence pill lovers and sellers.. I'm a Pharmacist, I see pills in DAILY basis.. I don't need them for nutrients.. I'll do anything to not consume a pill.. Drive to the market, wash the fruits, peel the skin.. Anything.. Just NO pills please...