Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What If...

What if... what feels right is wrong in every single way.. Explictly wrong...

Close your eyes in the dark.. And wait if a tale will ever happen....

No.. Nothing will...

Thursday, May 26, 2011


I guess the working life is not as enjoyable as I'd anticipated it a year ago.. Before I graduated, I so often repeated the phrase "Cepatla keje, nak ade duit sendiri!!!!"

Well, now I've the money alright. But I just don't seem to have the ample time to enjoy life as much as I did during my study years anymore.Lesser and lesser adventure.. More and more responsibilities.. There's so much to sigh about these days but am trying to be as positive as I could to enjoy life. And I guess that's why the silly things I used to crap about becomes lesser and lesser in this blog too..

Just discovered this blog that talks about how life simple pleasures can be so awesome.. Well, fun to read it but it was like a smack on my face.. I honestly have forgotten how I used to just appreciate the view from the window of my compartment back in UIA.

So today, I tried it out again.. That's to appreciate simple simple things.. And there was this feeling of content that felt so terrific when I manage to persuade Idham to swallow his antibiotics! Voilla!!!

It's the same feeling of content that I usually felt when an elderly says "Terima kasih, nak.." after I dispense the medications...

Hurm.. Guess I'll try to be positive when cleaning Bobo's poops after this heee

"Cleaning poops makes the air fresher in this humble home!!! Awesome!!!!" hehe by the way, Bobo is my kitten heee


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Diriku di Bawah Bayu...

I've always been a genuine Labuanites all this while although my friends in UIA always referred me as 'The Sabahan Girl" since I'm the only girl who's from Borneo in the batch. I realized I'm not actually a 'pure' Sabahan about a year ago when I actually don't remember the exact location of the famous Gaya street.

I was clueless when the hospital staffs called me 'Mandak' which actually originates from the word 'Sumandak' which means 'Girl'. And I was confused why people like to say 'Otoooookui!!!!'. And later found out that's a famous tag line of Suria KK morning crew, Otto and Dudu, that every Sabahan listen to every morning. Yes.. Every Sabahan listen to Otto and Dudu every morning. Ok, if not every, maybe 98.9% listen to them every morning.

Living here, I actually don't do much of the exploring yet as compared to the other PRPs from the Peninsular in my hospital. It's pretty embarassing when I don't know the places they mention and then they'll start telling me about those places in great detail. And there I was nodding, "uhuh"-ing and "Really?? we have that in Sabah?" (-_-")v

So... Yep.. I love being in this Land Below the Wind. And is having second thought whether I should proceed with my previous plan to settle down in the Peninsular to become a lecturer there. There's this peace that I don't seem to find back in the Peninsular. The traffic jam is still tolerable. The people are amazingly friendly. And we have everything here!!! Mountains, rivers, waterfalls, world famous diving spot, shopping malls etc etc etc... Just the stuffs that are cheap in the Peninsular can be extremely expensive here like tudung.. Dem!

Even every morning on my way to work I get to see this mesmerizing scenery of the magnificent Mount Kinabalu. It looked so heavenly, you know.. The mountain in silhouette, covered by white clouds and then the sky is crimson from the sun rising in the east.. Pergh!! Subhannallah..

And one more thing I notice in Sabah.. Sabahan guys are actually good looking!!!!! haha Ok enough..

Hurm.. Actually I wanted to post some pics of the places I love in KK but since I'm always the one who drive, so I didn't have the chance to snap much.. So I post this video instead. This is the video of explorers from the US on their trip to ascend the Big Wall of Borneo (^^) love it!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Roof.. Yeah!!! (^^)/

I think it's almost a year since I started climbing.. Stopped for a few months though; that's from April until August last year.. Progress?? Quite a lot but still need to learn more. So this is the video of my first roof project.. Actually, this is the second route they set up for beginners on this roof, but the first one was too hard.. I kept on swinging away from the roof and finally lose grip. Even this one I couldn't finish but still trying to hehe

Here goes.. Black and Yellow.. Black and Yellow.. (^^)/

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Magic of the old days~

My mom just called. She told me about how my uncle was so cool when her little daughter kicked him when he told her not to run around because she might fall. My mom was like so geram but didn't do anything about it because ya la, my uncle was so cool, takkan la mau lebih-lebih pulak.

This actually reminds me about this evening when I was beaten mercilessly by my mom hahaha

I was in Primary 4. My parents were already divorced, Nenek was still alive and my uncle and his wife was still staying with us. I just got back from school, wore a pinafore that day, and I immediately saw satays served on the dining table in the kitchen. I got so excited that I jumped on a chair and start grabbing those satay while singing "Satay satay satay~~~". I heard my mom cried from the room, "Adik bukak pinafore!!!!"

I took off my pinafore with one hand holding a satay. As I munch those delicious satay and as the taste linger inside my buccal cavity, I toss my pinafore into the air. And ooopsss!!!! It landed on my mom's head!!!!!!

During one of my birthday party (^^)
Muka nda berubah langsung!!!!

I heard my mom screeched "Norhaziah!!!!!!!!!". I turned around and saw her turn green and suddenly her muscles gorge and she turned into a she-hulk!!!! Ok.. that was just a figment of my imagination. Actually, she got very furious and grabbed a broom and started to sway it at me. But I was very good at dodging. I manage to dodge quite a lot of swings and my mom got even furious when she missed. Then she manage to grab me and I was whipped.

I struggled to be freed and finally succeed and ran into the living room.. My mom took a plastic basin and threw it; it hit my back and I say my mom would've been a good handball player because the impulse was so intense and stinging!!!!
And then I ran outside and then my mom gave up. She screamed, "Jangan masuk rumah!!!!!!!!!!"

So I stayed outside and that was when I started to cry... I actually cried because I was so mad that nobody helped me.. Not even Nenek and not even my uncle and his wife...

You know what, the day after that incident, I started doing my own laundry haha I don't quite remember what drives me into doing that but I guess that's the magic of the old school way of teaching the children. It's kind of barbaric in today's view but yeah.. it's just magical...

I don't quite understand why today's parents are so lenient with their children. I once read an article by Ustaz Hasrizal that it might be due to the fact that parents not wanting their kids to feel the hardship and the pain that they've been through. But, I guess they should be reminded that it's those hardship and pain that have brought them to what they are today.. Successful people (^^)