Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Deceitful Route...

I hurt my right hand today. I guess I overused it last Tuesday that it couldn't withstand today's climbing; though I only did one toprope and some very very light bouldering. I've no intention to worsen it so I decided to go home early before I'm tempted to climb again.. So here I am on my bed, in front of my laptop, with an abandoned infectious disease notes just beside me and to compensate my climbing I think I'll write something about climbing tonight.

Well, I just did a route setting on Tuesday. It was a very nice experience and it was harder than I thought it would be.

Firstly I'd to choose some hand and foot holds. It is best to choose holds that of the same colour to make the route recognizable to climbers. I chose the blue holds because I thought they were of different shapes and sizes and I'd wanted my route to be deceitful. Meaning, I want people to underestimate it and later think "Wah! Susah ni!" once they tried it hehehe

Before fixing those holds on the wall, I actually imagined how the route would be and the skills that I want climbers to apply as they climb. But honestly, when I finished fixing the holds, my route was even harder than I'd imgined!

Ryan, 12 y.o, assisted me during the route setting process. He helped me attach the holds at the starting point and then became my loyal belayer. He used two sand bags to balance our weight. That made me feel heavy. That red recycle bag I'm carrying was filled with holds and screws so that've caused heavier load for our tiny belayer. With that heavy load, I also found it harder to climb up.

Here's a video of me fixing the holds. Ryan was yelling from below, complaining about the far gap between the holds hehe

So here's a picture of me testing my own route. I fell 5 times but finally manage to reach the top..

The other climbers helped to name the route...

Crazy G!!!!!!
I succeed in making the route deceitful (^^)v

Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm eyeing you~~

I can't take my eyes off you~ Miura VS...

This is my dream climbing shoes right now and it's DAMN EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At least RM630!!!!

My Evolv, the right one to be exact, already got a hole on its sole for about a month now and I've been eyeing on some climbing shoes. And finally, when I saw this Miura VS, I got this feeling that we're meant to be haha :P

A high performance hook and loop closure shoe for amazing edging control and pocket climbing performance

Easy to use hook and loop closure system for easy on and off convenience. Slingshot rand and Powerhinge system gives you the ultimate edging power. 4mm Vibram® XS Edge and XS Grip2 (Women's model) sticky rubber outsole

WEIGHT: 8.23 oz/ 228 g LAST: WPD 75 CONSTRUCTION: Slip Lasted UPPER: Leather LINING: Dentex, unlined underfoot MIDSOLE: P3® with 1.1mm LaspoFlex SOLE: 4mm Vibram® XS Grip2

Some say this Miura VS are meant for pros and only those who can do 6c can have this and bla bla bla.. I don't care.. I want this one.. 6c is just far beyond my ability right now, but I think this Miura VS will get me there... (^^)/ Positive about that.. Will get there some day!!!!

But since it's so expensive, I think I'll save some money.. Planning on reducing my expenses on food because that will bring about multi-benefit.. Save money + slimmer & trimmer Haziah, and then slimmer and trimmer and light me will subsequently bring about easy climbing.. Yosh!! I'm so0o0o0o0 clever!!! hahaha

Friday, February 11, 2011

Torn between...

Story No 1

A few years ago I dejected it when I was to teach a class of illiterate students. I thought it was unfair of the school system to let experienced teachers to focus on the bright students while those who perform poorly are left to an untrained substitute teacher like me. But then Allah wanted to show me something else.

Seated on the front row, it would've been easy for me to notice her. But she was so timid that I only manage to
remember her name that was of two syllables at the end of my first week as a teacher. Later I found her to be constantly staring at the wall during my class; I thought she was just not interested. However, during an examination I found that she was rather 'different' than the rest of the class.

It was a BM objective paper where students were required to answer some grammar questions. A mock OMR paper was given to each student and I'd announced the instructions to my students. All of them understood the instruction except her. As her friends were busy shading the right answer on the OMR paper, she just stared blankly at her paper. I approached her and said, "M, hitamkan jawapan yang betul.."

Without even looking at the question paper, she shaded one of the circle on the first row. A student sitting nearby noticed my incredulous reaction said, "Dia nda pandai baca tu, cikgu". I was not surprised about that. Then I instructed her, "M, setiap baris ni, M hitamkan satu ok.. Mana-mana saja yang M rasa mau hitamkan.. Mesti hitamkan sampai habis tau.."

Then she started to shade the second row and then start to stare at the paper again. "Lagi satu.." then she shade the row below the second one.. Then I realized that she do
esn't understand simple commands. I just stood there and continue saying "Lagi satu.." until she finish shading the 40th row.. As I stood there I thought, "MashaAllah, I'm gifted.."

