Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Half the Sky..

I've just finished reading about Oprah's book collection when I'm suddenly reminded of writing the review about "Half The Sky"; a book I bought a month ago.. So here goes

I've always been the kind who judge a book by its cover. So obviously I was drawn to this book by the enticing phrase under the title "How to change the world". And also the reviews written inside those clouds are very encouraging too and one of them is actually by Khaled Hosseini.

Basically, this is another book that puts the limelight on human rights; particularly women. It narrates a lot of stories from all over the world about oppressed women; mostly due to traditional taboo in which women are stigmatized or put to a standard lower than that of men. As I read through chapter by chapter, I would sometimes run to my laptop and start typing the name mentioned to know more about the story. Some stories are just so unimaginable. The thing done to those women were so hineous that I would just stop reading, inhaled a deep breath, and then resume my reading...

One story that gave me goosebumps was about this thug in one of the slum in India who steal, molested men, raped women and murdered those who retaliate. This thug and his gang once sliced a woman's breast in front of the public, and then killed her and cut her into pieces. One man who wanted to report to the police was then burnt to death. So, one day this thug and his gang wanted to steal from this family whose daughter is the only university graduate in the slum. So, the daughter refused to open the door and even threaten the guy that she'll blow them all up by releasing the gas from the kitchen stove. Seeing the girl's bravery, the rest of the slum started to throw things to the gang that they finally retreat.

Not long after that, the thug was arrested and brought to trial. During the trial, as he walk to the stand, he saw a woman he once raped and arrogantly said to that woman, "When I'm released, I'll rape you again". The woman stood up, and slapped his face with her sandal. Then suddenly hundreds of women came trashing into the court. They are the victims of rape. They start to punch and stab the thug to death in the courtroom. Those women just can't stand it anymore and had brought justice into their own hands.

A handsome face and a golden heart.. Hehe

I got kind of excited too when I came across a story that was once mentioned in one of Oprah's talkshow. It was about how rape is rampant in Congo as a war weapon. I remember that particular episode because Ben Affleck went to Congo to assist the aid mission there hehe (^^)v

There are many more stories inside; such as about how women are forced into prostitutions and being stigmatized due to gender inequality.

I have to admit that it is kind of depressing to read this kind of book but I think it's another way of bringing myself out of my comfort zone and help me to realize that despite of all the bad things that befall me at times, I'm still very lucky than some other people somewhere in this world. Alhamdulillah... I say, this book is also galvanizing; that is it galvanizes you to want to do something about it.. Now one of Micheal Jackson's lyrics is hovering in my mind...

"If you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make a change.."

Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Passion...

I've decided what I want in climbing...

It's not an obsession.. It's a passion..

I'm not aiming of becoming a competitive climber to win tittles.. I want to climb what the world has to offer...

Only a climber knows how this sport could become inevitably addictive.

A pic from our Merapi Expedition '09

Personally, comparing it to hiking, I feel that climbing gives out much more. When you hike, it tests your mental and physics. It's all about how far you could withstand the brutes of reaching the peak. With a super heavy haversack on your back, you have to triumph each and every obstacles on your way. In addition, you also have to endure the cold win, hot scorching sun and one of my own weakness is, to have the courage to emm... excrete waste in the wild haha :p (tried my best to search a proper word for that). When your mental focus is defeated by nature's ordeal, that's when you can say goodbye to the peak...

Climbing requires more than just stamina. An additional aspect you've got to have is technique. That's why you need to go to the gym to train and develope these techniques. Yeah.. I saw a lot of extreme hikers and very muscular elite paddlers who couldn't finish routes that for myself is kind of easy (am not showing off..). They're not lack power and energy but it's technique...


Ever since I started climbing seriously, a very loyal customer to my climbing gym that is, I met a lot of people from all over the world with the same passion. I get to meet people from UK, US, Canada, Germany (GERMANY!!!!! \(^^)/) and France and also acquainted to a very nice lady from South Africa (am looking forward to a jungle trekking trip once she return from SA). They shared their climbing experiences and even tell you what alse they have in the other parts of the world.

New Zealand..

I joined two climbing groups in facebook. One is to connect our gym's climbers and the other one is that connects climbers from all over the world. They post pictures of places to climb, and I've to admit I'm very tempted to try out at least one of those amazing climbing sites abroad.

I linked two of my favourite gorgeous world class climbers' blogs too. Sean McColl's and Paul Robinson's. It's just exciting to read their journey in trying to accomplish great projects and also win tittles..

So that's it.. All I need now is an unshakable discpline to enable me to juggle between my two greatest commitments; being a Pharmacist and a Climber. I want to be good at them both..

And yeah.. this doesn't mean I'm going to neglect my other responsibilities lah, just no need to mention here :p

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Was he ready...???