Story No 2

It was the long semester break when I volunteered as a committee for a paralympic event in Labuan. I still remember every single moment of my time spent with those special athletes and one of them is what I'm going to tell. There were three gent
lemen who represented their states for bowling. Physically perfect, I was curious of what are their disability that had qualified them as a Paralympic athlete. Then I came to get my answer when the room keys were distributed to the athletes. The guy incharge of the room keys were telling the three gentlemen their room number

"Bilik kamu 308.."

The three of them repeated after the guy "308.. 308.. 803.."

"Tiga.. Kosong.. Lapan.."

" 308.. 803.. 083.."

I was flummoxed at how short term their memories were... Once again "MashaAllah, I'm gifted.."

My story~

Currently, I'm stationed at one of the busiest ward in the hospital where I'm working. It's a medical ward that requires you to be well verse in all disciplines of health care and having attached with a very knowledgable preceptor sort of put me into a lot of stress. I'm not stressed out because he is strict or anything. In fact, he's kind and very keen in sharing his knowledge. It's just that my self-esteem is crumbled by the fact that my knowledge is so superficial as compared to his. At one point, I even thought

"Ok, lepas ni aku mau kerja di klinik kesihatan jak. Get married, pregnant and raise my children.."

But then, the stories mentioned sort of came to me as my feverish body lay flat on my bed yesterday. I was thinking... Some people in the world are not as gifted as me.. Some can't fathom the simplest command.. Some can't even remember the simplest things... But ME who CAN are now in the verge of giving up.. How shameful.. I better off giving my gift to someone else who would've used it for a better purpose...

I'm currently torn between whether I want to live that simple life that I ramble about during my self-deprecation or should I work hard for some period of time to be as good as my preceptor or even better. And I'm fully aware that the later is of more benefits; that is benefit to me and to the people I would serve. A simple life seems more appealing though but that simply means that I succumb to cowardice.. That simply means I just transgress my own principle to plow my potentials in everything I do...
O I don't know..

Three phrases are currently in my mind.. One is this hadith...

Allah’s Messenger (SAW ) said: “The strong believer is better and more loved by Allah than the weak one, but they are both good.” (Muslim)

Second.. Is my best friend's favourite phrase or probably her motto..

"Start with the end in mind.."

And finally one of my own principle..

"If you can't be the best, you could at least be good.."

Still pondering...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu~ (^^)

The last time I set foot on the grounds of Sabah highlands was actually about 8 years ago; right after SPM.. So, can you imagine how ecstatic I was about this trip?? If it weren't for the endless standing during my day in the ward, I probably couldn't sleep the night before; out of excitement. But I fell asleep very early and rose quite early too to prepare food..
Cooked mi goreng, chicken nugget and omlette hehe simple2 saja bha

Since I was on the wheel, I couldn't enjoy the sceneries that much. My eyes were focused on the winding road. I was actually quite nervous because I've never driven on winding roads before hehe On the left is the peak of mount Kinabalu. It was almost covered by the clouds there. On the right is a picture of this very huge waterfall. I wish to see it closer one day..

Actually, our main destination was Poring Hot Spring but I just coudn't resist the temptation to go to the Kinabalu Park. So when I saw the junction, I swerved to the left and went straight up until the starting point of the climb.. hehe See how excited I am in the pic!! The starting point is already so cold!! I was wearing a t-shirt, a cardigan and then I had to put on my sweater to get warm


The starting point is already quite high above the sea level so the surrounding forest was already the mossy type.. Before this, I only heard about the locals bringing up gas tanks on their backs. But that day I manage to see one!!! Quickly snapped the pic hehe

We didn't plan to try out the tracks at the first place, but then the entrance fee was quite cheap so.. WHY NOT!!!??? Hehe We hiked until the 1st checkpoint, Pondok Kandis. I was so surprised to see it is equipped with a sitting toilet haha O ya, there's a small waterfall halfway up..

Am I the only one in my batch who is getting fatter???

We did go to Poring as planned but by the time we arrived, my uncle's family was already on their way back to KK. We had our lunch in my car and then the kids went to swim their heart out in the sliding pool. I brought my clothes but was not in the mood to swim since the pools were jampacked with half-naked guys~ YUCK! So Pijah and I went to the canopy walk instead hehe

We were so hungry!!!!!

So this is how the canopy walk looked like. You have to pay Rm3 for adult and RM5 for your camera.. Weird right?? Your camera worth more than you...

The pic on the right is actually what lies below the canopy walk.. That's a waterfall there. With all those logs uprooted due to the land slide.. The scenery below it look so natural, you know.

So that's it~ I love Sabah~ Peace!