Aha!!! I know the first thing that would've popped in your mind once reading the tittle would be MARRIAGE.. If you think so, YOU'RE WRONG. What I'm about to tell is totally deviated from the dreaded topic :p

Here goes...

I think, since my mom's retirement, she has gotten busier than when she was working. Every time she called or I called it would be..

"Mami baru lepas berkebun" or "Mami baru lepas hantar budak2 pi sekolah" or "Mami baru lepas cuci tingkap" or "Mami baru lepas main badminton" etc.

I guess, she can never stood still hehe So, she'd also been quite active in attending talks. Some about entrepreneurship (she has high aspirations yet I don't think she'll ever start :p) and at times attend some religious talks that teaches basic fiqh and stuffs..

So last Saturday she went to a Kursus Pengurusan Jenazah and had to bring along my 8 year-old niece since nobody was home to look after her. His brother went to follow my brother for this Carrom championship (and my bro victoriously won straight games and will be representing his office for this tournament in Terengganu.. I'm a proud sister (^^)/ haha).

I called my mom later that day to ask her what did she learn from the course. I've very very very little knowledge in Pengurusan Jenazah thingy..

Mami said, "Err, banyak belajar.. Err, nanti lah adik tengok note book mami,"

She told me the topics that was covered such as the signs of death, 'preparation' for death etc.

So today, 5 days after the course, my mom was about to go somewhere when she received a call telling that one of our relative just passed away. She cancelled her plans and brought her granddaughter to pay their last respect.

Then, on their way back home, my niece suddenly asked,

"Nenek, did the guy who just died was prepared???"

My mom was flabbergasted by the unanticipated question and she went into a silent pause for quite a number of seconds. Finally, she answered..

"Hurm.. Maybe he did.."

If I was in my mom's place, I think my silent pause would be a little bit longer hehe it's kind of hard to really explain this kind of thing to little kids since their minds are not yet ready to grasp deep ideation about death. I guess her short answer was for the best.

But what caught my attention is that my niece was listening to what the ustaz was talking about during the course and had kept it in her mind.. And now I've this question to extend to myself and all of us, have we been keeping that in mind??? Tettttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

180311 Jalan jalan

I've been all stressed out throughout the clinical rotation. Literally had some bouts of anxiety episodes in which I woke up during the witching hour with this weird and somewhat nerdy tendency to grab on the Clinical Practice Guidelines that I was told to finish. Luckily, I survived and is still independent of tranquilizers... So actually this recent trip to KL was yet another excuse to escape the hustle and bustle of the hospital life...

It was Adi Asraf's wedding that I'd attended. We opted to ride a train to go there and our journey was of course not without drama.. That morning, we missed the first ETS train to Perak and had to wait for the slow-and-no-announcement train instead. All of us (Mar, Eqa, Mida and me) were actually so sleepy but Mida and I end up chatting all the way to Perak. We'd noticed all the stations in which the train had stopped until the sight of the mountains came into view. That was when our voice suddenly raised in excitement and it was like as if we were sealed in this invisible sphere that disconnect us from the real world..

Suddenly we heard Eqa calling our names. Both of us jubilantly looked at her; still excited with the recollection of memories of the mountains. With her eyes half-opened, she croaked "Woit, tengok kat luar stesen ape.." The train was already moving when we saw the sign board "Kampar" and Mida and I was like "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

We manage to reach the wedding but of course off schedule. Ate Kuew Teoy, nasi campor and ice cream, took pictures and off we went. At the train station, we revised on the list of names of our classmates who'd married. Quite a lot already that the list needed two pairs of hands there and many are coming at the end of this year.

This is the picture of the ETS. Very comfortable indeed and most conveniently afforded with announcement of each coming station by this mellow voice of a woman.

The time passed so fast that day.. I really miss the times we had in UIA..
(wow.. that actually rhymes hehe)

On Sunday, I'd coaxed Shifaa to meet us in OU. I actually wanted to go to Camp5 to get a pair of brand new, high quality climbing shoes. I finally decided to try out this Saltic brand which was kind of foreign to me. And currently, I'm quite obsses with my new climbing shoes because it is just so freakin' comfortable!!!!! hehe It's just the yellow colour that's not in my favourite list though..

Stayed at Mida's place on my third night there. Shopped a bit in Wangsa Walk with Mida constantly professing of how she is shocked with my unprecedented frugality. Grabbed this amazing book... I'll have this book's review posted soon.

And the final drama of this trip was when I for the FIRST time ever, MISSED MY FLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! huhu But never mind.. There's always hikmah in disguised of every mishap.. And I immediately detect the hikmah for this one.. I met this fella in the pic that very day (^^)
This fella was in my wishlist and all this while, I thought I'll never see it in front of my eyes my whole life....

The End~